Bloom walked down the halls at Alfea. She and her friends were now nineteen and needed somewhere to go after the school term ended. Of course, Bloom could return to Sparks and rule there, but she didn't want to spend her life without adventure. Sure she and her friends only helped out when they needed to, but what could Bloom do if he was forced to sit in a chair all day. Beginning with servants dressing her and asking what they can do for her was not the dream life for Bloom.

Bloom spun around the corner and headed to her dormitory. She could hear Stella and Musa working on their convergence project, and Flora growing her plants to support her and Tecna's. Bloom wasn't sure how she was going to combine water with her fire, but she and Layla would figure something out.

"Bloom," a loud voice came behind her.

"Huh?" Bloom turned around. She hadn't noticed anyone following her. Bloom tuned in to what was really happening as she was brought out of thought. She realized that her follower was Mrs. Griselda. Bloom couldn't focus on reading her expression, so she was at a lost to know what to expect.

"Gather the others Bloom, and meet Mrs. Faragonda in her office. She wants you, Stella, Flora, Tecna, Layla and Musa in there by seven." Mrs. Griselda seemed satisfied and left. Bloom searched her mind for words. When her vice-principle's orders echoed back into her mind, Bloom turned to the door and walked in.

"Hey Bloom," Flora said immediately. Bloom smiled to Flora, but continued her way to Layla.

"Hey Layla, I'm sorry I was so late. Professor Palladium asked me to collect the books and stack chairs, and Mrs. Griselda made me wait so she could talk to me out in the hall." Bloom's tired head snapped awake at her own words. It was almost seven and Mrs. Faragonda wanted to see the Winx in her office before that time.

"That's all right Bloom," Layla said with a sigh. Her face brightened up after a bit of thinking. "We have the weekend to work on our project. Speaking of which, we're gonna need a plan in order to start our convergence. Water and Fire don't exactly mix." Bloom smiled and nodded in agreement. Her friends and she really could think alike.

"I have an idea, but it will have to wait for later," Bloom said apologetically. She raised her voice and turned so the rest of the Winx could hear her. "Mrs. Griselda said that we all have to go to the office. Mrs. Faragonda wants to talk to us."

"I hope it's not a long goodbye speech," Stella said glumly. She crossed her arms and pouted her lips.

Tecna looked up from the small digital wave link attached to Flora's vines. She raised an eyebrow at Stella. "It's most unlikely for her to give us another 'speech' Stella. She already wished us all luck yesterday," She said knowing that Stella would be confused.

Flora looked nervous, "I hope no one's in trouble. Especially Roxy, she just got her family back."

All the Winx, except Bloom and Musa, shared Flora's worried look. Musa placed a hand on Flora's shoulder and smiled, "Roxy has her Believix and her mother to protect her family. She's not going to be in trouble anytime soon."

"I'm glad that's settled, but another troubling question is raised." Layla said slowly. She began twirling her fingers behind herself like Layla always did when she was thinking.

"And what would that be?" Stella asked impatiently.

"If nothing happened to Roxy, then what's really going on, or who needs our help?"

"Mrs. Faragonda, are you suggesting that we sit back and send our greatest fighters away?" Mrs. Griselda asked furiously. She lifted her paper filled hands in the air and turned around to face the principle.

Mrs. Faragonda sighed, "I know it sounds like a bad plan…"

"It sounds worse than just a bad plan! The world of Magix is under its worst danger yet, and you want to send the only six people that can beat the evil away?"

"We know the Trix can destroy our school and much more, but Roxy has her believix and can stop them."

"Yes, but we know that Baltor can cast his mark on whomever he chooses, say he captures Roxy." Knowing that one of the students could over hear, Mrs. Griselda lowered her voice.

"Two and a half years ago, the Winx found out that fairy dust could remove the mark on anyone. We have forty eight Enchantix students trained so well that they could each save five people with a pinch of fairy dust."

Mrs. Griselda went white at the memory inside of her head. It looked like she was going to die when she, if she was able to say her next sentence. "We even had Tecna calculate the odds, if Baltor had shown up when Darkar had Bloom under his power. Mrs. Faragonda, I'm sorry I questioned you earlier. You we're just trying to protect Bloom."

