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Part 2 Chapter 7: Everything Will Come Again

The three men appeared in Ludwig's chambers from Arthur's transportation vortex. The trio landed roughly with Gilbert doing a roll and Ivan landing on his rump. Ivan blinked in bewilderment and looked at his surroundings, surprised at where he had ended up. Arthur slumped heavily against the wall while trying to catch his breath. The sorcerer slid down the wall and flopped onto the stone floor, his chest heaving with exhaustion. Gilbert lay flat on his back with his arms outstretched, still in full demon form. Not one of them acknowledged the pair in the bed and what was happening. Pleasured grunts and whimpers were coming from the bed sheets. Ivan eventually noticed the couple in the bed and he tugged on Arthur's sorcerer robes, pointing to them.

"Perhaps we should announce our presence?" Ivan suggested and Arthur looked towards the bed and gasped at what he saw.

"LUDWIG!" A blonde head shot up from the sheets and shouted a curse before looking over his shoulder. He took notice of the three men in the room and wildly flopped around on the bed.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Arthur was too weak to lift himself off of the floor just yet.

"I just brought back your brother and Ivan from their journey! What the hell are YOU doing sleeping with Feliciano like that? He's sick!" Ludwig blushed an angry red and slipped out of the bed, pulling up his pants along the way. Ivan had to cover his eyes.

"I…I couldn't help myself, okay? Now what is going on?" Ludwig stopped when he noticed Gilbert, not even thinking about Feliciano on the bed.

Gilbert stood up from the floor in his demon form and faced his brother. Ivan stood as well but made no move towards the brothers. Instead, he helped Arthur stand and lead the man over to the bed where Feliciano lay. Ludwig continued to look at Gilbert, staring at him up and down to get a full look at him. Gilbert's red eyes looked sadly at Ludwig, his white brows arching slightly. He tried to fold his wings back and hide his tail from view. Gilbert had to avert his eyes from his brother's, looking down at the floor. Ludwig continued his gaze at the other, not believing what he was seeing.

"Gilbert? You're…you're a-"

"Say it, Ludwig." Gilbert said flatly, still not meeting his gaze. "I don't really know how or why but…but I am."

"A demon. You really are a demon."

"No, he isn't." Arthur said with a heavy breath, having calmed Feliciano's nerves to help put him to sleep. "He is not a demon. The spirit of an ancient demon is residing within him for the soul purpose of getting rid of-"

"Evil Ivan." Ivan answered for him and the sorcerer gave him a curious look. "Well, he is."

"Arthur, explain what is going on." Ludwig demanded. "What are his plans?"

"I really don't have time to get into details. I need to start on that spell and quick. Evil Ivan is on his way here with Gilbert's soul."

"What do you want us to do?" Gilbert asked, tossing him the satchel with the items.

"First, get Kiku here to take Feliciano somewhere safe. Right now the castle is a potential war zone. Ludwig should have his guards and soldiers ready to attack should Evil Ivan come with monsters. You two should just prepare for battle and keep your wits about you." Arthur looked to Ivan. "He is after you, Ivan. He will do everything in his power to obtain you and he will use the spirit of your old Gilbert to weaken you." Ivan nodded and went over to Gilbert, taking his clawed hand in his own.

"How certain are you that this will work?" Ivan asked him.

"The spell, once I obtain and master it, I will have to recite it while Evil Ivan is here. During that time, you will be doing battle with him. I need as much time and concentration as possible for this to work. Once it does, the spell should bind Evil Ivan still and Ivan, that's when you have to pull Gilbert's spirit out. I can't put Gilbert's spirit into our Gilbert until Evil Ivan is done with."

"Then what happens?" Gilbert asked. "How are we to defeat him once Gilbert is pulled out? Will he vanish or give up?" Arthur looked uneasy.

"That…we'll just have to wait and see. Alfred will be here to help fight as well so we'll have enough people. Gilbert, you have Demose's powers within you and they can stun Evil Ivan. You are the only one here who can actually do him bodily harm. We will be depending highly on you." Gilbert took a deep breath but nodded firmly.

"Damn straight! You can count on me!" He said proudly.

"It's settled then. I will get Feliciano somewhere safe and you two prepare yourself for battle. Take whatever you will need from the armory." Ludwig said and took one more look at Gilbert before turning his head and clearing his throat. "Brother…"

"I know. We don't have time for chat now. Get Feliciano out of here and you take care of yourself as well, brother."

"Same." After that was said the group split up, going their separate ways to prepare for the battle.

'One, two, buckle my shoe.' Q sang to himself as he continued to dance along the sky. He could see the castle coming closer into view and he smirked excitedly. 'I wonder how far they are getting with that spell right now? I can't wait to see the color drain from their faces and the hope disappear from their eyes!' Q was stopped in his sky tracks when five white and black flames surrounded him. They flickered madly at him and Q had to cover his eyes for a moment with his arms. When the light of their approach faded he lowered his arms and smirked at them.

