I am sorry to disappoint everyone who is following and enjoying my story, but all updates are currently being held back. Last night I received an e-mail accusing me of plagiarizing themes from another story. I would like to say I'm sorry to the author of this story if you feel like I am copying your work. Most of what I have written has come from experiences in my own life, with names and settings changed to fit into a P&P fan-fic. Until I have had a chance to read the story in question I will not be posting any further updates. After I have had a chance to read the other author's story I will either be updating chapters to give credit where credit is due, or pulling my story off the site. I am not sure which yet. Normally I would not share detailed personal information about my life, but in this case I think it is necessary to explain where I got the ideas for my character development and plot.

My Elizabeth – inspired by my own experiences

My Mr. Darcy – Is inspired by one of my bosses/ owner of the company I worked for after graduating high school. He struggled with his attraction to me, due to the fact that I was his employee, and it manifested in him being incredibly hard on me, to the point of being mean and making me cry on several occasions. This went on until his business partner (my Mr. Bingley) called him on his actions toward me. This led to a long conversation where he explained his behavior, and a tentative friendship formed between us. After we called a cease fire we found that we had many of the same interests and that we also shared some acquaintances (made these acquaintances the Gardeners' in my story.)

My Colonel Fitzwilliam – one of the men I worked with that I became very good friends with, and my boss became very jealous of.

My Jane – A very sweet girl I worked with who was taken advantage of. After this horrid experience for her she became quiet and guarded.

My Lydia, Kitty, and Mrs. Bennet – These three are given a combination of traits from two girls I worked with. One girl I worked with who tried everything she could to get my boss to want her, flirtation, revealing clothing, etc… until she saw how well he and I got along and could sit and talk in depth about a range of topics, after that she stopped overtly trying to seduce him and became much more subtle in her interactions with men. The other girl only cared about partying and having fun with no thought of how her actions would affect those around her.

My Mrs. Hurst – a mixture of my brother and sister – in –law and their rocky marriage, and seeming indifference to one another, until it all fell apart. At this point Mrs. Hurst is based more on my brother who became the caring loving sibling he was before his marriage.

The Party at Lucas Lodge – My 18th birthday when all the people (mostly the men I worked with) took me out to celebrate now that I was no longer "jail bait".

My Mr. Wickham – the greasy car salesman who worked across the street, who came into my work on a daily basis to try and get in my pants with no regard for my age or my cold demeanor toward him.

My Caroline – Based on my sister. She is domineering and will not listen to the advice of family or friends because she only sees what she wants to see and always believes herself to be right.

Darcy's struggle – again based on my boss, knowing that certain family members of his did not approve of him having any sort of relationship with one of his employees. His internal struggle with this ended after a long conversation with his sister about me. In this conversation (from what I was told) his sister told him that I sounded like the type of person that their mother would have loved, and that he should only worry about his own happiness.

To make this a regency setting, and a P&P fan-fic, I obviously used different settings than the ones that happened in my own life and experience. Seeing as how my story is based on my life, I don't know how it could be plagiarized. I do not like being accused of using someone else's ideas, nor do I want to upset anyone. I greatly admire the author's writing who has made this accusation (I am currently reading one of her works in progress and she is a very talented writer). I can understand where she is coming from, and I would be very upset too if I thought someone copied my story.

The reason I am posting this is to let everyone know why there will not be any updates for a while, and also to give you all the background on where I got the idea for my story. I believe in honesty, and would never intentionally try to pass someone else's work off as my own. As I stated before, after I have read the other author's story I will give mention to her for any similar themes if there are obvious similarities. I will also decide if I am going to continue the story or pull it. I hope you all understand that this is a big decision for me.

Thank you to all who have read and enjoyed my story. Your support has meant a lot to me!