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Facing the Consequences

"To think, they were so close to us this whole time." Master Chen stated in utter disbelief. He had followed the coordinates Tobias had sent him and was now outside of their hideout with Jackal, Janeira, and Jana by his side. They had ordered Janika and Janya to stay home, the youngest little Jackal girl was obviously too young to partake in this endeavor, and they felt that Janika was still too inexperienced to go into the belly of the beast like this, and so they were left behind.

"It's not that surprising, I mean it's not like we were really looking for them." Jana said with a bit of shame, remembering Darvel's words from before.

"True, but that's not important right now." Janeira stated.

"Yes, what's important is that we get my students out of there, now does everyone remember the plan?" Chen asked, receiving nods from everyone. "Well then, let us proceed." With that said Chen raised his hand to knock and what he hoped was the entrance to the hideout, but before he could the hologram disguising the entrance disappeared and the door itself opened for them. The group was a bit surprised by this, but Chen just shook it off and entered. He was met with the sight of countless Brotherhood members, of various builds and species, all probably gathered to witness their master's "Crowning Achievement". And in the center of the large room was Tobias himself, sitting comfortably on a metal throne, having clearly been waiting for him. Chen walked about halfway up to the clouded leopard and once he stopped he heard the door shut behind him.

"Ah, Master Chen, it's so nice of you to join us." Tobias said with a confident smirk on his face, resting his chin on his right fist. "But I must admit you kept me waiting longer than I hoped you would, what, did you get lost on the way here?"

"I did not come here to talk." Chen said bitterly, glaring daggers at the leopard. Tobias chuckled at his impatience.

"True, well then, do you have it?" He questioned which caused Chen to tense up a bit. However, he nonetheless reached into his pocket and pulled out the red ruby, its light illuminating the entire room. Just then the other gems, which Tobias was keeping in his own pocket, began glowing just as brightly, which intensified as he brought them out to the point that looking at them would be the equivalent of staring directly at the sun. The light dimmed down after a moment, allowing everyone to see again, looks of awe on everyone's faces. Tobias left out a satisfied laugh. "Wise of you to bring the real gem, rather than try to trick me with a fake; that might have worked on the thief but I'm a little more perceptive than that. Now, if you would kindly hand it over…"

"Not so fast," Chen said as he clenched his fist around the ruby. "First show me my students."

"What; don't trust me?" Tobias said sarcastically.

"Now." Chen said firmly, slightly annoying Tobias; after all he wasn't really in the position to take that tone with him.

"Well, since you asked nicely." He replied as he snapped his fingers, prompting one of his subordinates to pull a lever that lowered the captured Furious Five from the ceiling.

"Tigria, everyone!" Chen exclaimed gaining their attention.

"Master." Tigria replied, shame evident in her voice.

"Don't worry; I'll get you out of here soon." Chen assured.

"They could be out already if you would just give me the gem." Tobias said with false impacients, when, truth be told, he enjoyed watching the respected master pathetically pine for his precious students, but there would be time for that later. "Well, Master Chen?"

"Master no!" Spider pleaded, but was met with silence from the panda-tiger hybrid, as if he didn't even hear her. He looked down at the Ruby of the Soul, a slight moment of doubt crossing his mind, but he knew he had to do it.

