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Fifth Night
one week later


Ever since the last rave we've been to, Edward and I have been inseparable. No, we haven't actually had sex yet (but not for lack of trying. We're always interrupted.) We just sit together or study or cook or watch tv. And we always touch. If we are within ten feet of each other, eyes are locked whispering to each other the same thing: let me touch you.

Damn, I'm getting blue…ovaries? Yes, that makes enough sense to me. I'm getting blue ovaries from this lack of sexual activity with Edward! Next time there's a rave, Alice and Jasper are going alone while Edward and I have some special alone time.

Yeahhhhhhh, that'll work. I snorted internally. Like they'd let me not go to a rave. God forbid the two of them ever become parents; I don't know if the teenage world could handle it.

Edward and I were sitting on my couch reading (well, I was reading; Edward was giving me the best foot massage in the history of the world) when Alice came bursting through the door to our apartment screeching in some weird tongue as she flew to her room and slammed the door.

"What the fuck was that?" Edward asks his eyebrows doing that weird confused dance they always do.

I sigh and pull my feet from his lap. "Alice is excited about something. I'll be back." I smirk thinking maybe this was my chance to put my newly-formed plan into action.

"Oh, Alice, dear…" I knock on her bedroom door.

"Come in!" She yells from the other side.

Inside, Alice's room is a mess: clothes thrown everywhere. Hell, it looks like her closet threw up all over her bedroom! A neon-colored shirt comes flying at my face as a loud giggle escapes me.

"What the hell, Alice?" I laugh as I lay it gingerly on her bed. "What are you doing?"

"There's a party tonight at Rose's. Do you remember Rose?" Sometimes I wonder how I can understand her. "Anyway, whether you do or not isn't the point. She's having a party and she invited us."

I vaguely remember the blonde bombshell from most of the raves we go to. "Yes, I remember her. Where on earth did you see Rose?"

Alice shrugs. "Her boyfriend lives in Jasper's dorm and we sometimes run into each other up there."

"Her boyfriend?" It's the first thing I could think of. "I thought she was a lesbian. She sure seemed pretty friendly with me the last time I saw her." I'm perplexed. Rose has a boyfriend, who knew.

Alice giggles. "I think that was more the E she had taken before finding you. But no, she's not a lesbian, and yes, she has a boyfriend…. But if you go tonight, she might make an exception for you." She winks.

"No, Alice, I don't want to have sex with a girl. Even one as pretty as Rose." I'd much rather have sex with Edward. Tonight. "And I don't think Edward and I will be joining you tonight." I stress the Edward part.

Alice freezes mid-removing her shirt. "Oh." She deflates a little. "Okay." And continues changing as if I didn't say anything. Then suddenly, her head pops out through the neck hole and says, "Ohhh! Okay. Don't worry, I got you. Jasper and I probably won't be back tonight." She kisses my cheek and runs off to the bathroom.

With a small laugh, I go back to the couch where Edward's waiting for me. He chuckles as I land in his arms.

"What was that about?"

"Turns out, we have the apartment to ourselves tonight." I whisper in his ear with a (hopefully) seductive smirk.

His laugh is deep and throaty and makes me all warm and tingly. "I think I like the sound of that."

I open my eyes to blackness and… a… moving pillow? What the – oh! I shift my head over the middle of Edward's chest to look at the clock. Its bright green light saying it's three in the morning.

Shit. I had slept longer than I thought. And then another thought pops in my mind: what the fuck are we doing sleeping when we have the entire apartment to ourselves? We had much more satisfying things to be doing right now. We could sleep when Alice and Jasper are here…. Well, perhaps not so much. But I'd rather try to sleep than to fuck with Alice "Overpeppysprite" Brandon and Jasper "IliketothinkIamsubtle" Whitlock around to disturb us.

"What are you doing awake?" comes Edward's rough voice. His arms tighten around my naked body.

"I have no idea." I whisper in a laugh. "But, you know what I think?" I ask pressing kisses near his heart.

He groans. His fingers dig into my side. It's delicious.

"What's that?"

"I think," my tongue traces lightly around his nipple – he tastes better than chocolate – "that you and I should not be sleeping while Motormouth and Mr. Chill are out. Who knows when we'll get the chance to be this close again?" My hand glides over his toned stomach to grip his manhood.

He pulls my face up to his. "Why, Ms. Swan, are you trying to seduce me?" He chuckles darkly.

"So what if I am?" I smirk cockily as I press my lips firmly to his.