What if Raistlin and Caramon had another sister, who was 2 years younger than them? This is going to be absurdly long, so just bear with me.


Kitiara was sure she could have torn her hair out in frustration and anxiety. Everything seemed to be going wrong that day. Raistlin was sick, Caramon wouldn't shut up, and to top it all off, her mother had to go into labor, while Kit was alone in the house with her and the twins.


Kit had rushed to get the midwife when the contractions started. That had been five hours ago. Rosamun looked exhausted, and there was no sign yet of the baby.

It seemed like an eternity had passed when the midwife crowed that she could see the head. And another, smaller one before a baby's wail replaced her mother's shrieks. "A girl!" The midwife exclaimed.

"Her name is Thalia." Rosamun whispered. And then she fainted.

The midwife grinned ear-to-ear at Kit. "Come meet your little sister." She placed the now-quiet bundle in the child's arms. Kitara looked down at the little one, looked at warm eyes, the lightest grey she had ever seen.

"My sister." Kit said in wonder. She beamed at the baby, who giggled in response and reached for her hair. This only made her smile more. "Thalia."

Thalia was two years old.

The thought made Kit smile.

Her little sister, who she had always felt closer to than either of her brothers, was two years old.

She glanced over at the girl, who was absently playing with a doll. It was a rare peaceful day in the Majere house, Rosamun was sleeping, Gilon was gone, and all three of the little ones were content for now. Thalia glanced up, as if sensing her big sister's scrutiny. Her buttermilk curls flopped around her shoulders, and her grey eyes danced with some knowledge that no one else would ever have.

Kit shook her head. How did I end up with two little siblings who are smarter than me? She wonders. She smiles at the little girl reassuringly, and Thalia smiles back.

The fair was too noisy. Thalia had quickly come to that conclusion. It was too noisy, and too hot, and too crowded.

She puts her hands over her ears as there's a really loud noise. She has no idea where Kit's gotten off to, so she sticks close to Caramon and Raistlin. She was only four years old, after all. She whirls with a "Hey!" as someone tugs her hair. Seeing nobody there, she smoothes down her locks and hurries after her brothers.

"Where'd you run off to?" Caramon asks curiously.

Thalia pouts. "Somebody pulled my hair and then ran off." She says sullenly. She crosses her arms. Caramon frowns. Thalia quickly shakes her head. "Don't start, Caramon." She mutters. He hesitates, then shrugs. Suddenly Kit appears out of the crowd.

"Are you all alright?" She asks in concern. All three of them nod. She takes a deep breath. "Okay. Good." She states. And then she gives them a crooked smile. "Anybody want to go see some swordplay?" She asks. Caramon jumps at the chance, while Thalia and Raistlin elect to go find something else to do.

Thalia trails after her big brother, taking in everything around her. Suddenly Raistlin stops, and Thalia has to react quickly to avoid bowling him over. "Raist!" She protests. He holds up a hand to shush her, keeping his eyes on the performer in front of them. Thalia follows his gaze, and is quickly entranced. There's bright cloths appearing out of nowhere, marbles dancing in midair... She loves it.

The rest of the day passes in a blur, Thalia mulling over the ticks... and the fascination in which Raistlin had observed them.

So she was the only one not surprised when, that night, Raistlin duplicated every trick.