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Elisa Maza stared first at the rising of the sun out of her bedroom window and then at herself in the reflection of the glass. She had a slender hand wrapped around her throat, concealing some of the bruising evident in her tender skin. She closed her eyes and swallowed, taking a deep breath to calm her ragged nerves. Keep it together, Maza. She told herself as tears threatened to come. The sting in her eyes told her that she'd more than likely end up crying herself to sleep, but she didn't want to do it at that moment. Now was the time to come up with some sort of plan to unravel the mess she'd created in the span of a few minutes. She unsuccessfully fought back the barrage of memories that overwhelmed her.

Goliath pressed against her, pinning her against his body and the wall, his tail wrapped around her thigh touching her through her panties, Elisa arching her back and allowing him better access, Goliath's mouth on her nipple, his thigh between her legs, Elisa riding it without embarrassment to find some release, his tail entering her, stretching her, filling her-

"STOP IT MAZA!" Elisa yelled at herself, clenching her hands in her hair gently pulling to wrench herself into reality. She looked at her reflection one last time, saw the desire that dilated her pupils and was immediately disgusted. She turned her back to the rising sun, pushing herself against the glass, and slowly sank down onto the plush carpeted floor. Her body was on fire with heat, passion, regret and revulsion. Her nipples were peaked and the most sensitive part of her body throbbed. Elisa wrapped her arms around her legs as a dry sob escaped her lips. "Goliath!" She whispered to herself in anguish. Elisa let out another small sob as she re-lived the moment she realized it was Thailog inside her. Disgust and desire raced through her. Even as her mind knew without a doubt that it was Thailog bringing her to release and was abhorred, her body ached, screaming at her because the movement within her had ceased. She was revolted with herself as she had considered taking his offer to continue what he'd started, if for some momentary satisfaction. Elisa knew that if she'd accepted his offer, Thailog would eventually blackmail her and the end result would still be her agreement to help the asshole.

Elisa shuddered as she recalled the moment she'd accepted to help him.

"I want Puck."

Were it not for Thailog's weight above her crushing her chest, Elisa would've laughed. Her mind and body were screaming for air, but were momentarily forgotten in the confusion of Thailog's request.

As Thailog eased himself slightly off of her, Elisa was disgusted to hear herself gasp for air; a desperate sound that was probably exactly what Thailog wanted to hear. Elisa took several deep lungful's of air trying to steady her racing heart and mind. She pushed against his enormous chest, a feeble attempt at best, but she longed to get away from him, out from under him. She still ached and each movement of Thailog between her thighs only heightened her awareness of him. Her nipples were peaked, still exposed thanks to Thailog's roving hands. For someone who claimed to hate humans and despise her, he seemed all too willing to consummate his threat. Elisa could feel him through his loincloth. He was definitely ready to…take care of business. I wonder if I could justNO she screamed at herself. No, GOLIATH is what's important here.

"Detective…your answer" he said against her ear, his tail moving again, snaking its way between her thighs. Elisa's sex addled mind concentrated on it as it moved, pleasure and revoltion both dancing within her in a cruel waltz. She drew a shaky breath in, forcing herself to concentrate on something, anything else. She was still pushing against his chest, but her hands on his suede-like skin only heightened her desire. His weight on her, pushing her painfully against the floor only served to make her more aware of his burgeoning desire against her stomach. His breath against her neck and ear hot in his excitement made her more wanton, almost making her forget…almost. Thailog grabbed her wrists and his claws bit painfully into her soft skin. Elisa made a strangled sound as he forced her hands above her head and was jarred into reality as her bone hit the hard floor, sending waves of pain through her arms and shoulders. Elisa concentrated on this pain and forced herself to take inventory of the situation; to get some clarity. Thailog's tail was rubbing her again, and he was rubbing himself against her, imitating the motion of what he'd do if they were coupling. Elisa went ice cold and stopped struggling, clenched her jaw, held her breath and closed her eyes turning away to avoid looking at his as his eyes were once again glowing red. If he wanted her, she was no longer willing and he'd be forcibly taking her. Elisa concentrated on the pain still radiating from her wrists to her arms and mentally accepted her fate.

