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***Summary: After the tragic death of his lover Gilbert, Ivan struggles to find solace in his now shattered world. While taking a walk through a crowded flea market he stumbles upon a painting of his deceased Gilbert. Once purchased, he takes the picture home only to find himself warped into another world where Gilbert is still alive but doesn't know or remember him. With the slate of their relationship wiped clean, Ivan strives for a second chance to make things right with Gilbert. However, the strange parallel world that he is in will produce many trials and obstacles unlike any he had ever witness as a street gang member. Will he be able to save Gilbert or will fate take a surprising turn?

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***Pairings: IvanxGilbert (main), LudwigxFeliciano, mentions of AlfredxArthur and IvanxAlfred.

Chapter 1: The Ones We Hurt Are You and Me

Ivan couldn't believe the three-sixty turn his life had made in just a few short days. Inside his small, disheveled apartment he sat on a battered couch, dressed in his best attire. He was still having a hard time believing what had happened. Everything seemed so dull and empty with no joy or reason. He felt hollow inside. It seemed like he was in a daze that would not clear. It was just like that time he was hit with a hockey stick as a little boy…dazed and confused. But this wasn't just something he could stand up and dust himself off of. No, this was much worse. He had seen death many times, has faced it, and has even been the cause of it. But all of those times were nothing compared to the current death he had witnessed. A death he could have prevented if he had been more aware of his surroundings. If he had been then Gilbert would still be alive and with him today.

It had been four days since the murder and it left Ivan's body numb. Everything of Gilbert's was still in their apartment, having left them there after his lover's death. He could not bring himself to move any of Gilbert's things. Like the pizza box soaked with old grease on the counter or the half drunken Sam Adams bottle on the table. The little glob of toothpaste in the sink that Gilbert never seemed to ever wash out, no matter how many times Ivan asked him to. Even the one stray sock from their last night of passion lay in the corner of the tiny bedroom. The first time he had actually cried his tears was when the cologne on his pillow faded. He just cried and cried into the pillow before tearing it apart in a fit of anger. Ivan would have destroyed the entire apartment if his heavy vodka drinking beforehand didn't exhaust him into unconsciousness.

He looked up at the wall clock just as the minute hand had pointed to twelve. Six o'clock…Gilbert's viewing would be starting in a half an hour, which would be how long it would take Ivan to get there. The funeral home was in a 'cleaner' part of the city, untouched by street gangs. Ivan sighed and forced his legs to lift him from the couch and out the door. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and buried his nose in his scarf to block the cold. Gilbert had always liked snow and how ironic it was to be snowing on the eve of his viewing. Even at this time the snow always brought about quiet. The streets were dark with barely anyone outside on the sidewalks or stoops. Ivan lived in a very dangerous, gang oriented part of the city with Gilbert. Both men were in the same gang and over time they had developed feelings for one another. Their own gang brothers didn't mind their relationship as long as they were loyal and respectful to the code. Oh, they were loyal right…loyal to the point where it cost Gilbert his life.

Despite his current sorrow, Ivan felt his lip lift into a little smile as he thought about how he had first met Gilbert. He hadn't thought about their first meeting in the year they had been together but ever since the murder, it was all he could ever think about. Ivan had just killed off a few opposing gang members who had refused to pay his boss the proper percentage of a drug exchange. He had stopped at a local club for a few drinks and to unwind. The base pumping music was a bit deafening but the White Russian he was drinking helped to clear all that. Then he saw him. The strange albino man grandstanding in the center of the dance floor with a neon glow necklace and flawless moves. Ivan remembered thinking how he wished he could be that shameless and just let loose on the dance floor. Doing the 'Soulja Boy' dance was shameful enough and normally Ivan would have tried to block out the music. But he couldn't take his eyes off of Gilbert and as the night went on, he sought him out. And the rest is history.

Ivan looked up when the funeral parlor came into view and felt his body grow colder than the current outside temperature. Gilbert was in there and for the second time in his life he felt scared and nervous. He had seen the dead many times but he was concerned about his emotions and reactions when he would see Gilbert in the coffin. He would be looking upon the lifeless face of his lover, not a random stranger. The feeling was totally the opposite and it frightened him. With a gulp, he walked up the snowy steps and into the parlor. The undertaker stood in the small foyer with a book opened on a stand. The man smiled softly at Ivan and handed him a pen to sign his name.

"Good evening, sir." The undertaker spoke softly but Ivan didn't reply, only signed his name in the book. He could see the other names before his and he sneered a bit: Ludwig, Feliciano, Kiku, Arthur, Alfred and now him. "Oh…you're Mr. Braginski. I'm sorry sir, but I have strict orders not to let you proceed any further." Ivan's eyes widened and he loomed over the man who cringed at his height.

"Says who and why?"

"The deceased's brother. I have a list of people I'm not allowed to let in. I am very sorry for this, sir. But I must ask you to leave."

"I'm not going anywhere. The 'deceased' is my lover and boyfriend! I have just as much right to see him as his brother does!" The undertaker started to grow nervous.

"Please sir. Lower your voice. I'm sorry but I just can't let you in. Please show some respect for the departed."

"Out of my way!"

The undertaker didn't protest much to Ivan's forceful entry and the silver-haired man barged through the doors. It was still early in the viewing so only the front few rows of chairs were filled. Everyone turned to look at him but all Ivan could focus on was the mahogany box up on a carpeted dais…surrounded by flowers…and encasing his love. To the left of the coffin was a photo collage of Gilbert from childhood to adulthood. Some hymn song in German was playing softly, defiantly not something Gilbert would have chosen for his own viewing. Gilbert loved music of all types but particularly enjoyed dancing to fast tempo songs of any variety. Ivan thought they should be playing some Dean Martin songs, since the crooner was a secret interest of his. The two German brothers had grown up with their grandparents where 1930's and 40's records were always played. If anyone other than himself and Ludwig knew it would ruin Gilbert's 'bad boy' reputation. The man was openly accepting of a large variety of things, which was half the reason they ended up together. Gilbert was the type of person who could listen to Dean Martin's 'Sway' and then put on Coolio's 'Gangsta's Paradise' a second later. He was a very loud, well-rounded obnoxious punk. And a media whore.

He proceeded through the aisle but Ludwig blocked his view. He was Gilbert's younger but incredibly overbearing brother. Ludwig never got along with him and would try to ban Ivan from any of their gatherings. Gilbert was always torn between his brother and his lover but in the end he would choose Ivan. For the holidays, Ludwig would usually give in and let Ivan celebrate with them. His lover always was a rebellious individual, especially with his brother who tried to rule over him. Ludwig had his reasons for protecting and overseeing the welfare of his older brother but sometimes the blonde man took it too far. Especially with his and Gilbert's relationship.