'Now what brings you four here? Why aren't you wondering around the cosmos where you belong?' The flames said nothing but all flickered in different sequences, speaking to him mentally. Q just chuckled. 'You're just jealous that I'm going through with this and you are not!' The flames flickered again in response. 'I don't fear the consequences for there are none. We are what make the universe and time itself! We can do whatever we want!' They still responded silently with flickers. 'Idiots. Get out of my way! Go prance around in the equinox.'

With a wave of his hand Q made each of the flames disappear from sight. He stood still for a moment waiting for them to come back or attack him. When the air was silent and null of energy, Q continued on his way but with less excitement now. Those other guys had annoyed him fully and he wore a cute, childish pout. They were always trying to spoil his fun and they never quit pestering him. They always say the same thing eon after eon. He'll never be rid of those clowns.

In the armory of the castle, Gilbert wasn't focusing on arming himself but rather on his appearance and new powers. He didn't know what it was but an inner voice was telling him that he did not need weapons, only his hands. Gilbert held out one hand and studied his nails, which were now long white claws. These same nails helped to burn the skin of Q and he would be using them again. Gilbert looked back at his tail, wondering if it had any of the same effects as the claws. His tongue played with the tips of his fangs and hissed when he accidently cut the soft muscle with them. He mumbled a short curse before he was suddenly thrown up against the wall with his chest and cheek pressed to the cold wall. Before he could growl or bear his fangs he sensed that it was only Ivan and instead gave a soft purr.

"I haven't had a chance to tell you how fucking hot you look as a demon." Gilbert chuckle and pressed his ass against Ivan's growing erection.

"We're about to be in a life or death battle that could make or break the universe…and you want to have a fling." He moaned softly when Ivan kissed his neck and he tilted it slightly.

"Do you blame me? I want to have as much of you as I can." Ivan slipped his hand down to wiggle it past the hem of Gilbert's pants and massage his groin. "So warm…" Gilbert shifted his tail and let it snake around his lover's leg while he forced his wings out straight. "You look like you're getting into a mating position. Not that I'm complaining."

"Well we don't have much time." Gilbert hissed. "You've got my sex drive going crazy so I want you to do something about it!"

The white demon gasped when his command was immediately answered with a quick tug of his pants. Ivan pushed the pants down to Gilbert's knees and forced him to bend his back. The other had to rest his hands against the wall while Ivan gripped his hips to position him just right. Ivan slipped two fingers into Gilbert's mouth, tugging on his new demon tongue. Gilbert closed his eyes and moaned, letting his tongue swirl around the digits. Little did he know that Ivan had just coated the fingers on his other hand and moved them to poke at the puckered hole. Gilbert's eyes opened and darted to the side to try and see what Ivan was doing, as if he didn't know. The fingers were carefully pushed inside as far as they could go, stopping near his sweet spot. Gilbert gasped around the fingers and pressed back against the others, feeling them strike his prostate. Ivan removed the fingers from his mouth while the others stretched the spongy muscles.

"Now I'm taking your demon form virginity." Ivan said with a chuckle as he pulled his fingers from Gilbert's backside. He quickly shimmed his pants down and used the multiple essences on his fingers to help coat his erection.

"Just hurry up! My body is on fire right now!" Ivan positioned himself and easily thrust in, having no time in their current schedule to be slow. "FUCK! YES! Start moving…or I'll bite you!"

Ivan gripped his hips and pulled out most of the way before thrusting back in. His rhythm picked up with each thrust and the heightened sounds of Gilbert's pleasured cries. Gilbert placed his hands against the wall and lowered his head at each hard thrust from Ivan. His own cock swelled with pent up release as Ivan's pounded the breath out of him. His body seemed more sensitive now that it was demon and his senses were stronger. It almost felt like a mating ritual. Ivan cock was rock hard inside of him and he felt each thrust ram his sweet spot hard. The force would travel up through his spine, threatening to break it. He licked his lips with his demon tongue and rest his hand on his belly, tightening it in hopes of feeling some kind of inside movement to the outside. But his hand was too close to his dick and Ivan had to bat it away.

"You can't touch it." He whispered and nipped at his earlobe. "I will make you cum with just my dick alone."

Ivan continued with the fast pace and didn't care how many guards saw them and ran away. His cock was surrounded by tight heat that was sucking him dry of any precum he had. Gilbert's back was arched beautifully beneath the tunic and the wings spread out only intensified the perfect image. Ivan reached his hand up to grip one of Gilbert's horns, leaving his other hand to guide the slim hips onto his cock. He enjoyed seeing Gilbert's head fighting to pull away from the grip on his horn. Ivan held on tight as he continued to thrust into that welcoming heat. He wouldn't mind Gilbert staying a demon like this. The man was even more exquisite in demon form as he was in his human form.

