I'm writing this six minutes after the end of the finale. I kind of figured that I'd be a crying mess but honestly, I didn't shed a tear. I teared up, surely (Especially at the part where Spencer and Carly were saying goodbye, and how to never grow up and stuff) but I didn't actually cry. I'm alright.

The outcome is what it is. I can't change it, you can't change it, no one can. I didn't really think that ending would happen; it was neither Seddie or Creddie. Well, I guess it was a Creddie ending, for if it were reversed to Seddie I would consider it endgame. But I wouldn't be satisfied.

I did not watch a single episode of iCarly since the episode iOwn A Restaurant premiered; this was the first one after that. I attempted to record my reaction to the entire hour-length episode, but my shitbox of a computer froze on me half way through, and I figured it was pointless to set it up again.

Okay, now to the real point. I'm sorry, fellow Seddiers, that this happened. Okay, now I'm tearing up again. Not even for what happened in the episode, that's not why I'm sad. We wasted so much time on here, for what? There are so many great fanfictions on here, it blows my mind away.

And the truth is, I wasn't really attached to the show like I used to be. I was attached to the world we all created within it. If I was in a Seddie mood, I would never go and watch the show. I'd go on this website and I'd read all the of the wonderful stories on here. The show wasn't able to capture what I thought Seddie was when you guys could. Here was my loyalty, this is the place I cared about. I didn't want any of your hard work and dedication to go to waste.

Okay, now I'm really crying now as I think about this. Remember Signal Fire by FMellark? I would have a little spasm every time she updated. It was such a brilliant world, pulled from a war, and you managed to mix Seddie into it. I was so, so upset when you stopped updating. I was always hoping you'd come back, but you never did.

Or what about The Ballad Of Sam and Freddie by eleanorr1gby? In both of those stories (there were two parts) you wanna know how many words were in there? 924,940 words all together. According to iGoodbye, that was all a waste. All of it.

It really amazed me how attached I got to some of these stories. I would shake and tremble every time I saw that iWTF by WhiteKnightro was updated. According to Dan, the entire 5-episode Seddie arc that started with iOMG hadn't mattered. So what was the point of writing all of this? No reason. Just no reason.

I'm going to have to delete about 3/4s of my Word Document files. Why? Because they all are the fanfiction that I once wrote and posted here. I'm not going to learn anything from them, and I'm surely not going to read any of it again. I guess I'm so bitter about doing that because I wrote only a day ago, a 5,000 word piece about what happened after iCarly. I wasn't confident that Seddie was going to happen (that's why I rage-quit) but I felt like I had to write it for some reason. I'm not going to regret deleting it. It's clear that I won't need it.

I managed to forget about iCarly, actually; at least until the commercials for iGoodbye came on. I started writing my own work, but I won't get into how I wrote over 60,000 words before slowly quitting and giving up as my confidence was lost. That's another thing this site had. The praise, the uplifting feeling of writing for a couple that was eventually destroyed. This site and everyone that is on here was not a waste. You all did so much for Seddie, but it wasn't enough for Dan at least.

Furthermore, thank you for all of the happiness. I wish I could find a new fandom and we could all meet up there and be all happy again, but I already promised that I will not find a new show to like. From this moment on, I'm sticking to shows that don't do this to us. Shows like Arrested Development and Workaholics. And I will not watch the spinoff series Sam & Cat.

Thank you for all of the amazing fanfics, all of the laughs, all of the debates. I'll always remember this place, everything about it, even if I want to pretend that Seddie was all a dream and that I can go back to living my life and thinking that none of this ever happened.

I wish I never saw that trailer for iOMG.

Well, that's all I really have to say. I'd appreciate if you guys would review so I could reply and we can be upset together for the last time.

Special thanks to Dan for teaching me that a little kid crush is far more important than true love. I bet Dan would advise me to go and call my first crush that I had in 5th grade who is now wasting his savings buying cocaine. But I should be "destined" for him because after all, he was first!

Keep Hope Alive,