"How did you get in here?" Ludwig hissed at him.

"I pushed my way through. You have no right to keep me from this viewing or the funeral! I know that's what you're planning as well!"

"It's your fault he ended up like this! Your fault! You brought him into all this 'gang' danger!"

"You're still going on about that? You know damn well it was GILBERT'S choice! I never made him join!"

"But he wanted to follow YOU! If he hadn't had met you, he would still be in college with the rest of us MAKING an honest living for himself! Not running around on the streets starting trouble and doing who knows what!"

Ivan had to try and control the dark rage that was building up inside of him. Ludwig was always shouting the same words at him to show his disgust and disapproval of their relationship. Every decision Gilbert made was his own and Ivan never influenced them but his brother just wouldn't accept the truth. Ivan knew the blue-eyed man looked at him as the 'demon' in his big brother's life. He always thought Ivan was making him perform dangerous tasks like murder and prostitution. But that was not the case with Gilbert at all. Those nights Ludwig thought Gilbert was at the library 'studying' was when the elder brother was clubbing and drinking. If Ludwig knew the half of what Gilbert did he would fall over dead from the realization. He wouldn't believe Ivan but if he had so other way of knowing then the 'illusions' of his brother would be different. Oh, how Ivan wished Ludwig would believe him so he could tell the man how feared and dangerous his brother was. Gilbert was no pushover. He was a risk taker, a quick thinker, and a strong fighter. Sometimes he was reckless but that's what made Gilbert who he was. Gilbert never wanted to be under his brother's thumb. He wanted to be free to live a life he wanted, and that life was with Ivan.

"Ludwig…please don't argue here." Feliciano, Ludwig's boyfriend and schoolmate, lightly tugged on his arm. The smaller man feared the constant confrontations between the two men.

"He's right, Ludwig." Said Kiku, another schoolmate, who came up to stand beside them.

"I don't want him here!" Ludwig repeated and he balled his fists. Ivan himself was expecting and preparing for a fight. "Go, now! Go crawl back into whatever rat hole you came from!" Ivan's brows drew to the center in rage and he readied his fist to strike but someone dashed between them. It was Alfred, another schoolmate who was buddies with Gilbert more than with Ludwig.

"Whoa, whoa! Back it up! We're not going to start a fight here! Ivan just wants to see him."

"You're not helping, Alfred!" Ludwig hissed at him and Ivan narrowed his eyes at Alfred.

The man knew better than to say or do anything to him. Early into his and Gilbert's relationship, Ivan and Alfred had had a quick romp in their apartment. Alfred was waiting for Gilbert to come back to watch some horror movie. He and Ivan never really got along and they started arguing about something, which lead to Alfred kissing him. Against his better judgment he gave in to his body's needs and dominated the loud mouth brat. Gilbert had never found out about their night and never would. It was one of the greatest mistakes he had ever made and the hardcore American resembled an inner demon to him. One he had buried deep within his mind and body, promising to never let it loose again. Gilbert would have been heartbroken and furious if he had known his boyfriend and best friend had slept together.

"Ludwig, it's your brothers viewing! Show some respect for him!" Said Arthur, another schoolmate and Alfred's lover. "More people are coming in now."


"He spent the last year with your brother, Ludwig." Kiku pointed out. "You know as well as I do Gilbert would want him here." Ivan calmed a bit at Kiku's words and gave him a soft 'thank you', only to have the Asian man politely snuff it off. Ivan knew the five pairs of eyes that were on him were not 'friendly' by any means. It wasn't just Ludwig that blamed him for Gilbert's death.

"Fine." Ludwig hissed out. "It should be YOU in that box, not my brother!" He turned away and stormed back to his seat in the front. The others flashed Ivan their own disapproving looks but it was Ludwig's words that really got to him.

'I do wish it was me in that box instead…living with the guilt is worse than death.'

Ivan walked up to the dais and stepped up on the ledge. He took a quick glance at the photo collage…not one picture of him and Gilbert together. Ivan had been cut out of any group picture as if he didn't even exist in Gilbert's world. He blinked away the stinging tears and took two more slow steps to approach the coffin. The air left his lungs and the blood flow of his veins stilled. Gilbert was perfect. He looked like he was sleeping. Ivan has spent many hours just watching him sleep and he didn't look any different at this moment. The only difference will be that he would not wake to smile sleepily at him. Gilbert's body was perfectly prepared to not even show that he had been shot. Ivan had a flashback to that moment where he was pulling Gilbert through the alleyways as they ran, desperately dodging bullets. Gilbert had been jumped and kidnapped by an enemy gang under false word that Ivan lay dying. It was a stupid trap that Gilbert fell in to but word quickly got to him and Ivan rushed to his rescue. The whole ordeal was a trap. Ivan could not remember all the details about it but the bullet that went through Gilbert's head was unforgettable. Ivan was not even aware that the one particular shot had struck the side of Gilbert's head and killed him instantly. When Gilbert's body dropped heavily to the ground was when Ivan realized what had happened. The gang members ran away, their job done, and left a wide-eyed shocked Ivan to watch the lifeblood flood out from his lover's head. It was as if someone had torn the skin from the Gilbert's temple. Everything was a blur after that. He couldn't remember how long he stayed there with him until he woke up in a hospital bed to find that Gilbert was dead and had been taken to the morgue.

But the Gilbert before him in the white coffin padding was as if he had never been shot. The bullet spot on the side of his head was gone and his eyes were closed. Before it was a gaping wound and his eyes were wide and unseeing. Now Gilbert looked just as he always did when he slept. Ivan noticed he was in a suit…that stupid suit and tie Ludwig had bought him for Christmas. It was the only suit Gilbert owned and Ivan offered to pawn it for him but his lover wanted to keep it anyway. Despite their differences in his choice of life, the two German brothers were still very close. But he and Gilbert were close in a personal and intimate way. Ivan had felt as if he had lost a half of himself and he knew Ludwig must have been feeling the same way. However, Ludwig was not important right now. All he could focus on was his dead lover resting 'peacefully' in a casket. Dare he lean down and kiss those still lips? Would that be too morbid? Would Ludwig come rushing up and sucker punch him in the head? Ivan decided at that moment he didn't care what anyone thought so he leaned down and placed a chaste kiss on the cold lips. Gilbert smelt of powder and makeup. He almost expected Gilbert to open his eyes and pull him into a deeper, more passionate kiss like the first time. Ivan had given him the same chaste kiss on their first 'real' date and it ended with him between Gilbert's legs, claiming his 'man' innocence. Yet Gilbert did not move and Ivan felt the emptiness all over again.

