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Chapter Seven:

"Slade." Robin snarled as he placed his hand on his staff of his belt. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, you see, now that dear Raven no longer has a place among you Titans. I've come to claim her."

"No longer has a place? Of course she does. Raven will always be a Titan!" Robin felt him self stepping in front of the empath as he pulled out his weapon.

"Ah that's where you're wrong, Robin. Or do I have to remind you of the last time Terra was a part of your team." Slowly Slade began to approach the two. "The neglect you all made poor Raven suffer. All those movie and pizza nights you happened to forget her. I'm sure she remembers, don't you Raven."

Raven glared at him in the coldest of ways. "Leave me alone. I'd never go anywhere with you."

"Is that blood again, Little Witch? I see daddy never taught you not to play with knives." Slade chuckled as he pulled a blade from his belt. "He may have taught you nothing, but before his destruction your father let me in on a few secrets. Secrets that, undeniably, decide the fate of this world."

Beast Boy groaned slightly as he blinked open his eyes. His head was pounding, and he felt like his entire body was filled with lead.

"Oh man...what villain did we fight?" He whispered softly.

"Yourself." Beast Boy sat up slightly to see Cyborg typing away at the computer "Nice to see you awake."

"What do you mean myself?" Cyborg simply pointed towards Beast Boy's left and he slowly turned and was shocked by what he saw. Laying on the bed bedside him was...well him. Just, he looked a bit older, a bit taller, a bit more filled out in the chest and arms. His fangs were longer and sharper. "Is that..."

"The Beast, yes."

"And how is he.."

"Here. We aren't quite sure yet. It seems as though he split the two of you. Which in turn split Raven and Terra." Cyborg turned away from the computer.

"Raven and Terra. So that means- Terra is she okay? She's still alive right?"

"Yes, they are BOTH just fine." Cyborg said with a sigh. "But I still have some things to run with-"

"See ya!" The green boy was out the door in the blink of an eye. He rushed down the hall of the tower, his feet leading him down the familiar path toward Terra's room. He paused outside the door to catch his breath before letting the door slide to the side. Standing at the window, in a room that hadn't changed a bit, was the girl Beast Boy had given his heart to so long ago. "Terra?"

"Beast Boy?" She turned around and looked at him. Beast Boy moved so fast it was as if he teleported across the room and enveloped the girl in a hug.

"You're here, you're really, really here." He whispered into her hair.

"Yea, thanks to Raven." Terra slowly pushed Beast Boy out of the hug. "She worked really hard for this to happen, you know that right."

"Oh, I know. She really wanted you back, I mean we all did but. You know."

"Beast Boy. Stop." Terra covered his mouth. "Raven didn't do this for me, or for the Titans. She did it..for you."

"What do you mean?"

"You were so adamant about having me back here..she was pressured, ya know?"

"Pressured by me?"

"Well.." Terra paused and turned away from Beast Boy. "It's..complicated."

"Who? Who was pressuring her?"

"The Beast."

"So, he wasn't just..here all of a sudden?" Beast Boy said with a slight tremor in his voice.

"No, according to Raven he's been taking over you for a little while again. He's.. well Beast Boy he hurt her, a lot. He was giving her incentive to work harder to find that one solution that would make you happy." Terra looked at the green teen and saw his fist tighten at his sides. "I'm sorry Beast Boy, but the Beast he's gotten strong. Strong enough to where he's-"

"Here in the flesh." Beast Boy sighed. "We have a lot of work to do."

He slowly touched Terra's cheek and smiled. "At least we have you back, Terra."

"Beast Boy, I-"

Beast Boy had cut off her sentence with his lips pressed against hers. He held the blonde girl close and tangled one of his hands within her hair. He had missed her, and he wanted this kiss to let her know just how much. He managed to get her back pressed against the wall and he let his hand travel down the curves of her toned body as his kissed trail from her mouth down her neck and back to her jaw.

"Beast Boy.." Terra said breathlessly. Beast Boy pressed his mouth to hers again, a signal for her not to talk-not to ruin such a magical moment for him to have her here.

Raven and Robin were covered in a cold sweat as they dodged every swing of blade and punch that Slade launched at them. But, the two titans were visibly starting to tire as each parry came closer and closer to landing a blow upon them. The most troubling thing seemed to be that Slade himself did not tire, he did not slow, and the force of each attack did not weaken.

"Looks like the titans may be lacking a bit these days? What's the matter, too many trips to the pizza parlor?" Slade slashed his blade at Robin and it caught him down his arm from shoulder to elbow. Robin gasped in pain and stumbled back his hand covering the blood from the other slightly. Raven stopped mid-air stunned as the boy wonder fell to his knees, the pain evident on his face. "Poor little Birdy. Can't fly away?"

Slade chuckled evilly and placed his blade at the base of Robin's throat. He traced the tip of it across the jawline of his face.

"How easy it would be, to end your life. But no, now is not the time." Slade brought his knee into Robin's jaw causing a loud crack to erupt from it. Robin fell to the side and groaned in pain as Slade kicked once more landing a blow against his ribs. "No, you must live as a example of what will happen if you Titans stand in my way again."

Robin stood slowly grabbing his sides and looked past Slade to his empath friend. The eye contact was made and Robin willed for her to go back into the tower and tell the others. Raven disappeared without a sound and Slade was none the wiser to her disappearance. Instead, he grabbed Robin by the hair and smashed his face into his own knee. He then threw the titan onto the ground and kicked him once more. Blood covered the roof of the Titan Tower, but Slade was not finished making his example really known. Instead, he pulled out his blade again and walked to the boy that was coughing up blood in a crouch.

"I'm not going to lie to you, Robin. This is going to hurt." He laughed evilly as he took his blade and stabbed it into Robin's gut. Robin let out a scream of anguish as Slade pulled it back out again. "I missed all of your organs, so the wound won't kill you. But, your painful screams are reassuring that I have gotten my point across."

The door to the roof burst open and a blast from Cyborg's cannon came launching at Slade. He jumped out of the way and landed on the edge of the building.

"I will be back, Titans. And when I am I want my prize. If you know what's good for you next time you won't fight." And with that he fell backwards off the roof and was gone.

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