Title: Elementals of Magic: Prophecy of Lies

Author name and e-mail: mistykasumi at SeducerofFantasy@hotmail.com

Summary: A 7th year contest causes Harry and Draco to bond, setting off a prophecy long ago stopped by the interference of Sirius Black. A prophecy that told of Voldemort's destruction.

Rating: PG-13

Category: Action/Adventure/Romance

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Chapter 1

The Last Hogwarts Summer

Harry looked at his clock, watching it tick slowly. Three, two, one, the second hand reached the number twelve. It was midnight. Finally, it was his seventeenth birthday. Harry knew that the next day, owls would arrive from all his friends, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Sirius, and they would be carrying presents for him. What a shame he couldn't go to the Burrow this summer. Dumbledore had flatly refused when Harry asked him, saying that Harry would be safer with the Dursleys. To Harry, that was a load of rubbish, but he had no choice except to trust Dumbledore.

The Dursleys hadn't changed. They were still ignoring Harry, as always, and they still let Harry keep his stuff in his room, but they had started getting nastier. The Dursleys had started doubting the exisistence of Sirius. If only Sirius could come to his rescue, take him away from these wretched muggles, especially Dudley, who had gained even more weight, and had to walk sideways through the doors now. The Dursleys had to get custom-tailored Smeltings uniforms for Dudley.

Harry thought about his friends, and what they were doing. Ron was probably hanging around the Burrow or maybe visiting Fred and George. Fred and George had opened a joke shop now, and they were now Zonko's archrival. Each shop always scrambled to be the first to come up with a new joke item. The twins had a branch of their shop at Hogsmeade, and it was a great hit with the students, especially Gryffindors. Fred and George had moved to London, and their main shop was in Diagon Alley. They were certainly rich enough to have Ron visit them.

Hermione had recently broken up with Krum. She had said that he just wasn't right for her, that she didn't feel anything when she was with him, so it was better to break up with him now to save him grief. Hermione was probably vacationing in France again with her parents. The country seemed to be a great favorite of the Grangers. And the girl was probably memorizing everything for next year.

Sirius was still in hiding, and Harry had no idea where. Sirius had sent him a letter with his Hogsmeade permission slip, and had reassured Harry about his safety. Death Eater activity was starting again. The Ministry had automatically assumed that Sirius had helped the Dark Lord gain power again, and were now searching everywhere thoroughly for any signs of Death Eaters. Harry knew that they wouldn't succeed. It was too late. Voldemort had reached full power again, and was starting to wreak havoc again, like how it used to be. Death Eater activity was still very slight, but Harry knew it would increase as time passed by.

Hagrid was at Hogwarts, as usual. He still hadn't told Harry, Ron, and Hermione what Dumbledore asked him and Maxime to do in fourth year. Harry had a hunch that Dumbledore sent them as envoy to the giants, seeing as how both of them were half-giant. However, Harry didn't know if Hagrid had succeeded or not.

Harry missed his friends. He missed Hogwarts, the castle, the lake with the giant squid in it, the grounds, especially Hagrid's hut, Hogsmeade, the shops, Three Broomsticks, all the stuff you can buy in them, but most of all, people there. His fellow Gryffindors, of course, Ron and Hermione especially, Malfoy...

Malfoy???!!!! Why was he thinking about the stupid git? The pale, blonde boy had been causing him trouble ever since on the train to Hogwarts in first year, when Harry refused his invitation. From then on, the two had become archrivals, and they were nothing else. So why was he thinking about him?

Harry shrugged it off. It was probably because he missed Hogwarts so much that he missed the bad things that came with it. Like Malfoy. Harry yawned; exhausation rushed over Harry, and the boy turned off the light and climbed into the bed. He was asleep before his head hit the pillow.


Draco lay on his stomach on his bed. His whole body was still sore from his father casting the Cruciatus Curse on him. Lucius Malfoy had begun training Draco in the Dark Arts as preparation for becoming a Death Eater. He always cast the spell on Draco, letting Draco feel the effects of the spell, then he taught it to Draco. Draco was forced to perform the spells on Muggles that his father had kidnapped. The look of terror on their faces...Draco sighed. And if Draco failed, he would be punished, usually with the Cruciatus Curse. He hated Lucius, hated him with a passion.

The bedroom door opened. Draco looked up to see Narcissa enter the room. His head slumped down again when he saw his visitor. She glided soundlessly on the silver velvet carpet, and reaching Draco's bed, sat down next to him on the green silk spread.


"Yes, Mother?"

