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I didn't really remember Emmett putting me to bed after our kitchen escapades, more that I was suddenly somewhere warm and fluffy where I tumbled straight into exhausted sleep. When I woke up though, holy fuck did I know I was awake. I hurt everywhere, in places that I didn't even know could suffer from muscle strain. When I got up to use the toilet, gingerly I might add, each footstep made me I feel like I'd been fucked by a freight train. I was walking like John Wayne. John Wayne after three days of straight and hard riding. I seriously wondered if my thighs would ever touch again, or if I was going to be able to continue in this fuckathon that I'd found myself ensconced in.

Not that I was complaining, not really. Every time I thought back to my previous escapades, a delicious shot of arousal spiked through me, making me tingle in all the right places. Standing in the bathroom, looking at my reflection, I absently rubbed my wrists.

Bent kitchen utensils. Really Emmett?

I wondered whether he had been in the boy scouts at any point in his life. But then, I saw something different in my reflection, subtle but obvious to me. I was paler, but that wasn't surprising given that my blood was being drank on a regular basis, but it was that I seemed to glow. Not like radioactive, gonna wake up with superpowers, glowing. But that glow that people talk about in terms of pregnant women, or being very happy. I seemed almost sharper, more...there. My features were more refined; I still looked like me, just different. More. It was...weird.

I leaned closer to the mirror, pushing and prodding at my face, pulling it this way and that, pulling down my lower eye lids to get a closer look at my eyes. Did they seem lighter? More golden tones? Shaking my head and snorting at myself, I snicker at my own over active imagination until I remember what Emmett mentioned about my transformation. Is that what this was? Me transforming? I didn't feel any different. Too tired and sore to really care about it at that point, I hobbled back to bed, falling onto the downy cover and not even bothering to cover myself up before I passed back out into blissful slumber.


My next wake up was much more pleasurable. I was all warm and tingly, my abdomen tight and ready to burst. A groan escaped my lips as my back arched and I let out a long drawn out sigh as I recognised the delicious feeling of a tongue caressing my sex. The ache that had been there previously was being lapped and kissed away, his mouth soft but insistent as he tasted and urged me towards climax. It took me a while, but it soon became clear that I wasn't flat on my back, instead I was leaning against another someone's chest, his legs spread with me nestled between them. Each gyrating movement of my hips ground me against his hard cock, his lips on my throat as his hands travelled over my waist and up to cup my breasts.

"Yes, please," I moaned out, all wanton and husky.

"Mmm, good morning, sweetheart," he whispered into my ear just as his fingers and thumbs surrounded my nipples and pulled delightfully.

"Ben?" I gasped out, just about coherent enough to recognise his cockney accent. My whole body jerked at their attentions, the mystery vampire with the magic, healing tongue, gripped and groped my ass to keep me where he wanted me.

Trust me; I wasn't fighting to move away.

"Uh huh, sweetheart, and it's Peter down there, feasting on your pussy...kissing it all better," he purred into my ear, my head lolling back against him and his lips ghosting over me, his breath icy and shocking as it whispered against my overheated skin. "Isabella, say thank you to Peter for kissing your kitty better."

"Thank you, Peter." Breathless. Absolutely, deliriously, breathless.

"You're welcome, Sugar," he growled from between my legs, leaving my sex for just a moment.

"We've been waiting on you waking up, sweetheart...sitting patiently, letting you get your rest. Only we got...impatient." He bit down, enough for me to feel the prick on his incisors. The sting sending spikes of energy down my spine, my shoulder blades twitching as my breath hitched further.

The groan that was my expelled breath just kept on coming, and coming, and coming.

Pun totally, and utterly, mindboggling...ly, intended.

Ben came behind me, his cock twitching and jerking against my back, his come making me shiver. The pleasure just kept right on going, spurred on by the vibrations of Ben's growls of completion and Peter's avid and attentive use of his tongue. And then teeth. Teeth in my neck and inner thigh. Teeth and sucking and I was coming all over again.

I think I screamed.