"Shit…Ivan! Ivan…I'm gonna cum…!"

"Cum for me, my little demon!" He moved his hand so now both were gripping the horns, forcing his whole body back onto his dick.

Gilbert's cries grew more shrieked as he felt the inner muscles tightening around him. With another hard thrust against his prostate, Gilbert arched his back and let out a demonic cry that echoed off the walls. His cock ejaculated his essence and it plopped heavily onto the stone floor. Ivan thrust three more times before he shuddered and felt himself explode inside his demon lover, pumping him full of his cum. Once Ivan pulled out he rested his forehead against the back of Gilbert's soft white hair, panting heavily. Gilbert was doing the same, panting and chuckling at the same time.

"That was fucking hot!" Gilbert gasped out. "Just what I need before a battle."

"Are you sure you're well enough to fight? Did I fuck your brains out?" Ivan smiled sweetly and buckled up his pants. Gilbert scoffed and turned to face him, fixing his own trousers.

"Hardly, stick dick! I'm ready for ANYTHING right now! I could take on the world!" He boasted proudly. "You just gave me an energy boost!"

"Are you sure you don't want to arm yourself with anything?" Ivan asked him.

"I really don't think it would do me any good. You see, these new demon powers I have rival that of normal human weapons." Gilbert grinned. "Now, let's go and wait for our dear friend to show up." Ivan gave him a small smile and nodded but Gilbert could tell that something was bothering his lover. "Ivan? What is it?"

"Ah, I'm just thinking that's all. I'm worried about how my old Gilbert will be when Q pops his head back here. It will be hard to attack him if he still has Gilbert hanging out of him."

"He is going to use that to keep you from striking him. I'm sure he will try to play mind games on you too, so keep a strong sense about yourself." Gilbert went up to Ivan and kissed him gently. "We'll save your old Gilbert, I know we will. Then you will have both of us and in turn I will learn all about your world. Even if the world ends after this battle…as long as your old Gilbert is safe then I am content with whatever happens." Ivan gave him a heartfelt look with a few tears in his eyes.

"I feel the same. I just want to have you both in my arms even if the universe is turning itself inside out."

"Then we have nothing to lose." Gilbert smirked. "Let's go, big guy!"

Ivan nodded and lightly skipped along behind Gilbert, feeling much better by the other's words to him. Gilbert was curious as to know how Arthur was doing so they made a detour for his room. When they arrived they saw Alfred sitting outside with his back against the door, his arms crossed and eyes closed. The other demon heard their approaching feet and he lifted his head to look at them. Alfred gasped when he saw Gilbert in his demon form and he shot up from the floor. He stared wide-eyed at Gilbert with his mouth agape.

Gilbert found himself smirking at Alfred's reaction to his new look. He remembered when he first caught Ivan and Alfred together in bed. Ivan had his hands on Alfred's horns while he rammed into him but it was Gilbert who was getting that feeling now. It put a little smug smirk on his face, not to mention the fact that he was much better looking as a demon than Alfred was. Not only was he an albino as a human but as a demon too. And with the natural demon alluring charm he must be the gods' gift to humanity. His head was starting to get too big for his horns.

"We're here to see Arthur." Ivan said.

"You can't see him right now. I am to keep everyone out so he can fully concentrate on the spell. I'm also here to protect him from any monsters."

"Monsters?" Gilbert looked at Alfred curiously. "Have there been reports of more monsters?"

"Yes. All over the kingdom and in the royal city as well. Their numbers have just…multiplied! It's really very strange." Gilbert turned to Ivan.

"Do you think it's Q causes this?" He asked.

"It's likely. But in true honesty…since he IS me…he most likely doesn't need to have others aid in his chaos. He'd rather do it himself. However," He tapped his chin. "I would send more monsters just to make this difficult."

"Regardless, let Arthur finish his spell." Alfred said.

"We'll be on the roof top of the castle." Gilbert told him. "Find us there. Follow me, Ivan."

The two wove their way through the castle, dodging through scrambling guards and soldiers. Ivan started to pant from all the steps they had to climb. If they made it through this he vowed to start working out more. Using the 'move to love' excuse was not proving to be helpful right now. Gilbert was always three or four steps ahead of him and still going. He would be out of breath and defeated by the time he reached the top. Once salvation was in view Ivan let out a cry of relief to the sky. The wind chilled away his beads of sweat and he was already beginning to feel refreshed. He took a moment to look at his surroundings, picking up on the space and obstacles. Luckily for them the castle roof was flat and very wide save for some tower tops. It would be a decent battle arena for them as long as they can avoid being thrown off.

"Ivan! Ivan look! He's coming!" Gilbert pointed up into the sky in the distance were a figure was skipping through the air.

