Alright, I've gotta admit I lost interest in this story... but I've recently found my interest again and I'm going to update this one as fast as I freakin can! I PROMISE!

And since it's been so long since I've last updated, I'll do a little flash back.

Harry, Ron and Hermione are attending their fourth year at Hogwarts. This year, along with the usual new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, there are six new girls teaching as assistance teachers.

Just before the Winx arrived, Bloom was visiting her home planet when suddenly Darkar appeared and attacked. Bloom pushed him back and was granted her wish by her parents to teach at Hogwarts.

When the Winx were introduced at the start of year ceremony, Bloom's eyes met with Harry's and she fell faint. Something about Harry's scar made her feel weak as if that power were the complete opposite of her Dragon's Flame.

And now the school year has finally started. Professor Moody showed off the Unforgivable Curses to Harry and the rest of his classmates, as well as the new teacher Bloom. While Bloom was fazed by the torture curse, she was even more confused when she learnt that Harry was the only person known to have survived the most deadly curse of all: the killing curse.

Harry kept his head down as he walked through the large, silent and empty hall way. He was headed one place, and it wasn't the bathroom, but Bloom's room.

He gently knocked on the door, half expecting to be greeted with no answer. Harry was about to walk away when Bloom called, "Come in!"

Harry pushed open the door and slowly walked inside.

Bloom was sitting in a chair and just staring out the window. After Harry closed the door, she turned to him with a soft smile. "What can I do for you?" She asked.

"Well," Harry said, not sure how to begin. He decided to be direct. "I was curious... about-"

"About why I fainted at the ceremony," Bloom finished, "and about last class. Speaking of, shouldn't you be in Hagrid's class now?"

Harry nodded nervously but didn't leave.

Bloom sighed. "I guess you want an answer huh... Well, I'm sorry, I can't give you one. The truth is that I don't really know what happened either. All I know is that you're a very good and very special kid, and so I'm not gonna worry about it too much."

"Alright." Harry swallowed the saliva that had been gathering in his mouth. He was relieved that nothing seemed to be the matter, though he still had a bad feeling in his gut. Bloom looked back out the window and Harry followed her gaze. "What are you looking at?"

"I love the trees," Bloom answered. "I'm used to hot weather and large cities, but it's nice to see tall trees and feel a bit of mist now and then."

Harry smiled, "I hate to be the one to bring bad news Professor, but when winter comes you're going to regret saying that."

Bloom chuckled. "Well, my friend Stella is very good at designing clothing. I'm sure she'll create something suitable."

Harry shifted his weight onto the other foot. He and Bloom continued their slow talk for a few more minutes before the conversation died. Harry excused himself and headed towards Hagrid's hut, but as he went feeling at ease, Bloom stayed feeling a large sense of unease.

She didn't have an answer. Why were these things happening to her again? Was she going to lose her parents? She had only just found her real ones... It was enough to deprive her of sleep for at least eight days.

27 Days later...

Finally the end of the month had rolled around. Bloom was so kept up in her teaching schedule she had all but forgotten about Darkar. The thoughts had long since vanished from her mind, and all her worries had been diminished to just a little worry here and there.

But today was the 30th, and the only thing she could focus on was finishing work so she could visit Sky.

She sat in Professor Snape's desk as the mentioned professor scouted the room for any students that weren't working. She barely noticed the pain filled grunts of students who were either hit by hand or book; it had become a natural part of her routine. Bloom just sat in the desk working to finish some paper work, or marking tests, anything that Professor Snape asked her to do.

Finally the bell rang, just as Bloom finished marking the last test. The students filed out of the room, and Bloom followed them just after she put the marked papers into a binder for the Professor. She noticed the glint of hate in Professor Snape's eyes as Ron left the room, an unreadable expression as Harry left the room, and slightly pleased as she walked by. It was obvious that Bloom had gotten on Snape's good side, and if he was anything like Harry had told her he was like, then it must've been a good thing.

This time when Bloom made it back to her room she noticed instantly that the Winx weren't there waiting for her. They must have remembered that she had her date with Sky, otherwise they all would be spread out comfortably and chatting away. Though she did know one other person who'd be waiting for her, and that was Locket.

"Hi Bloom," she squeaked happily from the bedside table.

Bloom smiled. "Hello Locket. Hope today wasn't too boring for you."

Locket shook her head. "No, we went out and explored the green house! There were a lot of really interesting plants in there... some I've never seen before."

Bloom chuckled. "Yeah, that's what I thought too when I went there."

Bloom and Locket's undetailed conversation was suddenly interrupted as a knock was heard on the door. Bloom answered with a soft, "Come in." and the door swung open to reveal the Head Master, Dumbledore.

"Hello Professor!"

"Hello," he replied, nodding towards the tiny flying Pixie as if to greet her too. "I'm not interrupting anything, am I?"

"No," Bloom answered, "You never really do."

"Ah yes, family secret for perfect timing. Anyways, I'm here to let you know about the gathering tomorrow. All students and Professor's must attend."

Bloom nodded. "I heard about that. Professor McGonagall spoke to the students during the third period."

"Yes, yes, I only wanted to make sure, bring this man some peace of mind that everyone knows." Dumbledore backed up towards the door. "I'll be seeing you then." And he left just as quickly as he came.

"Are you going to Eraklyon now?" Locket asked.

Bloom nodded, surprised of how quickly the conversation with Dumbledore could be ended. "I'm just going to get changed, and then I'll leave."

And that's exactly what Bloom did. She left Hogwarts wearing a black and blue T-shirt with a matching miniskirt and fedora. She had light pink tights on that matched the strings on her black boots.

Smiling, she met Sky in the courtyard of his father's castle and walked hand-in-hand through the great garden.