Chapter 33

The next day was spent entirely on the welfare of Amy and Ethan. Amy began the first of many psych evaluations and Ethan was able to meet her for the first time. Amy responded immediately to Ethan given the resemblance to his brother and it turns out she loved bikes just as much as he did. Closer scrutiny of Roger and Dana's will revealed Roger had named Ethan legal guardian of Amy in the case of an untimely death. Ethan had every intention of honouring his brother's wishes and willingly applied for guardianship but realised it would be a long road.

Maura got to meet Amy briefly and they bonded over their adopted childhoods. Amy was surprisingly upbeat but Maura could recognize bits of Amy in herself. She wasn't a lost cause, but it would be uphill. Still, with the love of Ethan, she had a shot.

Frankie had spent nearly ten hours reviewing the surveillance tapes of South Station and had tracked the two million dollars to the belly of a Greyhound bus bound for Newark. He'd led the pursuit and had recovered each of the duffle bags and all of the cash earning him praise across the precinct and a nickname he hoped wouldn't stick. Cash Money.

Cavanaugh was enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame in a full day of press conferences related to the case while the rest of the bullpen decided to start the weekend early and hold a party at The Dirty Robber.

Frankie and Frost were in the midst of an arm wrestling contest at the bar and had half the bullpen divided, cheering either side. Angela and Jane stood behind Frankie while Maura and Korsak pulled for Frost. There was no official betting, but Korsak had a wad of ones in his hand. With one final push, Frost beat Frankie and the whole place went up.

"Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!" Korsak waved the money in his hand and Jane ordered another round. As the crowd mingled, Angela watched something remarkable unravel in front of her eyes. She always had her suspicions but nothing tangible to pin it on. Those days were gone. She got chills watching the sparks between her daughter and Dr. Isles. They were physically present but mentally, they could have been the only two people left in Boston.

Frost walked up to Maura and gave her a hug. "That was some bad ass shooting, Dr. Isles."

Maura laughed surprised and hesitated. She was still processing it all. "To be honest, Barry I don't know if I'll ever get used to it. Is that right?"

Frost smiled. "Let's hope you never get used to it, Doc. You saved Jane's life. Be proud of that. I never had a clear shot. I know it sounds wrong. But I'm glad you did."

Maura looked at Jane who was in a conversation with Angela, only Jane wasn't fighting. Jane said something to her mother who hugged and kissed her. Aw.

Jane sipped her beer and stared across the room at Maura. She was talking to Frost who she could tell was still beating himself up about not taking the shot. They'd talked and she'd forgiven him. Said she'd have done the same if it had meant accidentally hurting Maura. Dr. Isles sipped her wine and said something to Frost that made him laugh. She laughed and it carried over the din. Jane stood transfixed.

"She's good for you, you know," Angela said to her daughter. Jane turned to see her mom looking at her, proud and smiling. "I was telling Korsak I was surprised you didn't end up together sooner." Angela winked.

"Really. What about. Ice Road Truckers?"

Angela laughed and waved her hand. "I just said that to give ya a little push. You're brother was in on it too." Angela wobbled a little.

"Ok, you are getting a lift home."

Angela batted Jane's hand away and kissed her daughter on the cheek. "I love you sweetie."

"I love you too, Ma."

Korsak came up and Angela waved. "That's my ride." Jane nodded at Korsak who smiled. Angela turned and motioned to Jane one last time. She couldn't help but embarrass her daughter, not while the doctor was watching. Jane bent her head and Angela whispered a little too loudly.

"Now marry her. Marry her quickly."

Maura stared at Jane. Angela must have said something, but she didn't catch it. Jane nearly choked on her beer and looked around. She then got quiet, smiled and rubbed her ear. What did Mrs. Rizzoli say to her? Maura smiled and walked toward the detective. Her detective. It was amazing just how easily Angela could embarrass her daughter. Jane was still smiling inwardly when she looked up and they locked eyes.

Damn, Jane Rizzoli, you make being embarrassed look sexy.

The End

So what do you say…sequel?