"That's him alright." Ivan said, narrowing his gaze at the slowly approaching figure. He could still see the white on Q's chest and he knew that the man still had his Gilbert in his body. Ivan gripped his axe and watched the figure come closer into view.

"Get ready, Ivan." Gilbert straightened his wings and took a fighting stance with his claws ready to strike. Ivan gave a little smile in his direction before turning back to Q's approaching figure.

'Hellooooooooooo!' Q eventually reached the top of the castle and looked down at the two men on the roof. He smirked at their stances before turning his full attention to Ivan. 'See anything you like?' He asked in a teasing voice while his fingers circled in the bullet wound of Gilbert's head. Gilbert's spirit let out a pained cry at the touch.

"DON'T YOU TOUCH HIM!" Ivan shouted. Q removed his fingers and laughed loudly, his voice echoing through the sky.

'This is all your fault, you know. Not only did you cause his death in the other world but now you have caused him to suffer in this life as well. If you had listened to me and joined him in eternal bliss then he wouldn't be suffering as he is right now. You made me do this.' Q said with a mock pout.

"Ivan…" Gilbert whispered to him from the corner of his mouth. "Keep him talking. Buy Arthur more time."

"I never asked him to join in my gang with me!" Ivan shouted back. "That was his own choice! He knew the risks!"

'And he ended up dead as a doornail. Beaten, raped, and murdered for the lifestyle you charmed him with.'

"I don't care about your words. I know the truth and so does my Gilbert. And I want him back…and I will see that DONE." Q grinned and suddenly dropped down from the sky and landed on the roof. The whole top shook with his godly weight and the two almost lost their footing.

'Both of you are already too late.' Q smiled sweetly at them while petting Gilbert's hair. 'The tear has been opened and it stretches further still. Soon there will be nothing left but vast white. My comrades and I will continue on but you will be nothing. Nothing but a tiny thought in the back of my mind. However, if you join your lover," He held his arms out in an embrace 'You have the chance to continue living on…or until things start anew.'

"Anew? What do you mean?" Gilbert blinked in question. "The world is going to end as we speak?"

'It has already started. If you listen carefully, you can hear the roars of monsters from all over. It's beautiful.' Sure enough, the sounds of men and monsters filled the air around them. Gilbert gasped and pointed to the sky past Q's body.

"IVAN! LOOK!" Ivan followed his gaze to the horizon where a large stretch of white was creeping along the sky. "It's happening…" Gilbert felt his knees buckle under him and he fell to the floor, his eyes locked on to the white destruction coming their way.

'It's destroying everything in it's path. It will reach us shortly.'

"We're not giving up!" Ivan held his axe ready. "GILBERT! GET UP!" Gilbert shook his head briefly and jumped back to his feet, growling at Q. Q gave them both an amused look and called for his pendulum.

'Show me what you've got.'

Q swung his pendulum high above his head a few times before throwing it in their direction. Both men leapt out of the way but Q threw it in Ivan's direction. Ivan was able to bat it away with his axe but just barely. The force of the impact knocked him to the floor but he quickly rolled out of the way as the pendulum blade struck the floor again. Gilbert used Q's focus on Ivan to his advantage and attacked him from the back. Q was one step ahead and he ducked low as Gilbert tried to advance on him. Gilbert flew over his head and quickly spun around in time to see the pendulum blade coming straight at him. Gilbert dodged it but had to flap away wildly as the blade followed behind him. Ivan held his axe up to the chain and brought the weight of his blade down, hoping to break through the chain. His blade bounced right off with an electric shock. It should have been obvious to him that Q was using magic.

Gilbert grit his fangs and took a glance back at the pendulum blade following him. Taking a risk, he made a sharp swift turn and grabbed the chain with his hands. The chain shocked and sparked around his hands but he barely felt it. His power was able to slow the pendulum down and the blade fell limp. He could see Q's annoyed sneer as he tried to retract the chain. Ivan came up from behind and with a mighty swing struck Q's back. The blade went through the armor and pierced the skin from the sound of Q's hissed sound of pain. Ivan quickly removed the blade and was shocked by a type of sparkling smoke that came from the wound. Q turned around and gave him a wide grin. Ivan knew that grin well for it was the one he made when he was mad with rage. A mirror image of himself.


Q turned around and landed a hard punch in Ivan's gut, knocking the wind out of him. Ivan felt himself spit up some blood as the force sent him landing on his back. Q turned around and stood over him, letting Ivan get a look at Gilbert's still form. Q grinned darkly at him and took his hand to begin dragging his claws down Gilbert's chest. Gilbert's spirit cried out in pain and opened his eyes to little slits, looking down at Ivan. Q's claws stopped when Gilbert whispered Ivan's name.