He looked down at his stone cold lover whom he would never see or speak to again. One minute they were together and the next he was taken away. Almost in the blink of an eye! They had just made love the night before Gilbert's death…his body had been so warm then. Now it was ice cold and covered in powder. Those arms and hands that lay folded across his chest were wrapped around his neck as he voiced his pleasure. Now they were cold and lifeless, just like the rest of him. Was he really responsible for all this? He couldn't remember! He couldn't remember the details of how all this happened. Maybe it really was his fault? He didn't know!

"Oh Gilbert…I'm so sorry." He whispered to him, apologizing over and over again in both Russian and English. Ivan didn't even notice when Alfred and Arthur shoved him away from the coffin. He just kept staring at the casket as it grew further and further away.

"You have to leave now!" Arthur said firmly. "You can't stay here!"

"Th-The funeral…may I come to it?" Ivan asked in a stunned whisper.

"No. Ludwig does not want you there." Alfred answered him. "Let poor Gilbert rest in peace! Don't start trouble!"

Ivan ignored the two men even when they shoved him down the steps to land roughly in the snow. Ivan stood up and shook his head, looking back at the funeral home. He couldn't go back in there even if he wanted to. Gilbert's corpse was tearing him apart inside and if he saw him again he may just go berserk. He continued muttering a faithless prayer in Russian as the snow fell silently around him. It felt and seemed right at the moment. But that moment soon ended when the sounds of mocking laughter shattered the silence of the snow. Ivan slowly turned his head to the sound of the laughter, recognizing a group of men who were responsible for Gilbert's death. Ivan's icy glare was felt across the street and all five men noticed him. They had their cigarettes or beer bottles in their hands and they all wore smug smiles. Ivan felt his chest heaving with heavy breaths, his eyes were seeing red and his blood was boiling. He reached his hand to his belt where he always carried his pipe…his weapon of choice.

"Hey Commie! I'll show my respects to your soon-to-be 'worm food'!" Said one man as he pulled his penis out to piss on the snow before them.

"Yeah, those worms will be fucking him instead!" Said another and that's when Ivan snapped.

Suddenly his pipe was bashing skulls and his voice was screaming into the silent night. He had felt tremendous pain himself and even blacked out for a second or two. Blood splattered on the snow and building walls. So much blood…just like Gilbert's. Blood, blood, blood! He dropped his pipe to grab his head and scream in defeat and frustration. He had no idea where he was or what he was doing. However, he recognized the sound of police sirens and he ran off, leaving the blood and pipe behind him. So much snow…so much white! Where was he going? What was he doing? Nothing seemed right…none of it made sense. The only thing he could do was keep running. His body ached terribly as he ran and the snowflakes flew into his eyes to blind his vision. Ivan could not figure out where he was, spinning around madly as he tried desperately to recognize something. He had made himself so dizzy that he stumbled into an alleyway and collapsed onto the snow. After that, he whispered Gilbert's name into the snow as his vision faded into darkness.

A couple of days had passed and Ivan was walking to the street flea market. Somehow he had ended up back in his apartment, figuring a fellow gang member came across him. He hadn't talked to any of the others and no one even bothered with him. Soon he would have to return to the streets and pick up where he left off. He had missed Gilbert's funeral with the blackout he had but visited the cemetery the first chance he got. The gates were locked the first time he went but when he came back they were open. It wasn't difficult to find Gilbert's grave. The pile of dying flowers over his gravesite was a giveaway. He had spent the entire day there just sitting on the ground and staring at Gilbert's name on the tomb. Oh how he missed him. 'You never know what you have until it's gone' Ivan said to himself. All he wanted was Gilbert back but the lifeless body was buried six feet under the ground in a box. He was half tempted in his grief to dig him back up and just stare once again at that beautiful face. But digging wouldn't have done anything unless there was a Micmac Native American tribe's burial ground in the area. Although Gilbert would have probably liked to come back as a zombie, Ivan would prefer him as a corpse.

Nothing at the market was helping to ease his suffering. Everyone appeared to be noisier than usual and the faces were hardly noticeable. He reached into his pocket and took out his iPod and headphones. It wasn't actually his iPod, it was Gilbert's but the man wouldn't need it anymore and the music brought about some comfort for Ivan. He couldn't continue listening to the hiphop and heavy metal so he changed over to the softer side of the music. Under a playlist entitled 'Shame List', Ivan found some more suitable songs. He smiled and chose 'Sway', the crooner's voice reminding him of Gilbert's softer side. Only once did they slow dance to this song in the den and any other time he tried it, Gilbert would punch, bite, kick, flick, or stomp on his foot to stop him. But that night they danced was one of the frequent memories Ivan kept playing over in his head. How he missed him.

Normally Gilbert and himself would be buying up anything cheap and bootlegged they could find. This was his first time coming to the street market alone. He had his hands buried deep in his pockets and his nose covered with his scarf. The air was chilly today and winter was promising to be a very long and difficult one. Just as he was about to turn around and head back home, a strange painting had caught his eye. He stopped to get a better look at it and the sight made his heart leap into his throat.

It was the strangest and unsettling thing Ivan had ever come across in his life. The painting was of Gilbert yet he was dressed in some strange form of red cleric clothing? It looked almost medieval. He was sitting at a desk with a book to his right and a skull to his left. On both ends of the table sat two long candles with their stands. The background was made of black stones, giving the appearance of a castle or a dungeon. Gilbert's pink eyes were slightly lidded and relaxed in the painting. His lips held a small, peaceful smile that Gilbert use to save only for him. What in the world was this strange painting and why was it the spitting image of Gilbert?

"Fancy that picture?" Asked the elderly vender and Ivan looked up at the wrinkled man.

"Where did you get this painting?" He asked, his eyes wide in shock.

"I found it awhile ago outside on a curb. It looked like a lot of work went into it so I thought I'd try to sell it. There is no name on it so it's not worth much. It's got a tear too, at the bottom right corner. The frame is worth more, though."

"I want it. How much?"

"Fifty." The man smirked, noticing Ivan's extreme interest in the painting. Ivan narrowed his eyes at him.