"Very well… catch." He said as he tossed the gem towards Tobias. Everything seemed to go in slow motion, the gem slowly but surely making its arcing motion towards the maniacal leopard, his eyes staring intently at the small glowing object as it made its way to him. He held out his hand to catch it when it got close enough, but when it was about half way to him… "NOW!" Chen commanded. In a fraction of a second after the word left his mouth, Jackal and Janeira leaped out of the shadows, hoping to catch Tobias off guard and put him into submission. But their efforts were futile, for Tobias reacted quickly and with each fist punched them both in the jaw, sending them back a few feet. He turned his attention back to the gem and saw that Jana was hiding in the shadows as well, and was now leaping up to catch it. Tobias would not allow it and jumped off his throne and kicked Jana away from the gem just as she was about to grab it. Once he landed on the ground he rushed over to grab the gem, but just when it seemed like he'd done it, Jana kicked it back up in the air. She then proceeded to exchange blows with Tobias, all the while keeping the gem in the air, and away from him. This didn't last long until Tobias caught one of her punches, twisted her arm behind her back, and pinned her to the ground, preventing her from deflecting the gem. But when he tried to catch it as it fell towards him, he was surprised that it was knocked across the room by a throwing knife. He looked over his shoulder and saw that it was Janeira who had thrown it, with two more at the ready. While he was distracted Jana attempted to kick him in the face, but Tobias evaded it with a front flip, which allowed Jana to stand back up. Tobias faced her, taking his battle stance, but before he could strike he noticed that Chen was coming at him from behind. He then used the Topaz to do a powered up round house kick to him, but Chen leaped over it, going straight into a side kick that connected with Tobias's chest, but due to the Topaz it didn't cause much damage. Chen held up his hand to show that he had caught the Ruby, and waved it in a taunting manner, which slightly upset Tobias. Jana then used the opportunity to try and drop kick Tobias, but he thought quickly and side stepped to avoid it. Jana tried a couple of kicks but eventually Tobias caught one and threw her at Chen. The elderly master was able to catch Jana and get her back on her feet, after which they both came at Tobias furiously. He then switched from the Topaz to the Emerald and began dodging and deflecting their blows.

Meanwhile, Jackal and Janeira used this chance to try and rescue the Five. They made their way where they were hanging, but were met with multiple guards blocking their path. They were soon surrounded by other Brotherhood members who prepared to fight, and the two canine masters did the same. They were back to back, waiting for their opponents to make the first move; it was too dangerous to be reckless when they were so outnumbered. Sure enough, four of the guards got tired of waiting on attacked, their swords at the ready. They slashed at the two a couple of times, but the two effortlessly disarmed and neutralized them. With that the rest of the members began joining in the fight as well; luckily most of them were low level grunts, sure they were stronger then the average bandit, but they were able to keep them at bay for the most part. They quickly took down the grunts and focused most of their energy on the more skilled fighters, defending themselves against their strikes and neutralizing them when they had the chance.

However, Chen and Jana weren't having as much luck with Tobias. With the Emerald of the Mind he was able to easily determine their fighting styles and counter them. While Chen was able to deal with this fairly well, the same couldn't be said for Jana. As skilled as she was, the only style she really knew was her own, unlike Chen who has mastered multiple forms of Kung Fu, Tiger Style just being his most prominent. Tobias was effortlessly able to predict her movements, as if he could look into her mind and see what she was planning to do next. Jana tried her best to keep up, but she couldn't, in fact, as much as she hated to admit it, if it weren't for Chen fighting with her she would've probably been subdued by now. She tried to kick him in the head as he blocked an elbow strike from Chen, but he quickly did a back flip and switched to the Topaz in the air, and hitting her with a palm strike, sending her flying back with enough force that when she was caught by Chen he was sent back quite a bit as well. Jana wallowed in pain for a moment in Chen arms, and that's when he realized she couldn't fight this monster any more.

"Jackal, Jana is weakening, switch out." Chen called to Jackal, who complied and shook off the members he was fighting and made his way to the other battle.

"Jana, are you ok?" He asked with concern, receiving a nod in response. "Good, go help your mother, we'll take care of Tobias." He ordered, and Jana did just that, running over and kicking a guard that was about to jump her mother from behind. Chen and Jackal then turned their attention to Tobias and took their fighting stances.

"Wait," Tobias said, putting his hand up in the stop position. "Before we continue there's something I'd like to ask." The two masters were caught a bit of guard, and were weary to actually their guard down, but nonetheless they listened to what he had to say.

"And that would be?" Chen said sternly.