"Gilbie…" Ivan said softly, a little smile on his face at Gilbert's pink eyes looking at him. When they closed again he felt the sadness and rage inside of him build up. In a blind rage, he jumped up and tackled Q to the floor, knocking him over. Gilbert's spirit was between them and he cried out again at the pain of Ivan on top him. "LET HIM GO!"


Demon Gilbert cried from his spot and rushed over as Ivan was trying to rip Gilbert's spirit from Q. Q didn't move but just laughed at Ivan's actions. Ivan heard Gilbert's cries of pain while he was pulling him, watching as blood started to flow from where his limbs were bound in Q's body. Ivan gasped and stopped, moving up and off of them. Q just laughed madly and got back to his feet. Rivlets of blood dripped down Gilbert's white limbs and Q ran his finger over one to taste it.


"Stop it…" Ivan hissed through his teeth at him. Q gave him a mocking smile and turned so he could face both of them, stopping Gilbert in an attack.

'Did you really think you could just rip him from me like that? Your love and feeling of helplessness makes you stupid. Furthermore, you-' Q stopped in his words as the floor rumbled and a stones buckled up in a fast, straight line towards him. He leapt into the air and landed on the side of it, watching it curiously. 'Magic?'

"Alfred!" Gilbert smiled at the other demon when he realized it was him who had sent that magic beam. Alfred stood straight and gave a smirk and a thumbs up before Arthur appeared from the tower door. Q narrowed his eyes at Arthur and clicked his tongue.

'Sorcerer.' He stated firmly.

"Soul Chaser." Arthur responded flatly and rests his staff on the ground.

'Shouldn't you be taking care of the future queen?'

"I figured that was you who made him sick. Once you're dead he will get better." Q laughed at that.

'Come to whip up some magic spells on me?' Q mocked.

"I have. Alfred!" Alfred stood just a few inches in front of Arthur and held his hands out, palms up, to encircle them with a force field. Arthur closed his eyes and started chanting the spell.

'Damn them.' Q hissed and it was Ivan's turn to laugh now.

"Scared, are we?"

'I'm not scared.'

"Those are the words I use when I see myself overpowered." Ivan grinned at him.

'We'll see about that.'

Q took off in Arthur's direction but Gilbert flew in front of him, blocking his path. Q had to slide to a halt so he would not run straight into Gilbert's claws. Gilbert flew in his direction but Q had called back his pendulum, swinging it in front of him. He used the weapon's chain as his own force field and Gilbert had to fly out of the way. There came a sudden 'whooshing' sound from behind and Q felt the axe stick in his back again. He let out a roar and spun around to glare darkly at Ivan. Gilbert took this moment to attack, sinking his claws into Q's shoulders. His demon powers started to hiss and burn through the armor, making Q shake violently to try and throw him off. It was difficult for Gilbert to do much more since Q still had the spirit attached to him.

'Get off me you insect!'

From Q's back sprouted large wings but they were not the kind of a bird's or a demon's. Gilbert had just managed to move out of the path before he was injured. But sharp pain bit through his forearms and he looked down at them to see that there were three or four cuts on each arm. Both Ivan and Gilbert stared in fear and bewilderment as they caught sight of Q's wings. It seems his pendulum blade had multiplied into the form of sharp feathers, cutting the handle of the axe right in half. Q grinned insanely as he flapped and folded the blades together with the sickening sound of scraping. He stood before Ivan with his wings of blades raised high and his arms open in a welcoming embrace.

'Come at me, bro.' No one moved, afraid of what Q would throw at them next. Q smirked when neither of them attacked and he turned his attention to Arthur. Alfred held the barrier strong and moved to stand in front of Arthur. 'Cute.' He turned the blades of his wings forward and let some of them fly towards Alfred.

The force field was strong enough to retract the blades but Alfred was unsure if he would be able to hold off another rain of them. As if on queue the Soul Chaser sent another stream of blades towards them. Alfred closed his eyes and held strong, blocking the blades from hitting himself or Arthur. The second attack did push him back a few inches and the field grew a bit smaller. Alfred opened one eye to see Q's triumphant smirk as he readied his wings for another shower of blades. He could hear Arthur's voice rising behind him, meaning he was nearing the end of the spell. Alfred would have to hold out for just a little bit longer.

'One more strike, little demon, and I will slice your body into mince meat.'

Before Q could send his next onslaught of blades something cracked against his mouth, forcing blood to spit from his lips as he fell back against the stone floor. He turned on his side and coughed a bit, holding an armored hand to his bleeding mouth. He pulled it away to see the dark liquid coating his hands. The corner of his mouth, lips, and jaw were whipped raw with one swift strike. He turned murderous purple eyes to Gilbert who stood proudly with his whip in his hand. He smirked at Q's fallen body.

