Musical Synaesthesia

Characters - 11th Doctor, Amy and Rory.

Summary - The Doctor saves the day. Again. This time he lets Amy and Rory do the talking.

Author's note - This was written (and won!) the music drabble challenge at who_contest on livejournal

Rating - K

"Talk," the Virgotn Judge says. "You have one chance to save them. Make your words count, Time Lord."

They can see Amy and Rory waiting for the sentence. The couple have no idea they are being watched by the aliens condemning them to death. Amy rubs Rory's bruised wrist absently.

The Doctor has a plan. Sort of. The Virgotn language is based on the tonal qualities of sound and that means music is important to their culture. They are also highly telepathic or they would not be in this situation in the first place. He just needs a bit of luck too. He says, "No. I'm not talking. You need to listen to them."

The Judge looks bewildered - a three eyed, round mouthed face is made for that expression. "You do not understand. You are their representative. You must explain why we should spare them."

"I know what you said. I know that they can explain best."

A little luck, he thinks. He tunes out the courtroom noise and focuses on Amy and Rory.

There is a human medical condition called synaesthesia. The brain mixes its sensory pathways so people hear sounds when they look at colours, or experience a taste when they think of a number. Time Lords don't have such a condition, but their brains are probably wired the same way.

The Doctor hears the music of humanity. Their character and their spirit makes the world sing.

("Nothing like your very own theme tune, Rory," he had explained once. "Much more complicated.")

He hears Amy and Rory's music and broadcasts it to the Virgotn.

It is a sorrowful melody just now; they are frightened and hurt. But Amy's sparkle is still there against Rory's sensible counterpoint (that sometimes dissolves into power chords and snare drums just like a theme tune). It is beautiful. He can hear his own notes in there too. Typical. They're about to be executed and they're worrying about him.

The Virgotn face can do compassion too. They listen to the music of Amy and Rory - a duet that never, ever sounded right as a solo. Sad, joyful and full of faith and love.

"I understand," the Judge says eventually. "They will be spared."

"I knew you'd get it," the Doctor says. "But you should hear a whole planet of them. Best thing in the universe."