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Chapter 1

Elisa stared at the setting sun, concentrating on extracting the last few rays of warmth before the chill of the night seeped through her thin summer dress. The selection in her too warm apartment had made sense, but on the top parapets of Castel Wyvern atop the Eerie Building the summer wind was almost chilly, the suns hot rays not nearly as demanding as they'd been on the streets of New York. Elisa forced herself to concentrate on anything besides Goliath's still, stone form. It seemed silly to her, purposely avoiding looking at him, especially since in his present state he was little more than a fancy lawn ornament. Or in his case a fancy castle ornament. She chuckled to herself and gave in to desire and let her gaze roam over Goliath. He was in thoughtful repose today, the great thinker with seemingly the whole world to contemplate.

Elisa looked at the planes of his handsome face, the strength there; so alien and yet so beautiful. His entire form emanated strength, power, and virility. It was his virility that Elisa tried to skirt around, avoid at all costs. Countless days of dreaming about his very male virility filling her, pushing her to the brink of madness, and finally culminating in sheer, primal, animal passion left her waking unsatisfied. Her blood would pound through her body and crest at the apex of her thighs, leaving her frustrated, unstated, her skin too sensitive, too heated, too excited. The mere thought of his name sent undulating waves of heat over her skin, leaving her flushed, breaking out in a sheer sheen of perspiration that embarrassed her because of her burgeoning need. Even his voice caused this reaction. Last week when he'd suggested a midnight flight through the summer sky, she'd been lost in another fantasy and he'd said her name in her ear. Her over-stimulated body instantly grew wet, warm, and slippery. Elisa shook her head. She had to face it, she wanted him badly.

They'd been friends for a long time. Elisa felt she'd crossed a line when she'd kissed him after the ordeal of the Hunter's Moon. It had been weeks since she'd spent any sort of real time with Goliath and the clan. A quick hello when they crossed paths, a phone call so no one would worry or to say she needed rest before her next shift. She'd worked countless hours trying to put together a semblance of a police department. The mobile unit that was being used was helping in rebuilding, but it would still be months before any sort of normalcy ensued.

Elisa had used the opportunity to erect very specific walls with clear messages written on them since then. She couldn't get involved with him, regardless of their feelings, desires, and very basic primal needs. She was sure he would be repulsed by the idea of them together anyway. Inter-species intimate relations did not ring well for anyone, let alone stoic, straight laced Goliath. Elisa sighed, frustrated again. She'd have to find someone to help her take some of the overwhelming sexual tension away. She laughed at herself. She had no good friends she could ask to toss her a quick roll in the hay and she didn't relish the idea of trying to build an actual relationship with someone. Most people couldn't be trusted with information as sensitive as hers and the idea of another man, on top of her, pumping uselessly didn't appeal to her anyway.

Her body and mind screamed at her, making it crystal clear that which whom would suffice for this endeavor, only Goliath. Elisa rejected the idea instantly. How would she even broach the subject and not die of humiliation in the same instant. Worse yet, what if he didn't really feel the same? What if for he and his kind, simply loving another was sufficient and physical love only played a role in pro-creation? At the very least, Elisa knew who could answer her last question. Hudson. And even she wasn't brazen enough to actually ask.

ROOOOAAAARRRR! Elisa was startled by the sound of the clan waking from their stone hibernation; she'd been so lost in thought. She knew her face would betray her emotions and quickly changed her expression. Goliath always awoke with the loudest and fiercest of roars, marking him leader. Elisa also understood that it marked him the most fertile. She shivered slightly at the thought. Goliath didn't immediately turn around, but rather gazed into the horizon. As he grew aware of a presence behind him, he turned around. Elisa's cheeks pinked immediately. A small smile formed on her lips.

"Elisa," Goliath breathed out softly. The greeting was warm and sent of shiver of desire down her spine. It was meant for her ears alone. His gaze swept from her feet to her head appreciatively. Again, Elisa felt a blush this time from her toes to her cheeks. She looked away from his gaze to her slippered toes. She clasped her hands together over her pelvis, hoping it would hide the intense vulnerability she felt. Goliath hopped down from the embattlement and walked to her using a taloned knuckle to lift her chin and force her to meet his obsidian gaze. Elisa's heart skipped a beat and then hammered in her chest. Goliath bent his head toward her. Elisa felt her breath catch in her throat as she found herself leaning forward. His scent surrounded her, masculine and warm.

"Elisa," he breathed again. Of their own volition, her eyes closed in anticipation of his lips on hers. Her chest burned from the lack of oxygen haven held her breath, dying for the contact of his lips on hers. She shivered slightly as she felt him step closer to her body. The chill of the night air was forgotten immediately as molten desire flowed through her. His other hand had found its way to her shoulder pulling her closer still. His other hand was still at her chin, unfurled and caressed her face then her neck. His taloned thumb brushed over her lower lip. Elisa exhaled sharply, aching with the need for Goliath to kiss her. Agonizing seconds passed and Elisa opened her eyes.

Goliath looked troubled like her was battling with himself. Elisa confused, hurt stepped away from him, wrapping her arms around her abdomen, rubbing her arms. She turned her back to him as tears stung her eyes. He'd teased her mercilessly and like a horny school girl, she'd fallen for it. Anger made her fists clench together. She pursed her lips and exhaled loudly, trying to calm herself. Goliath stepped close; she felt his warmth flood her senses again and closed her eyes relishing it with every atom that made her a woman.

"I apologize," his baritone voice said softly close to her ear, too close. Elisa stepped away from him and faced him, her arms still crossed. "For what?" she asked and prayed that her face was expressionless. Let him think that those kinds of situations were her norm with other males. Goliath was about to put his hands on her shoulders. At her response they stopped mid-air and hung uselessly. She saw him swallow and then drop them to his sides. He capped his wings around his shoulders and tilted his chin up with some defiance? The silent stand-off continued, her arms crossed, his wings capped as they glared at one another.