E/O Challenge – Classis Rock Title/Theme

Word Count = 100

A.N. Too many choices in this challenge, so my sincere apologies to all for not being able to decide and putting forward all 4 (separately) 'cos I couldn't make my stupid mind up!


Dean wanted sticky no ties sex. She wanted something else.

Bound tightly, Dean watched his captor pace. Truly beautiful and totally gaga…..Pity. He tried again,

"Honey…untie me."

She continued pacing, muttering incoherently. Dean sighed. Sex earlier was fun. One spiked drink later, and the fun factor faded.

She halted, facing Dean. Her nakedness somewhat distracting.

"Untie you….Yes….I could…I would….if….You love me, don't you?"

Dean nodded,

"Yeah. Honest. Untie me, I'll prove it."



Unbound, Dean punched her sending her to the floor, dazed. He opened the door to leave.

"Please….I don't understand…..You love me!"

Dean smiled sadly,

"No. But, like the man said, two out of three ain't bad."


Eeek, Apologies for the punchline, had to be done!

Song Title : Two Out of Three Ain't Bad - by Meatloaf

Also, Two new stories up which I would be really grateful if anyone could read and give me some feedback/constructive criticism. They are "Turning Point" (hard hitting)

and "It's a rat trap and you've been caught" (inspired by a recent trauma of my own!) Thank you in hope.