Narcissa remembered the spoiled little boy Draco used to be. The boy who refused to leave her side. The little boy that always clung to her, the dragon that couldn't be shaken off. He had accompanied her everywhere, visiting friends, shopping, balls, everywhere, from the time he was born. Once, she had gone to visit a friend in Ireland while Draco was asleep, and when he had woken up, her son had thrown a huge tantrum. He ripped the drapes off the windows, he broke all of Lucius's potions, did everything imaginable to the manor, all because she wasn't there. When she went back the next day, she had discovered Malfoy Manor in shambles, some parts caving in, decorations strewn all over the floor. Draco, however, had kept all her things and much of his things intact, not having the heart to trash them. Narcissa had learned to never leave Draco alone without her by his side.

She remembered when Draco received his first Hogwarts letter. He had thrown another tantrum that beat the other one by far. There was almost nothing left of the manor after he had finished, except for Narcissa's most prized jewelry and doll collection and Draco's antique fan and dagger collection. Everything else had been ruined. Lucius could not control the boy. Draco had tapped into his magical energy for the second time, and had slammed Lucius into a former wall of the house. It took a few charms and more than a few spells to restore Malfoy Manor to its former splendor, and it took Narcissa the rest of the summer to convince Draco to attend Hogwarts. Now, Draco didn't cling to her like he used to, and Narcissa had to admit that she missed it.

Narcissa leaned down and ruffled her son's hair affectionately. "I'm really sorry about what your father does. If I could, I would stop him, but I would be no match for him, and if I'm gone, then who would protect you?" She sighed. "Sometimes I wonder how I could have fallen in love with Lucius. I was a Ravenclaw, for God's sake. I sacrificed all my friends and my family for him. I don't want to lose you, too."

Draco looked at his mother. He remembered how he used to cling to Narcissa, that if he was left in the house without her, he would throw tantrums. But after six years of Hogwarts, Draco had grown independent, without as much need for his mother as he used to. But sometimes, he missed the moments that he shared with Narcissa, not that he let it show. Narcissa would always pamper him, and they would spend long periods of time together, lost in their own world. She always played the game Draco wanted to play, and his mother never complained. She was full of laughter and smiles, and he missed that.

"I've decided to keep in touch with you. God knows how I've been bored to death here in this manor all alone for the past several years. Besides, you'll need someone to look out for you this year. With the rerising of You- Know-Who and all." Narcissa took out a small book and put it in front of Draco. "Remember this? Whatever I write in my book will appear in yours, and vice-versa. You and I are the only people who can touch these books. If someone else touches them, the body part that they touched it with will catch on a magical fire that will burn them and won't extingush until they're one hundered feet away. If someone trys to use their wand to do anything with the book, the same thing will happen to their wand. Thus, your privacy is guaranteed. Remember to write often, Little Dragon. Your mother could do with a few smiles."

Emotions passed fleetingly in Draco's eyes. It had been so long since Narcissa had callen him by the pet name she gave him. He caved in to his emotions for once and buried his head in his mother's lap.

"Why does he have to do this to me? Why me? What have I ever done to him, the damn bastard? Why can't he let me live a normal life for once? I've missed you, Mummy. Why aren't you around like you used to? Why..."

"Shh...It'll be okay." Narcissa put her arms around her son and stroked his back while comforting the sobbing boy. He wrapped his arms around her slim body and clung to her silk blouse, sobbing into it. A house-elf passing by the room closed the door respectfully, and Narcissa stayed in Draco's room the whole night, watching over him as he slept.


Harry awoke to Uncle Vernon's snoring. He reached over to his bedside table, grabbed his glasses, and put them on. The boy glanced at his bedside clock to find that it was only 5:00. However, he could not fall asleep due to the loud snoring seeping through the walls, so Harry left bed and got ready for another day. He wrote an essay for History of Magic on wizards and witches in the Middle Ages. Harry knew much about that topic, for last year, he had come face to face with Morgan Le Fey, the famous witch from the Middle Ages who was the half-sister of King Authur. Morgan's soul had been trapped in a emerald, which in turn was made into a necklace. That necklace was bought by Pansy Parkinson, and Morgan had been able to take control of Pansy. The necklace was passed from person to person, for Morgan was trying to find someone to set her free. Hermione, Harry, and Ron, after spending lots of time in the library doing research, figured it out. They went to Dumbledore, and in the end, Morgan was set free.