"Tell me, if you were planning on ambushing me, why didn't you bring the Dragon Warrior along?" He asked almost casually. The question made the two masters flinch a bit, which Tobias clearly saw and continued his questioning. "After all, from what I've heard the Dragon Warrior was supposed to be "the only one who can defeat us". My subordinates surely seem to believe that, you wouldn't believe how frightened they were when they found out the new Dragon Warrior had been named. And believe it or not I've seen him in action, not bad for a beginner, but he's no threat to me…yet. My point is, if he's really your only hope of stopping me then why would you leave him behind when you finally decide to face me?" He inquired with an amused smirk, Chen and Jackal knew he was suspecting something, and they quickly tried to think up an excuse.

"That's because…" Chen began, but he really didn't know how to answer.

"What don't tell me I scared him off, that the great and powerful Dragon Warrior abandoned you in your time of need? But then again I had a feeling he was the only smart one in your ranks." He mocked, angering the masters to no end.

"Silence, you know nothing about the Dragon Warrior!" Jackal shouted in anger.

"Yes, he did not run out of fear!" Chen added.

"But he did run, right?" Tobias said, now certain that that was the case. Chen and Jackal felt a pang of guilt surface again, but denying it would only make it worse.

"Yes, he has abandoned his training, but it was NOT because he feared you." Chen insisted sternly.

"Oh, well then why did he leave then?" Tobias asked, having become interested in the matter. Chen paused for a moment then spoke.

"He left… because of us." He admitted. "We put too much pressure on him, and treated him in a why he did not want to be treated, so eventually he…" Chen was cut off when Tobias let out a maniacal laugh.

"HA HA HA, so that's what happened!" He said once his laughter died down. "How pathetic do you have to be to actually drive someone away by treating them with honor and respect?" This infuriated the masters, in fact all they wanted to do at that moment was punch him in the face, but they knew that they had to play defensive if they wanted to take him down. "But, with all jokes aside, it really is a shame that he quit, I was actually quite looking forward to meeting him, facing him in combat… and crushing him. But, I guess it'll be nothing more than a dream now."

"You got that right." Chen said nonchalantly, surprising Tobias and utterly shocking Jackal. "That little fantasy of yours will always just be that, a fantasy, even if Darvel didn't quit."

"Oh and why do you say that?" Tobias replied in his usual sarcastic manner.

"While it's true you have been dominating us so far in this fight, but as far as I'm concerned that's only because of the two gems you have." Chen stated, causing Tobias's smirk to dissipate. "Heck, even with the gems we're still able to put up a pretty good fight, face it, from where I stand you're the real pathetic one." Tobias fell silent, he couldn't believe what he was hearing, after all he has been called many things from his enemies, but pathetic was never one of them. But now that he thought about it, there were some merit to his words. He looked down at the gems in his hands and spoke.

"Very well then, tell you what, I'll humor you." He said as he threw the gems over his shoulder, only to have them caught by one of his subordinates who put it in a case for safe keeping. "I don't need the gems to take care of you; my own skill is more then enough." He then got into a fighting stance, as Chen and Jackal did the same.

