So, yeah, long time since I've been to this fandom. My Hunger Games obsession has not only not died down, but gets stronger everyday. I even incorporated it into my oral in my Spanish class.

But, I have decided to take a break from studying and wrote this up! Because I love ya, kittens.

Anyway, enjoy!

Starfire had found a new hobby. Normally this would be no problem; not being from around here, she enjoyed learning more and more about the different cultures of Earth. Hell, even what her newest interest was wouldn't be that big of a deal, especially since she would probably let him watch.

What was a big deal, was the fact her coach was male. A very muscular and attractive male.

It didn't help that she'd go all out, too. Wearing a low-set skirt with the sides cut all the way to the shimmering belt, and an intricately decorated top that could pass off as a bra. He'd catch the man's eyes wandering to places they weren't welcome, but when he first brought this up to Starfire, she'd chastised him, telling him he was being "the jealous" and trying to take away her "cultural exploits".

Starfire had taken up belly dancing, and she was damn good at it. Too damn good at it; how much was this coach of hers helping, exactly?

After his first conversation with her, he wasn't allowed near the gym during her sessions in fear that he'd overreact again. Therefore, he had to use his awesome ninja skills to sneak in.

"Ah, yes, that is perfect." The man was grinning like he'd just caught prey. Robin watched as he closed in on Starfire when she didn't move her hip the right way – or so he said – and then put his hands on her to show what was to be done.

When his fingers splayed out across her hips and closer to her thighs, that was the end.


He had miscalculated and ended up falling right in front of them from the ceiling beam he was sitting on, deer caught in the headlights. All of his rants he planned on using were lost when he saw the fire in her eyes.

"You have ruined my lessons yet again!" She turned to the man, her eyes softening. "I apologize sincerely. Perhaps we shall go to the quieter gym. I am sure Cyborg would be willing to allow me to put a lock code up." She sent a glare his way, then stomped out, the grinning coach behind her.

Robin groaned, slumping down. Well, shit.

Pobre Robin.

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