In a good way.


"Come on, sweetheart, you need to drink."

Metallic sweetness filled my nose, and without even the energy to open my eyes, my tongue darted out in its own bloodlust fuelled instinct. My mouth soon followed, latching on and sucking eagerly, the blood working like some mythical tonic, vigour and downright oomph returning to my body.


But then it was taken away. I didn't like that.

"More," I unapologetically groaned out.

"C'mere, sugar, I've got what you need."

I moved forward, or maybe I was helped. Whichever it was, Peter's arms wrapped around me and pulled me onto his lap, his neck against my lips and the wound already open and flowing.

"All done now, Sugar?" Peter asked as I pulled away, licking my lips.

"Yeah...good morning, boys," I said, stupid grin firmly set in place as I nuzzled up against him.


Making my way down to my office, my walk was confident and full of hippy-hippy sway. My heels were higher, skirt swishier, and my shirt was celebrating the letter 'V' with enthusiasm. Peter and Ben had left me to shower, each giving me a slow and memorable kiss before they left my apartment, and I had luxuriated in my shower for a while.

I felt different.

Awake. Like, really awake. And somewhat bouncy. Even my hair felt bouncy. I mean, I wasn't twitching like the Energizer bunny or anything, but I certainly felt...different. I ran down the stairs, not even looking where my feet were going. And I was in heels.


Not that it occurred to me till afterwards, but yeah, it was cool. I may have grown out of my overly clumsy self, but I still considered confident walking in high, high heels to be a super power. And there I was. Running. Down stairs.

And I'm still alive.

It wasn't just that either. I hadn't needed base or powder when I was doing my make-up, my skin had been flawless and my complexion porcelain instead of just washed out pale. And my hair? I felt like I should be wandering around, flicking it over my shoulder in slow motion and purring out 'Because I'm worth it'.

Yep, it's fake, shiny for advertising purposes, good.

Whatever the reason for my sudden epic-tastic hair day, I knew that my guys were the source of it. Transformation, that's what Emmett had said. It made sense, I guess, how the hell was I supposed to keep up with these guys if I didn't become like them?

A little from each of them. That's how Emmett had put it. I'd tasted Carlisle, Edward, Emmett, Peter and Ben. Only Jasper to go. Though, thinking about it, I had drunk from Carlisle twice...or was it Edward?

Either way, it only left Jasper for me to blood share with. Jasper, who was currently walking towards me as I came upon my office.

All of my guys oozed a certain undeniable appeal, each igniting my inner nymphomaniac in their own special way, but Jasper was one on his own. And he was looking right at me.

Licking my lips seemed to be an involuntary reaction, the sweet cherry of my lip gloss tingled my taste buds and my whole world came down to just me and Jasper and this hallway. His eyes were a deep gold, and trained on mine, his mouth was lifted into a smirk that made promises all on its own. And when he licked his own lips, my knees nearly buckled.

He sped to me, nothing but a blurred rush of wind for a second before I was pinned up against the wall, my hands flat against it and head back as I looked up at him.

"Sweet, little Miss Bella, all grown up." I didn't really know what to say to that, so I kept quiet before I blurted out something ridiculous about being able to walk in heels now. Instead, I watched him, studied him, took all of him in. His eyes roamed over my face, occasionally dipping down to admire the dip in my shirt. He was all hard lines, rugged features. His eyes wide and expressive and his lips full and parted slightly. I watched his nostrils flare, his chest expanding as he took in a deep breath. I almost whimpered when as I watched darkness stain his eyes black.

"I can scent them all on you, did you know that?"he asked as he leant down further, his nose breathing me in as it ran along my goose prickled skin,

"No," I breathed out, but I liked that he could.

He chuckled, all man, a deep and melodic rumbling, "Oh, you like that, don't you Miss Bella?"

"Yes," another breath, nothing more, my eyes drift shut.

"You like knowin' that we can all leave our mark...our scent mingled with yours?" His big hand cradled the back of my head as he nuzzled against my neck. "I can feel your affection...your love for us, Miss Bella. I can feel your need."

