Welcome to my first (published) crossover fic Looking for Legends. No pairings outside canon (well maybe with a single exception), no slushy romance, no invading aliens. Just The Doctor, River and a search through time. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: Do not own APH. Do not own DW. Do not have any right writing River.

The phone in the TARDIS rang insistently. The Doctor; repairing some wiring or other; ignored it, waiting for the answer phone to kick in. Strangely whoever was trying to contact him, instead of leaving a message, hung up then rang again. At this the Doctor sighed, put down his tools and bounced up the stairs to the phone. Well he could let it ring but that would mean he was willing to let another ancient sight get graffitied. "Hello?" he asked, managing to sound both exhausted and curious at the same time.

"Hello Sweetie," promptly confirmed his suspicions.

"River! What is it this time?" he asked his mood lightening.

"Well Sweetie I've been reading through some old texts..."


"Some of them date back to the 13th Century. Anyway I came across something that seems impossible."

"And that is?"

"A story."

"Of what?"

"The Demon of War. The last sight to many. Those who saw him and lived never fought him directly."

"What's so impossible about that?"

"This 'demon' has been sighted over about 700 years- over that time he's only aged about 20 years."

"Well then Doctor Song a mystery awaits us and we must chase it. I'll be with you shortly."

And with that he hung up the phone and quickly set the coordinates and pulled down the handbrake, trusting the TARDIS to take him where he needed to be as she shot through the vortex.

-Doctor Who theme plays-

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