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Maid For You

"Man… I really don't wanna do this…" my best friend Keiko whined to me.

I immediately replied to that sentiment, "I know Keiks, but we don't have much choice.. He's paying the highest, and he's offering rooms… Or would you rather go flip burgers and have to pay for your own apartment?"

"I'd rather stay here and work for whoever this prissy little bitch is, thanks… Free space to live, plus money equals stupidly amazing deal…" she grumbled sarcastically.

I 'humph'ed and said, "Good, then quit complaining." Although, could I really tell her that? I wasn't looking forward to this anymore than she was… Sure, the free space and the pay were cool, but working as a maid in the Young household? Questionable. Nobody really knew much about that family, all anybody knew was that they were stinking rich and that they liked to keep to themselves. So, two young girls going to a family they knew nothing about was a very intimidating object.

I didn't really want to go either, but I did like money as much as the next kid. Keiko kept muttering to herself.

"If she's so effing rich, why can't the bitch get robots to clean for her?" she grumbled.

"Keiko, we don't even know if it's a girl," I said.

Keiko turned to me and asked, "What, you'd rather it be some creepy old guy, Kim?"

"Aah- No…" I finally mumbled.

"Rest my case," she mumbled, looking back out the window.

When we finally got to the estate, naturally we were both insanely impressed. The building itself was huge, but there was at least an acre in the front yard and there was at least fifty in the back. The building was a tan brick style with occasional cobblestone thrown into the mix. The trimmings around the windows were white. The front walkway looked like marble, just roughened up. The grass was trimmed to a crisp, clean line. There were bushes upon bushes of roses in the front yard. And all of different colors, too. I could've sworn I saw black roses in their! I didn't know those could be naturally grown…!

We walked up to the front door, oak, and I set my bag down to knock. The door opened immediately to a large burly looking man with messy black hair. He had yellowish brown eyes, and an incredibly square chin. He was so built that his veins were bulging out of his hands. Looking at him, we both wondered if he was going to strangle us should we ever screw up.

He smiled weakly at us, not weak like afraid, but weak like he didn't mean it. He greeted us calmly, "Afternoon, ladies… You two must be the new maids…?" We each nodded and he nodded in response. "Good, well the butler will show you to your rooms… Your first assignment will be given to you by Akira…"

An older gentleman with a greying mustache walked over to us and asked us to follow him. He seemed a lot nicer than the man we just met, but then again, he was the butler. He led us down several halls. We passed by a jet black door that had a singed door handle and it had a sign taped to it that had incredibly fancy writing on it that read, 'Do Not Enter'. We were nonetheless, terrified even more. As if that could be a nonetheless situation. It only added to how fricking scared we were!

Finally he led us to a room that had a white door and the label on it said 'Maid Room 12'. 12? They had twelve rooms for their maids?

We were let in. There were two beds; Keiko claimed the bed with the pink blankets. I got the one with the blue. We unpacked a little bit and looked through the room. We found various articles of clothing. Most of which was kind of random, but I decided to take it and make myself a cute little maid outfit. I loved sewing, so it wouldn't matter.

I took a lace skirt and sewed part of it to a blackish grey short sleeved blouse. The sleeves puffed out a little at the bottom. I took the lace trimming and I sewed it to the edges of the sleeves. Then I took the grey skirt and cut the length so it just reached my mid-thigh and I sewed the lace trim to that as well.

I smiled at the dress once they were all sewn together and I put it on. Keiko gave me a 'WTF' look, but I ignored it and observed myself in the mirror. It looked really official, and really cute to boot! Awesome!

There came a knock at our door and Keiko said whoever it was could come in. A woman with red hair, tied in a ponytail, and glasses walked in. She was about to speak, but stopped when she saw Kimiko.

"What the hell…?" she asked.

Keiko groaned, "That's what I said… It's Kimiko, just ignore it and move on…"

"Okay…" the woman returned her gaze to a clipboard in her hand. "You two are Kimiko and Keiko, right…?" she asked before checking to see us nod. "Alright… Your first job is…" she smirked wickedly and looked at us. "Cleaning the young master's bedroom and preparing dinner…!"

Keiko suddenly started puking. What happened, I have no idea, but she ran to the bathroom attached to ours and continued puking.

The woman seemed shocked, but she said softly, "You wanna take the job? She can get the night off if she's sick…"

I groaned, but agreed to do the job. She told me where to find the 'young master's' room and left. I told Keiko she had the night off and left.

Walking down the halls, I went straight, turned right, went left, went straight some more, and made one final right. Just like she told me to.

My legs went weak. The room she had led me to was the black one with the singed handle! WTF WAI ME?