Feel? There seemed to be...something...oh yes...important, about...about...ohGodhewasnowsuckingonmyear.

"I can feel your need and want, for me, Miss Bella," he said this as he pressed fully against me, and I could definitely feel his need for me.

Is that a fireman's pole in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

I was starting to really wonder if I'd need a vaginal transplant soon.

"No need to worry, Miss Bella," he whispered. Straight into my ear...and apparently my crotch. "If you could take Emmett, you'll have no problem taking me within you. And soon."

And then he was gone.

And I was panting like I'd just gone ten rounds with Tyson, thanking the wall for not shifting and holding me up nicely.

"Fuck," I whispered, it would've been a whimper it there had been any volume to it. "Teasing bastard," I cursed, though I said it with a grin, laughter lightening my words.

Get a grip, the world does not revolve around my lady bits. Well...actually it kinda does here. Okay, so not helping.

I went to straighten my clothes, but they didn't need it. Jasper had got me so hot and bothered that I'd barely remembered that anything existed past him and he had scarcely touched me. So, I carried right on my way, grinning my own smug grin. My hippy-hippy sway was in full swing (pun kinda intended) as I clicked my way towards my office.

The door was open, but I didn't think much of it as I strode through, going straight towards my desk. There was a whole new pile of paper work on there, and I shook my head in disbelief when I saw that it was all done and dusted and needed nothing more than filing. I knew the reasons why they had brought me there, but it still seemed redundant that they did my job for me sometimes. A note was pinned to the desk bellow it, a little Post-It note.

Figured you must me tired after last night,

You can say thank you when I see you next,


You know that time that someone writes *dies* on their Twitter or Facebook or whatever? Yeah, that was totally me at that moment. I walked around to place it in my locked drawer though, because it was sweet. And cute. And it made me smile.

"Look at you! You're all office porned up!"

I'll admit it, I screamed. Loudly.

"Whoa, Bella, calm down!"

Angela and Jessica. Standing across the office from me, both trying not to laugh. Me? I was leaning against my desk, hand on heart and glaring at them.

"Calm down? How's about you two don't sneak up on me like that?" I snapped, harsher than I'd really meant to. But shit, my heart was going like a woodpecker on speed that'd just eaten a load of worms that were also hopped up on stimulants.

"We've been standing here the whole time, Bells," Jessica pointed out.

"Yup, you walked right by us when you came in," Ange continued.

"Looking all dreamy eyed and flushed," Jess added, with an almost feral grin.

"And then you saw the note," Ange pointed out, smiling wide.

"Which made you blush and sigh and bite your lip," Jess said.

"Oh yeah, must've been a doozy."

"Wish we'd found it before you got here."

Yeah...I don't.

I grin, going for blasé and wave at them as if to say it was nothing. "So...what are you two doing here. Not that I mind, of course," I tag on quickly, not wanting to offend them.

"Oh, we were just on our way back from work."

"For those of us that work normal hours," Jess piped in.

"And we thought we'd come in and see if we could steal you away for the night."

"Oh...well, I'm sorry, girls, but I'm working," I spoke apologetically as I took a seat at my desk.

Somewhat startled to see Ben sitting beneath it, grinning cheekily up at me.

"Bells, you alright?" Ange asked, looking concerned.

"Er...yeah, I'm fine. Fine," I added the second 'fine' as if that wouldn't make me sound any less of a mad person. "So...yeah," I squeak, Ben's hands moving slowly up my legs. "Maybe...maybe another time?"

Ange just continued to look at me strangely, while Jess took over with exuberance. "Oh, don't worry about that, we've already spoken to Carlisle and he says that you deserve some down time."

My knees smacked the insides of the desk with a resounding bang as Ben made his move, and I smiled innocently up at Ange and Jess and tried to speak while Ben's face began licking my sex with fervour.

"Cramp," I stated as if that explained everything.

"Right...cramp...so, anyways, we'll meet you at the bar in a half hour?" Jess asked. Ange was too busy looking at my desk.

