Nighttime in Konoha

All was quiet and tranquil in Konoha as the moon loomed over the night sky, but that peace was suddenly interrupted by a scream of anguish that lurked from a small apartment complex. A raven haired woman was squirming in the bed as she remembered that fateful day that had been burned into her brain. Beside her was a blond who was about half her age. He tried to wake her up from her sorrow as she screamed away at the torment that enveloped her. The blond shook her and shook her to try and calm her down. After 10 minutes, the raven haired woman woke up and looked to her love. She ran into his arms and cried as she remembered the event.

"The dream or rather, that nightmare again?" he asked her as he wrapped his hands around her. She nodded as the tears flowed down her eyes. The blond looked at her then at the ceiling.

"I won't forgive you dammit, I cannot forgive you," he said as his eyes flared up in anger.


The people of Konoha came to the Hokage Mansion. All lights were flaring as the village turned its spotlight on to the top of the Mansion. The moon bled red as the Hokage showed up to the top of the Mansion with his advisor. As he arrived to the top, he chuckled at the sight of his two captives. Both looked at him with killer intent as he walked towards them.

"Dammit Sasuke, let us go so I can kick your emo ass," Naruto said as he stared in rage at the Rokudaime Hokage. Sasuke smiled t his captive and laughed evilly as he walked past him.

"Your the demon here not me, I am doing the world a service," he said as he faced the crowd of Konoha civilians.

"People of Konoha, we have spent all our lives in fear of the demon here and his bitch," Sasuke shouted to the crowd. People cheered and yelled as they shouted for their Hokage.

"But now we will end the lives and spawn of these demons who seek to torment us," He said as he motioned his hand to the back. His pink advisor came with a baby cradled into her arms sleeping soundly. Naruto looked up to see it was his daughter, Kurami Uzumaki. Naruto thrashed around violently trying to get free.

"Sasuke don't you dare, I will kill you," he said as his raven haired lover looked up. She saw her precious child in the arms of one of the Uchiha's most loyal followers, Sakura Haruno. In rage, she screamed.

"Let my child go, give her back," Shizune shouted as everyone laughed at the two. Sasuke motioned to the crowd of people.

"Do you see this, haha, demons show compassion for their cubs," he said as Sakura brought the child forward.

"Here you go Sasuke-sama," Sakura said with an evil smile. Sasuke took the blond haired child in his arms and shook it wake. The couple was paralyzed with rage as they saw their child cry for comfort.

"Please give her back, don't do this," Shizune said as she cried for her child to be spared. Her eyes were red from all the crying she had endured. Naruto was nearly losing his sanity. He felt powerless as the joy of his life was screaming and crying in the hands of Sasuke.

"People of Konoha, behold the spawn of the demons," he shouted as he held the baby in the air. The people all hissed and booed as they threw random objects trying to injure the child. Naruto watching in tear as he saw rocks hit his child and made the baby bleed a little. His eyes were red as he held his head down in torture at the event taking place. Sasuke continued his torment.

"We will rid ourselves of the demon tonight," he shouted. All of Konoha had rejoiced at the hearing of their Hokage. Naruto and Shizune looked up in terror as they heard his words.

"Sasuke don't you dare do it you bastard," Naruto shouted at him. Shizune was still crying at the site of her child being injured.

"Please leave our child alone, please take us," she bowed to the ground as everyone sneered and laughed at her. Sasuke turned to the people.

"This ends to day," he said as he threw the baby into the air. Naruto and Shizune had faces of anger, sadness, and shock as the saw their innocent child tossed into the air crying. The child came falling back down as it got impaled by Sasuke's chidori. Shizune lost her mind at the incident.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO," she screamed as she tried to cry but her tears refused to come out anymore. Naruto's eyes glowed red as he heard his child scream in pain and then die not a second later. Sasuke smiled as he dropped letting it fall. As the baby was in the middle of the air, Sasuke jumped off the ledge and impaled the child into the ground and smiled. The child was beaten to death as the citizens laughed. The child's blood leaked out on the ground and people began to hit the child even though it was already dead. Sasuke returned to the top of the ledge and smiled.

"Yes revel in the demon spawn's death, let the heavens know we are just," he said as he turned to the couple and saw their heartbroken expressions. Naruto was seething mad as he was about to unleash all hell on Konoha, but he stopped for a second as his love motioned for him.

"*sniffling* Naruto-kun," Shizune said to him. She looked up at him. Her eyes were still red, but were devoid of any tears. She let the anger take over her. She was so angry that she didn't even have to show the emotion.

"Are you okay Shizune-chan?" Naruto asked as he leaned next to his love. Shizune looked at him.

"End them, kill them, destroy them, I want everyone and everything in this village killed, I want our child back in my arms," Shizune said as she put her head back down. Naruto looked at his raven haired beauty and leaned in close to her. She looked up to see Naruto give her a deep kiss and part from her. He looked at her.

"No one will leave here alive," He said as he ripped his and her ropes. The next few minutes were all disastrous, as Naruto and Shizune went on a rampage and destroyed any citizen of Konoha, no matter who it was. All hell broke loose as they covered the entire streets of Konoha in blood. Before both knew it they were in front of the Kyuubi's Gate with the seal on it. Naruto saw Shizune next to him and got her up. The Kyuubi looked at Naruto and frowned.

"Do you hate the village, do you hate its people?" he bellowed from the gate. Naruto immediately nodded as the Kyuubi smirked.

"I will give you one more chance for revenge, you will go back in time and will change your future, but your stamina reserves to perform most of your jutsus will be the same as that day, is that ok?" He said. Naruto looked up and had his eyes red.

"A small price to pay for our revenge," he said as the Kyuubi smiled. His chakra leaked from outside the seal and wrapped them all in darkness. Naruto grabbed Shizune as they landed to an open spot in Konoha. Naruto was back to being a kid as Shizune was back to in her thirties. Naruto woke up Shizune. She was shocked at the change until Naruto explained everything to her. She smiled as she wanted her revenge. Naruto smiled also.

"This place will burn," Shizune said.

"Nothing will be left standing," Naruto added as they walked back to Naruto's former apartment.

Flashback End

"Naruto we are going to kill them right?" Shizune asked with her eyes still red. Naruto brought her close.

"No one will be left alive," he said as he comforted her. Shizune smiled as she slept quietly in her blond's arms. Naruto stayed awake to remember the events that transpired.


"Naruto-kun, dinner is ready," Shizune said with a smile as she prepared the plates. Naruto showed up moments later with Kurami in his arms.

"Thank you very much Shizune-chan," he said as he gave her a quick kiss. Both sat down to eat as Shizune feed their child. Suddenly ninja appeared and immediately captured the two and tied them up. Before they could react Naruto and Shizune was captured taken out of their home.

"Hey what the hell are you doing?, let us go, the Hokage will get you for this," he shouted as his captives looked at him.

"Lord Hokage has ordered this," they said shocking the two.

"What did we do to deserve this?" Shizune commanded.

"You were born," they said as they carried out Naruto and Shizune's child.

"No, Kurami, leave our child alone," Shizune yelled as they were dragged to the Kage Mansion.

Flashback End

Naruto was now even more pissed at the events that had transpired in just one day. He looked at Shizune sleep soundly and walked towards the window.

"Just you wait Sasuke, I will show you and this damn village what happens when you hurt my loved ones," Naruto said as he had a mad expression and closed the curtains.

Naruto and Shizune's anger is now directed at Konoha. How will this change their fate?