E/O Challenge – Classic Rock Title/Theme

Word count = 100


Dean has a need that he's reluctant to meet right now.

"Sam! C'mon. We gotta get out of this place!"

"Just another ten minutes."

"I don't have ten minutes."

Sam stopped inspecting every book the Occult bookstore contained.

"You ok?"

Dean looked pleadingly,

"I gotta pee, now!"

"So? Use the store toilet."

Dean looked flustered,

"I can't. Pleeeaaase Sammy."

Dean jerked his head backwards, directing Sam's focus down the narrow aisle they currently stood in. A wicked smirk appeared on Sam's face when he spotted the middle aged shop owner, a vision in sage green and peach, who's own attention was completely on Dean's ass as he licked his lips lasciviously.


Song title – "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place" by Space

A.N. Sorry yet again about submitting so many this week. Is it becoming obvious that I'm into Classic Rock yet?