The year before that, it was Gryffindor's Treasure. Every day, there were people who claimed that they had glimpsed some treasure, but when they looked closely, it disappeared. Dumbledore had told them all that it was the legendary Gryffindor's Treasure, and only a true Gryffindor could access it. In the end, Harry found the door to the treasure, and discovered many books with very complicated spells that made Hermione very jealous, a Luboball, which shows the thing you love most, and a huge pile of gold. He had slipped Ron some of the gold for his family, and the rest were in his vault in Gringotts. Harry was now beyond rich, probably richer than even Malfoy.

Just after Harry finished writing his essay, he heard a tapping on his window. Harry stood up and opened the window. Hedwig flew in and dropped a letter and a parcel on his bed, followed by Errol and Pidwidgeon, and two owls Harry didn't recognize, a handsome tawny owl and a regular barn owl. He opened Hedwig's delivery first. It was a happy birthday card from Sirius, and Sirius had given him...Harry gasped. It was a beautiful fur cloak, in red and gold, with three gold fasteners. It went all the way down to the floor and looked very dashing on Harry. Next were Ron's parcels, which were full of food from Mrs. Weasley, and Ron had given him some novelty items from Fred and George's shop. Hermione had sent Harry some French sweets, since she was vacationing in France again. Hagrid had sent Harry a box full of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. The handsome tawny owl had also come to deliver Harry's Hogwarts letter. He allowed all the owls to share Hedwig's water and food and her perch. Harry then hid all the stuff in the loose board under the bed and went down for breakfast.


Draco's eyes fluttered, then slowly opened. He found himself in his bed, with the green silk covers drawn over him, and his mother sitting by him, looking at him with a tired look in her eyes.

"You're finally awake, Little Dragon."

"Mummy? Have you been watching me all this time?"

Narcissa looked away.

"You shouldn't have, Mummy."

"Anything for you, Little Dragon. Have you forgotten what day it is today?"

"It's my birthday! Of course!"

"I will be expecting you in my room in half an hour." Narcissa stood and walked out of the room, closing the door behind her.

Draco watched her as she left, then quickly jumped out of bed. He brushed his teeth in his own bathroom, washed his face, slicked his hair back, and put on a black tank top and black leather pants.

Draco quickly left the room barefoot and went down the mahogany staircase and into the kitchen, where a house-elf was scrubbing the aluminum sink.

"I need some breakfast!"

"Yes, Master Draco." The house-elf bowed and went to cook breakfast. In five minutes, the

house-elf had a stack of pancakes. Draco wolfed them down and hurriedly ran out of the kitchen, down the hallway, up the stairs, and into his mother's room. Narcissa had her own room, where she kept her personal things.

Narcissa looked up when Draco opened the door. She stood up from the chair she was sitting on in front of her dresser.

"Right on time, Little Dragon. I've decided it's time to give you this, since I won't really need it anymore, and you'll have greater use for it." Narcissa opened the bottom drawer of her dresser and after looking through it, pulled out a pure white cloak. She handed it to Draco.

Draco took it in his hands. The cloak had a beautiful color, and it felt like velvet.

"What is this, Mummy?"

"This is a Merging Cloak. It's the predecessor of the Invisibility Cloak. Whenever you put on the Merging Cloak, you merge in with your surroundings, so people won't know you are there. However, there is a drawback. Come over here. Stand by my dresser, and put on the cloak."

Draco walked to Narcissa's dresser and put on the cloak, making sure that it covered every inch of his body, from head to toes.

"I see a new bottle of mood perfume on my dresser. However, if I wanted to use it, I would touch you instead. That's the drawback and also the reason why there aren't many Merging Cloaks in our world anymore."

Draco took off the Merging Cloak and folded it carefully. He looked at Narcissa with gratitude in his eyes.

"Thank you, Mother."

"That's not all the presents from me for your birthday."

Draco eagerly scanned the room.

"Where's the other one?"

"We're going to spend a whole day together, like we used to."

A glint came into the boy's eyes. He stood on tiptoes and whispered into his mother's ear. She giggled.

"All right then, Little Dragon. This will be fun!"


Harry eagerly crossed the days off on his calendar. Each day with the Dursleys was long and boring. Harry felt ready to die of boredom by the time August 31 finally arrived. He, Ron, and Hermione had decided to meet in Diagon Alley on August 31. A week before, Harry had asked Uncle Vernon to drive him to the pub outside Diagon Alley. Harry had a pretty good idea where the pub was. Uncle Vernon had refused at first, but after Harry threatened him with Sirius, Uncle Vernon grudgingly agreed. He was a bit happy though, since he was getting rid of Harry a day earlier.

