Maid For You 11.

Kimiko had finally told Keiko everything she had asked. Keiko was just obsessed with the fact that her best friend was no longer a virgin. She kept talking about how cute their kids would be. Keiko asked her who she thought they'd look like.

"Well I hope they look more like Chase," she said with a smile and a faraway look in her eyes. Keiko giggled and then elbowed Kimiko. Keiko pointed and Kimiko followed her finger with her eyes.

Chase was leaning against the doorframe, smiling mischievously at her and he asked, "You want the kids to look like you?" Kimiko blushed and he walked over to her, tucking her hair behind her ear and he said, "Well I think you're the most beautiful creature on this earth, and if our children could inherit that beauty, I'd die a happy man…"

Keiko went, "Aaaaaawwww!" Both of them looked at her, each of them now beat red. Keiko giggled and said, "And I ruined the moment, didn't I?"

"Just a little," Kimiko said, holding her hand up and making a length with her fingers, showing her how little the moment had been ruined.

Keiko giggled again and said she'd leave them alone. And as soon as she was outside the door, Chase was kissing Kimiko.

When he pulled his lips off Kimiko giggled and asked, "Miss me or something?"

Chase smiled at her and then whispered in her ear, "I couldn't get you out of my mind…" Kimiko sighed and shivered excitedly as he kissed her neck gently.

"I couldn't either," she whispered before wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him in for another kiss.

The happy couple remained in the room for a while longer before Kimiko finally had to go and do her chores. As she did said chores, Chase followed her and occasionally would pull her away to have a battle of tongues with him. Every now and then, Chase would trip her or slap her butt, or scare her; still keeping his childish trait burning strong. Chase may have become incredibly passionate, but he was still Chase, and he enjoyed making Kimiko laugh or mad at him or even have her chase him down the halls. It made him happy to have Kimiko as both a friend and a lover.

Another short chapter… I know… But the next few chapters should have some tension…