Heyyyyy peoples of the world! I'm Adalina... I have dark brown hair with overgrown bangs with 1 pink streak in my bangs. I also have brown eyes and I am 16 years old. My best friend is the awesome-ness of awesome! You guys will find out more stuff about her later. Well I should probably stop telling you this stuff so i can get on with the story! Oh yeah... i live in amansion by the way.

It is the middle of the night and i hear a big BANG! I litterally jump out of bed and i could sense that the broken glass was somewhere near... so i look around in my room and it was the window above my dresser. All of a sudden I saw a figure move across the corner of my eye.

"What the heck was that!" I saw the figure again! It scared the crap out if me... then all of a sudden i heard a big BOOM! Was that the sound of a gun shot? I thought. Then I look out my window and there is a body in my lawn. Who did that? I wondered to myself.

"What or who is that!" The next morning I got out of bed and went downstairs to get the plastic rap... after I got the plastic rap I ran back upstairs and put that around my window. I forgot something didn't I? Oh yeah! I forgot to get the broom. So I went back downstairs and grabbed the broom, then ran back upststairs to my room and swept up all the broken glass. After I was done I got on my shining gold tank top with my white cover up, my white skinny jeans, and my black boots with heels. I grabed my car keys and headed out to my convertable. Just when I was about to pull ot of my long driveway, someone walked out behind my car.

"Hey! What the crap?" I yelled at the tall blonde boy.

"Sorry... but I was on my way to come up to your house to ask about your friend"

`"Okay... but i need more details... that also means that I'm wonder WHICH FRIEND!"

"The one with the pure red hair..."

"Oh! Dyllon... yeah... so what about her?"

"I'm looking for her..."

"Why exactly?"

"I have some news for her... and I have to ask her something..."

"Ok... Just let me txt her!" After I said that I pulled out my Iphone and started txting her: Hey... there is sum weird dude here asking 4 u... where r u? Cause we r going to the mall... remember? Then on my phone screen it said, Sent.

"There... i told her you are looking for her."

"Thank you... when you see her next please give her this card... It says where she can locate me." Then i got a txt back saying: Ok... im home... b here in 5? Then I sent a txt back saying: Ok... b there in 5... c u in a bit!

"Okay then mental person... Oh... and just wondering... what... is... your... name?"

"Bryon... Well I have to go now... See you later"

"Ok? I guess i will see you later then..." Then I finshed pulling out of my driveway and rushed over to Dyllon's house.

"Hey Dyllon!"

"Hey Ad!"

"Well... just don't stand there, get in! We want to get to the mall as fast as we can!"

"Ok! I'm getting in!"

"Ok! Hey... how much did you bring?"

"I brought... $450"

"Sweet! I brought $650!" So we head on over to the mall. When we got there we found the closest parking spot to the enterance. We walked into the mall... supprisingly there weren't a lot of people. In the mall there was 5 big stores and a food court. The 5 stores are: Maurices, Pac Sun, Torrid, H&M, and Forever 21. In the food court is: A&W, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Burger King, Culvers, Pizza Hut, and Arby's. The first store we went to cause we were coser to was Pac Sun. I picked out the white destroy denim leggings and duffy blue leggings and Dyllon picked out a pair of destroy monsoon leggings and a pair of destroy black cloud leggings. I also bought a couple of shirts to go with the pants. The shirts I bought is the right on top (only has right shoulder strap and the cut out chain top... and Dyllon bought the royal blue Kirra Mesh Inset Circle top and the visitor cutout crew top. We each also bought two tank tops.. I bought the shuffled tube top and the diamond doll tube top... Dyllon bought the runaway concert top and the black biker babe tank. We also bought a pair of shoes! Dyllon bought the Garter Espradrille Wedge and I bought the Double Twist Wedge. After we were done at that store we went to one more store before we left cause we were at Pac Sun for over 3 hours looking... let me tell you... that store is HUGE!

The nextr store we went to was Forever 21. I bought this one shirt called the Sequined Crop Top. Dyllon bought this one shirt called the Ruched One Shoulder Top. I also bought this one pair of skinny jeans called Premium Denim Ripped Skinny Jeans. Dyllon bought these really cute pair of jeans called Flared Jeans w/ Bedazzled Wing Pockets. The shoes we bought are cuuuuuute! I bought Vanessa Strappy Wedges and Dyllon bought Strappy Wedge Heels. That is all the shopping we did. After we got our stuff in bags we went outside to my car, put our bags on the trunk and hopped in the convertable. I saw that Bryan dude coming.

"Hey Dyl, there's that guy i was telling you about the other day..."

"Oh! Ok... How did he know we were here?"

"I don't know... all he told me is that he had to tell you something."

"Ohhh...I see, I see. Soooo should we drive off or wait till he gets over here?"

"Oh! Definitally drive off!" After I said that I just put my foot on the gas pedal and we went like 75 mph out of te parking lot of the mall and down the road. Then all of a sudden a black suv pulled up behind us I could not tell who it was... but all I know is that whoever it is they were following us. Dyllon turned around to see who it was, because i couldn't trn around cause I am driving.

"Can you see who it is?"

"Uhmmm... Faintly."

"Then who is it?"

"Uhm... it looks like the guy that was coming at us in the parking lot."

"Oh! It's Bryan... he was asking if I would see you soon, cause he said he said he had ton tell you something important." `.

"Oh! That dude... Do you know what he wanted to tell me?"

"No... he just told me he wants to tell you something important."

"Hey... Wanna go to the salon? Cause... I mean we have A LOT of money left..."

"Sure... We can go... I can pay if you want so you have money next time we go shopping."

"Okay... Thanks!" We headed on over to the salon and we saw someone in there that we thought we have seen before. I think her name is... Laurel? Yea! Thatss her name!

"Hey Laurel!"

"Hi! How are you?"

"I'm doin good! Thank you for asking... how have you been? How is your relationship?"

"I've been doing well... Thanx... What relationship?"

"Aren't you still in a relashionship with David?"

"Oh! David... No... I broke up with him... but we're friends"

"Oh! I see I, see" The Dyllon and I went up to the counter to pay and to pick out my hair style. I picked that my hair is crimped and Dyllon wanted her hair curled. It only took 25 minutes each of our hairs. After we were done we walked out the door and that black suv was right innfront of us. Then a tall blonde male got out of the car... Bryan.

"Hello Bryan... What would you like... we have to GO!"

"Hello Miss... I want to talk to Dyllon."

Dyllon whispers to me, "How does he know my name?"

"Idk," I whispered back. After I said that we ran to my car, jumped in, and took off.

To Be Continued...