"We'll see about that." Jackal said with determination as the two mastered stared down their opponent. Now they knew the lack of gems was no reason to let their guard down, this man was the reason the Brotherhood of Chaos had come out of hiding after so many years, which meant he was as powerful as the original Brotherhood leader was, they still needed to give it everything they had, they couldn't afford not to. Both sides were smart enough not to make the first move, but they were both getting a bit restless, and in their slight panic, the two masters dashed forward and began trading blows with Tobias. While he was noticeably less powerful without the gems, he was still skilled enough to take on both masters at once, but not without a decent amount of effort. Eventually, he found an opening in Jackal's defense and was able to land a combo on him, ending it with a round house kick to the face, causing him to stumble to the side. However, Tobias's momentary lapse of his guard allowed Chen to move in to strike. While Tobias was able to block his initial punch to the face, Chen was able to land a kick to the torso and went right into a barrage of punches to his chest and face; ending his onslaught with a crescent kick that sent him a few feet back. Tobias recovered and thus was able to avoid the drop kick Chen tried to fallow up with by side stepping. He then landed a palm strike on Chen sending him to the other side of room and refocused just in time to catch a punch that Jackal through at him. Jackal thought quickly and brought his knee up, hitting Tobias square in the jaw. He then went straight into a high jump kick that sent him flying towards Chen, who readied himself to land a palm strike on him, but Tobias was able to recover in the air and kicked off of Chen's palms, knocking the master down and allowing him to land safely on the ground exactly halfway between the two. Chen and Jackal didn't waste any time in continuing their onslaught as they both rushed up to Tobias from both sides of him. Tobias smirked at this, and prepared himself to evade, and as soon as they were close enough he leaped into the air expecting them to knock into each other just as the Five had done. However, the two masters were expecting this and just moments before they ran into each other they fallowed Tobias into the air, catching him off guard and both landing a solid crescent kick on him, sending crashing into the stone wall of the cave and then onto the ground. Tobias had to admit, fighting the two masters with his skill alone was much more difficult than he had expected it to be, in fact he felt that there was even a possibility of this battle ending in his defeat, and that was not an option for him. He slowly stood back up and watched as the two masters landed back on the ground and retook their stances. He did the same, worry evident in his eyes, but as he looked around and saw just where they were, he realized he had them just where he wanted them. Tobias's expression then went from panicked to cocky as he let out condescending laugh.

"Is that really all you've got, you're lousy student's put up a better fight then this." He taunted, but the two masters seemed unaffected.

"You are no longer in a place to mock us Tobias." Chen stated.

"Face it, without the gems, you can't beat us." Jackal added.

"Is that so," Tobias replied. "Tell me then, if I am to fall here, then what will that mean for your precious little prophesy, huh?" Chen and Jackal went wide eyed at his statement, as they instantly knew where he was going with it. "Think about it, if you, or anyone else really, defeats me, that would mean that the prophesy of the "New Dragon Warrior" would be a complete hoax. Defeating me here would only prove just how pathetic you and all those that came before you really are, listening to the idiotic ramblings of a senile old panda and allowing us to become the criminal super power that we are. You see now, either way, I get the LAST LAUGH!" He then broke into a maniacal laugh, the masters frozen in shock by this new prospect. As much as they hated to admit it, there was some truth in Tobias's words, if Darvel wasn't the one to defeat him, than all of the Kung Fu masters that had come before them would be forever known as fools, and shame would be brought onto all of them, including the original Dragon Warrior himself…but, that didn't matter anymore.

"You… are wrong." Chen replied, stopping Tobias's laughter dead. "While you are correct in that defeating you will prove the prophesy false, that is not the only thing that will come of it, it will also assure that you and your Brotherhood will never hurt anyone ever again."

"And if we have to live with the shame of our predecessors' years of foolishness, then so be it, as long as you and the Brotherhood falls." Jackal added with determination.

"Well then what are you waiting for, come and get me." Tobias challenged, and in the heat of the moment Chen and Jackal threw caution to the wind and dashed toward the crazed leopard, but this was exactly what Tobias was hoping for. The two masters were determined to take down Tobias with this one final clash, but suddenly, just a feet or two away from their enemy, they were stopped in their tracks by an unbearable, agonizing pain which forced them onto the ground. They then saw that there were sparks coming off of the floor they were standing on, and thus realized that they were being electrocuted. Once the voltage died down they glanced up and saw that Tobias had pressed a button on the wall that must have activated the electric floor, needless to say, they were appalled.

"Why you no good, dishonorable…" Chen began, but was silenced when Tobias pushed the button once again, sending another round of volts through him and Jackal.

"Ha, ha, ha, what did you expect, for me to play fair, have an honorable fight to death with you two, pff, please. I didn't get to where I am today by being honorable, I did whatever it took to crush my enemies. You can say whatever you want about me, and whatever you do say probably is true anyway, but the fact still remains that you're on the ground crying in agony, and I'm still standing, which means, I can do this." Tobias reached down towards Chen's pocket, obviously going for the gem, but before he could…

"You get away from them!" Jana shouted as she and her mother closed in on Tobias, ready to strike him down. However, Tobias easily evaded Jana's first punch and struck her back with a paralyzing touch point, instantly immobilizing her. Janeira then moved in to attack, but Tobias easily parried her strikes and eventually struck her with the same move in the gut, paralyzing her as well.

