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The story plays after Shio got to the moon. Federico and Annette are already at the Far East Branche. But Ajira didn't met the Hanibal yet. Or Ren.

But both will apear, don't wory. It's just not following the Burst line.

Really, he never wanted to be involved in this kind of conversation. And this was also in a way, Lindows fault. Just because he always had been a womanizer, he didn't had to annoy him with that.
Soma probably would never understand why it was so interesting for the others to talk about a girl's breast or butt if they never would get on them.
As an example: Tsubaki. How was it important she had D-size? No one here would ever touch her or even more.
"No matter how sexy a girl is, she'll never surpass Hibari!"

A groan of everyone in this round.

Kota, Karel, Shun, Tatsumi, Federico and Soma sat at the table in the upper part of the entrance. They were drinking drinks and had some snack when Soma had come back from a mission and was asked to join them.
He knew, since he met Shio something in his mind had changed. Maybe, he thought, it wasn't all too bad to be around the other God Eaters from time to time and have some conversations whit them.
Well, he definitely was wrong.

"C'mon! Hibari's boring!", Kota said directly. "She keeps refusing you anyway!"

"Don't say that. Someday she'll say yes!", Tatsumi replied quickly.

"I remember you said that last year, too.", unlike the rest of the group Karel didn't really seemed to be pleased. "You're just mad because your group only has Gina. And I mean, you can't count her as a girl she's just too flat and boyish. A real tomboy.", better she never would hear that.
"Huh! At least she's helpful!", Karel snored. "Not like Kanon. And you can't call her sexy either. It's immaterial she has a cute face."
"The first Unit is so lucky. They have a really hot russian girl and the most beautiful healer ever.", there was no way anyone could fail to see that Federico had a crush on the last one.
"Damn! Why do you guys get the hot chicks!"
"But ya know what!", Kota took himself in again. "Think about Tsubaki! How hot would it be to see her in action? I mean swinging her body and all!"
Gosh, they all imagined it now. It was somewhat erotic, but also damn intimidating.

Just Soma didn't need to do, so he simply said: "A sacredly cat like you would drop dead of fear."
It took Kota some moments to understand what Somas comment meant. But until then, he tilted his head, before he freaked out. "Woah! What! That means she's also a God Eater!", he yelled in surprise.
"She was a member of the first Unit 'till two years ago. A Long-Range gunner and leader for special missions. You had no idea?"
Kotas mouth was still open when he looked at Tatsumi.
"Even I knew that. Did you never looked at the Database?", damn, Kota was almost a year here and he did know less than a newbie?
"She was damn strong, effective and skilled. There are just a few members who could reach her. She worked directlly under the former Director and usually didn't do regular missions around the time we joined. That's why we from the Defense Unit never worked with her. After ten years of fighting she was relieved of this duty.", Tatsumi explained this while he nailed the chips for himself before Shun would do it. "But you did work a lot with her, right Soma? And Lindow too."

"Yeah.", Soma answered short. Some guy here should better focus attention on fight instead of women. Honestly.
"Wow!", Kota found his voice again and sprout up. "That means Tsubaki was a real badass? Shooting down Aragami like a berserker and that in e dress even more hot than Alisas or Sakuyas!", Kota said, brandishing his arms, almost hitting Karel's face. "You moron! Watch where you…."
Kota still was talking, saying that Tsubaki was like an ice could demon in the body of an angel. And body erotic as hell. But Karel and the others got quiet. Tatsumi and Federico looked frighten at each other and then at Kota, which stopped now.
"What? Is something wrong? Is something in my face?", he wondered.
"Just turn around or use your brain once.", Soma said curtly.
Kota now felt a shiver going down his back. Slowly he did as told and then-


There was Tsubaki who must have came from the elevator right now.

