After Godric's death, Helga moved to Rowena's tower. She eventually grew very old and much, much too frail to teach anymore, but adored spending her retirement with her children and grandchildren. Helena was her constant companion.

On a beautiful summer night, the anniversary of Rowena's death, Helga lay atop her cushions on the worn sofa, wrapped in blankets and feeling completely exhausted. Although she had repeatedly assured Morgana and Godric (who now taught at Hogwarts themselves) that she was well, and merely tired easily in her old age, something was different tonight. Helga could feel it. She watched Helena, who floated near the tower window, reflecting starlight from the skies outside.

"You will stay, when I cannot?" Helga asked softly, unable to even move; she felt drained of all her strength.

"For all of eternity." Helena's smile was bitter. She turned, and saw immediately the change in Helga's demeanor. "I will fetch them," she said quietly.

"Thank you, my dear," Helga sighed.

Helena paused before the wall, looking back. "I love you, Aunt."

Helga smiled. "I love you, Helena. May you find peace here."

"Tell Mother…" Helena trailed off.

Helga nodded slowly, her eyes sliding shut. "Very soon, I think."