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Chapter 13: Back to Reality

Rukia was sitting in Ichigo's hospital room, worrying and thinking of all the worst case scenarios. What if Soul Society decided to execute Ichigo because of his inner hollow? What if he never woke up? She bit her lip in worry. Why did this have to happen? What was that Arrancar's role in all of this? Did he just want Ichigo's hollow to destroy Seireitei so we would become weak in our defenses? Are the hollows forming another army? If so, then who is there new leader? Or was there another purpose? Who was that arrancar working for?

Rukia sighed and rubbed her temples, all of this thinking was giving her a headache. It was immediately forgotten however, when she heard a soft groan coming from Ichigo. She sat up quickly and leaned over Ichigo. She spoke softly.


His face scrunched up as he let out another moan. She gripped his hand tightly as his eyes fluttered open, and he sucked in a deep breath. "Ichigo!" Rukia spoke excitedly. He squinted up at her, his eyesight still blurry and having trouble focusing.


He asked with a hoarse voice, then winced in pain and groaned again because it hurt his throat to speak. Rukia nodded, and gave him a small reassuring smile.

"Yeah Ichigo, its me"

She said with her voice filled with relief. He nodded and looked at her with an exhausted, yet serious and concerned look.

"Are you…Are you ok?"

he asked, frowning at her worriedly. Rukia rolled her eyes and nodded.

"Im fine you Baka!"

She yelled, but softened her voice when she saw Ichigo wince from the noise. "Its you whose all beat up!" She scolded softly. His eyes softened and he gave her a tired smirk,

"Yeah, I feel like I got hit by and eighteen wheeler going 600 mile per hour."

He said with a shaky and hoarse laugh. Rukia shook her head and smiled.

"Yeah, well sorry about that, but you were kinda destroying Seireitei so…" she chuckled. Ichigo sweat dropped. "Yeah, uh, sorry…" he said. He didn't know what else to say. "How on earth am I going to tell them that Im working together with Shirogetsu now? Soul Society would not be pleased."

~There never pleased 'bout anything Aibou~

Ichigo ignored the voice as he thought further. "What if they tried to get rid of Shirogetsu?" Ichigo started panicking, "how is this going to work?"

~Awwwww! Im flattered that ya care 'bout me so much! Ha don' worry! If they attack us we'll take 'em easy!~

Ichigo jumped in surprise. "Stop reading my thoughts!" he scolded mentally.

~But it's Truuuuuuuuuue~ !~ Shirogetsu sang.

Ichigo did a mental face palm.

He looked up at Rukia

"So, how is everyone else doing?" He asked, changing the subject. Rukia, obviously ignorant of the mental conversation, replied.

"They are in pretty bad shape, most are still unconscious, but Unohana Taicho said that they should all pull through." She said with a sad smile. Ichigo sighed in relief,

"So there are no casualties?" he asked in a hopeful tone. She shook her head.

"That's right, amazingly." She said in relief. Ichigo sighed and then proceeded to attempt to get up. Rukia's eyes widened and she unceremoniously pushed Ichigo back down. "You Idiot!" She said furiously. "Stop trying to get up! Your still hurt, and you can barely speak!"

She then held Ichigo down as he scowled at her and struggled weakly, with no result.

"Im fine Rukia!" he snapped before going into a small coughing fit. "Let go!" he yelled hoarsely. "Gerofmmmphhhfffff!" He was cut off as Rukia pressed her hand over his mouth.

"Shut up! You have been comatose for the past 4 hours (not counting the time before you lost control)! Your body is still recovering, and with all your flailing about you will open your wounds again!" She snapped with a concerned look in her eyes. Ichigo just glared at her from behind his hand.

"!" He yelled incoherently. Rukia shook her head and removed her hand.

"What?" She asked in confusion. Ichigo took in a deep breath and repeated.

"First, I couldn't BREATH you midget! And second, I just want to sit up!" he said with an irritated huff. Rukia shook her head in exasperation.

"You really shouldn't even be sitting up." She warned, ignoring the midget comment. Ichigo rolled his eyes,

"But your going to help me anyways right?" he asked, eyebrow raised in question. Rukia just huffed in exasperation and proceeded to help him sit up. Ichigo gave a victorious smirk, which Rukia just rolled her eyes at.

"Stupid strawberry…" she mumbled.

"What was that?" Ichigo asked. Rukia smiled.

"Nothing~" she said in an innocent voice. Ichigo rolled his eyes.