"Jana, Janeira, no." Jackal mumbled as he tried to crawl to his family, but Tobias just kicked him back down.

"If you're smart, you'll stay down." He said as he made his way back to Chen and kicked him over so he was on his back. "Now, I believe you have something that belongs to me." He said as he reached into Chen's pocket and pulled out the Ruby of the Soul. Chen tried to reach up and take it back, but he was still in too much pain from all the electricity he received. "Yes, it's mine, it's finally mine." He said with a devilish smile as he clenched the gem in hand and absorbed its power, gaining a bright red aura all over his body much brighter than the ones the other gems gave him. The Five were horrified, they couldn't believe that not only their master and the honorable Jackal Family were defeated, but that Tobias was now in possession of all three gems, it was their worst fear coming to life right before their eyes, and the worst part is, they couldn't shake the feeling that it was all their fault. They watched in horror as Tobias began to slowly lift off the ground, the gem's power ascending him into the air. "Oh how I have longed to feel this power, and yet, it's still not enough." He said as he lowered himself and walked over to the guard he gave the other gems to. The minion then opened the box to allow Tobias to place the gem with the others.

"What, what do you mean it's not enough!" Tigria growled.

"Yeah, you have the third gem, and the last time I checked there were only three." Baboon added.

"What more could you possibly want?" Spider demanded.

"Now, now, have a little patience, after all we wouldn't want to make the big announcement while the rest of our guests are incapacitated like this now would we." He said as he looked up at the Five and waved the minion away.

"Announcement, what announcement?" Eagle questioned, but Tobias just gave them a teasing look and walked over to his fallen comrades.

"Get up, and restrain our new guests, I want to make sure they are comfortable for what I have to show them." Tobias ordered, prompting the grunts to struggle back to their feet and make their way to the four masters.

"Guys, what are we gonna do?" Cobra said.

"There's… nothing we can do, the warriors of the Jade Palace, have been defeated." Tigria solemnly said, causing her teammates to fall even deeper into the pit of despair. There was only one person who could possibly help them now, but he had no idea where they were, and he didn't even care.

"I'm a thief; I'm a shocking dirty thief!" Darvel quietly shouted to himself. He was climbing up the wall of his dormitory with his wall walking technique, too paranoid to walk in the front entrance, carrying a strange black metal container on his back like a backpack. He then opened his window and climbed into his room, landing on the floor with a thud. "I cannot believe I actually broke into my father's private lab, and stole what could possibly be a highly advanced and immensely valuable piece of technology, on the order of a complete stranger no less! I mean what the shock was I thinking, for all I know; he could've been… a spy for OSCORP, or Stark-Fujikawa, trying to get the dirt on my father's latest project… oh shock, he could be watching me right now." Darvel looked around frantically, trying to find any indication that he was being monitored, but he found none. Darvel then carefully, while still looking around suspiciously, placed the container on his bed. "But, then again, the Computer did say it was a request from Master Chen, maybe… it's for me, and he wanted me to find it. But still that begs the question of who that guy actually was, and how the shock did he even know about this, it was in my dad's personal laboratory, it should've been private." Darvel pondered to himself all of the possibilities. The hooded stranger could've been an employee at Alchemax who worked on the suit with Mr. Richeen, or even a Brotherhood member who hacked into the files and found out about it, but if that were true then why did he give the key codes to him in the first place, he knew he was the Dragon Warrior, so wouldn't it be better to keep something like this out of the hands of the enemy. No, it didn't make any sense, so that was out. Darvel decided to give his mind a break and activated his Wrist Com. On the screen were bright blue letters that read "Downloading New Function" and a loading bar that was ever so slowly filling itself up. When he took the contents of the containment unit with him he was also alerted to the inventions activation function that he needed to download from the Alchemax main computer system, which he was now in the process of doing.