"Keep it up and I'll knock your block off with my pipe. It's just a painting! I said 'ten'."




Ivan paid the man and took the painting, holding it tightly under his arm as he rushed back to his apartment. Once he was inside he leaned the portrait on the couch and sat on the coffee table to gaze at it. Every detail about Gilbert's face was perfect. It was like Gilbert was in the room with him right now, sitting on the couch and waiting for some silly reality TV show to come on. Ivan didn't know how long he sat there staring at it but he just couldn't pull himself away from it. He feared that the painting for disappear in a moment, just as Gilbert had. He didn't want to lose him twice. Ivan did, however, wonder who in the world had painted this and why it looked so much like Gilbert. Was it simply a coincidence? Or maybe it was someone Gilbert knew and he had asked the artist to do a painting of him. Gilbert, being a media whore, enjoyed adventurous movies and fantasy type genres. Just one of the many things in his life the man had preferred.

Ivan then moved to his knees and rests his head in his arms, studying the picture before him. Something was off about it and the more he stared, the more he began to doubt it being just a normal picture. It even started to look real yet Ivan continued to analyze it. Was Gilbert in a prison of some kind or was it an old church? Was the painting trying to tell him something or was he really just going completely insane? Was Gilbert trying to contact him from beyond the grave? Could he possibly be dreaming? All these questions spiraled in his mind and for a moment he felt his eyes go cross. Deep thinking wasn't one of his strong points.

"Hm? What's this?" Ivan noticed the tear in the corner that the man had spoken of. He reached a finger out to poke at it and he ripped it more. "Oops."

At that moment was when the glowing started. It had started from the tear and slowly traveled upwards to cover the entire picture. Ivan jumped up from the floor in a defensive stance, not knowing what was going on or what he was preparing for. He felt himself getting sucked closer to the picture and he fought it with all his might but to no avail. He went in head first, followed by his shoulders, waist, bottom, and legs. His body flipped out of the other side and he began falling through the air. For a split second he was stunned but his mind focused in on what was currently happening and he frantically flapped all of his limbs. Beneath him was some body of water, which he fell into and nearly sank to the bottom. Quickly, he paddled his arms to resurface, gulping heavily at the fresh air that filled his lungs. With a few flops and splashes of his arms he was able to regain cognitive functioning to tread water. Right then he realized how cold the water was and he swam to the bank, crawling out onto the gravel surface. He held his chest and coughed, spitting up some water and shaking from the whole ordeal. The air was frigid against his already chilled body and he had to wrap his arms around him to try to gain some warmth.

Ivan looked around at his surroundings while his teeth chattered and his bangs froze to his forehead. Wherever he was it was wintertime with bare trees and a gray sky. Through his shivering he tried to focus his thoughts on finding a logical answer for what had just happened. He hadn't been drinking so that wasn't the issue. Falling into the picture reminding him of some movie plots he had watched with Gilbert and he hoped he was only dreaming this. But it couldn't be a dream for this cold was real. He had grown up in a Russian orphanage for the earlier years of his life before he was adopted and he knew real cold when he felt it. Yet this really couldn't be, could it? Swept away into some alternate universe? Was he dead perhaps and this place was to be his Hell? There was no logical explanation he could muster and he had to presume himself 'dead' in the natural world. So now that he pronounced himself 'dead', Ivan had no other choice but to stand up and walk. Where he was walking he didn't know but he was certain to come across something eventually. But if this Hell was only meant to have him wonder in a vast snowy wasteland for all eternity then he was screwed. This must be to punish him for all his horrible deeds as a gang member and the tragic loss of his friend.

'Gilbert…my little snow bunny…'

Upon the vast whiteness ahead of him a red beacon stood on a large animal. Ivan stopped and squinted his eyes to get a better look at it. The person was wearing red cleric robes as he or she sat atop the animal, which he now realized was a horse. The red hood hid the person's face but the high boots, black pants, and a dagger belt around their leg warned him that there might be danger. Around the person's waist was a belt with a pouch and whip attached to it. Ivan cocked his head to the side as his frozen mind tried to comprehend what was going on. If things weren't weird before they were defiantly getting weirder now. But the cold and wet were getting to him so he took the chance and shouted to the person.

"HELLOOOO! CAN YOU HELP ME?" He called over and the person heard him for the horse neighed as it was forced to ride towards him. Ivan stood up straight and tall as the horse approached him and came to a stop. He looked up at the person whose face was still darkened by the hood. Ivan could tell by the body stature that it was a man. "I…I seem to be lost." Ivan wasn't quite sure what to say or do at the moment. He was too confused.

"You don't look like you're from around here." Came the voice from beneath the hood and Ivan's eyes widened at the sound. That was Gilbert's voice!

"Gilbert? Gilbert, is it really you?" Ivan's smile was childlike and full of glee. The man took off his hood and it was none other than Gilbert! "It IS you!" Ivan felt some tears sting his eyes but they did not fall.

"How do you know my name? I've never seen you before." Gilbert narrowed his pink eyes at him. Ivan's smile turned to a frown when his lover had stated that he did not recognize him. How could he not? This was his Gilbert standing before him! His lover who had been murdered and buried not too long ago!

"Gilbert…I'm Ivan! Ivan! You know me! We know each other!" Gilbert just raised his eyebrow.

"Uh…sorry, but I have no clue who you are."

'I am in Hell.' Ivan said to himself, slumping his shoulders and dropping his chin to his chest.

"Hey, what's wrong? Are you that upset that I don't know who you are? Hey give me a break, buddy! A high-ranking warrior cleric like myself sees many people all the time. It comes with the job."

"But…you are my Gilbert. My Gilbert who was taken from me…brutally." Ivan lifted his violet orbs to meet the pink ones.

"Brutally? Hey look, you're obviously lost and not from around here. I've lived here all my life and I must say nothing has happened to me! Sorry I can't help you out more." Ivan just sniffed and wrapped his arms around his freezing body. "Looks like you came right out of the water." Gilbert sighed and 'tsked' his teeth. "Fine, hop on the steed, pal. I'll take you to my place and we'll warm you up. Maybe you fell and hit your head or something, then we can try and piece together what the hell you're doing here."

Ivan didn't know what to do or think. Currently, his dead lover whom he had been grieving over was right before him, alive and in good health. This couldn't be a dream or he would have woken up by now. Maybe he really was in Hell but he was getting a second chance? He never believed in the Devil for living on the streets showed him people were evil when they were alive, not dead. He assumed Hell was his life on Earth but now he wasn't so sure. Whatever the reason, real or fake, his Gilbert was right here right now. How many people actually get this chance to see their loved ones again? Fate had granted him another chance it would seem. So with a cheery smile, he attempted to climb on the horse only to fall back into the snow.