"Yeah right" he mumbled quietly, and laid his head back on the head board of his hospital bed. He sighed in exhaustion and closed his eyes.

They stayed like that for a few moments. Ichigo resting, and Rukia sitting next to him in silence. Rukia was the first to break the silence.

"Um, w-what happened Ichigo?" She asked nervously as Ichigo raised his head to look at her. "What happened while your inner hollow took over?" She asked tentatively. Ichigo sighed and ran his hand through his messy orange hair. He wanted to tell her his name was Shirogetsu, but that would probably raise a few questions. "I mean, it was subdued right? But if I remember correctly, you were having trouble with it before Serpine attacked us." Rukia continued, with a nervous and perplexed look on her face.

"Uh…" how was he going to explain that it was all a big misunderstanding? Should he tell her the truth? Would she be upset that he was working with a hollow?

He sighed, "Um, well I don't really know how he started taking over before Serpine's influence, but I think it had something to do with Ulqliorra…" he didn't catch how Rukia stiffened at this comment, and continued. "I fought him in my inner world…" that wasn't exactly a lie now was it? "And I guess I won…" he finished lamely. " I mean I had enough time to gain control until Mayuri came…" he said, a bad feeling forming in the pit of his stomach for lying to Rukia. He was purposefully being vague, and Ichigo had a feeling that Rukia would catch onto it. Rukia looked at him with a confused look as she processed the information.

"But Mayuri said that you could not gain control unless your hollow gave you control." she said with an eyebrow raised in suspicion. Ichigo gulped. "Crap" he thought, and tried to quickly think of something.

"I…uh…well…after I beat him, he gave me control cause I won…" he said nervously.

~Che hardly…quite the opposite actually…~

Shirogetsu said smugly.

"Shut up you!" Ichigo snapped mentally.

Rukia looked downwards in thought. She didn't entirely believe him, but gave him the benefit of the doubt. "fine" she thought. "if he doesn't want to tell me the whole truth now, then I'll wait until he feels he can trust me." she thought somewhat bitterly. She wondered why he couldn't trust her. However, just as he finished her thought, Unohana Taicho came into the room. She noticed Ichigo sitting up and conscious, and smiled warmly.

"Ah, Kurosaki-san, your finally awake." she commented in a calm voice. Ichigo looked up at her and nodded as he started sweating. She was the scariest Captain, even without trying to be scary. Unohana walked over to him and placed her hands over his bandaged chest, and a soft glow emitted from them. "Now, how do you feel?" she asked. Ichigo rubbed his shoulder.

"I feel like several Captains went Bankai on me all at once." he said hoarsely with a wince. Rukia rolled her eyes at him and Unohana chuckled,

"Well, that's sounds about right." She said with a warm smile. She removed her hands, "Don't, worry you should be fine, just rest here for the next few days to allow your wounds to heal properly. Orihime should be here soon, she requested that I inform her when you awoke, so she should be able to heal you faster." she finished. She stood and turned to leave, but then paused and turned back to the young Substitute Shinigami. "And Kurosaki-san" she paused momentarily. "Some of the captains will probably be coming in to interrogate you some time soon." She warned. Ichigo nodded his head in thanks and Unohana left. As soon as she exited, however, a certain spiky red haired bangage covered Shinigami entered.

"Hey Rukia I-!" Renji stopped mid-sentence when he noticed Ichigo awake and staring at him in surprise at his sudden outburst. Renji's eyebrows rose in surprise, "Ichigo your finally awake?" he said in shock. Ichigo rolled his eyes, he was sorely tempted to reply sarcastically, but he was too tired to deal with the imminent argument that was sure to follow. He just nodded with a small smirk. "oh…" A deafening silence followed Renji's mumbled reply.

Shirogetsu chose that time to speak up again.

~ Awkward silence much?~

He joked. Ichigo sighed, since when was his inner hollow ever so talkative?

~Since you actually started listening to me~

He said smugly. Ichigo scowled.

"Stop reading my thoughts! It's irritating!" he yelled mentally. His inner hollow just snickered. Ichigo returned his attention from his mind to the awkward atmosphere in his room in the forth division.

"So what are you doing here anyways?" he asked Renji, breaking the silence. The red head shuffled his feet (That were also bandaged) nervously.

"Well, I was just trying to find you Rukia." he said to the petite woman with a cautious glance towards Ichigo. The latter narrowed his eyes and tilted his head in thought. "What's up with him?" he thought to himself.

