Vaako stood outside her door a few more moments. He couldn't help but think of the way he looked when he first saw a necromonger ship. He didn't remember much of his past, only the bluish hue to the sun that orbited the planet he lived on. That, and the texture of his mother's feathery, light brown hair. But the breeders eyes, he's seen those eyes too many times in his career as a commander. They were fearful yet determined. Eyes that still had the slightest strength in them before being converted, but it would be snuffed out completely when he saw them again.

Swiveling away from the door he walked the opposite direction down the hall until he came to his room. He slowly removed his armor, feeling the soft blankets of his bed calling to him.

"Going to bed so soon dear?" Dame Vaako stepped out of the shadows of the unlit bathroom. She wore nothing more than a black sleep dress covered in rhinestones. The silky fabric clung to her slender curves as she stepped down the steps.

Vaako looked her up and down. He was a necromonger, but he was also a man and couldn't deny how much he needed a fulfilling night after today's events. "What are you doing here?"

She smiled seductively running her hands over his powerful chest, "Seeking forgiveness". Her cold lips roamed over his neck as the other hand caressed the other cheek, "Am I forgiven yet?".

The Commanders chest swelled with yearning excitement, but once he looked into her cold, deceitful eyes he grabbed the wrist caressing his cheek. The memories of the past year swirled before him, "It seems you're having a problem learning your lesson".

Her eyes remained passive, oblivious to the pain he was causing to her , as she yanked her arm away and paced to the other side of the room. Her obvious failure to seduce him like she had used to had definitely pissed her off. "The woman", she bit turning back around to him with a small smile on her face, "The breeder Lord Marshall brought on board. Did he say why she was important?"

"That is none of your concern".

Her eyes grew wide, "I am your wife Vaako!"

"You are going to be shot out the airlock if you don't stop saying that", he hissed turning his back to her.

She stepped forward lightly, barely making any noise with the grace of her footsteps. He felt her hands on his back, the coldness of her fingers seeping into his skin. "You have a chance here Vaako. The Lord is distracted can't you see it?!" The desperateness in her voice was palpable.

Vaako inclined his head. He was tired. He could come up with a million plans to put Riddick out of power, but he was just tired. The men didn't trust him enough as it is, so there was no way he would be better off than Riddick is now.

In one swift motion he had her wrist and shoved her across the room. Her small frame flailed and landed on the hard floor with a thud. It all seemed so dramatic and he was sick of every bit of it.

He stared her down as she glared at him with surprised wide eyes, "If you come to me again. If I even see you again. I will jettison you myself". The venom in his words gutted her deep into the bone, and he absolutely reveled in the look in her eyes. The look that said she was about to lose everything she's schemed for so long to get.


"Out!" He pointed at the door and contained all urges to skewer her right there. He had lost everything because of her, and he no longer was going to put up with her.

Closing her gaping mouth, fear in her eyes and tightening in her throat, Dame stood and stomped out the door.





The room was a huge, empty place: no knick knacks or tools of any sort in the area. Just her luck, she thought bitterly. She ran her hands over the back of the drab furniture then behind the empty shelves looking for anything that was flat and could give her leverage to open the door panel. When she had just about given up she slid to a sitting position against the wall.

Come one Helena, you're a mechanic! Not a wallflower! She wriggled on the floor at the tightness of the dress. Then tried to stand up only to nearly trip over the train.

"God Damnit stupid…dress!" She tried to rip a slit up the side, but the material was too tough and she just threw her hands up in frustration. That's when she saw the chair leg next to the small coffee table in the middle of the room. It was perfectly flat and thin enough to open that panel next to the door.

Helena crawled over to it, "Thank the freaking God." She put the chair on its side and started working on the screws that bound it to the seat. Even though she was exhausted and her vision was starting to blur due to the after effects of the drug Riddick stuck her with, she bit down the urge to plop down in the uncomfortable bed. It was when she had one screw loose that the door beeped.

By the time the blue dressed nurse that she met in the Ward, so they call it, came into the room Helena was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed and the most displeased look on her face. The chair she replaced was a little lop-sided, she held her breath that no one would sit on it.

"You guys don't knock around here?"

The blonde haired woman regarded her with the same empty eyes as before, only this time they were a tad curious. "I am sorry. I expected you would be sleeping". In her hands was a tray that held a bowl with some kind of soup in it and slices of what she figured was bread on the side. Her eyes widened at the sight of food. The last time she ate…well that was over 24 hours ago.

Helena straightened as the necromonger set food down on the table, "I'm probably light-years away from home, with no clue why I'm here and not to mention I just found out my father was converted into a walking corpse and killed. Just how do you expect me to sleep?"

"Fighting what is to come will not help you", she replied lightly. All the while Helena wondered just how old this woman was. While she was probably a little older than herself she certainly showed no signs of aging past twenty. "You need your rest for tomorrow. The Quasi-dead mind purge is not a light experience."

But you won't be doing anything to me you bunch of freaks, Helena wanted to say but refrained from doing so. She only glared at the woman for a few moments before looking away. The stars whizzed by the small window located next to her bed. Even though her life back home wasn't glamorous, she knew it was hell of a ton better than whatever they were planning to do with her. Mind purge? That was the last straw.

When the woman was about to turn to leave Helena spoke again.

"What was your name again?"