"Come on, get up! Don't tell me you've never ridden on a horse before!" Actually, he hadn't. Gilbert laughed at Ivan's confused, blank face. "Try again, big guy!" Ivan gripped the saddle and put his foot in the loop to lift himself up. He attempted this move three times before giving up. "For fuck's sake…" Gilbert slid off his horse to help him. "Alright, put your foot in my hands and I'll lift you up." Ivan couldn't help himself and he took this opportunity to grab Gilbert and hug him. "What the hell?"

"I just want to hold you!" Ivan pleaded with him.

"Get off of me!" Gilbert shoved him away and pulled the dagger out from its sheath. "Touch me again and I'll slice your balls off, got it?" Ivan smiled and put his hands up. This man was proving to be his Gilbert more and more.

"Yes, I understand."

"Good." He put the dagger away. "Now back to where we left off." Gilbert cupped his hands and Ivan gripped the saddle firmly. He stepped into Gilbert's hands and the man hoisted him up and over the saddle. Ivan let out a little 'eep' as he landed on the opposite side in the snow. Gilbert looked at him from under the horse and laughed. "You really aren't from around here! You're hilarious!"

"Meanie." Ivan whimpered and lifted his head from the snow to dust the white off.

"Alright, lets give this another go." Gilbert walked around the horse and helped Ivan up. They proceeded the same motions again and this time Ivan was able to sit on the saddle. Gilbert easily climbed on in front of him and willed the other to hold onto him tight. Ivan gladly wrapped his arms around Gilbert's waist and hugged him close, nuzzling into his back. "You're like a giant cat! Seriously, what's with all the nuzzling?"

"You don't understand how relieved I am to see you again. I don't know where I am, how I really got here, or why you don't remember me. But this place isn't my world and the Gilbert in my world was not a warrior cleric. He was a very strong and dangerous gang member along with myself." Gilbert kicked the horse into a trot.

"I didn't think there were other worlds aside from this one. So did you just appear here randomly or something?"

"No. There was a painting of you that I bought from a vender at a market. The painting looked just like my deceased Gilbert so I bought it. Suddenly it glowed and before I knew it I was falling through the sky and landed in the water. Then I found you." Gilbert chuckled a little.

"Sounds like you've been hitting the Wellwart Mushrooms."

"The what?"

"Wellwart Mushrooms! They're a brand of mushrooms that make you see things and act crazy. The law prohibits selling and gathering them. But of course people do it." Ivan smiled.

"Ah. I understand. Where I come from we have those too. Only we call them 'Shrooms'."

"Have you done them before?"

"Once. I woke up in a park somewhere. I had fallen into a bush and remained there until I woke up. Never again."

"I hear ya! Hey, you're hugging too tight again. Don't get any ideas. I am completely untouchable to men."

Ivan smiled against his back for those were the exact words Gilbert had said to him when they met. Those words were a lie anyway. No male had ever met up to his standards until he met Ivan. Winning Gilbert over was no easy task. Ivan had to endure drinking games, fistfights, arm wrestling, and even a dance off. Ivan would win most of the challenges against Gilbert except for the dance off. The only moves he could do were the Sprinkler and shuffle, both of which earned him many taunts. He was big-boned but his body may as well be built of solid iron. It was true he had some bits of flab here and there but Gilbert never cared about that. Gilbert was always trim and fit with perfectly sculpted muscles that fit his build. Even with his hands around this Gilbert, Ivan could tell that the bodies were the same.

The image of Gilbert's naked body flooded his mind and he let out a soft groan of lust. Gilbert was his own little horny rabbit and would screw like one as well. The two of them had a very healthy sex life since they could easily meet the other's desire. Ivan was a rough lover and Gilbert wouldn't have had it any other way. Ivan had always lusted after Gilbert, ever since he first set his eyes on him. Gilbert played hard-to-get and it would drive Ivan absolutely insane with wanton lust. He feared that once he had won Gilbert over the lust would slowly fade away. Ivan assumed he was more attracted to the 'hunt' rather than keeping Gilbert for himself but he was surprised at the end result. His attraction, lust, and love for Gilbert only grew as they spent more time together. Once they moved in to their apartment they would screw every chance they got. If Gilbert was cooking something on the stove, Ivan would come up behind, wrap his arms around his waist, kiss his neck and then move on from there. There was not one spot or piece of furniture in the place that they hadn't made love on. And it wasn't just Ivan who would initiate the sex. There were many times where Gilbert would sneak up on him or just flat out demand they have sex. Ivan never complained or denied him the pleasure. His hands never tired of stroking that soft, milky white skin and gripping those slim hips. And at this very moment, his hands were resting against the taunt, muscular stomach of Gilbert just as they had many times before. His black jeans tightened as his arousal pressed up against Gilbert's back. The horse suddenly came to a terrible halt and it jerked Ivan from his daydream.

"Oh hell no!" Gilbert turned to glare at him before pushing Ivan off of the horse. Ivan was too stunned to react but Gilbert was on him in an instant. He watched with a blank expression as Gilbert tied some rope around his wrists and jerked him to his feet. "Now you walk, bastard! Keep your filthy hands and body away from mine!"


"Don't play dumb with me! No one touches the mighty Gilbert in that manner!" Ivan's brows went up in amusement.

"You really are my Gilbert…"

"I am no one's 'Gilbert'! Get that through your thick skull!" Gilbert tied the rope to his saddlebag. Ivan shivered at the sentence and he wanted nothing more than to claim Gilbert all over again. His fingers wiggled with excitement.

'I've been given a second chance! I don't care where I am, how I got here, or if I will ever leave! I have another chance to make things right! This time Gilbert won't die! I swear that I will brutally kill, maim, or torture anyone who tries to do him harm.' The promise of pain to another extended his arousal a bit more.

"Look lively, asshole!" Gilbert said with a laugh as he mounted his horse, reared it, and took off. Ivan yelped at his body was jerked from his feet and drug through the snow. He could feel the rope cutting into his wrists and his joints screaming at the heavy pressure that was being applied to them. "This is what happens to those who THINK they can dominate the awesome me!" He brought his horse to another stop and Ivan let out a breath of relief as the pressure was removed from his arms. "Get up on your feet. You look like a walrus!" Gilbert laughed out loud while Ivan struggled to get to his feet. Ivan supposed he should be grateful Gilbert didn't have a gun or he would be missing an eye right about now.

