The day I killed the Tubbies.

Summary: I killed the Teletubbies... :)

It began with ME watching television. I flicked through the channels until I spotted one which had four colourful figures standing, waving at the TV saying 'EH-OH.' I was suddenly enraged by this encounter and decided to watch the rest of it. After the show had ended I was even more furious and decided to hunt these four freaks down and murder them before there stupid gibberish language meddles with the brains of little kids, making them talk more gibberish which will literally kill everyone. :)

I picked up an SMG and a shotgun which magically appeared on my coffee table and set off to find the 'tubbies. I then found a sign saying 'To 'tubbies land. (Please kill them for fuck sake!)' I entered Teletubby land and saw cute little bunny rabbits and butterflies happily roaming. I saw hundreds of hills in the distance but in the middle was a hill that didn't look much like a hill. It had a door at the front, a couple of windows and a hole at the top of the hill. It must of been a chimney. I climbed up the hill and leapt down the hole, sliding a pathetic, useless slide down inside of the hill. I saw brightly lit machinary in the core and I saw a table with four stools, a bar look-alike thing that had a toaster with a smiley face on.

On the floor was a red purse, a black and white top hat, a massive orange bouncy ball and a scooter. Next to them was a vaccum look-alike thing that was sucking them all up. "This doesn't make no FUCKING sense!" I yelled. The vaccum looked at me suprisingly. I turned around and saw four colourful figures staring at me. "Eh-oh." They greeted cheerfully. I shivered at there stupid, nonsense talk. I aimed my shotgun at the vaccum and fired, blowing it to bits. "Noo-noo!" The yellow one cried. "Tinky-winky, Dipsy, Lala, Po. You are ALL fucking dead. I'll give you 10 seconds to run. 1.. 2.. 10!" I yelled furiously and I aimed my SMG at Lala. I shot a bullet that hit her head, killing her instantly and shot dipsy and chest. They both fell down as I aimed the shotgun at Tinky-winky, taking his head of with a single fire. I then picked up a knife and leapt on Po, knocking her down. I pinned her down and began tearing her up with the knife, killing her.

When I was done, I popped up some tubby-toast and began eating. "Sick fuckers." I scolded. I left the house and walked towards the exit of the land. Before I left, I pulled out a pad with a red button. I pushed it as the land blew up, killing everything that was within in it. I threw the pad to the side and began walking, badass like back to my house. I got in and sat down, looking at the television. I saw the wasteland on the teletubby land, blown to bits with ashes and fire surrounding it. I thought I had saved the world until a new show came out, the Tweenies. I knew I had another job to do, so I did it.

I hope you liked my story, now if you'd excuse me... *Pulls shotgun to screen* I have work to do. BOOM!

Badass ending right? (I don't hate the Teletubbies I just have no interest in it.) Thanks for reading. R&R! :D