Thank fuck for back covers, because Ben's fingers were currently penetrating me. I slid down a little in my chair, trying to look relaxed and not like I was attempting to widen my legs as much as possible.

"Yeah...oh...yeah, a half hour that sounds." I made a much undignified 'eep' noise as Ben nipped at my thigh with his teeth. And not in a nice way. "Not good, I have to...do..." someone "something and, fort-"another nip, "An hour?"

Oh yeah, he liked that, he liked that a lot...Oh God...yeah, definitely...liked...that.

"Is that?" I heard Jess exclaim. To be perfectly honest, it was all I could do to keep the smile on my face and not throw my head back and moan loudly.

"Yes, yes it is...alright that is. We'll see you later, Bella!" Ange said, dragging a giggling Jess out of the room and slamming the door behind them.

For the next hour, Ben took up Peter's mantle of kissing my kitty better, made it all 'sore' again, and then had to make sure that it was all good and better again before I left to meet Angessica. Twenty minutes late.


I had just run into the bar, my chair almost tipping sideways as I'd tried to stop myself moving. My apologies had been waved away and a drink had been set down in front of me.

I thought I'd gotten away with it. I was wrong.

"So..." Angela hedged, a smirk on her face that usually meant she was about to ask something embarrassing. "Who was that in the office with you when we saw you earlier?"

I balked. Panicked. And started rambling like a moron, "What?" I exclaimed, way too high. "There was no one there but you, me, and Jessica. As if. You were there...no one. What, do you think they were hiding in the filing cabinets? As if." I looked out the window, rolling my eyes as I saw the whole crew sitting outside the station. It was a normal sight, but now I lived with them and had fucked most of them. Yeah, I needed somewhere else to look if I were going to get through this Angessica interrogation.

Oh, look a pretty tree –

"Cut the shit, Bella. You don't know that there's a gap between the back of your desk and the floor? I saw the guy's shoes for God's sake. And you're whole 'Oh, it's just cramp'." I looked at her with wide eyes, narrowing them when she did a lame ass impression of me. "You were practically panting."


Out of the corner of my eye, I could see my guys all laughing and smacking Ben on his shoulder. Fucking men.

"Shoes?" I asked weakly, fighting the urge to wriggle in my seat at the thoughts of that particular encounter. I swear it was a miracle that I ever got any work done in that place.

"Oh yes, shoes," Jessica shot in. "Now spill!"

They both leaned forward in their chairs, their faces as eager as a teenage boy with his first porn magazine.


"Oh, come on! You can tell us, since when have you ever kept anything like that to yourself?"

"Yeah, Bella, tell us all the dirty details. Was it Jasper?"

"Ooh, or Carlisle? I can just see him being one to enjoy a little 'who's your daddy' in the office."

I nearly choked.

"Or Edward?"

Yeah, but that was on and against the fire engine. Cause that's how I roll.

"No Emmett! No, wait, there's no way he'd fit under that desk."

"No, but I reckon he'd be able to throw you around the bedroom and have you in all sorts of positions. He's sooooo big," Jessica cooed, lost in her own imagination.

Me? Yeah, I was right there with her.

"Ben." I blurted out. I couldn't take any more of their theories, or the fact that they were so damn close to the mark.

I also chose not to mention that it had been Peter about a half hour before, or that he'd woke me up with his face in my hoo-ha and that I'd basically humped Ben to orgasm at the same time. I kept quiet about Carlisle's 'welcome to the workplace', or the make-out threesome that I'd had with Carlisle and Edward soon after. Emmett didn't get mentioned, with his sex Godlike control and manipulation of kitchen utensils. Or his monster cock...which had lead to the various different times that Peter and Ben had, so thoughtfully, kissed me all better. Or, as Ben had put it, kissed my kitty better.

Yup, 'Bella: Sex Goddess, future vampire hive queen, and owner of six amazing vampire cocks, and owner of the ever tingling lady bits,' would be keeping that to herself.

