So here's a random story that I wrote last night. I was kind of proud of it, and so I've decided to share it with the world. Thanks to Emily (ImNoHeroImTheVillian) for reading it and putting up with my rants about Klaine, Darren Criss and Chris Colfer :)

Bold is Blaine and Italics is Kurt.

I don't own Glee, or Kurt or Blaine. Obviously. If I owned them, this would happen on the show!

Hey cutie :)

Hey honey :) What's up?

Do you think you could distract me for a little while? Just talk to me?

Of course, baby! Are they fighting again?

Yeah. Sometimes I wish he would just leave. I don't think he really loves Mom anymore.

Aww :( I'm sorry baby. Need to come over?

At one in the morning?

Doesn't matter what time it is. If it's what you need, feel free to come over. I'll even come pick you up.

No, I'll be okay. I just need something to distract me from their yelling. It's kind of making me depressed and a little bit scared for our future ...

I love you, Blaine. Honestly. What we have is stronger than what your parents have. But I hardly see how this conversation is distracting you.

It's not, but I needed to get rid of that fear. I love you too, by the way. I think I like telling you that in person because I love the way your eyes light up :D

Is it possible for me to never stop feeling this way? I know you can't see me, but I'm grinning like an idiot right now :D

I can picture it in my head. You look beautiful :)

*blushes* why thank you :)

Anytime! I love reminding you that you're beautiful!

I feel bad. I never seem to tell you how beautiful you are. It's always you telling me.

I know how much you love romance :) Also, you look cute when you blush.

You're an amazing boyfriend :) I love you!

I love you too :) So, how was your day?

...Blaine, you were there ...

Yes, I know. But you don't constantly tell me, "Blaine, my day is really good!" You just assume that I know because I was there!

You're a goofball! But yes, my day was good. Nobody slushied me, I got to sing in Glee and you were there. What could be better?

:) I never told you how fantastic your performance was, did I?

You told me about 6 times already. But it's okay, I like being reminded :P

And I like reminding you, so it works out pretty well!

I can't wait for your turn tomorrow! I love watching you sing. You always look so happy :)

The only thing I love more than singing is you :D

That was so cheesy! I'm going to pretend that it didn't make me smile ...

I knew it would!

You know me too well ...

No, I think I know you perfectly and we both love it :)

Very true ... I know you pretty well too, so I guess that makes up for it :P

Also true ... They've stopped fighting for today. I should probably try to get some sleep. Thanks for everything :)

Don't even bother thanking me! I'd do anything to make you happy and you know it!

Yeah, I know :) Goodnight, beautiful!

Goodnight, love :)

I love you :D

I love you too :D So, so much!