"Fujioki Kota.", her tone of voice was freezing like always and the young Scout hoped she didn't heard anything. It appeared like this.
"Good to see you here. I've got a special task for you. Follow me to the training area. Right now.", Tsubaki ordered and went back to where she came from. "And the others, you better do some preparations instead of arguing over nonsensical stuff."
Kota had no choice but to follow. He only looked a moment at the other guys for searching help.

After both were gone, Tatsumi sighed in relief. "She really is an Ice demon."
"Who? Alisa or Tsubaki?", a bright voice sounded through the entrance. When Shun looked up he saw a young man walking straight on to them. Well, actually, he still was half of a child whit his age of only 15.
His hair was blond, short and a little messed up. On his face was a joyful smile.
"Yo guys! Are you hanging back and having a talk without me?", Ajira, the young leader of the First Unit, stood in front of the table and put on an insulted mask.
"If you feel like it you can take over Kota's place. He just had to go on 'special tasks'."
Laughing, Ajira sat down next to Shun. "So it was Tsubaki after all." Karel looked at the uninjured corporal and then finished his drink before he asked: "Did you head out alone?"
"Yeah. It was only about a Kongou and some Ogertail.", the asked one said easily.
It was strange. After Nova awakened the number of Aragami had exploded and they were much stronger. That has been a lot work for the God Eater. After a while they got much rarer and weaker again, so they could take some rest.
Of course, there were still uncounting Aragami and no way to talk about a victory. And Ajira got more problems with them lately again. But he also worked so much he was often tired.
"'Only a Kongou and some Ogertail'?", Federico repeated. "I think you're pretty tough to handle them alone.", Karel moaned and the others chuckled. "Well, for you it will become normal, too.", Tatsumi affirmed the rookie, which had been only here since three weeks.
"Anyway, he's not really tough. Just skilled.", it wasn't even interesting for Soma to listen to this conversation any longer. He really should stop wasting his time.
"Hey, are you undermining my achievements?", Soma ignored the leaders complaint and stood up. Ajira was sometimes way more laborious than Kota.
"Man, don't ignore me…!", the blond crossed his arms and his eyes followed the older one whit an sulky expression. But he was still left ignored while Ajira turned around on his seat.
"Hey Soma. Hibari said something about the mission for the two of us this morning. Please go and ask her today. It will be tomorrow in the morning.", the more serious voice let Soma stop for a moment, but he still left with a short 'got it.'.
After the elevator had closed Ajira turned back again. "So now, what did you talk about? Tsubaki's scariness?", he wondered.
"No, actually we were talking about girls… girls'… sizes, to be exact.",
"Tsubaki is definitely the sexiest of all women. But we somehow came to talk about her career as God eater." Karel was pretty cool compared to Federicos embracement.
"Oh, you're right. But I think Licca also has some special charm. But did you really talk about that stuff?", Ajira titled his head and gripped one of the yellow juice cans. After he took a gulp his face twisted.
'Urgh, Iced Curry Drink…..'
"What about it? Only Kanon and Annette are at the Den. They're in the trainings area. No one is listening.", Shun surged careless his shoulders.
"…. And did you think about Hibari, too?"

There round got silent. They looked at each other before yelling out in unison.


Ajira snickered and leaned back. "She must think you're idiots. Don't you Hibari?", he called out. "Please take some rest before the mission tomorrow."
Hibari was pretty good at set aside what she didn't felt like answering it.
"Aw… I'll take that as a yes… But anyway, she's right. I really need to eat something and to sleep. If I'm not fit, Soma will nag on me again.", the blonde one smoothed back his bangs. He stood up and left waving. After he had left Karel raised an eyebrow.
"Honestly, I still wonder how the Leader can get along so easily with Soma all the time.", he didn't have much trust in the last one.
Tatsumi tilted his head a little. He had the feeling that Soma got more social after the Aegis project failed. But it was probably just his imagination. After all, he still yelled a lot at Kanon and the others and acted alone.
"Okay guys. We should do our preparations. It shouldn't be hard but we have to be ready for the defense of the outer ghetto when they upgrade the Anti-Aragami Armor."

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