Hi people. I know this is a bit strange and couldn't actually happen but I literally had a dream about it so I have basically written down my dream and changed it a tiny bit so it sounds less weird :P Its not exactly shippy towards either River/Doctor or Amy/Doctor but blame my subconscious. I'll explain more at the end cos of spoilers. I know it's a strange fic but please review even if you hate it, I want to know Try and enjoy.

Amy Pond was not exactly a happy woman. She should have been. She finally had her Doctor back, they were married and travelling the universe together like she'd always wanted. But she knew something was wrong with him. He snapped, he shouted, he often treated her like an inferior, not that she'd done anything wrong. And that day, as they were walking down the streets of 34th Century London, Amelia Pond reached her breaking point. They were actually not arguing, the Doctor was talking calmly and fairly happily about whatever technology he'd just helped someone invent. Suddenly he grabbed her arm and stopped walking.

'Look!' he hissed into her ear, gripping her arm tightly, pointing 'That's me, I'm sure it is!' Amy looked up sharply to where he was pointing. It was indeed the Doctor, walking along the street with his arm around a curly haired blonde woman. Amy gulped. River Song, her daughter and her competition for the heart of her husband. Her Doctor ran up to them, dragging her along.

'Doctor, what are you doing? You can't cross your own timeline!' she whispered in his ear and he snapped back at her.

'I know! Do you think I'm stupid, woman?' he pinched her arm tighter and tapped his other on the back, who immediately spun round.

'What? What? This isn't… not possible!' the other Doctor looked at Amy's Doctor with a deep frown. Aside from his frown, Amy noted that he looked much happier than her Doctor.

'Apparently it is. Hello' her Doctor waved at the other one and River and River smiled back.

'Hello sweetie' she purred seductively and the other Doctor jabbed her slightly in the ribs. She gave him an affectionate smile and turned to Amy 'Hello mummy dear. How's things?' Amy couldn't reply, her eyes were fixed on her Doctor's face. His expression was one of pure lust and lechery and it wasn't her it was directed at. He was staring at her daughter, mapping her curves and her breasts with his eyes. She smirked back at him, her eyes glittering suggestively as she pulled her own Doctor along.

'Sweetie we should go. Timelines and all that' she set off at a smart pace, pulling the other Doctor back to their Tardis.

Okay, yes it was weird and short and stuff. Blame my subconscious, I only changed it a little bit to make it actually understandable. I know 'Amy's Doctor' was kind of a freak but yeah. Just wanted to get it out of my head :P Please review.