Title: The Unexpected Visitor

Author: i luv ewansmile

Summary: Michael has an unexpected visitor but one you could expect in Florida.

Part 1: The Unwanted Visitor

The early Miami morning weather was refreshingly cool and the skies a fair mixture of pinks and purples fading into golden rays. Michael Westen ties on his tennis shoes in silence, closes the loft door very carefully, and gingerly goes down the steps of his loft only to freeze in his tracks.

A swift snap of powerful jaws has him stumbling backwards out of the way of a massive alligator. Michael falls backwards landing on his back, still back peddling, he draws his legs up closer to him before reaching up and grabbing the railing pulling himself up and climbing a few steps higher. He takes a moment and looks around, fearing someone had witnessed his misstep.

The alligator whips his tail around and hisses, redirecting Michael's focus. Michael breathes out a low whistle, releasing some of his tension, not having expected to cross paths with a fearsome gator at the bottom of his loft steps.

The alligator doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and Michael isn't about to lose a foot trying to jump over him. And there's no meat in the fridge to lure the wild animal away. So that leaves one other option he can think of.

"Fiona!" Michael shouts loud in hopes that he can awaken his sleeping girlfriend. He waits a few minutes and nothing happens. So instead he pulls his cell phone out of his short's pocket and dials a familiar number. It rings four times before it's picked up.

"Michael? Where are you? Do you realize what time it is?" Fiona complains, obviously aggravated from having been woken up so early.

"Morning Fi. I'm in a little predicament," Michael greets her. That seems to get her attention. Michael can hear through the phone as she puts the phone between her ear and shoulder and begins to get dressed.

"Where have you gone?" She questions him, seeing the clothes he shed last night still at the foot of the bed.

"Oh, just outside the loft door. I didn't get far. Care to join me?" Five seconds later the door swings open with a creak and Fiona emerges in nothing but Michael's dress shirt. Michael's jaw drops a fraction at the sight of her before he shuts his mouth.

"What are you doin-" Fiona stops talking having spotted the alligator. She pauses at the top of the steps and turning around declares, "I need more clothes."

She returns wearing a short blue cotton dress and a rifle tightly griped in her hands.

"Fi!" Michael's eyes widen in alarm as she lowers the rifle and begins to load the weapon. "Get out of the way Michael!" Fiona huffs at him. "Fi!" Michael puts his hands up as she raises the rifle aiming at the gator.

"Fi, we can't kill him!" Michael reasons with her.

"Oh, Michael, why not? He's a right good size. He'll make a fine hand bag or a pair of shoes!" Fiona smiles, flipping the safety off and loading a round into the chamber.

The alligator hisses and snaps like he can understand what Fiona is purposing and he's protesting. Michael calmly walks up the steps and tries to slide the rifle out of Fiona's grip. She holds on tight and Michael has to pull hard for her to release the weapon.

"You're no fun Michael," she complains, folding her arms. "If you won't let me shoot him, I'm going back to bed!" She declares. Michael grabs her by the arm, stopping her. "I said not to kill him. I didn't say I wouldn't let you shoot him," Michael gives her a cheery smile.

"Tranquilizer rounds," Fiona sighs in understanding.

To Be Continued...

Author's Note: I had a not so good week and I needed a little humor in my life. I hope you like it. Please review.