~He's Afraid of us Aibou, well… afraid of me more like~

His doppelganger replied. Ichigo looked at Renji with a grim look, he understood somewhat. His inner hollow did almost kill the vice captain. He was brought out of his musings as Rukia replied to Renji.

"Well, what did you need me for?" She asked. Renji regained his composure at her question, and gave her a serious look.

"Byakuya's awake." was his simple answer

Rukia gasped in surprise and stood from her seat. She turned to Ichigo,

"I have to go see him!" She said urgently. Ichigo nodded,

"I'll go with you then, I should apologize or something anyways." He said and swung his legs over the edge of the bed. He winced when his feet touched the cold tile floor. Rukia frowned at him and protested.

"You cant get out of bed yet idiot! You heard what Unohana Taicho said didn't you? You were told to stay in bed and get some rest, your still recovering." She said sternly. Ichigo scowled and stood up anyways. He wobbled a bit and sucked in a breath as the pain intensified. He took a step forward to steady himself.

"Yeah, well since when did I ever listen to orders anyways. He said with a arrogant smirk as he crossed his arms.

Renji moved in front of Ichigo and placed a hand on his chest, stopping the teen from moving any further. He might have been scared of Ichigo's inner hollow, but the teen was still his nakama.

"Ichigo, you need to stay here and rest. What if your hollow starts fighting for control again? Head Captain Yamamoto said-"

"I know Renji! And when have I ever listened to that own man?" Ichigo seethed and slapped his hand away. Even though Renji didn't know any better, he was still ticked about the hollow comment. Renji flinched and retorted angrily,

"Im just trying to help! I don't want that monster to take over you again! Yamamoto will give the order to kill you if it happens again!" He yelled desperately with his fists clenched at his sides.

Ichigo glared.

"He's not a monster!" Ichigo roared.

Time stood still.

Ichigo froze. "Ah crap" he thought.

~Ha-ha, BUSTED!~

His white double sang.

Ichigo gulped at the surprised and bewildered looks his two nakama were giving him. How did he get himself into these messes?

"Not a mons-… what are you talking about Ichigo?" Rukia asked in a small voice as she looked up at him with confused and frightened eyes. Renji just stared at him with apprehension at his outburst. Ichigo scowled and ran a hand through his hair in frustration.

"Ah… its nothing, he's a hollow, not a monster. There's a difference. Now are we going to see Byakuya or not?" he asked with a raised eyebrow, trying to change the subject.

"We are, you aren't." The red head said coldly. "Just stay here." Ichigo sighed, "Im fine guys, really, stop worrying, I can handle myse-"

"WELL OBVIOUSLY YOU CANT!" Rukia shouted. Ichigo blinked in shock. "You were just taken over by your inner hollow, Ichigo! No less than 5 hours ago, you were fighting the captains, and your friends, as well as destroying Serietei! And you were having trouble with him before all this started! So don't give me any crap about how you can take care of yourself, because you cant! No all the time, sometimes you cant do everything by yourself and need help! That is what we, your friends are here for! To help you! Cant you just ignore your pride and accept help when you need it for ONCE!"

Rukia had tears in her eyes as she poured out all of her pent up feelings, looking at Ichigo with a pleading look.

Ichigo, and Renji just looked at Rukia, mouths agape in shock. Even Shirogetsu was silent in shock, Ichigo noticed.


Ichigo muttered, still in shock. "She has had that on her mind the entire time?" He thought guiltily. Rukia stepped up to him slowly, slightly panting from yelling so hard. She slowly brought her arms up and wrapped them around Ichigo's torso, and buried her head in his chest. The latter stiffened in shock at the unexpected gesture.

"Baka, just stay here." she said and sniffled. Ichigo just nodded dumbly and sat down on the bed behind him, once she let go of his midriff. She smiled and grabbed Renji's arm, and left the room. Ichigo faintly herd Renji as the two made there way down the hallway,

" That was awesome! You just yell at him and cry a little, and he just obeys you instantly? How does that wor- agh!" he yelped. Ichigo suspected he just got a kick in the shin. Confirmed when he herd Rukia's reply,

"I was not crying idiot!"

There voices faded away as Ichigo sat on the bed a bewildered look still on his face.

"What the heck just happened?" Ichigo thought.

~ Heh, I'd say you just got owned by a girl! Che, I didn't think the midget had it in her…~

Shirogetsu mused.

Ichigo didn't argue.

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