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Light-years away from the galaxy Meruda V was located in, Vaako stared out into the vast blanket of space. Trying to find reason to his present course of action in the blinking stars, but nothing satisfied him. Nothing ever satisfied him anymore. He was starting to wonder why he had chosen to stay by the Lord Marshalls side, but where else would he go? He was a necromonger, through and through; the most hated race in the galaxy. They were hunted by all and forgiven by none for the atrocities they've committed.

Though Vaako didn't see them as atrocities. All planets were nothing but an infestation, getting converted was the only way to rid the disease of the world. Now they were gallivanting through worlds, looking for a breeder that was supposed to bring the Lord Marshalls home world back? Vaako missed the 'atrocities'. He missed the feeling of conquering a new world, seeing the weak die and the strong survive. That was how the world worked anyway; natural selection. It was the only way to the underverse. It was how things should be.

"Commander Vaako", his captain behind him saluted, "The Lord Marshall will be returning in an hours' time. He sent transmission"

Vaako sighed roughly, "Did he find what he was looking for?"

The soldier hesitated, "He only mentioned that we will be having a guest".

Vaako was surprised and mildly irritated. He wasn't supposed to bring the girl with him. The idea of having to deal with another breeder on this ship wasn't very appealing to the commander.

He wondered why the hell he needed her on this ship, "Prepare for their arrival then".

An hour later Vaako was at the airlock with a few soldiers in tow just for precaution. The small frigates doors opened and through the smoke he saw his Lord Marshall emerge with a female in his arms. The same female he recognized on the data padd, and apparently in the same state. She was filthy for a woman, covered head to toe in grease and smudges of oil. Her dark hair was damp and curled around her small, exotic face as she lay unconscious against Riddick.

Vaako looked at his Lord Marshall questioningly, "I take it she wasn't willing to comply".

Riddick handed the breeder over to the Necromonger doctors who were waiting for him by his orders, "She knew nothing about what I needed". Vaako could sense the anger and disappointment coming out of him.

Vaako sighed inwardly and impatiently. Necromongers didn't get tired often, but this was one of those days where sleep just called to him, "What are your orders my Lord?"

The famous eyes of Riddick found his, glinting in the dimmed light, "She has the information, but I have a feeling her father might have suppressed them somehow". He gestured irritably and mumbled, "The bastard".

"The quasi-deads?" Vaako guessed. It was the only way to retrieve truth and forgotten memory.

Riddick gave his commander a half smile, "Exactly".






Helena teetered on the edge of abyss and heaven. Her mind swirled like the sand dunes around her; always changing and taking shape of something else. She couldn't concentrate or focus on one spot in particular, but she knew who was here. Her.

A cold hand was running down her left arm. Helena caught the wrist of its owner and slowly opened her eyes. The bright above her didn't help at the slightest as her pupils dilated to come into focus with her surroundings. Then a face leaned over, stoic and concerned.

"Who are you?", Helena asked not yet letting go as if afraid to slip off into another dream. Her voice didn't even feel her own just yet.

The woman was extremely young, and dressed in a satin blue, almost black, long dress that clung tightly to her figure. Her hair was blonde, and tied up in a fashionable bun behind her head. Her slender fingers cradled a needle, ready to insert into her vein but was held captured by Helenas hand.

"My names Rhea", the woman said softly. "I was going to give you a shot to help you wake up".

Green eyes stared into her confusingly. The last thing she remembered was that Riddick was right in front of her, so close she could feel his breath on her eyelashes. His glowing eyes lingered in her thoughts. "Where am I?"

"You are on the Necromonger Mothership in the Ward", the woman replied. "The Lord Marshall brought you here".

Panic shot through her. Lord Marshall. What does the Lord Marshall want with her? Is she going to be converted into one of them? A walking corpse? Did Riddick drop her off here as payback for something that was out of her reach?

"Am-am I going to be converted?" She finally asked after taking a few deep breaths.

The doctor shook her head, "No. The necromongers do not convert anymore".

That confused her. She released the womans hand, "Then why am I here?"

"I do not know", was the only reply. "I have orders to get you dressed. The Lord Marshall wants to speak to you once you're ready".






Riddick stared through the one way glass of the Ward, watching as the girl and the nurse conversed. They had to leave the quadrant right after he arrived. Local authority was getting nosy about their big ass ship sitting in their space. Although the Necromongers fleet when together was unstoppable, their one mother ship wasn't enough to take on a fleet of war ships. He didn't feel like riling up the neighbors either.

Now that the girl was clean and in proper lighting he got a good look at her. She had her father's nose and pale skin. The eyes must have come from her mother, which if the files were correct, died giving birth to her. Riddick thought that might have been the case. A hybrid furyan and human would mostly likely cause death if not severe damage to a full human woman. Helena was only 5' 7'' and her hair barely reached past her shoulder blades, but was about as black the space they were flying through. He figured the Purifier had black hair at one point in time. But all converts lose color in their eyes and skin. It was messy and unkept, but what mechanic would keep their hair clean?

