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Six Months Later...


I am standing in my mothers wedding gown. I hate that I am alone. I know that I asked to be, but I really miss my parents in this moment.

As a few tears start to fall, I love that I feel your loving mother, Esme, wrap her arms around me and whisper the sweetest words to me.

I dry my eyes because I would hate to ruin the beautiful makeup job that your sister, Alice, did for me.

I cannot wait to meet you at the altar, but I hate that time is both going too quickly and too slowly.

I will soon be your wife, I love that name will now be Mrs. Edward Cullen.

I simply hate that you will not tell me where we are going for our honeymoon, but I cannot wait to get there.

I absolutely love that I will have you all to myself for two whole weeks, you've assured me that we'll be completely isolated from the outside world.

I sigh and the dread takes over my heart, I hate that I love you so damn much that fear grips me with thoughts of losing you, too.

They tell me it is time, so I grab my bouquet and dab my eyes. I walk, head up, to the door to meet your father, Carlisle, so he can walk me down the aisle. I love that you will be waiting for me.

I hate that this will be over so quickly that the memories and pictures will be all we have to keep reminding us of this momentous occasion.


I am so anxious to see you, I hate that my sister forced us apart last night in the name of tradition.

However, the five texts that I received from you throughout the night made me love you all the more. You seemed to miss me as much as I missed you.

I hate that today will bring you sadness, without your parents here to celebrate in our union. But I love that you have embraced my family as your own, too.

The time on the clock seems to standstill but I am impatient. I hate all this waiting to see you. However, the moment I lay eyes on you in that dress, I fear I may cry.

I wonder how quickly we can get this thing over with and out the door to start our honeymoon, I love that I've been able to keep it a secret from you. And, I plan on keeping you naked most of the time we are there.

My dad gives me a hug and wipes a tear from his eye, he does love you so much. But, we both hate the heavy empty space that not having your dad here to walk you down the aisle has created for you.

Jasper and Emmett both give me a hard time but I love that they are both here to stand beside me as I make you my wife. Emmett has threatened to break every limb in my body, should I hurt you.

I'm told it is time, I hate the moment I realize that the moment I have been waiting for is upon us and you might feel an ounce of hurt...I only want you to feel the love in the room as all eyes are on you.

I love that my father placed your hand in mine and gave you to me, for the rest of our lives.

I hate this moment will flee so quickly and all we'll have are memories and photos to remember it by.

Fifty-Five years later...

Charlie POV

There is no greater love than what my parents shared.

I love that my sister, Emma, and I had them for as long as we did, but I hate that they left us at the same time, to mourn them both.

My parents, Bella and Edward Cullen, loved each other so much that when one lay dying the other could not bare to be left behind. They both died peacefully, in their sleep, holding one another.

I hate that I feel such heavy sadness at this loss, but I love that they will be together for eternity, as they join all of my grandparents in the afterlife.

My father used to say that for every thing you hate in this world, there are at least five more things that you could love.

It is so true even now, because I hate that I loved them so much that I will miss their warmth, their laughter, their kindness, their knowledge but mostly I will miss their love above it all.

The End

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