"Who's laughing now, asshole?" Even though Gilbert told himself he would fight with just his hands he couldn't help but keep his trusty whip with him. He had hidden it under his tunic belt and it was a good thing he did. It had come in handy. "I've kicked the shit out of many demons and monsters with this whip!"


Q's eyes flashed a blinding purple and a powerful wind started up around them. It didn't affect Q or Arthur, but the others were having a hard time keeping their footing. Gilbert had to fold his wings so they wouldn't parasail him into the sky. Ivan found it hard to keep standing and had to dig his heels into the stone floor. Q spread his wings and the blades let loose, spinning around in the whirlwind. Ivan and Gilbert dodged most of them but some sliced along their skin and clothes. One managed to finally pierce the force field around Arthur. Alfred took the hit from the blade for him and it ripped through his wing, causing him to cry out in pain. The force field broke with the hit and Q focused his next attack on Arthur.

'It was a cute attempt.' Q readied his wings and aimed them at Arthur. 'Better luck next time.'

Before the blades could even be released Arthur's body exploded with a bright aura of various colors. Q's eyes widened but he immediately sent more blades in Arthur's direction. They easily bounced off of the aura and Arthur aimed his staff at the Soul Chaser. He shouted some magic words and a beam shot out from the tip of his staff. It cut through the wind and struck at spirit Gilbert's chest. The aura surrounded Q's body as well and he hissed loudly, trying to pull himself out of it. The aura was holding him in place but he was using his own power to try and break through. Gilbert saw that Q's body as moving out of the spell inch by inch and knew he had to act fast. He forced himself to walk through the wind and up behind Q's body, mindful of the wings. Gilbert reached his arms up and let his claws sink into the armor. He used the leverage to leap up and latch himself onto Q's back. With a growl he let his claws find the other's face and sink them in. Q's skin started to sizzle and burn, making him roar in pain as he tried desperately to shake Gilbert off.

"IVAN! NOW!" Arthur shouted to him.

Ivan shielded his eyes with his arms from the brutal wind as started to fight his way towards Q. He thanked himself for his body weight as it was helping him to keep steady. His eyes focused on the figure of his Gilbert still embedded in Q's body. Ivan barely heard the Soul Chaser's screams as demon Gilbert dug his fingers into his face. He reached the front of Q's body and looked at Gilbert's spirit body for a short moment. Holding his breath, Ivan reached his arms towards Gilbert and grabbed his ribcage. Surprisingly, his hands went right through Q's body. The Soul Chaser's chest was cold and felt like mist through his fingers.

Once he had a firm grip on Gilbert's body he started to pull. There was some resistance at first but he could start to feel Gilbert's body slipping from its prison. Q was wailing and roaring in pain from the triple attack. Ivan paid him no mind but continued to pull Gilbert further and further from his body. Purple tentacles of stars and mist were encircling Gilbert's spirit as Q's body tried to desperately hold on to him. Ivan wasn't giving in and he only pulled harder, feeling less resistance each time. He could see more and more of Gilbert's body before the whole thing slipped from Q. Ivan fell back onto the floor, holding the opaque body of his Gilbert. The wind had stopped and Q wobbled on his feet. Demon Gilbert jumped off from his back. Gilbert could see that the wounded void in Q's belly was still open. With a deep growl, he shoved his fist inside the hole and felt the star-studded flesh sizzle and burn.

"OUT OF MY WAY!" Arthur shouted and he charged at Q's form. Gilbert jumped out of the way and Q's eyes widened the moment before Arthur's staff ripped through his stomach. The staff stuck out from his back and the magic aura encircled his body. Q struggled and cried out in agony as his body was slowly ripped apart from the inside out. Arthur pulled his staff out and angled it upwards to stab through Q's ribcage, hitting any humanly organs he may have. Q spat up black blood from his mouth and gripped the staff with both hands, glaring at Arthur as he slowly fell to his knees.

"Ivan…it's up to you now." Arthur said and pulled his staff from Q's belly. The Soul Chaser lay on the stone floor, panting heavily but not moving. Ivan was cradling Gilbert's spirit close, some tears in his eyes as he was happy to just be holding him again.

"My Gilbie…" Arthur knelt next to him.

"You need to decapitate Evil Ivan…it has to be done by you. Give me Gilbert's soul and I will see him safely transferred into our Gilbert's body. I promise." Ivan looked at Arthur and nodded softly, handing the spirit over to Arthur. Arthur picked the spirit up bridal style and used his magic to reconstruct the axe. "Use this."

Ivan stood up and took the axe in his hand, nodding to Arthur before going over to Q's fallen body. He looked down into the mirror image of himself, scowling at the look on his face. Q's eyes, exactly like his, looked up at him with defeated amusement. Ivan was uncertain if Q was feeling relieved or grieved that he had lost. He gave Ivan a sweet, soft smile with lidded eyes, one Ivan often did himself when he had finally realized something about himself. Q's body was pooled in starry purple blood mixed with rivulets of black. Ivan gripped the axe in both hands and bit his lower lip.