Right after breakfast, on August 31, Harry and Uncle Vernon stepped into the car, Harry carrying all his stuff with him, and the two left Privet Drive, Harry forever, for Harry was going to rent a flat somewhere far away after this year. When the two arrived, Harry quickly climbed out of the car, taking his stuff, and went into the Leaky Cauldron, not once looking back.

He checked in with Tom, who was more than happy to have Harry live there. He led Harry to the same room that Harry had been in in Third Year. Harry dumped all his stuff on the bed, took his Hogwarts letter out of his trunk, let Hedwig out of her cage, and ran out of the room, shutting the door behind him.

Harry left the pub and went into the small courtyard in the back, then took out his wand and tapped on the brick that he had tapped on so many times during Third Year. Seconds later, Diagon Alley appeared before Harry.

Harry strolled to the Apothecary. He passed two blonde-haired people looking at fluxweed, then remembering that he needed some himself, went to the opposite side and started picking some out. He then heard a familiar voice. Harry looked up in time to see Malfoy talking to his mother. And Harry was shocked to hear what Malfoy said.

"How long can we keep this up, Mummy?"

Harry was shocked. First of all, Malfoy had called his mother Mummy. He didn't know the git had feelings for anything. Second, it seemed that Malfoy had a little secret between him and his mother, and Harry wondered briefly what it could be, ludicrous ideas swimming in his head.

He then saw Narcissa pull Malfoy into a hug and whispered into his ear. They suddenly broke apart. Harry looked toward the door and quickly hid behind the fluxweed containers, his face bursting from restrained laughter.

Harry heard footsteps walking towards him, and he tried to crawl away. Two pairs of feet stopped in front of him, and four arms helped him up.

"Did you see Lucius Malfoy, the git?" Ron asked.

"Did I? That purple really suited him!"

"It's not nice to make fun of people," Hermione said, but even she was smiling. It seemed that Lucius Malfoy's skin had somehow turned purple.

"This equals the time when Malfoy was turned into a white ferret in Fourth Year!" Ron exclaimed. "Whoever did that, you're the greatest!"

For the next several hours, Harry, Ron, and Hermione caught up in current events. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione were once again staying at the Leaky Cauldron, almost like that time in Third Year. Finally, with the shopping done, the three entered the Leaky Cauldron where Harry was immediately swept up in a hug by Mrs. Weasley.

"Harry, dear, how are you? We had asked Dumbledore to send you here this year, and I was so shocked when he refused, insisting that you stay with your relatives! Are you all right, Harry?"

"Yes, Mrs. Weasley, I'm just fine. Hello, Ginny." Ginny blushed and quickly turned away. "Where's Mr. Weasley?"

"The Ministry just called him." Mrs. Weasley pursed her lips. "He is so overworked these days, what with You-Know-Who rising and all. Fudge finally came to his senses and realized You-Know-Who was rerising. Took him long enough."

"Mum, there's nothing we can do about Fudge." Ron piped up.

"Yes, dear." Mrs. Weasley mused absently.

Mrs. Weasley took Ginny and left, saying that they had some business.

"What's wrong with your mum, Ron?" Harry asked, concerned.

"She's overstressed. Mum's always worried about Dad being attacked by Voldemort, and us dying at the hands of Death Eaters. She's really scared of us dying, and made me and Ginny promise to owl her every week to tell her what's happening at Hogwarts."

"You should be glad you have someone that worries over you, Ron," Hermione said softly. She turned to look at Harry sadly.

"Don't worry about me. I survived meeting Him three times, remember?"

"Still, Harry, you need to be more careful."


That night, Mrs. Weasley had cooked for them. Her cooking hadn't gone down in quality. In fact, it tasted as good as ever to Harry. All the children ate hungrily, but Mrs. Weasley just sat, with a tired look on her face.

"Ron, don't you think you should try to cheer up your Mum?" Hermione asked.

"I've tried. But nothing works. The only thing that'll cheer her up is Dad coming home."

At that very moment, Arthur Weasley apparated by Molly with a small pop.

Mrs. Weasley looked up.

"Arthur! You're back!" Her face lit up.

"Don't worry, Molly, nothing happened. Hello, kids, Hermione, Harry. No thanks, Molly, I'm tired, I'll just go up and take a nap."

Mrs. Weasley followed her husband upstairs, leaving the teenagers alone.

"Poor Mum. She's always so worried about Dad."

"She ought to be, Ron! Your Dad's probably in grave danger most of the time!"

"Please stop, Ron, Hermione. Let's not fight over such trivial things."

The meal was finished in silence.


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