Still, I had no choice… I cautiously knocked on the door. No reply. I slowly opened the door, it was a pull from the outside, and stepped in.

I flipped the light switch and was greeted by an incredibly dusty room with shredded curtains and torn bed sheets and burnt clothes lying everywhere. The only thing that notified me of there being a presence who actually lived here was the continuous trails of dusty footprints going from the wreck of a bed to the door and to other random areas in the room.

Putting my hands on my hips and exhaling, I prepared myself for the work ahead of me.

After sweeping up inches of dust for a good ten minutes, I took the curtains and the bed sheets back to my room and quickly mended the holes and tears and tried to ignore the still vomiting Keiko. I rushed back to the room and stripped the bed. I replaced the sheets and the blankets and then hung the curtains back up. I dusted off the furniture. I threw out the burnt clothes. I made certain to pick up the overturned night stand and sweep up the shattered lamp that had been scattered beside it. I took a rocking chair off the hanger on the wall and put it back where I assumed it should go and then stood back to see if there was anything I missed.

I had missed a crimson shirt halfway under the bed. I knelt to get it and had begun folding it when I heard the soft click of the door and somebody gasp.

I jolted my head toward the door. In the doorway, there stood an absolutely beautiful boy. His long, spiky, black hair contrasted his slightly pale skin in a deathly gorgeous combination. His chin was strong and square, but not hard and firm. His lips were thin, from what I could see, and they looked somewhat pale as well. He looked built, but not as much as that scary guy we met earlier. He was built to a lean perfection. But the most outstanding feature I noted on this incredibly handsome boy were his eyes. The golden, glistening, slit-pupiled, snake eyes glowed in the center of his face and drew one's attention to them instantly. They had a hypnotic grace about them that made my heart beat slower and faster at the same time.

The boy immediately growled in a very dark, threatening tone, "Who let you in here?" Before I could reply, he snapped at me, "Can't you read? The sign says Do Not Enter! GET OUT!"

He had snarled viciously at me with those last words. I immediately set the shirt down and hurried out the door. He slammed it behind me and I nearly fell over from the force of the wind hitting by back. That boy was strong!

I stepped away from the black door and looked at it nervously for a moment or two before I walked down toward the kitchen. Hopefully that boy wouldn't start chasing me down the hall for being in his room.

I got to the kitchen and I found a note on the fridge that said I'd be preparing food for eighteen people. I had to keep a note of that. Eighteen.

"Eighteen… Eighteen… Eighteen…" I repeated to myself as I opened the fridge and started getting ingredients.

"Nineteen… Counting yourself…"

The voice had surprised me. I peered over the edge of the fridge and I'm positive I went sheet white when I came face to face with the boy who had just yelled at me to get out of his room.

And it literally was face to face. He was inches away from me.

I was so surprised that I stumbled and fell forward. I caught myself by grabbing the fridge and the wall, but that didn't stop me from looking like a fool.

My butt stuck up in the air, my legs buckled and spread from the knees down outward, my hands clutching at the wall and fridge, and my face squished against the wall must've looked so graceful.

I noticed the boy didn't do much besides raise an eyebrow at me and peer at my rump. My face heated up when his eyes scanned that part of my body and I quickly jumped back into a standing position.

His eyes slowly returned to my face, but he didn't really look interested in me no matter where he was looking. He tilted his head a little to his left and asked in a rather dull tone, "You can sew?"

I blinked. I quickly bent back into the fridge to grab food and replied, trying not to sound too embarrassed, "Yeah… All the time…"

"Did you sew the outfit you're wearing?" his dull question met my ears slowly.

I lifted my head up as I attempted to find eggs and replied, "Yeah, like it?"

The boy's gaze drifted back to my rump and he said quite plainly, "It's fairly short…"

I felt my face go into the -_- face. Really? Like I didn't notice the dress I made was short…

I finally got the egg carton and some vegetables and meat and such and took it over to the stove and counter. I heard the distinct pad of the boy's shoes as he followed me.

I began boiling water and cooking some of the meat. I took the eggs and fried several of them before putting them in the boiling water. Once the meat was cooked, I put that in as well. I took some sprouts I got and chopped them into thin strips before I put them in the water also.

"Are you one of the new maids…?" the boy asked, nearly making me jump. I had forgotten he was there!

I swallowed and replied, as I put flavorings in the water, "Yup. My friend got sick. She started puking right before we were getting our first assignment…"

"She's not wearing the same thing you are…?" he asked, sounding almost interested.

"Nah, Keiko thought my outfit was dumb. She gave me the face that asked why I made it when I put it on…" I replied, stirring the mix.

I found noodles, too lazy to make them myself, and I put them into the pot. I then began chopping vegetables. Carrots, onions, the whole she-bang.