"Ben? Ooh, Bella, did it with the cockney!" Jessica grinned, and then leaned even further forward, stage whispering in a really bad British accent, "Did he make you scream for Queen and Country?"

Jesus fuck did he ever.

Queen, country and everything else in between, all around and there was even some deities thrown in there too.

I coughed after downing the whole of my drink. "Yeah, you could say that."

"Damn, Bella," Angela said, sitting back and shaking her head at me with an amazed smile on her face. "I never thought I'd see the day that Bella Swan had dirty, dirty, voyeuristic sex...in her office...with her best friends present."

I stared at her for a moment, hell; it wasn't as if I could argue with her. The guys may have starred in my fantasies since I'd first seen them, but I never imagined that I'd actually get to live them out.

Life is gooooood.

"Yeah...well..." what's a girl to do when she discovers a hot guy hiding under her desk to rip her panties off and kiss her kitty better? Say thank you, spread her legs and sing hallelujah, that's what. Right then, I needed another drink. So, waving my arm like a mad woman, I caught the waitress's attention. "Another round of the usual, please, and can you add some shots of tequila, please. In fact...keep them coming."

I turned back to my two best friends with what I hoped was a confident look on my face.

Two hours later Angessica were blitzed. They were at that point that the person thinks everything is funny, and gets all handsy when letting someone know that. Currently, they were falling over each other as they begged...and I do mean begged...me to invite the guys over so that they could do body shots off them.

It wasn't that I didn't want to do that, the idea of licking salt, and then slurping Tequila off their bodies was a good one. And, surprisingly, I didn't feel threatened when I thought of Ange and Jess doing the same thing. I just didn't think the guys would be up for it. I mean, they're not my on call sex slaves, or personal entertainment. My cell buzzed, interrupting the latest round of 'but pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase!', and I opened the text message, smiling when I saw it was from Edward.

We'll do it, but only if you want us too.


"Is that them? It's them, isn't it? Gimme!" Jess squealed, jumping up and leaping across the table.

Wide eyed and laughing my ass off, I shift sideways to avoid her grabbing hands, only to bump into a very determined Angela.

"Just...give me...the damn phone, Bella," she grunted, wrestling with me.

"Ange, have you gone mad?" I screamed, losing my grip.

"Nope...just," Jess started to tickle me, "Gotcha!"

I was left half hanging off my chair, while the two of them squealed and replied to my text. I cast a curious look out the window as I righted myself, trying to look as if I hadn't just been mauled by my two best friends. I also reminded myself never to take them up on their offers to accompany them to sales conventions.

The front of the station was empty.

"Bella, here you go," Ange said, somewhat sheepishly, as she gave me my cell phone back.

"What did you send back to them? They're my work colleges, do you want me to get fired?" I asked, a little pissed at what they'd done.

I think it had more to do with me being a lot more sober than them. Which was weird, in and of its self, to be honest.

"Oh, hush, why would Edward have said they'd do it if they were gonna fire you?"

Jessica snorted, and then full out giggled, "Fire? Fire? Get it? They're fire-fighters...and you said 'fire'!"



"Oh fuck, Bella, here they come!" Ange went all uber girly on me, and I couldn't say I blamed her really.

Cause right then, three of my six, gorgeous vampire fire-fighters came striding into the bar. I gulped, Jessica sighed, and Angela whimpered.

They each walked forward and offered us an arm. Edward for Angela, Carlisle for Jessica, and Peter for me. We accepted.


"We thought it best if we were to continue this in Bella's apartment," Edward said softly. All velvet and undeniable persuasion. I wondered whether he could get someone to do just about anything with that voice of his.

And so we did.

The nine of us were in my apartment, most of us sitting on my huge L shaped sofa, while Peter and Edward set up an eyeboggling amount of alcohol on my kitchen island. I leant a little sideways; my head upturned a little to whisper to Carlisle covertly, "Did you guys just buy all of this in when you heard us talking?" The smile that spread across Carlisle's face was the only answer I needed. It seems he was looking forward to this as much as we were. There was something else I needed to ask, "Um...don't you think that this all seems a little...unproffesional? Considering that you're my employers and all."

