Chapter 5

December 15, 1999. The following day.

Charlie and Sasha were panting side by side in bed under the covers.

"Evil can't seperate us, even by death." said Charlie.

"I agree with you, sweetie." said Sasha.

Sasha's vanity turned gold and Annabelle appeared.

"Annabelle?" said Charlie. "Nice of you to drop by."

"Well, after yesterday, I thought it would've been a good thing to do." said Annabelle.

"Thank you for saving her." said Charlie.

"I'm not the only one you should thank." said Annabelle. "Cherry helped you too."

"She did?" asked Charlie.

"Yes." said Annabelle. "The miracle dog tag was one of her ear rings."

"You got an assignment starting tomorrow." said Annabelle. "Knowing how you love adventures, you may love this one, Charlie."

"What is the assignment, Annabelle?" asked Charlie.

"You and Sasha take a United States tour and help others in need!" said Annabelle in excitement.

"Will do, Annabelle!" said Charlie.

"Have a nice time!" said Annabelle and disappeared.

Charlie looked at Sasha and spoke.

"You wanna go get some ice cream?" asked Charlie. "I have a very special friend to thank."

"I couldn't be happier." said Sasha.

So, they got re-dressed and walked out the house.


Acceptance - This Conversation Is Over

Charlie B. Barkin... Charlie Sheen

Sasha LaFleur-Barkin... Sheena Easton

Itchiford "Itchy" Dotson... Dom DeLuise

Bess Dotson... Tress MacNeille

Annabelle / Belladonna... Bebe Neuwirth

Carface Carruthers... Ernest Borgnine

Killer... Charles Nelson Reilly