"So beautiful…my Gilbert…" Ivan whispered but it was enough for Gilbert to hear and he gave an angry blush.

"Knock this shit off! I mean it! Now shut your mouth. We have a long walk ahead of us!"

Ivan was forced to walk in the ankle deep snow while Gilbert took him to wherever it was they were going. Before, his lover had been lying in a coffin buried six feet underground. Now he was alive and well before him, just the way Ivan remembered him. He didn't care if Gilbert did not know who he was but Ivan was certain he could make Gilbert love him all over again. Yes, things would be different this time around. Gilbert will not follow him into the life of gangs and drugs. That was how Gilbert ended up dead in the real world. This was his chance at a fresh start in life and he swore to do things differently. He did not know what awaited him here in this strange world but he was determined to change things.

That was until he arrived in a strange city. Ivan looked ahead and all around at the building which suspiciously resembled mausoleums and graves. Some appeared to be castle-like while others seemed to be elongated tombstones. All of the inhabitants wore some sort of black or white, Gilbert being the only person so far in bright red. The area had an eerie feel to it and with the gentle falling snow brought about the silence. Although people were out and walking about, it was still strangely silent. Gilbert had lifted his hood over his head to cover it from the snow.

The streets were alive with carriages and carts once they had made their way out of the first part of the city. The further they went the more high class the areas became. Ivan was starting to get looks from the people, most likely because of his strange dress and the rope around his wrists. He stuck out like a sore thumb with his black jeans, purple t-shirt, brown leather jacket and motorcycle boots. Everyone else was still in white or black. The city had a very 1400 of 1500's feel to it. It could be a bunch of centuries mixed together. But all the buildings still resembled tombs and all were made of stone. Not one was made of wood. Ivan felt as if he had walked in to a Tim Burton exhibit with the city's choice of style and décor.

"Hey, you're still kickin' back there?" Gilbert asked and looked back at him, peeking around the hood.

"Doing well!" Ivan smiled.

"Good, because we're here."

Ivan's eyes widened at the large stone castle before him. It could easily be the haunted house for some scary Halloween movie with its size and tomb-like structure. However, with the gray sky and light snowfall it could also be viewed as a very peaceful sight. He thought they were going into the castle but Gilbert lead him around it to where a large church was built on to it, or possibly the other way around. It looked to be straight out of medieval Europe with its intricate designs and sharp steeples. They passed by a small graveyard surrounded with an iron fence, which belonged to the church. Further behind the graveyard was a small stable where Ivan could hear a few animals shuffling about.

'Where the fuck am I?' Ivan asked himself. Rarely did he ever use the word 'fuck' but with the current conditions it seemed appropriate. This was turning out to be just as bizarre as experiencing his few acid trips.

"This is our stop." Gilbert said and hopped off of the horse. Ivan sighed when the rope was untied from his wrists, which were red and bleeding. "Why haven't you tried to run away?" Gilbert asked him.

"Why would I run away? I have no where to go. This may be a whole new world but you are 100% my Gilbert with no added preservatives!" He chuckled at his own joke and hoped he wasn't cracking.

"I don't understand a word you just said. But you showing up here has been my only entertainment in the last four weeks. Not only that, but I have found a strange man from another world who fell from the sky and landed in the ocean! That only adds to my awesomeness." Gilbert said proudly, basking in his own achievement while Ivan just stared stupidly at him. "Still, you are a stranger here and I don't know what you are capable of. However, since you have not attempted to hurt me or anyone else so far…you are welcomed to stay in the church." Gilbert rolled his eyes. "Whether I believe it or not, we of the church are obligated to care for those less fortunate." Ivan smiled and clapped his hands.

"Thank you for your kind hospitality, Gilbert! My old Gilbert would have never been part of a church!" Ivan was thoroughly pleased with the way things have turned out so far. He would be in close proximity with Gilbert where he can seduce and court him. Maybe this was really Heaven and not Hell!

"Yeah, well, the church isn't really my thing but…" he smirked. "I do have a very 'naughty' reputation around here and lots of shit happened so my younger brother, who rules this world, keeps me restrained in the church." Ivan felt the color drain from his face and his once gleeful face turned in to a concerned look of surprise, like a child just having found out that there was no Santa Claus.

"B-Brother? Keeps you…in the church…and fawns over you?"

"Yup. That's my little brother, Ludwig."

"This IS Hell…"

Ivan couldn't believe it. One minute he had everything figured out with wooing Gilbert to discover that 'cock-block' Ludwig was the man in power here. Ivan was tempted to drop Gilbert's pants and check for a chastity belt. So their relationship in his world was no different in this world. Just like in his world, Ludwig had always fawned over and protected Gilbert, hovering over him like a mother hen. Gilbert had always explained to him that he and Ludwig had a very difficult upbringing with himself being sick as a child. Ludwig was the 'normal' looking one, the strong one, and the healthy one. Their grandparents would favor him over Gilbert and Ludwig always made sure that his big brother was never left out. Due to their poverty level growing up and Gilbert being an albino he had a lot of health issues, remaining indoors for everything other than school. Ludwig had to protect him from teasing and whatnot but Gilbert could always hold his own if he needed to. That relationship traveled with them up to the present day and Ludwig still remains Ivan's arch nemesis when it came to Gilbert.

"What's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost?" Ivan remained silent. "Whatever. Come on, let's get you out of the snow and out of those wet clothes."

Gilbert led him inside the church and the warmth broke Ivan from his stupor. It looked liked any other medieval church with some benches and an altar. Gilbert took him past the altar and through a door, which led to the living quarters of the clerics. The other few clerics looked at him suspiciously but one wave of Gilbert's hand seemed to assure them all was well. He brought Ivan to a small room with a bed and window. On the bed were some clothes neatly folded in a pile.

"They should fit you. Bring your wet clothes out with you once you're changed and we will dry them." Ivan nodded. "You will be able to warm yourself by the fire. I'll have some cider ready for you."

Ivan watched as Gilbert left the room, shutting the door behind him. Ivan looked at the clothes on the bed before unfolding them to see what they were. The shirt was only a long sleeve white tunic and the pants were a basic woolen brown. Beside the bed was a pair of boots that Ivan was certain wouldn't fit his size. He would rather walk around barefoot while he waited for his current ones to dry. Stripping himself of his wet clothes he thought about Ludwig and what troubles awaited him. If Gilbert is the same in this world then Ludwig will be the same as well. However, the brothers do not know who he is in this world. Ludwig knew Ivan was a gang member previously before he and Gilbert started going out. But this time around, Ludwig would have no previous knowledge of him so maybe he could win the big lug over! It was worth a shot!

