A/N Wazzup! How's everyone doing? Todays thanksgiving for me (YAY Pumpkin Pie!) and so I decided to make a new fanfic plus a quick update for my other stories. This is my casting call to all users and anons alike who wish that they were Klaines or Finchels or Brittanas or well...any Glee pairings couple.

I am looking for OCs to play the kids of the following pairings for my next fanfic Kids in america: Klaine, Quick, Brittana, Arttina, Finchel, Samcedes, and Wemma. They will be either in New Directions, Pot'O'Sugar, Vocal Adrenaline, Oral Intensity, or Warblers (your choice)

So what I need from you is to fill out the sheet below in a review:




Class (Freshmen, Sophmore, Junior, or Senior):


Hair colour:

Eye Colour:

Skin Colour:




Glee Club:

Vocal Range:

Audition Song:

Songs You Want them To Sing:



Other Info:

Then put it in a review to enter this sweet contest. My favs will be in next months chapter 1. I will except 1-3 for each pairing and those that I believe aren't Glee Club material but should be a kid will be in 8th grade and below.

Now for the update: (Skip this if you don't read my other fanfics)

1. I will not have any new chapters tonight. Tomorrow I plan for new chapters in Maid in Manhatten, Burning Memories, Smexy, Who Killed Macy Brown, and RolePlaying.

2. I am writing a fanfic entitled The Bully and the Irish (wink wink nudge nudge.) I would appreciate it if you put me on author alert or ask me to PM you when its out so that I'll have a couple people who want to read it.

3. I am working on a couple non-Glee fanfics, mainly The 89th Annual Hunger Games. If you have an OC that is willing to fight in the Hunger Games, please put it in a review on that page.

4. Finally, I want to know what fanfic I should do next. What pairing, Primary or Crack (look up glee wiki crackship society first link)

I hope you guys review me some OCs and alert this. See you next month. Love you guys Bye!