"That's why Bloom and the others are going to…"

There were three knocks at the door. Mrs. Faragonda sat down in her seat and called, "Come in!"

A tall figure entered the room. Her long pink hair blew in the small breeze that entered when the door opened. The chains around her middle length jeans chimed and her pink boots squeaked. The girl that had entered was the new fairy, Roxy.

"Why Roxy, how are you? Is something the matter?" Mrs. Faragonda asked. She smiled while Mrs. Griselda waved and left.

"I… uh… I just want to know where the Winx are going." Roxy smiled weakly afraid that one of her questions might upset her principle.

"It's not safe to talk out here in the open Roxy. I'll call you down from one of your classes tomorrow to show you, okay?"

Roxy didn't want to agree, but she nodded her head and left the office anyway. She decided it would be much easier to do what she was told instead of denying it.

Bloom marched down the halls. She and the others were walking as fast as they could. It was 6:59 and Mrs. Faragonda wanted the Winx in her office at seven. Not much time is it?

The door to the office was seen up ahead. This caused Bloom's legs to suddenly break into a run. Her hair tugged side to side as it whipped back and forth in its ponytail. Her jean dress was stretching enough to let her run, but not as fast as she wanted to and her blue shoes allowed her to run quietly.

"Bloom," Stella called. "Wait up!"

Layla and Tecna easily caught up with Bloom, but the others who didn't have a chance to run, or in Bloom's case go to school, slowly caught up with her.

"What's with the running?" Musa asked.

Bloom shrugged, "I guess I just really didn't want to be late." She pushed the office doors open and walked inside.

"Hello girls," Mrs. Faragonda said half happy. She smiled and pointed to six chairs, three on each side of the room. Bloom sat down quietly and Stella race to sit beside her. Musa sat beside Stella and the others sat down on the opposite side.

"What's going on Mrs. Faragonda?" Flora finally asked.

Mrs. Faragonda, who resumed her usual place staring out the window, turned and smiled. "First, let me say it's nothing bad. Second, school is officially over tomorrow, and I received a letter. This letter was asking if you girls would accept a teaching job."

"Teaching, that would be great!" Tecna exclaimed. With a smile she asked, "At what school?"

"Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

"Witchcraft and Wizardry, which means witches doesn't it?" Musa asked.

Tecna looked puzzled, "I thought cloud tower was the only witch school in the magic dimension."

"Oh, you girls won't be teaching dark witches. The students of Hogwarts are gifted students who use their powers through wands."

"Umm… by students, do you mean boys and girls or just girls?" Layla asked shaking.

"Both." Mrs. Faragonda replied quickly so Layla wouldn't be able to think for long. Layla hadn't really been around boys much since Nabu was turned into a flower that grew in a pot in Bloom's house.

Bloom stood up and walked over to Layla. She stood up and hugged Bloom. When Layla finally let go, one tear escaped from her eye. "Don't worry Layla; I'm not going to give up on Nabu. Besides, were going to a school that might be able to help him out."

Layla smiled and nodded. She didn't want to risk trying to speak and end up balling her eyes out.

Bloom noticed that Layla wasn't going to sit down, so she decided to stay standing instead of soothing her tiered legs. After all, Bloom had been walking since lunch.

"You girls are going to use your Zoomix to visit your parents tomorrow…"

Musa lifted her hand matter-of-factly, "But we would miss…"

"You aren't going to miss the school year-end carnival Musa. Your Zoomix will have you home in five seconds which gives you all six hours alone with your parents. By three you girls will all be back here. If you need to, you can have an extra hour, the carnival starts at four." Mrs. Faragonda pulled open one of her desk drawers and pulled out a stack of six letters.

Layla smiled and nodded, she took a letter from the pile. Stella thought about it for a second, and then took one of the letters too. Bloom grabbed the third and took Layla back to their dormitory. Without hesitation, Tecna, Flora and Musa each grabbed the remaining letters and took off.

Mrs. Faragonda lost her smile and turned her head out the window once again. 'We can only hope,' she thought, 'that Bloom's parents say yes and that Darkar will keep his nose in his own business.'