With his new plan set, Ivan gathered his wet clothes and brought them out. One of the clerics walked up to him and took the pile of clothing, staring at the strange clothes intently. Ivan thanked the man and went over to the large hearth to warm his chilled body. He sat on one of the wooden benches and held his palms out to warm them. The sound of boots on stone came from behind him and he turned to see Gilbert standing beside him with a mug of hot cider.

"Feeling better?" Ivan took the mug from him.

"Yes. Thank you." Ivan blew the steam away from the top before taking a sip.

"So where do you come from exactly?" Gilbert asked, taking a sip of his own cider.

"Well, I'm not from here so…I guess I come from Russia. That's where I was born and raised for awhile and then brought to America after I was adopted."

"Huh, those names aren't familiar in any way. But explain again why you think I'm this 'other' Gilbert from your world?" Ivan smiled softly at him.

"Well…my Gilbert was a rowdy, obnoxious, strong and defiant individual who loved drinking and having a good time." Gilbert smirked.

"That sounds like me! I would rather be drinking some ale than this cider shit! Go on, tell me more about me!" He laughed.

"My Gilbert was a very dangerous and feared gang member. He and I were a couple in a powerful street gang. We were constantly at war with other gangs…we sold and dealt drugs, weapons, and goods. We never did drugs, though. A couple of times we experimented but they weren't for us." He smiled at Gilbert. "We were drinkers. Beer for Gilbert and Vodka for me."

"Yup, that also sounds like me. So what happened to your Gilbert?" Ivan looked down at the stone floor.

"He was killed…by another gang member. He was shot in the head and died instantly. I couldn't protect him." Ivan assumed there were no guns here so he would have to say Gilbert was shot with an arrow.

"Well, that's where your Gilbert and myself differ." Ivan blinked at him, cocking his head to the side. "I wouldn't let myself get killed." He said proudly.

"My Gilbert said those same words…things just happen."

"True, but that's not how it is with me! And I also don't need to be protected by anyone. My reasoning for being here is different. I don't need my brother's protection but I accept it."

"Then what is your reasoning?" Ivan asked.

"That is none of your business."

Ivan looked at him and the same suspicion he always had of Gilbert and Ludwig resurfaced. The way the two acted towards one another, the way Ludwig hovered over Gilbert, and how tight they were could suggest they were 'closer' than brothers. It would be more in that 'so-and-so I experienced with at summer camp' suspicion. He wouldn't have been surprised to find out brothers had 'fooled around'. He did confront Ludwig with the suspicion and it was answered with a fist to Ivan's jaw. He had angered Ludwig greatly that night and he fully damaged any small chance he had of being accepted into Gilbert's family. Ludwig was furious that night and Ivan wasn't sure if it was because he had spoken the truth or he was just outraged by such a suspicion. Regardless, it ruined his chances of ever making friends with Ludwig. Ivan would be wise to keep that 'brotherly-love' thing to himself this time around.

"Speaking of my brother, I have to take you to meet him."

"Oh…of course." Ivan frowned and sipped at his cider.

"Where are your boots? You can't walk around the castle in bare feet."

"The boots offered to me were way to small. I was just going to wait for my normal boots to dry." Gilbert stroked his chin in thought.

"One moment." He hurried away to one of the closets and took out a pair of simple slip-on shoes. "Try these. There is no back to them." Ivan took the shoes and slid his feet inside them. The shoes fit just right and they were warming up his feet.

"Ah, a perfect fit." Ivan smiled and stood up. Best to get this over with. "Let's go meet your brother." Gilbert led him through a large door in the back of the church that entered into the castle. Unlike the church, the castle resembled more the Dark Ages. As Gilbert guided him through the castle, he questioned him on his status as a gang member.

"So what else did you do in this 'gang'? We have gangs here but they are in the lesser parts of the city."

"Like I said before. Steal and sell. I was one of the most feared members." He smirked.

"Feared? How so?" Gilbert returned the smirk over his shoulder at Ivan.

"Wouldn't you like to know." Gilbert paused in his walking and turned to face Ivan. He only had to tilt his head slightly to look Ivan in the face.

"Are you suggesting that I can't handle whatever it is you have to say?" Ivan smiled.


"Have you killed?"

"Many, many times. I've lost count."

"Cause trouble?"


"Brutally beat up someone?"

"More so than killing." Gilbert smirked.

"We may have use for you here then. As I'm sure you can already tell…I'm no angel." Ivan's smile turned into a grin.

"Oh, I know you aren't." He let his eyes travel along Gilbert's body but this time the man did not oppose him. "You are a virgin yet you are wearing your lust on your shoulders." He said, referring to the red cleric robe.

"Virgin with men, yes, but not with women. I've had my fair share of them. I prefer men anyway, even though I haven't experienced with one yet. My brother makes sure of that."

"Why am I not surprised?"

"I am a warrior cleric. Notice the whip and the dagger. I have a sword as well but I don't usually carry it. Like you and 'your' Gilbert, I also like to…cause a little mischief and beat up, maim, or humiliate my opponents." Gilbert stepped closer to Ivan and the taller man froze. "Are you planning on 'chasing' after me, Ivan? Between the look in your eyes and the arousal from earlier I would say 'yes'." He moved close enough to where their lips were almost touching. Ivan just gave a little nod in response. Instead of a kiss, Ivan's eyes bugged out when Gilbert's knee rammed into his gut. "Dream on! HA!" Gilbert turned away to gloat but Ivan recovered from the attack and kicked the back of Gilbert's knee. Gilbert lost his balance and stumbled but quickly spun on his heel to glare at the other. "You want to start something?"

"I do." Ivan challenged him and readied his fists. Gilbert smirked, cracking his neck and knuckles.

"You're going down, jackass!"

The two men were soon engaged in a fistfight, swinging wildly at each other. Ivan had landed a few punches and Gilbert had flipped him a couple of times. This Gilbert's strength was the same and luckily Ivan already knew all his moves. With a few easy side steps and careful planning, Ivan was able to pin Gilbert's arms at his sides and pull him close. Gilbert let out a gasp before glaring with those red eyes and bearing his teeth. Ivan smiled and wiggled his eyebrows, feeling his body grow hot with Gilbert's so close to his. It would be easy to throw Gilbert on the floor now, tear open those robes and claim his innocence all over again. Gilbert attempted to bring his knee up but Ivan had already slid his thigh between the other's legs, forcing him to rethink his attack. The two men stared at each other for a moment before Ivan let him go.

