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1210. Europe. A field.

The TARDIS materialized so quietly that no one noticed. Well nearly no one, "River! If she didn't like going vworp then she would take the breaks off herself! The fact she doesn't means you shouldn't either!" River Song rolled her eyes and swung the scanner round to face her. "Right it appears we are in 1210 in a field in easternish Europe. DOCTOR!" The Doctor was at the doors and was in the process of opening them when she reached over and grabbed his shoulder. "Conspicuouscy." "Conspicuous- Oh yeah do not be seen. Blimey this is like Harry Potter." River rolled her eyes (again) and dragged him by the wrist to the wardrobe and to a long and married coupleish argument about being inconspicuous in the 13th century.

An hour or so later the pair emerged from the TARDIS dressed (roughly) as travellers from the period. Well if River going out dragging a sulking Timelord by the wrist counts as emerging but for the sake of this story, my sanity and your mental health let's say it does. Anyway story.

The first thing they saw was that the field they were in was almost deserted. Almost, apart from a collection of white tents a little way off and a small boy dressed in white waving a stick around as though it were a sword. Suddenly he turned around to face them, his eyes narrowed with suspicion, "Wer bist du? Und wo kommst du?" It took approximately 2 and a half seconds for the translation circuits to translate- something River blamed on the age of the machine and the Doctor blamed on the fact River had taken the brakes off. After the aforementioned 2 and a half seconds of flying turtles (mild awkwardness) The Doctor smiled and said, "I'm John and this is River and we're travellers."


"Umm sort of. Anyway who are you? You don't see many children around here, particularly not on their own."

"I'm Gilbert and I'm NOT alone, I live with them," he said, pointing to the tents.

"What about parents?"River asked this out of sheer curiosity, none of the records had ever said anything about parents. At this Gilbert shrugged and then started scanning the trees for something. "What are you looking for sweetie?" After all curiosity killed the cat and River was most definitely a cat. "Gilbird."


"Ja. He's little und yellow und awesome und mine."

Oookay thought River well that puts an end to that conversation. Thankfully they were interrupted by a small chirp from behind her. The Doctor (who had been examining the trees curiously) looked round then his face broke out into a grin. A little yellow bird was sitting on a low branch looking warily at him and River. Slowly The Doctor stretched out a finger towards the bird only for it to flutter off and perch on top of Gilbert's head. "So that's Gilbird?"he asked simply.

"Ja. I found him a while ago und he was hurt so I looked after him until he was better dann he stayed mit mir."

"Why?" The question was out before River could stop it, though once it was she mentally slapped herself. He was a child not a heartless killing machine. Yet. But instead of being insulted or angry he simply tilted his head to one side and said, "Because that's what they teach me; Helfen, Wehren, Heilen. So I do so."

"They?" But her question wasn't answered as a man in similar clothes to Gilbert appeared from one of the tents and yelled for the boy. He simply turned to them, smiled and said, "Auf Wiedersehen", before running off. The Doctor and River stood motionless for minute before The Doctor grabbed River's hand and pulled her back into the TARDIS "Right where to next? Any when in the next few centauries! Providing it's not during a war..."

Right, Phrase Guide. Ja is yes, Und is and, Wer bist du? Und wo kommst du? means who are you and where are you from?, Pilger means pilgrims, dann means then, mit mir is with me, Auf Widersehen (not spelt right I don't think) is goodbye and Helfen, Wehren, Heilen means help, defend, heal and it is (possibly was) the Teutonic Orders motto.

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