Chapter 2 - It's not my problem if you don't see what I see

One Week Later.

"Minerva" gentle blue eyes stared across the short expanse of the chess table into the dismissive emerald eyes of the deputy of Hogwarts. "I am not judging you, quite the opposite in fact. I am hoping you will acknowledge the opportunity for happiness." The fire crackled in the privacy of Albus's living room, the walls here some of the few in the castle free from the prying eyes of portraits.

"Honestly Albus, how can you say such utter tosh. She is a student." As Albus opened his mouth Minerva beat him to it. "And before you start, I feel nothing for her."

Albus was beginning to suspect he should have gotten his companion drunk before beginning this conversation. The two glasses of whiskey didn't seem to have relaxed her much. There was a flexible rod of iron that ran through Minerva, she bent when she needed to, but by God she could be stubborn when she dug her claws her in.

The distinguished wizard's head bowed as a sigh escaped his lips. "Tabby, I will be dead within the year. I have spent my life fighting darkness, though for far less noble reasons than you have. Throughout my life I made more mistakes then I care to acknowledge and I will leave this world with many regrets. As one dear friend to another will you grant me a final wish?"

Straightening in her chair Minerva didn't flinch from the watery stare of her closet friend, no matter how hard she found his gaze to hold.

"Aye, I will." The words were thick with her normal mild Scottish accent. "You know I'll do whatever I can to aide you in your preparations." It was clear she suspected the trap but saw no way to avoid it.

Albus nodded, he knew his request would draw Minerva's ire but in the end he believed it to be in her best interests.

"When Hermione graduates, ask her out for dinner." Holding up a finger to halt Minerva's rant from beginning he continued. "I know you Tabby, and Hermione is only the second person whom I have ever thought could be a good match for you. And the other as we both know, you had no interest in."

Seeing the anger growing on Minerva's face Albus ploughed on hating that he was manipulating her with guilt into agreeing but seeing no alternative.

"Please Tabby, there is very little light in this world these days. Let me face the next adventure knowing you have a chance to be happy and in love. One dinner, and should you hate every minute of it then you can have the satisfaction of proving me wrong."

Minerva sighed, fingers kneading her forehead. Why was it that Albus could get her to agree to anything he wanted? Damn manipulative bastard.

"I need another glass of whiskey."

Albus quirked an eyebrow at her.

"I am not about to agree to date a student when I'm sober Albus." She rolled her eyes as if that should be obvious. "One dinner, no more than that Albus."

Albus smiled widely as he poured a generous glug of whiskey into Minerva's waiting glass. Now he just needed to talk to Miss Granger.

"Why is it you can manipulate half the wizarding world, but ministers for magic always cause you such trouble?"

"I believe the job comes with curse freeing them from being affected by my considerable charm." He allowed himself to smile at Minerva as he savoured the taste of the expensive liquor.

Minerva shook her head, weather in amusement or frustration Albus wasn't sure. "If I had known that I would've run for office years ago."

Sorry this snippet is such a tease it is the shortest thing I have ever posted all other chapters will be longer than this. I will try to update quickly to make up for the length of course reviews help motivate me … hint hint. Oh and I feel compelled to say that we won't see Dumbledore's conversation with Hermione.