E/O Challenge – Classic Rock Title/Theme

Word Count = 100

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It's not the treat part that Castiel receives.

A soft flapping of wings signalled Castiel's arrival. Surprised, they watched as he performed a perfect crash landing. Sam stared at the crumpled angel heap.

"What the…..?"

Cas whimpered miserably, "Ow."

Dean knelt beside Castiel, sneezing as a stray feather tickled his nose.

"You ok Cas?"

"My most precious parts! Ouch."

Sam's eyebrows crawled off up his forehead.

"Broken wings. Ow."

Dean frowned,


I believe it's called Tricking or Treating. I accidentally let myself be seen by some human monst…..children. They said my costume was "Dorky". They attacked me. Me! An Angel of the Lord! Warrior of Heaven! Ouch…."


Song title : Broken Wings by Mr Mister

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