All Dogs Go To Heaven 2: The Series

Season 2, Episode III


Belladonna's P.O.V.

I've tried many times to get "Chuckie" on my side. I first realized the benefit he could be to the dark side in 1996 after what he did from San Francisco to Alcatraz. The many times I've tried. The many Friday the 13ths and Halloweens of revenge that began as a wish. Wasn't the nightmares a sign! This next plan can't possibly fail, or he'd be anti-Hell.

December 18, 1998.

Charlie and Sasha were asleep in their new upstairs room. Sasha was beginning to lose sleep and went downstairs to get a drink of water.

The kitchen.

Sasha was drinking a glass of water when she saw big bright lights. She looked out the window and saw the car pass.

She began to feel like getting fresh air, so she walked outside.

Lights came in the direction where Sasha was.

She took a sip of water and then looked up to see a big vehicle sitting in front of her.

The culprits pulled her in and one pulled out a needle syringe as the other drove.

Her eyes got big.

They raised the syringe.

A couple minutes later, Sasha howled in pain.

The sun arose as it became morning.

Sasha was lying on the ground inside the Flea Bite when she woke up. She tried to stand up, but her balance was gone. Her head was aching terribly, her stomach hurt and the side of her right hip hurt. She crawled over to the bar and grabbed a stool to get herself on her feet. When she got on her feet, she tried to walk but only ended up back on the floor. She held her hip and stomach as she lie on the ground.

Charlie, Itchy and Bess walked in.

"Sasha." said Charlie. "Are you okay? Why are you here?"

"Charlie, I feel very sick." cried Sasha.

"Do you need to be taken to a hospital?" asked Charlie.

"Please..." begged Sasha.

"Alright." said Charlie. "Come on."

Sasha and Charlie got in their Lamborghini and went to the hospital.