The nurse turned, placing her hands gracefully on her thighs. It made Helena cringe how formal all these women acted. Did this come with the necromonger package? Or were they cruelly trained to act like perfect little princesses. I noticed the choker on her neck. It was solid silver with a few black gems imbedded into it.


"How long have you been…converted?"

The necromonger, Rhea, took a moment to think, "Twelve years, why do you ask?"

"Was it by choice?" Helena didn't know much about necromongers, but heard stories about how they forced civilizations to convert or they were killed.

Rhea looked at her strangely, "I don't remember. What is the purpose to these questions?"

Helena looked down at her wrist, where her father's bracelet still was, scratched, worn and all. "Just trying to figure out how my Dad turned to the likes of you guys. The last time I saw him he was on a freighter on his way to the Medria System. Then I lost the tracker to his ship. I assumed he just went out of range. I guess you guys played a little part in that." The venom in her voice was palpable.

The nurse just stared at her with a confused expression, "I can't answer any of that for you. I can just tell you that you just need to listen to the New Lord Marshall and do as he says and you'll be fine."

Her green eyes looked back up to Rheas empty, black ones then back down at the bracelet she caressed. "I guess so. Goodnight."

As the door shut and the audible click sounded that reminded her she was a prisoner, a single tear rolled down her cheek. She tried to conjure good memories of her father, the only family she ever knew since she was born. She tried to think of the first time she ever learned to fix a skiff, he was always there under the ship with her. He never touched, never did any of the work for her. He instructed her, taught her everything she knew today so she could one day run the shop on her own. It made her wonder just how long he had planned to leave her to chase this "dream" of his.

But when she tried to picture all the other good memories, all she could see was that picture on the padd. The lifeless, colorless, shell of Helenas father he was forced to become. Her knuckles paled white as she balled up her fist.

"Don't worry Dad. It won't happen again."








Vaako stomped into his office, excusing his aid with a hard gesture of his hand that said he didn't wish to be disturbed. He had to leave that damned room. Breathing heavily he grabbed a statue off of his desk and threw it across the room at the one way window that over looked the command deck where the Seethers and Channelers worked below. The window barely vibrated on impact and that seemed to make his anger boil even more. He needed to break something. He needed to KILL something now!

He should have shot that crazy woman out of the air lock long ago! He should have killed her then!

"Problems with the 'ol ball and chain again?"

He turned and there the Lord Marshall sat on a chair in the dark corner of his office. His heavy boots were propped up on Vaakos desk, glowing eyes regarding him coldly.

Vaako regained himself, forcing his anger under the cap once again. Perhaps he would go spar after this.

"Nothing I cannot handle, Lord", he replied with a dark tone he tried so hard to suppress.

With that Riddick stood, casting a long shadow across the room with his demeaning size plus the heavy armor of the Marshall. "I can see how well that's working out. Every time I see either one of you you're either running from the room or threatening to skewer an innocent officer in half. Usually I wouldn't care, but the noise and chatter about it is rather irritating."

Vaako stood straighter, "Is there something you need Lord Marshall? Or are you here to counsel me on how I could possibly kill my wife."

"Now that's an idea", he replied with a wolfish smile and strode over to the window. "After all she was the whole…mastermind to your plan to usurp the throne from the previous Lord Marshall."

Vaako swallowed, "If you think I would attempt anoth-"

Riddick tsked and turned back around, "Wouldn't dream of that possibility Vaako. You're just that loyal just like you were to poor old Zhylaw when you tried to cleave his head into." He chuckled darkly, "No, I just need reassurance that your harlot of a wife isn't trying to sneak a dagger into my back while I'm dealing with this situation on my ship, and that if I have to leave again things will be taken care of."

"If you are still questioning my loyalty, there is none to my wife, but you are Lord Marshall, it remains with you." He reassured, feeling his anger begin to burst past the barrier. He hated how much of an influence Dame has become on this ship. "Just when do you plan on leaving again?"

He shrugged his massive shoulders, "Don't know just yet. It depends on how much we get out of the girl."

"And if we get nothing?" He dared ask. "We cannot even be sure she is the Purifiers daughter."

He saw Riddick tense at the thought of that possibility and for a seconds his nostrils flared, "She's his daughter alright. I can smell the Furyan in her blood when the doctors drew it. But if she knows nothing then this has all been one wild goose chase, and for nothing. It's hard to believe there's nothing on this god damn ship about the planet you guys were obsessed with for years!"

Vaakos dark eyes followed Riddick as he paced back and forth near the window, "Marshall Zhylaw wanted to make sure no one could even remember that planet. He had all data over it purged and it's settlements on other planets were destroyed without question."

Riddick hummed as he watched the necromongers below, "Glorious fucking slaughter."

A loud, hissing beep cut through the air of the room from the communication unit on the wall. Startling the commander and turning the Lord Marshalls head.

"Commander Vaako, the female breeder has escaped!"

Even more furious now, he franticly pressed a button on his desk, "How is that possible! Her doors were locked!"

"The locking controls were tampered with Commander she seems to have escaped into the ventilation system."

Vaako cursed through his teeth, "I want every Necromonger and Seeker out looking for her now!" With his anger already skyrocketing this was just the cherry on top of a glorious day. He grabbed a gravity-rifle from the rack on the wall, making sure to lower the setting just enough to stun the fragile human breeder, and ran out the door.

Riddick, sitting in the dark of the room, only grinned. "Definitely Furyan."