The boy remained right beside me as I cooked. Occasionally making very little conversation with me.

"Is that soup…?" he asked, motioning to the food that was currently marinating in the broth to absorb and share flavors.

I corrected, like an idiot, "Ramen, actually." I realized I had just corrected him, when I'm the maid, and I quickly rectified my mistake, "But it's…pretty much the same thing…!"

The boy looked at me with a curious expression before he randomly said, "I'm just going to rip the curtains again, you know…"

"Then why would you have them in your room in the first place!" I shouted angrily, but once I did, I tried to fix that too, "Oops, I uh… I mean… Why would you…?"

The boy smirked. "You're not like the other maids…" he commented, "They never even speak to me… They're all afraid I'll get them fired…"

I felt my cheeks heat up. "Why would they be afraid you'd get them fired?" I asked, naturally curious.

He smirked again and replied, "Because I'm their boss's son…" I immediately felt the heat vanish from my face. Aw shit! This was my boss's son? Damn it! Why did I have to be such a doofus? Now he was probably going to get me fired because I yelled at him!

"And often times, I purposely try to set them over the edge, to see which one gets bold enough to criticize me…" he added, watching the pot's lid bounce a little from the steam beneath it. "Most of the time they're too desperate to keep their jobs to even say anything to me… Even if I'm nice to them…"

I detected the tiniest hint of loneliness in his voice. Was he sad that they didn't talk to him? Poor kid. Surrounded by people, but nobody's brave enough to talk to you. Must be a very desolate existence.

I wasn't sure what to say after that. I took the pot lid and set it on the counter. I finally found words to say.

"Well… I'll say hi to you if I see you, okay…?" I offered, not looking at him. I was too embarrassed to look at him.

I didn't see how he reacted, but I did hear him say calmly, "My name is Chase… If you do…"

I looked up quickly, but he was walking away. I didn't get to see if he was serious or if he was joking. Judging by his tone of voice, he had been serious.

I smiled. Chase, huh? Chase Young… Son of my new boss… Well, at least he was cute…

I finally finished the ramen and I began making dumplings.

Once I had made food for everyone, I was greeted by the red haired woman and several other women. They all helped me set up the table and put food out for everyone. There were three separate tables. One I assumed was the Young family's, as the head of the table had gold silverware and such. The other tables weren't as lavishly decorated, but they weren't the poor person's tables either.

After there was food all set up, all the maids gathered at one table. Keiko showed up, but she said she didn't want to risk eating. She just wanted to talk. The table we had was decorated with flowers. The twelve maids, including us two, all introduced themselves. Apparently that red haired woman was Akira and she had been here for ten years. There was some girl here named Ashley who had been here for three years, and everybody else didn't really seem that important to me.

Sitting at the table, I felt someone tap the back of my head. I immediately spun my head around to see who the wisenheimer was, but I immediately lightened up when I saw Chase smirking at how I had reacted. I smiled back at him and then turned back to the others.

All of the maids, except Keiko who was clueless, were staring at me in shock.

"You talk to the master's son?" one maid with purple hair asked me.

I blinked and replied, "Yeah… He said nobody else did, though…"

"Well duh! If we talked to him, we'd be begging to get fired! He tries to get us all mad at him, and if we do, he fires us! And he's the master's son!" another maid told me.

I frowned. "Well maybe he doesn't know how to get you guys to talk to him any other way…!" I argued.

Ashley mumbled, "Believe me, I'd love to talk to him… That boy is drop-dead gorgeous… But he's just so… Unattainable…"

I stared at her in disbelief, but eventually I figured out that simply because he was the boss's son, nobody wanted to risk starting even an acquaintanceship with him! They were all afraid that one false step would get them fired.

"Bunch 'a babies…" I muttered as I sipped up my food.

Once dinner was over, we all began cleaning up the dishes. While I was washing, I was singing 'Breakaway' softly to myself.

"Dreamin of what could be.. and if I'd end up happy… Felt like no one could hear me… something felt so wrong here… so I pray… I could breakawaaaay…." I lulled to myself. I didn't care how old a song was, if it was good, it was worth singing.

"Kiiiiimmm…!" Keiko's warning voice came to my ears. I immediately shut up and scrubbed harder at the pot I had used earlier.

Suddenly I felt a hand poke the back of my head. I distinctly heard Chase's voice say, "Good food, newbie…"

I didn't even bother turning my head. I just smiled and kept cleaning. I began singing again and continued washing.

So, first day on the job, and I had officially been the first maid to make friends with the boss's son… Chase… He seemed nice enough, what did I have to worry about…?

Whatchoo tink? Cute?