'You and I…are a lot alike. We both live our lives in pure boredom and unrest. We are too good for the universe. We're so strong…so powerful…unyielding…relentless. We both pray for a death that never seems to come. I was defeated by someone stronger than me…something that both of us strive for. If you…wanted me to live then that sorcerer could never have done what he did. In your life…you just gave up to simply end your helplessness…but that's all changed now. Are you going to take my place? Take your place among the universe? Among the eyes of the ages?'

"No." Ivan said firmly and Q's brows went up in despair. "I'm not like you. I live my life for me…not for some magical sky beings or gods. Your reign in this universe has ended." Ivan raised the axe and Q smirked weakly.

'The end is near…all will be in vain.' Ivan kept his eyes focused on Q's iris ones before he brought the axe down, swiftly cutting off his head. Ivan looked down at the now still features of Q, so much like his own. He swallowed a lump in this throat before turning back to the others.

Alfred was holding Gilbert's spirit as Arthur chanted the spell. Demon Gilbert stood still, staring at his matching spirit. He was going to have another inside of him. For a moment he was skeptical but then he remembered how much he cared for Ivan and wanted to do this for him. This Gilbert was, after all, his parallel self. It wasn't a stranger he would be taking into his body. He looked to the left when he heard one of the tower doors open, seeing his brother, Feliciano, and Kiku come out to join them. Gilbert smiled at his brother who looked battled worn and tired, but the blonde man smiled softly back at him. He then turned his attention to Ivan, who limped slightly over to him with a relaxed smile on his face.

"Thank you for this, Gilbert. Thank you everyone." He whispered softly, not wanting to break Arthur's concentration.

A moment later, both Gilberts started to glow and the demon closed his eyes, feeling his whole body relax. Everyone silently watched and Ivan actually found himself silently praying that this attempt would work. Gilbert's spirit slowly started to take the form of a white mist, floating gently through the air. The spirit made it's way towards Demon Gilbert before it slowly surrounded his body with the mist. Demon Gilbert took a gasp of breath as the mist slowly started to disappear around him. As the mist took over, another bright light, almost like a star, flickered out from the top of his head. The others watched as the star twirled above his head and lingered for a short bit before taking off into the sky. Gilbert's demon features flashed a few times before they faded away and he was returned to his normal human self. Finally, the mist cleared and Gilbert took another deep breath before letting it out. He opened up his pink eyes and looked around at all his friends and family staring at him.

"Did it…work?" Alfred asked softly.

"How do we know Ivan's old Gilbert is in there?" Kiku asked Arthur as well. Arthur just looked at Gilbert.

"Um…other Gilbert? Are you in there?"

"Yes, love, give me a sign that my old Gilbert is present with us right now." Ivan pleaded softly, waiting for something to show. Gilbert closed his eyes for a moment before he opened them and struck a strange pose before bursting out into song.

" 'Soulja boy off in this oh! Watch me crack it, watch me roll!' " He burst out into the Soulja Boy dance and Ivan was never happier to see that ridiculous dance!

"GILBERT! IT'S REALLY YOU!" Ivan ran to him and brought him into a tight hug. "I have both my Gilbert's together in one body! I'm the happiest man in the world!" Gilbert laughed and hugged him back.

"Ivan! I've missed you so much! We're finally together again! Now we have TWO Gilbert's to raise double the hell!" Ivan didn't answer him but responded with only a kiss.

"Hey, I know we're all happy and we're glad things worked out but…" Alfred started and pointed to the whitening sky. "What's with this thing in the sky?" Everyone looked up to see the large brightness coming closer them. Feliciano moved closer to Ludwig and the larger man wrapped his arm around his small waist.

"I believe that's the tear…" Arthur nodded at Ludwig's answer.

"You're right, it is the tear and it's stretching across our land." Arthur moved away from them and walked over to Q's corpse, seeing the group of white and black flames surrounding it. Arthur smiled when he looked at them and nodded his head, appearing to have a conversation with them. The others didn't see a thing and wondered whom Arthur was talking too but the man was known for talking to things beyond the grave. "Thank you. That makes me feel much better. Do what you must." Arthur turned back to his friends and smiled softly.

"What are you so happy about?" Alfred asked.

"Is the world ending?" Feliciano asked in a small, frightened voice.

"Indeed, the world IS ending. Our universe is ending."

"That's nothing to be happy about!" Alfred shouted. "We're all gonna die!"

"Surely there is more to it than that or Arthur wouldn't be smiling." Kiku spoke softly but couldn't help holding Feliciano's hand.

