So, like it says on the tin, this is a series of drabbles based off of a facebook roleplaying game some other authors and I do.

So most characters will be OCs, and you won't recognize them.

I'll tell you some basic facts about the characters featured before each drabble.

Dedicated to my lovely people over at the RP- you're all marvelous.

Name: Dawson Nott

House: Slytherin

Age: seventeen/eighteen

Faceclaim: Chace Crawford

Played By: Mad {chasingafterstarlight}


Name: Jackie Jordan

House: Gryffindor

Age: seventeen/eighteen

Faceclaim: Tessa Thompson

Played By: Me

/he keeps telling himself he's not the desperate type.

He doesn't particularly care when he hears the rumor about Jordan and Price getting caught in the Astronomy Tower. Sure it's a bit weird to find out that Jordan is lesbian, after all his taunts, (and all the rumors about him&her) but Price snogs someone new every week, boy or girl, so it's not exactly exciting, as Adele would put it.

/but somehow, she's got him looking through blinds

But still, he's curious, so he asks Price, and of course she starts smirking and saying he likes Jordan, of all people, and maybe he should do something about it? And besides, if they did anything, she wouldn't tell him about it. She implies that they screwed, and this odd little twinge gets him.

Jordan's a virgin, as he reminds himself every so often, and he highly doubts Price is the type to put out candles and fuck her by the sunset, so he almost wants to punch the smirking girl in front of him. It's not because he feels sorry for Jordan, or even that he feels anything at all, he just kind of cares about what girls want deep down inside, and it's just kind of cruel to take someone's virginity in that way. Instead he scowls and walks away.

/he tries to forget everything that isn't her

So he steels himself up for failure and asks Jordan if they did do it, because sometimes he does care, dammit, and maybejustmaybe he might feel someth- no. He's Dawson Nott, and he doesn't feel.

Her reply is a smirk and the same question Price asked. "Why do you care?" It occurs to him that maybe Price and Jordan could work, since they think along the same mindset, so he shuts out his kindasortof feelings and replies with his own smirk.

"Just curious," he says coolly, leaning against a wall and winking at a passing fourth year.

She rolls her eyes. "Curious about my sex life? Yeah right, you have some ulterior motive, don't you?"

He keeps the smirk up, not really bothering to think about whether he does have ulterior motives before he speaks. "Ulterior motive, Jordan? Never. I just wanted to know if you'd finally gotten some."

She glares at him, he can practically feel the burn, and lowers her voice to a deadly tone. "Again, why on this fucking earth would you care?"

Suddenly the implications of what she's asking hit him right over the head. Why does he care? It's as if his bubble of indifference and unfeeling smirks has popped, and a wave of emotions wash over him in a torrential downpour. Shit. What has happened to him? Why is he suddenly feeling? Why is the scarily intense gaze of Jordan's making him feel naked and scrutinized? He doesn't really have an answer, so he just does what he's always done best and leans down and snogs her.

/he's not going home, 'cause he doesn't do well on his own.