Kitty's POV

I am not being immature or a snoop. The only reason I'm…well hiding in an empty room phased just enough into a nook in the main hallway to see and hear what's going on is because Sam ask me to see how the kids are doing after the news of the bombings yesterday. Even if someone in the hall looked right into the shadows of this nook I would be hard to see.

And it seems like most of the kids have other things to pay attention to.

There's Amanda in her usual colors (red, black and or blue) black pants, red over-shirt, dark blue shirt-much darker then her fur. Why am I not surprised that she's walking beside Kenny the top of her head barely higher than his chin, they're walking a little close for friends, also not surprising, but not holding hands or anything. Yet.

Kenny is wearing a purple shirt with gold on the sleeves and jeans. A lot of the time he wears a red belt but not today. He tended to wear similar colors to his parents but seemed to avoid anything that was reminiscent of his dad's Archangel periods. Kenny had seen hints of that persona growing up before Betsy had helped Warren rid himself of the last of Apocalypse influence.

I forget how much he's grown up sometimes. Sixteen now older then I was when I first went to the old school. Seeing him through fresh eyes instead of as the little kid I used to babysit I realize how broad his shoulders are and how he's added muscle mass in the last couple years. If he hadn't met Amanda he'd probably be the flirt that Bobby and Hank told me his dad used to be. He's better off with Amanda, and of course I'm not biased.

Even Kenny's hair is a mix of his parents with mostly his dad's golden blonde and a "Rogue streak" of purple maybe two inches wide, down the center starting around the top of his skull. He'd had the purples streak since he was a toddler but his parents then Kenny himself had died it to look blonde until he was 13 or 14.

This purple streak had now drawn the attention of some of the other students.

"So do you borrow your girlfriend's hair dye?" David Walsh asks.

David isn't a bad kid but at 13 years old liking girls isn't cool yet among his group of friends. So Kenny and Amanda must seem like natural targets.

Kenny "She's not m.." I'm glad Amanda doesn't seem me smiling as she and her Guardian Angel exchange an awkward look and neither seems to know what to say for a couple seconds.

Amanda responds "It's not dye twerp."

Kenny tries to tell her that it doesn't matter but she snaps "Why don't you two runts go back to failing level one danger room sims."

TJ would be proud to see her daughter actually being confrontational for a change.

"Then it's a really crappy wig." Matt Granger counters sarcastically. Matt has the x-gene but his powers haven't manifested yet. He's barely 13 so that's not unusual, hopefully some of his attitude is overcompensating for not having powers on "Mutant Island" and he'll tone it down when his ability kicks in.

"No, I'm sure it's dye." David answers.

A new voice comes from my right and behind the couple to be.
"It's not dye obviously." Gert Shepherd says.

David doesn't seem happy to see her "What do you want frog girl?"

"Leap Frog" she corrects "Weren't you saying that you're Batman a few days ago? He's the "world's greatest detective" right? Then how come you can't figure out that if it was dye then in the couple of years you've been here you'd have seen his roots grow out?"

Amanda smirks at David but Kenny seems to be a little uncomfortable. He's probably not thrilled to have two girls take over doing his fighting for him.

Gert never seems to care about being younger than other people in a conversation. I've heard that her mom was outspoken and smart for her age but even though I met Molly when she was young I didn't get to know her until after her daughter was born.

"Why are you even here?" Matt ask Gert.

"Because, you two needed help with the obvious." She says with a smile.

Nightbird, Guardian Angel and his hair seem completely forgotten. Hmm, probably the real reason Gert decided to get involved.

David ask her "Why would we need your help? The only thing you've ever accomplished is coming up with a code name that's stupider then the name your parents gave you, Gertrude."

Gert smiles less but calmly explains "My parents named me after someone that was a bigger hero then you two will ever be. She and my mom helped save the whole world."

"Yeah, right." David answers and Matt is about to say something.

Gert leans forward crosses her arms and says with absolute certainty "Yeah." One word and the two boys decide that there isn't any fun to be had around here anymore and walk off.

Kenny nods seeming impressed.
Amanda smiles and ask Gert "So I here you're helping a new kid adjust starting soon?"

Gert "Yeah, Travis. I haven't met him yet but we've texted some. He seems nice but he's kinda nervous about coming here. I think I can help him out. He's a little older than me, you two will hang out with him some won't you? Help him feel better about being here?" She seems to really want to help Travis and she also seems kind of proud that she has been given a role in helping a new student.

Kenny nods "Of course we will. I promise."

Amanda agrees "Yeah just introduce us to him after he gets here."

Everyone seems to be heading out.

Amanda looks back at me and waves subtly as they continue down the hall to wherever they were heading before being interrupted. So much for my great hiding spot.