"Yes. The world and universe IS ending, but another will begin." Everyone looked at each other with confused expressions. "I can't tell you who I was speaking with but they assured me that this tear was simply the end of this cycle of life. Time and space have been warped because of this change and that's how Ivan ended up here with us. We are all going to die, yes, but we will all be reborn again. And the funny part is…we're all going to end up meeting together in the next life cycle."

"So…what you're saying is…the universe is going to reset itself? Like pressing the 'restart' button on a computer or a video game!" Ivan smiled as he made the connection.

"Yes…um, something like that." Arthur just shook his head. "We won't feel a thing so nobody worry. It will be like we're going to sleep. Then we'll all wake up in the next life cycle."

"Will this happen again?" Gilbert asked. "As in…are we always going to be born at the END of the universe cycle?"

"Probably not the next time around. But who knows. We won't remember anything."

"I'm scared to be outside." Feliciano whimpered and hid his face in Ludwig's chest.

"We don't have much time…I wish we did but- well, everyone, go where you need to with whom you want." Arthur took Alfred's hand and the demon smiled softly.

"Come inside with me, Feli." Ludwig said. "You too, Kiku." Ludwig then turned to look at his brother. "Brother…?" Gilbert, with his arms still around Ivan's neck, gave a thumbs up to his little brother.

"See ya' around, Luddy!" Ludwig gave a sad, lopsided smile.

"Y-yeah." Ludwig took one last look at his brother before going inside with Feliciano and Kiku. Alfred looked to Ivan and Gilbert and waved.

"I guess I'll be screwing you in the next life, Ivan." He laughed.

"Not unless I have something to say about it!" Gilbert glared at him but kept an amused smirk as he did. "Rest well you two. And Arthur…thank you." Gilbert said and rests his cheek against Ivan's shoulder.

"Yes, and hopefully you'll be very helpful like this Arthur…and not the Arthur I knew in my world." Ivan giggled and Arthur just narrowed his eyes at him.

"I'll let that slide because it's the end of the world. Let's go, Alfred." Arthur pulled him into the castle until only Ivan and Gilbert were left outside. They looked at each other for a moment and then to the whitening sky.

"So…want to watch the end of the universe together?" Gilbert asked him.

"I wouldn't want to watch it with any other person." Ivan scooped him up bridal style and carried him to the edge of the castle wall. He sat him on the edge and Ivan joined him.

"You know what we need? A nice cold beer!"

"Or vodka!"

"Or BEER!" Gilbert smirked widely at him before giving a sigh. "So…what do you think we'll be when we're reborn again?"

"Well…now that Q is dead there is only one of me so…maybe I'll become a Soul Chaser like the others." Gilbert thought for a moment.

"But then…another you would be born too, the twin. Then I would probably meet you."

"Hm…why are you asking such challenging questions at the end of the universe?" The whiteness was creeping closer, slowly erasing everything from sight.

"Eh, I'm bored of the white." Gilbert smirked then. "Hey, 'I spy, with my little eye…something white'."

"The end of the world?"

"Bingo." Ivan chuckled and took Gilbert's hand in his own. They didn't cuddle nor did they sit closer but simply laced their fingers together. That was all they needed. "We both thank you for all you have done for us, Ivan. Actions speak louder than words." Ivan nodded.

"Indeed they do." The white came up to them and they squeezed the other's hand.

"See ya in the next life, Shaq." Ivan smiled sweetly.

"Wouldn't miss it for anything, Kobe."

Some light years and a new universe later…

"Hey, Braginski! Welcome to your new home! Cell number 666, where you belong!" Said an obnoxious prison guard as Ivan was shoved into his cell, dressed in an orange uniform. The guard smirked at him. "You and your cellmate can share stories until you both have a date with the chair!" Ivan glared at the guard as he walked away.

"So, cupcake, what'cha in for?" Ivan turned and looked to the top bunk where a white haired albino male was resting casually, his hands folded behind his head.

"Killing my twin brother." Ivan gave a sweet, childish smile with a little tilt of his head. "What about you?"

"Holy shit, bro! Same thing here! I killed someone too! Only mine was my boyfriend's lover, who USED to be my best friend, but then the bitch jumped in bed with MY GUY. So I had to kill him."

"Ah, it would seem that both of our murders were deserved."

"Oh, hell ya! I'm Gilbert! Gilbert the Great and Terrible! Not to mention the KING of AWESOME! What's your name?"

"I'm Ivan. Ivan Braginski."

"A Russian guy, huh? Awesome! I'm German!" Ivan just smiled.

"I think you and I will grow to become best friends, da?"

"Ja! Ja! We'll raise hell in this shithole and go to the chair wearing crowns on our heads!"

"It seems like we've met before." Gilbert just looked at him and threw his back, giving a hearty laugh.

"You're a fucking nut job! But I like you! Welcome to Hell, my friend!"

The End.

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