(A/N: After iLove You came out, a lot of Seddiers claimed they had their "Seddie Heart" broken. Even though it's been two weeks after it came out, those Seddiers and me are still really salty about it. So I made this fanfic so we can feel better about it, since that's what I did. I buried myself in Seddie fanfiction to get over it. I wanted to make this fanfic a long time ago, but since this fanfic is just going to be all about the Seddie Relationship, I kinda fell away from it since I'm about as romantic as a piece of wet cardboard. Anyway, I'm going to take a crack at it. Wish me luck. Oh, and one more thing: This takes place with Sam and Freddie steadily dating, as if they never broke up. And I guess they're in their...idk, Senior year? Also, a lot of these one-shots are small but I'll try to update once a day.)

1.) Eggshells (Sam's POV)

"I still can't believe that you two are together," Carly says with a smile.

"Me either." Freddie and Sam say together, exchanging a smile with each other. Even though it is all very sweet, Sam can't help but wonder what she would have said if Carly said that about anyone else she dated. She would have said something along the lines of, "Well, believe it, Shay." and then start yelling at whomever she was dating.

But it was different with her and Freddie. She found herself acting a lot more...civil...when she was around him. It was almost impulse, really, when she would hit and insult Freddie. And it's incrediably hard for her to fight that impulse.

Still, the thought of losing him was too painful, so she guesses it's time to act like a daffidol for a little while. Constantly having to walk on eggshells, fearing that the slightest wrongdoing would make Freddie leave her forever.

She wonders if Freddie has caught on to her weird behavior. Carly hasn't, but Gibby did. He had called her out after she had nearly broken his jaw with a bag of sandwiches on her demonic acts. He claimed that because she loved Freddie, he was her new punching bag.

It wasn't as if she never hit Gibby before, but ever since hitting Freddie was no longer proper Sam behavior, she figured she needed to be beating the living daylights out of someone.

She used to beat up Freddie all the time, but they were dating now. That's not girlfriend behavior. However, it's different for Gibby, because Sam never loved Gibby. So all of the punches and the broken bones will be completely out of sadism, not out of affection.

"C'mon," Freddie says, nudging Sam's shoulder. "My mom will be home soon. Let's head to your place."

Sam nods and stands up quickly, remembering how they were always on the lookout for Ms. Benson. Ms. Benson knew about Sam and Freddie's relationship and hated it so much that she nearly disowned Freddie. So they kept it on the down-low around her, keeping it as much of a secret as they could.

"Yeah, thank you for that." Carly says sarcastically. "Now she's constantly checking here for you guys. She never knocks, by the way."

"Sorry," Sam says. See, there she goes again with the apologizes. Usually she would have said something like, "Suck it up." But now she was here, apologizing.

They go into Carly's elevator like they always do when they're trying to avoid Freddie's mother, and they leave Bushwell Plaza. Freddie drives her back to her house.

"So are you okay?" Freddie asks her.

Sam looks at him. "What do you mean?"

Freddie shrugs. "You've been acting a little..."

"...nice?" Sam finishes.

"Yeah." Freddie glances at her. "You okay?"

"I'm fine." Sam replies.

"Did Frothy bite you? Because you know, you could have rabies. You know, changes in behavior are a sign of rabies. Also-"

"No, Frothy did not bite me." Sam laughs.

"Then why so...pleasant?" Freddie asks her.

"Oh, so it's not okay if I act civil?" Sam says, her voice on edge.

"No, it's not that." Freddie says, trying not to start an argument. "I just want to know if anything's troubling you."

"It's fine." Sam repeats. Although he's driving, Sam takes one of his hands and holds it. She caught his smirk which he was now desperately hiding. She knows that smirk. That's the Please-please-please-God-let-me-get-laid-tonight smirk. He gives that smirk practically every time they are alone. And most of the time, his wish comes true.

Minutes go by, and they're almost to Sam's house. Finally, Freddie says, "You sure you okay?"

Sam would've lost her temper by then, but with the calmer, girler Sam taken over, she replies, "It's fine, baby. I promise."

"See, there you go again." Freddie insists. "With the whole nice girl thing. If it had been a few months ago you would've slapped me and told me that you were fine and called me an idiot."

"Yeah, well..." Sam looks away. "That was before...you know."

"Before what? Before we started dating?" Freddie parks the car in Sam's driveway.

"Well, yeah." Sam says, as if it was obvious. "I'm not gonna beat you into a pulp or insult you while we're dating."

"But, you're Sam." Freddie sounded confused. "I thought it was programmed into your system to make my life miserable."

He pauses, and says, "So that's why you're so violent to Gibby now."

Sam just shrugs incoherently, not being able to form any words.

"Sam, you don't have to change for me." Freddie says gently.

"But normal girlfriends don't try to dismember their boyfriends!" Sam protests. "Or try to drown their reputation. I'm just trying to be a better girlfriend. What, is it not enough?"

Sam is about to leave the car in anger but Freddie grabs her arm, as if enticipating her next move. "No. Stay." Freddie demands.

"And what's with you being all dominant all of a sudden?" Sam says, trying to change the subject. She secretly liked it but she'd never, ever admit it. "You always tellin' me not to walk away when I'm talking to you, or to stop trying to change, or-"

Freddie cuts her off like he always does by kissing her randomly. Sam can't count the number of times they've unexpectedly kissed. But everytime was so, so bittersweet and thrilling.

They pull apart, and although Sam is smiling now, she says roughly, "That's not getting you out of this."

"Yes, it is." Freddie smiles back. "But seriously, Sam..." he says. "I'm not joking. You don't have to change."

Sam opens her mouth to say something but Freddie ignores her and keeps talking. "I'm serious. I fell in love with the abrasive side of you, didn't I?" Freddie says gently. "Don't you believe me?"

"So you want me to keep hurting you?" Sam says in confusion.

"Well, no, the physical contact can stop." Freddie chuckles. "The constant self-esteem drop isn't so great either."

"Then what do you want?" Sam narrows her eyes.

"Just...hold back a bit." Freddie says. "You don't have to completely change."

Sam looks away.

"C'mon, Sammy." Freddie says, pulling her closer. "Let's go inside."

They walk into her house, and Pam Puckett is "surprisenly" not there. Freddie pulls Sam close to him. "You aren't mad, are you?"

"No," Sam says gruffly. "Just a little..."

"...Upset?" Freddie finishes for her.

She simply shrugs.

"I told you, I fell in love with you." Freddie says, imprisoning her in his arms. "Not a daffidol."

"So, I should just...hold back?" Sam asks.

"Only if you want." Freddie shrugs. "Though it would be pretty nice if you stopped kicking me in...places..."

"I get it," Sam finally laughs. Freddie kisses her again, not unexpectedly, just sweetly. But nothing they ever do is sweet, thanks to Sam, as she pulls him closer and kisses him back, harder. Even with her behavior mellowed by her acting girlier, it doesn't stop the impulse, ever. It quickly grows into a make-out, with Sam playing with the hair on the back of his neck, and Freddie lowering his hands bit by bit.

Looks like Freddie's getting his wish tonight.

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