All are gone

Nothing left but despair

They think that no one will care

So they ask, "Why not just put out the flare?"

Tony pops pills

One today, two tomorrow

Maybe he does this for the thrill, or maybe he's going after the kill

Today he doesn't care, and is full of hurt and sorrow

Vanessa cuts

A little deeper here and there, she knows she's messed up

But, Today she cut a little too deep

Blood now runs down her arm and seeps down to her feet

Conner is perfect

It's all too much, and he says, "I've had enough…"

He puts a gun to his chest

Pulls the trigger and hopes for the best

They take their last breath

They take their last step and fall off the edge

All three say good-bye

All three start to fly

They are soon brought down

Slowly falling from the sky

Born again, becoming new

They open their eyes, and start to find a new life…