Flick and Flapp

A tale of two Charmanders.

Once upon a time there lived two Charmanders, there lived Flick an extremely nervous young Pokémon with a good heart, and his buddy Flapp, a rather brave young Pokémon who wasn't afraid to stare death in the face. While Pokémon just say their own names, let's translate what these Pokémon speak.

"I'm telling you, it's not right to eat grass in this area. This part of the forest is dangerous." Flick said nervously.

"I'm telling you, you're safe with me. Why are you so afraid?" Flapp replied.

"Beause both my parents were killed by Pokémon. My sister got captured by humans and is made to fight for them. Not to mention Charmanders aren't the biggest Pokémon in the world."

"Oh you'll evolve into a Charmeleon one of these days and then maybe even a Charizard." Flapp replied.

"Still even so, being a fire Pokémon sucks, we stink of refried ass because we can't bathe, no Pokémon wants to be friends with us because of how much we smell, and every time it rains, it's the apocalypse!"

"I know of all the best places to hide, when it rains. I'll look after you man. I'm not afraid of anybody!"

"How come you're not afraid of humans or other Pokémon?

"Because I have a secret move. A move that no other Pokémon has."

Flick frowned "And what's that?"

"Ahhhhhh..." Flapp smiled. "It's a secret. But I'll give you a clue there's a reason why I eat so much spicy food and vegetables."

"I wish you wouldn't, you fart like crazy."

"A side effect, but it's worth it."

"You fart your enemies unconscious?"

"No, but you're getting close."

"Oh...come on! Tell me!" Flick begged.

"You're about to find out!" Flapp smiled "Here comes a human!"

"A HUMAN! Quick, let's run for it!"

"Flick, you can't keep running away from fears! Sometimes you just have to face them!"

"And what do you suppose we do?"

"You'll find out in a few seconds!" Flapp grinned.

Ash Ketchum then noticed the two Charmanders. "Well...well a couple of Charmanders. They're mine!"

Ash then released a Bulbasaur from his Pokéball "Go, Bulbasaur!"

Flapp then turned around, put his tail to his bottom and farted very loudly into it. The fart then turned into a massive flame engulfing both Ash and the Bulbasaur completley into flames. The fart was really long making the flames continue long enough to melt off Ash and the Bulbasaur's flesh. They both fell to the ground dead as black burnt skeletons.

Flick's eyes widened. "OH MY GOD!"

Flapp took a bow. "I thank you!"