This is a little something I've been thinking about for a while. So…here ya go:)

First Night


The first time I saw him he was on the stage mixing. A big stage with lights spewing from every direction and seemed out of place here in the middle of this field. He was scruffy looking, and surprisingly sober. No one else here was…. Well, I was too. But, I was looking to fix that.

Jasper was off with Alice trying to find Molly – no, not a person. So, here I was alone in a large crowd of dancing, glowing, high people. Some were so high, they were making out with each other. Others were making their advances more obvious, openly groping. One chick even had some dude's dick out in the open and was rubbing it. That's what high doses of Molly or E does to people.

Anyway, I was dancing with a blonde-haired goddess named Rosalie when I saw him up there. His music was incredible; it did things to me that I can't even explain. I was completely entranced by his movements, the little dancing he did while on stage. The thing about dj's was no one ever noticed them. They played their music behind a bunch of equipment while everyone danced. That's all really.

But not this dj and I most definitely noticed him! I don't know his name… or even his dj name. But, oh how I wanted to.

"Hells Bells!" I magically heard over the music. I turned away from the glow-stick adorned hippie, Rosalie to see Jasper and Alice standing directly behind me. They gave me matching looks that told me it was time to leave. They found Molly.

Although a lot of that night became hazy, I couldn't forget the unknown dj. I wanted to find him. I wanted to meet him.

Well, I hope you liked it. I'm working on other chapters. So stay tuned! Three guesses who the mysterious dj is;) lol.

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