The nurse left her to change out of the dark gray Ward dress used for patients.

"My Lord", Vaako came up beside him. "I received news she was awake".

Vaako stared at the woman as she began changing. She looked ten times better now that all that filth was scrubbed off her face. Perhaps with some proper clothing and make-up she would look like an actual woman.

"How many times have I told you to call me Riddick?"

"Should I have her sent to the quasi-deads now?" He continued ignoring the statement.

Riddick watched the fellow breeder for a few more seconds before replying, "No. I'll talk to 'er first. The more willing she is the more we'll get out of her and the less damage there will be".

"And you think that will help?" If Riddick didn't know any better Vaako was questioning him. "She won't be as willing the second time as the first".

Riddick smiled, "You know what? You're right Vaako". A strong hand clamped on the Commanders shoulder, "I've got a job for ya".





Helena grimaced at the clothing she was in. Did everything have to be so damn skin tight? The dress was long, black and hung to her like a boa constrictor. It reminded her of some of the prom dresses for the school dances she used to have back in the day, though it was made with thick, study material that stretched then settled in place once it figured out the right curves.

She looked in a mirror on the far wall. Her face was scrubbed clean of all the grime from the day before. A scattering of freckled splayed across her nose and cheeks. Had she received more in the past few years? There was a brush by the mirror, an obvious sign from the universe that she needed to tame that beast of a hair she had. After tugging out a few knots her hair looked somewhat civilized. If she was going to die might as well die pretty or something close to that. A red mark on her arm stood out where the bastard Riddick stabbed her with some type of tranquilizer. She hoped the Necromongers killed him.

The door whooshed open behind her and she caught her breath in her throat. A man stepped in, one she had never seen before. She immediately knew he was a Necromonger from the pale hue to his skin, from the indifferent expression on his face. He was tall and covered in gray armor. His black hair was in a strange fashion. It was short at the top but came down his back in a braid. The man would have been attractive to her if not for the whole undead thing and the fact that he was her captor.

He placed his hands behind his back and drew in a breath, " I take it…everything's to your liking?" The man's voice was not near as deep as Riddick's, but had a smooth chime to it nonetheless.

Helena set her jaw, trying to shove the fear deep down, "Other than the fact that I'm a prisoner everything's peachy".

The dark haired man stopped, keeping his hands behind his back as he spoke, "If you were truly a prisoner then you would be in a cell or dead".

"Then let me go if I'm not a prisoner".

The man looked back at the darkened window as if cursing a being on the other side of it, "I'm afraid I can't do that. You have something we need".

Helena pinched the bridge of her nose, "Let me guess, coordinates or some kind of map? Is everyone in the universe daft? I don't know where this….this planet of yours is!"

Vaako felt his jaw clamp. The last time any female spoke to him like this he slapped her to the floor, not that that did any female necromonger any good. "According to your father you have the coordinates-".

"-My father is dead!" She interrupted, her green eyes narrowing in on him. "He must have lied, or you've got the wrong girl. Either way you've wasted your time with me".

The door behind him opened again and in stepped the last person in the world she wanted to see. Riddick, dressed the the same gray armor as the guy in front of her, tsked. Was he? Was he the new Lord Marshall or another member in their ranks?

"You're terrible at this you know that?" Riddick said to the Necromonger.

The other just grimaced, "With all due respect my Lord you didn't give me time".

Helena glared at Riddick, "You! You drugged me!".

The criminal shrugged, "I could have resorted to other ways to get you to this ship, but I don't think you would have liked those either". He gestured to the man in front of him, "Forgive Commander Vaako, he still has to work on his social skills".

Hearing Riddicks deep voice again made her back shiver in memory of how helpless she felt around him. In response she crossed her arms protectively around her "So what are you going to do to me? Torture me for information that's not there?"

Helena barely had time to react when a padd was tossed her way. She caught it out of the air.

"Is that your father?" Riddick asked nodding his head to the picture on it.

Helena gasped when she saw the man on the screen. It looked nothing like her father, but it was him. It was his face, his body but not his soul. He looked older, dead and wore a strange outfit similar to the ones other Necromongers wore. His once brown eyes were the color of coal and his tanned skin now pale. There was no smiling face, no greasy shirt and pants or crooked smile that reminded her of her father.

"No", she whispered, covering her face and dropping the padd on the floor, "No no no…. tell me he wasn't converted".

"He was", Vaako answered for him, "He was our Purifier for nearly two years".

"Oh god", Helena whimpered. Tears threatened to pour over but she held them back while tremors wracked her body, "Was he captured?"

"That's not the point here", Riddick cut in.

"No!" She hissed back, "You got what you wanted. You kidnapped me from my home and here I am prisoner on your damn ship". Helena felt her anger steadily rising, "I want answers, and I want them now!"