"Man, this thing is taking a long time to load, guess it must be some serious hardware." Darvel said in almost an excited tone. Despite his guilt and paranoia, he was still thrilled to be in the ownership of one of his dad's private experiments, he couldn't wait to power it up and see what it could do, but then again, considering what he think it was designed to be used for, it probably won't see much use, after all, he did quit his training. "Well, just because I'm not the Dragon Warrior doesn't mean I can't take this out for a little spin every once in a while." He said with a little enthusiasm as he patted the container playfully, but as he did so the all too familiar pain shot through his head, and he was once again given a vision. However, this vision was much more intense, he felt as though he were actually flying through Wu Dan Mountains, right over a path he had taken once or twice before to get to and from the Valley of Peace. Just then he turned and it seemed he was about to slam right into the side of the mountain, but before he did, the mountain was revealed to be just a holographic disguise, hiding a large, heavy duty, metal door that opened for him. He was horrified by what he saw; Brotherhood members everywhere, to think that their haven was so close to such highly populated areas, but that was nothing compared to what he saw next. As if he were looking through the zoom lens of a camera he saw the images of Master Chen, Master Jackal, Janeira, and Jana being restrained by advanced looking chains and being hoisted up into the air next to the Furious Five; who were in the same exact position. The image then panned over to a clouded leopard, grinning sadistically at the scene.

"Oh no, no… NO!" He exclaimed as he was thrust back into his own body, falling back on the floor from the intense shock. He breathed heavily allowing the events he had seen to sink in. "They're… they're all captured. Uh, I knew something like this would happen, I mean seriously, these are the guys that have an entire mega corporation under their thumbs; of course they're going to be able to take a small group of Kung Fu Masters. They should've listened me, I mean I quit for reason you know, but no, they had to fulfill their duty as Kung Fu masters or whatever. Well you know what, forget them, none of this is any of my concern, I'll just stay here and leave them to face the consequences of their own actions, cause this is really not my problem." After his rant he plopped down on to his bed and got comfortable, but before he let all of his worries and cares go, something caught his eye. He looked to his left and saw a framed picture of him as a fox kit and his grandpa on his desk. He then remembered his grandfather's words to him and couldn't help but wonder what he would've thought if he had heard the things he had just said. Darvel let out an exasperated sigh. "What the shock are you doing Darvel?" He said to himself as he stood from his bed and activated his Wrist Com. "Computer, status report." He ordered.

"The program that you are downloading is currently at 32%, please be patient as the download proceeds, once completed all functions off containment unit Alpha-03 will be fully deployable." It said to him politely.

"Well how long will that take?" Darvel questioned.

"The time often varies."

"Shock!" Darvel said in annoyance. "Well, is there any way I can do… maybe a partial deployment?" He said in desperation.

"It is possible, but be warned that the module that is deployed may not function at its optimum capacity." The computer warned.

"That's fine, it's better than being empty handed, just tell me how to do it." He replied.

"Very well Mr. Richeen, please select state which function you wish to activate." The computer said as it pulled up a voice recognition screen.

"Uh… deploy hand modules." Darvel spoke into the screen and a second later his Wrist Com projected a hologram of two gloves that then made their way onto Darvel's own two hands. The holograms glowed brightly, and when the light died down Darvel was wearing two black gloves. "Whoa, particle guided teleportation." Darvel said in awe.

"As previously stated Mr. Richeen the modules are unable to work at their full capacity at this time, please refrain from overuse, as doing so may result in automatic shutdown."

"Alright, I got it, thanks computer." Darvel thanked as he deactivated his Wrist Com. He then took another look at his gloves, excitement welling up inside him. He clenched his fists and glanced over to his closet. He then walked over and opened it, a smile appearing on his face. "Well, if I'm going to act like a hero, I might as well dress like one." He said as he unzipped his gray hoody and tossed it to the floor.

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