Carlisle's answer was simple, "Even employer's need some down time, do we not?"

Good point.

The next half hour went like this: The guy's managed to coax both food and water into Angela and Jessica, sobering them up a little. They gave it to me too, but I was nothing more than tipsy, my alcohol tolerance level seemingly having risen. Then they sat the three of us down, facing the make shift bar. And took their shirts off.

"Oh." Angela.

"My." Me. Because, well, you know, they are mine.

"Exploding lady bits!" Jessica. Though, I was sure we were all thinking it.

"So," Ben said, leaning back against the counter top, looking for all the world like he was about to take part in a photo shoot. "Who's first?"

I'd never seen them move so fast, but both Angela and Jessica were on their feet in less than a nanosecond.

"I am!" they both said, turning to glare at each other. "No, I'm going first." They said, once again insync.

"Ladies?"I asked, laughing lightly. "Why don't you both go first, I'm sure we can have two at the same time."

Oh...the images that brought up.

I saw Ben and Peter smirking at me, Edward and Carlisle's eyes had darkened and they were staring at me intently. I swallowed and tried to ignore what was rushing through my mind, the last thing we needed was Angessica to realise just how close I was to all of these guys.

"Sounds good to me," Ben said, hopping up onto the island while Emmett stood at the end, reclining against it. The others moved away, coming to surround me with their presence, and while neither Angela nor Jessica could see it, they each had a hand on my person. I wasn't complaining.

Ben lay down and motioned for Angela to come to him, Emmett remaining standing, but doing the same. I watched, still feeling not even a hint of jealously, as Angela used the lime to leave a wet path across Ben's chest, before putting the wedge into his mouth. While she poured the salt over him, Jessica was standing in front of Emmett. Jess watched, seemingly transfixed, as Emmett drew the zingy line over himself before putting the lime in his mouth and handing her the salt. And then, and Jessica's weakening knees attested to her state of mind right then, he placed the shot glass full of tequila in the waist band of his jeans.

Ben just poured the liquor into his navel.




It wasn't quite as simple as that. I'm pretty sure that Angela didn't have to have her hand on Ben's crotch, she was more than capable of standing up on her own, but she insisted that she needed the stability. Jessica? Well, I was positive that given the chance, Jess would've not only slipped the shot glass from Emmett's waist band with her teeth, thrown her head back and swallowed. She would've gladly gone to town on his huge cock too.

Not that I could blame either of them, but I was happy as a pig in shit that neither of them could actually do that.

Once finished, the girls staggered back to their seats, both with satisfied and bemused smiles on their faces.

"Your turn," Carlisle whispered into my ear.

"Who's it going to be, Angel?" Emmett asked as his brow cocked.

I glanced back at my friends, seeing that they were leaning on each other, almost asleep.

I looked all of my guys over in turn, but I already knew who it was that I was going to choose. The hallway incident was still fresh in my mind. His voice, his almost caress, his breath whispered against my skin and his teasing touches. It was payback time.

My own smile spread across my lips, a teasing smirk that rivalled those that I usually received from my guys. "Jasper. On the island, please."

"Yes, ma'am."

I stood back and watched him hop right on up there, lying down, his arms on either side of him and his eyes never once leaving mine. I took my time, my gaze raking over his exposed skin. Taking in each and every dip and rise of his muscles, the pale white of his skin. I reached out and, with just a single fingertip; I ghosted it over his cool exterior, running it down from between his pecs and over his abs, stopping when I reached his waist band. I licked my lips, and deftly undid the first couple of buttons on his fly, tugging the jeans down a couple of inches, knowing that if I went just a little further, he would be fully exposed to me. I stopped though, because that wasn't what this was about. Looking back up at him, I reach blindly for a wedge of lime, placing it over his right nipple and climbed up onto the island myself, straddling his thighs.