Riddick stared back at her, enthralled. Her eyes were narrowed and bright as a jade jewel. It was about time this marshmallow of a hybrid grew some backbone. He stepped closer to her, past his rigid commander who stared at the woman as a hawk would a snake. "I'll make you a deal. Let me take you to the quasi-deads. If we find the answers we need we'll give you the answers you want. Deal?"

Helena looked between the two, found nothing but loathing in Vaakos eyes as if he wished they'd kill her and get it over with. "What's a quasi-dead?"

Riddick waved, "Some kind of necromonger voodoo that unlocks memories and truths. If you have the information we're looking for then you'll know we're telling the truth. But you need to be willing to let it search your memories".

The younger adult thought to herself, biting her lower lip in the process. From this point and time there was no harm in letting them do what they wanted as long as she got answers. A silent nod confirmed her authorization.

"Good", he stated with approval in his glare. "Now we can-".

"My Lord", Rhea, the doctor from earlier interrupted as she came back through the door behind them. "May I speak?"

Riddick nodded with a smile, obviously admiring how the dress fit her just right.

The doctor looked between Helena and Vaako then spoke, "The breeder needs a nights rest before taking her to the quasi-deads".

"What for?" Riddick said impatiently. He needed the information now. He's waited too long for this.

Helena however could feel the day's events wearing down on her like a ton of bricks setting on her eyelids. She didn't even realize how exhausted she was until the doctor mentioned it, even though she wanted the answers just as much as Riddick did.

"The quasi-dead's gather more results when the mind is fresh. I would suggest doing it in the morning to avoid damage".

Riddick huffed. He looked at her, noticing the dark circles forming under her eyes and the dreary glaze to them. He figured the day had been a little harsh on her if not him, and if her sleeping gained him better results then he supposed there was no harm in waiting a little while longer.

He smirked at her, "I guess our little cupcake deserves a break". His eyes snapped to the commander, "Take her to one of the spare rooms", he looked back at her with the same look, "Be sure she doesn't wander around too much. The others might not take too kindly to her as we have".

Helena scoffed at him, glaring daggers into his skull until Vaako dragged her out of the room by the arm. Riddick just smirked at the two. He just loved pissing Vaako off in the right ways.

She yanked her arm away from his icy grip, "Would you let go of me? I can walk on my own thank you!".

He scowled at her, clenching his jaw tight before stalking ahead. Helena studied him; studied how the several small braids down his back clinked against his silver armor. His stride was confident and steady, but as he passed other necromongers he glared at them, tenacious in showing his authority to the lesser people. Helena figured he was either afraid of losing his place if he showed weakness, or was a power hungry parasite that enjoyed scaring the little people.

She peeled her eyes away from his broad shoulders, unaware that people were staring at her as she walked by. They all looked the same to her. They were all beautiful in a sickly gray way, wearing skin tight dresses that highlighted every curve on their body. Strange patterns and dark makeup tarnished their pale skin. They whispered to on another, dark eyes following the two.

"So Vakoo", she finally spoke, breaking the silence of the dark hallway they were now in.

He turned over his shoulder, smoldering gaze boring into her, "It's Commander Vaako".

"Whatever", she rolled her eyes as he continued at a fast pace. "Do the women do anything on this ship?"

"What kind of question is that?" He asked gruffly, not faltering in his step.

Helena rushed to keep up with him, "I mean do women do anything other than stand around and glare at new comers?"

Vaako had just realized how much attention the breeder attracted. He looked back at her. She was giving them equally icy glowers right back, but there was no mistaking the uncomfortable fidget to her step.

They took an elevator up to another floor . Helena felt extremely closed in on this ship, she didn't like how the pipes hissed and the hallway was so dim she could barely make out the creepy carving on the wall.

He stopped outside a door, not turning to face her as he spoke but instead stared at the door, "You are to remain in this room until told otherwise".

She stared into the large, darkly decorated room before her and stepped in. The carpet was soft under her footsteps, reminding her of her own bedroom as a kid. There was a large king-sized in the back that leaned up against a large window in the back of the room that allowed her to look out into space. As a mechanic she fixed and test drove several ships but never beyond her own planetary system. It was strange seeing a new pattern of stars, and she wondered just how far the Necromongers had taken her.

And if she would ever go back.

Vaako stared at her from the doorway for a few moments. He noticed how her shoulders trembled when she placed her hand on the glass window looking out into space. If he had any feelings within him for breeders he would feel sorrow for the girl, but there was nothing in him. He was under orders from their new Lord Marshall. When he realized he had stood in one place for too long he pressed a button on the door, closing it.

Helena straightened and walked to the door. Her eyes scanned the massive metal entry top to bottom before she pressed the button she assumed opened it. It blinked but didn't move. She was locked in. Biting her inner cheek she turned around, eyes flittering around the room in thought. Behind her back her fingers traced the creases of a hatch next to the door, and a ghost of a smile appeared on her lips.