Thailog saw her rejection; saw as she was shrinking within herself in order to protect her mind if not her body from a rape which she was sure was going to happen. Holding both of her hands in one of his he grabbed her jaw and forced Elisa to face him. He kissed her forcing her mouth open and tongued the inside of her mouth, wondering how that moist heat wrapped around certain appendages would feel. While tormenting Goliath with everything he'd learned this night about his darling Elisa, he wasn't that interested in taking it by force. Not tonight at least. There would be time enough for that soon enough and hopefully with an audience. The simple thought aroused him more than the fragile human laying almost naked underneath him. His cock got rock hard and for a second he considered taking her by force in the cold, dank hallway, if only to satisfy his urges. He thought logically for a second and decided not to take her; instead he'd find a willing body somewhere to take care of him for this night. "Elisa," he whispered in her ear and felt her shudder at his heat. Maybe her mind had closed him off but her body was definitely ready for him. Again, the thought of the tight, warm, tiny passage of the detective almost got the best of his curiosity, but he wanted his answer.

Thailog's use of her first name in Goliath's voice was almost unbearable. Elisa could imagine Goliath whispering to her like that in the dark, appendages wrapped up in and on one another. She felt an embarrassing rush of heat in her core and she knew that all she wanted to do was get away from him and scrub his touch from her skin. "Fine," she choked out hating herself "fine, I'll….help….you." disgust laced her tone, her words setting in motion a heinous betrayal of Goliath. Elisa felt nauseous, ashamed, and revolted with herself, her words, and her actions.

Thailog pushed himself away from her body, and looked down on her in the darkness. He could see her perfectly; the dress she wore hiked up her hips and pushed down to reveal her human breasts, dark areolas peaked with arousal. He could make a trail of her wetness on her inner thigh where his tail had penetrated and left a trail, he could smell her scent and musk of arousal tainted slightly with shame and embarrassment. Wishing to taunt her further, Thailog brought his tail to his nose and sniffed, his olfactory senses picking up every nuance of her chemical makeup and then brought it to his mouth, tasting he juices. "Detective, you taste so good, my father will be appreciative of the fine bouquet you'll present him with. If not, I'll be sure to inform him soon enough."

Elisa was aghast with horror and embarrassment. She quickly got up and did her best to rearrange her clothing and hair. Hate boiled in her blood and she wanted nothing more than to kill him on the spot. Pity she'd decided to forgo her service weapon because of the damn dress.

"Good night, Detective. Do make sure to better tidy your appearance, you wouldn't want the others to think you had a rendezvous with a random stranger in the hallway, now would you?" He taunted, chuckling as he walked away, rubbing his engorged hard on. "We'll be in touch very soon, Elisa."

Elisa resurfaced from her memories, no less ashamed of her actions now in the present as she'd been in the moment. The fact that her body still stirred at the thoughts troubled her more still. Elisa ached for release. Her punishment to her traitorous body was with-holding the pent up passions she felt. She could wait. Right now, even if she indulged herself, it would be Thailog's touch she'd remember. Even if she convinced herself it was Goliath, it wouldn't erase the fact that it was Thailog who'd touched her so intimately. She pushed the thoughts aside for now, focusing on how to unravel this web she'd weaved.

Puck. The answer lay with him. She'd have to find a way to garner his cooperation and essentially hand him over to Thailog as Puck and not as Owen all the while lying to Goliath and the entire clan. Elisa sighed, exhausted by simply thinking of how to try to wrap her mind around this one.

As the sun started to rise higher in the sky, she decided to give in to the urge to cry herself to sleep, if only to rest her body. There would be no saving her mind, not tonight. Not for a long time.