"I think we are equally matched." Ivan wanted to see if he could get Gilbert to come to him.

"This isn't over! We'll have another brawl again and this time I won't lose! The mighty Gilbert never loses!"

"Of course he doesn't."

Ivan followed after Gilbert, mimicking his macho walking. The two Gilbert's were the same in this way as well. Whenever Gilbert was annoyed, mad, or proven wrong, he would walk as if he had a load in his pants. Ivan made sure to point it out to him at one time and the end result was a busted lip. Gilbert was the only man who he would ever let beat him up. It was even more welcomed during sex. Ivan let out a happy giggle and nearly skipped off behind Gilbert, following the man into the main throne room. Ivan ceased his skipping when he took notice of the throne in the center of the room and the man sitting on it. The man was none other than Ludwig, dressed in all black but was wearing a white cloak. He had a black crown on his head with points resembling the Iron Cross. Beside him were Feliciano and Kiku, dressed in the same manner as Ludwig. Kiku's was the only one that slightly resembled a kimono of his Japanese heritage but the difference was minimal. If the both of them were here as well, did that mean Alfred and Arthur were here too? Ivan shivered at the thought of having all these men against him once again. He must be in Hell.

"What did you happen to find this time, Gilbert?" Ludwig spoke to his brother, his blue eyes remaining on Ivan.

"It's quite a story, brother." Gilbert responded. "I was simply riding through the woods when I came across this man. His name is Ivan and he is not of this world." Ludwig raised a blonde brow and looked at the other two next to him. Feli and Kiku did not have an answer for him.

"Have you been sneaking ale again, brother?" Ludwig asked with a frown.

"Must you always think so evil of me, Luddy? I'm telling you the truth."

"You mean you expect me to believe that this man behind you came from another world?"

"Yes. His dress was strange and he spoke of things that were not of our world."

"I find this all very hard to believe." Ludwig said with a frown and before Gilbert could protest Feliciano interrupted them.

"What a minute!" The amber-eyed man hurried out of the room and came back with a large book. He returned to his place beside Ludwig and began flipping through the pages.

"I believe Feliciano may be looking for the Universe Tear prophecy."

"Why would he even be thinking of that?" Ludwig asked Kiku but then he turned to Gilbert. "While he is looking…what news of the Tear?"

"It hasn't changed in size, brother."

"That's good at least."

"What 'tear'?" Ivan whispered to Gilbert.

"Something strange appeared in our world a few weeks ago. It was like the sky was ripped open by some unknown force. We don't know what it is or why it is there but according to the prophecies, it isn't good." Ivan looked back at the throne where Feliciano was still searching through the book.

"Ah-ha! Found it!" He dropped the large book in Ludwig's lap, making the blonde man grunt loudly. "Look! Read there!" Ludwig began to read the contents and Kiku did so over his shoulder.

"Kiku, what's it say?" Gilbert asked.

"It states that when the sky is torn open a being from another time and place will come to mend it." Gilbert smirked.

"See! I wasn't lying! Ivan is here to help close up the tear!" Gilbert said proudly and wrapped his arm around Ivan's shoulders, who looked dumbstruck. "He's the 'being' from another time and place!"

"Veh~! We're saved!" Feliciano clapped his hands happily.

"T-Tear? I don't know anything about a tear…" Ivan felt a little red flag go up in his mind. "Wait! There was a tear at the bottom of the painting of you!" He said to Gilbert. "It was a rip in the canvas! It's nothing to be afraid of."

"So you're saying the Tear in our world was caused by YOU?" Ludwig's hands gripped the arm rests and he narrowed his eyes at Ivan.

"Yes-what? NO! It was torn when I had already bought it!"

"What in the world are you talking about?" Kiku asked. "What painting?"

"The painting of Gilbert! In my world there was a painting of Gilbert I bought at a flea market! I took it home and there was a tear at the bottom corner! It was already there when I bought it!" Gilbert moved away from Ivan and suddenly four pairs of eyes were set on him. It was the viewing all over again. "I swear it! I didn't make that tear in the sky!"

"GUARDS!" Ludwig hollered and soon the throne room was littered with guards. Ivan spun around, making a note of all the spearheads pointed at him. The range weapons would make it difficult for him to fight.

"Gilbert, I'm not bad! Tell them!" Gilbert said nothing as the guards swarmed around Ivan to overpower him.

"Take him to the dungeon!" Ludwig ordered. "He will remain there until we get to the bottom of this!"

"NO! DAMN IT! GILBERT, TELL THEM!" Ivan struggled and kicked as he was drug out of the throne room with Gilbert just looking on.

The next thing he knew he was being tossed onto an ice-cold stone floor in a dungeon cell. He looked up over his shoulder as the large iron barred door was slammed shut and locked. Ivan got up and rushed to the bars, shaking it violently but the iron held strong. Muttering a curse of anger under his breath he kicked the chamber pot against the wall, his ears protesting to the high pitched sound it created. Now he had done it! Explaining about the tear in the painting shouldn't have ended him in jail like this! He was simply trying to ease their fear of the 'Tear' in the sky. They think him the cause of it! That was ridiculous! For a moment he was going to be declared a hero and the next he was tossed in jail! Wait scratch the 'hero' bit. It reminded him too much of Alfred's ego. He would change the world 'hero' to 'champion'. Yet he was locked away in a dungeon. He clenched his fists at the image of Gilbert's face in his mind. Next time he saw the albino man he would knock his teeth in!

"Ivan!" Ivan paused at the sound of his name and he recognized the voice as Gilbert's echoing in the dungeon walls. He ran to the bars and looked straight ahead. "My buddies here and I have a few bones to pick with you."

Ivan stared only at Gilbert while ignoring the four men behind him. Gilbert cracked his whip along the floor with it's sound bouncing off the walls. Ivan recognized the stance as Gilbert's trademark bondage pose on the nights they took their coupling to the next level. It was his 'Prussian of Pain' stance, with his legs straddled and his back perfectly straight. Most people would be trembling at notion of being tortured but Ivan's only reaction to the situation was a painful boner. Gilbert cracked the whip again.

"Let's play."

End Chapter 1 TBC

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