His cock was hard beneath me, steel against my own soft skin. I resisted the urge to roll my hips, wanting him to need me, to feel the need that he'd brought out in me earlier. Arching my back, I leaned down, my hair falling over his stomach and I watched with not just a little pride as I saw his muscles twitch as I felt his hips jerk. Ever so slowly, I ran the lime up over his skin, up and up until I was at his neck. I didn't stop though, after all, I'd always enjoyed plenty of salt with my tequila.

When I sat up, Jasper's eyes were black as night, his muscles taught with tension and his breathing a quick pant. I smiled when I noticed that his hands were gripping the island, and I idly wondered if I could make him loose control enough to actually crush it between his fingers. A low moan caught my attention and I looked to the side, gasping when I saw that my guys were each curled up with one another. Their hands roaming over each other's bodies as they watched Jasper and I. It was a veritable buffet of manly yumminess.

And it was all mine.

I did, however, frown when I saw that Angela and Jessica were nowhere to be seen.

"We put them in your bed, I didn't think you'd mind," Peter said, in between nuzzling Ben's neck.

No...No, I didn't mind. Not one bit.

Jasper's hand cupping my jaw brought my attention fully back to him. "They're enjoyin' the show, Miss Bella," his voice was gravelly and husky, sensuous and thick. I shivered.

Staying upright astride Jasper's hips, I poured a thin trail of salt over the path of citrus that I had paved and then took my time pouring the shot. I could almost sense Jasper's impatience; I could definitely see it in his tension wrought frame. I just smiled at him and placed the shot glass between his lips. Scooting back a little, I lapped at the salt, the contrast between the sweetness that is purely Jasper, danced on my taste buds. I took my time, making sure to get every last, minute grain of salt as my tongue travelled over his body and up along his neck. I nipped at his ear and heard it. The crunch of granite. I'd be needing a new countertop. And I was extraordinarily pleased about that.

Fastening my eyes with his, I locked my lips securely around the small glass and sat up, flinging my head back and knocking back the liquid, shivering as it burnt a delightful path down my throat. A small shift and I opened my eyes to see that Jasper had sat up, his strong hands on my hips and his eyes staring intently into mine. The lime wedge was held between his teeth, I could see his fangs as they dug into it, the juice dripping down his chin. I didn't hesitate, I took the lime from him, sucking for just a second before it was gone and I was licking the escaping juice from his lips and chin.

I could've had him then, could've kissed him fully and ridden him into the sunset and beyond. But that wasn't what this little exercise was about, payback was a bitch, and I was planning on showing him that I was no plaything.

With one last lick, I leant back, my smile triumphant. "Good boy," I purred, and descended from my perch. Ben and Peter immediately wrapping themselves around me.

I knew that Jasper wasn't mad at me, this wasn't a malicious game that we played, and we both knew that we'd feel the other fully. 'Soon,' he'd said. His smirk and dark eyes echoed my sentiments. And then I was alone with Ben and Peter, and I was desperately aroused, giving myself willingly into their deft and knowing hands and touches. Ben's mouth descended on mine, claiming me, nipping at my lips as Peter's hands lifted me, my legs wrapping around Ben's waist as Peter pinned me between the two of them. They carried me somewhere; I didn't care where as long as they didn't stop touching me. My clothes disappeared one by one as we went, out of my apartment and through the quiet corridors of the station. The heels of my feet pushing down on Ben's ass let me know that he was just as naked as I was, his cock straining as I rubbed my overheated sex against it. Peter never strayed away longer than it took to divulged each of us of our clothing.

My hands were all over each of them, my lips and teeth and tongue working to taste as much of their skin as I could get to. I was lost to sensation, barely able to catch my breath under the onslaught of need and lust their touches were clawing out of me. Sound began to echo and we stopped, my head now leaning back against Peter's shoulder as I opened my eyes, seeing our destination.

"The shower room?" I asked, all breathy.

"Oh, yes, sweetheart, Peter and I are going to get you all sorts of wet."

Well now, isn't that a promise that no sane woman would ignore?

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