KG: Hey everyone. It's come. My final chapter. I thank you for enjoying the story and all it's contents. Now then let me give you this chapter.

Warning: Chapter contains blood, gore, torture scene, character deaths and anything else I can do to make it exciting. My longest chapter out of this whole story.

3 days later

Six figures could be seen coming towards the destroyed Konoha. They had come to conquer it, then they would make it bow to their knees. They didn't know that this would be the very last day that they would ever be able to have such thoughts. The main one leading the other five was none other than Sasuke Uchiha. Along with him was ironically his new wife, Sakura Uchiha. Sakura had gotten married to Sasuke about a year ago which really irked some of the girls who liked Sasuke, but that didn't matter to Sakura. She had been training constantly in the underground rings of Orochimaru's bases. Sasuke had been the top fighter and Sakura had been the second. Both could easily surpass Kimimaro and Sakura even invented her own style of medical ninjutsu. With it she was even able to cure Kimimaro if his disease and the bone user was more than fit to live.

After them was Karin, Suigetsu and Juugo. The three were recruited by Sasuke and Sakura to help handle the Konoha invasion. They all naturally accepted since it was nice to be useful since everyone found out Orochimaru died along with Kabuto. Everyone in all the Orochimaru bases had heard of it and people nearly found it impossible, but they place wasn't without a leader. Sasuke had, arrogantly, placed himself as the leader of everything. Sakura was his right hand in the operations.

Lastly was Kimimaro. When he had been healed by Sakura, he came to respect and acknowledge Sasuke and Sakura as his masters. They had given him a purpose again and he was more than gratefully for it. Kimimaro had asked Sasuke why only six people were going to invade Konoha and Sasuke told him it was better for stealth purposes which Kimimaro agreed.

So currently all three were walking towards the place of their invasion. After Sasuke took care of Konoha and killed the dobe and his little bitches, he would find Itachi and kill the damn traitor, then he would make the Uchiha name resound throughout the world.

"It's been two years hasn't it Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked with a simple smile as she twirled a kunai in her hands. Sasuke gave a grin and nodded.

"That's right Sakura. I hope they all don't die too fast. It'll be boring that way," Sasuke said to her. Sakura chuckled and kissed Sasuke's cheek as they came up the hill. What they saw wasn't what they imagined at all. Everyone was shocked or at the very least surprised when they saw Konoha or rather the very lack thereof.

"What the hell? Konoha's gone," Sakura said in shock. Sasuke narrowed his own eyes and balled his fists while Karin and Suigetsu raised their eyebrows.

"Maybe Konoha got attacked before we could do it," Karin stated.

"That's impossible. Konoha's one of the great elemental nations. It wouldn't be that easy," Suigetsu said and Karin scowled at him while adjusting her glasses.

"Then how do you explain that? It's gone, burned to the ground, annihilated, destroyed. Is there anymore words you'd like me to try to make you understand?" Karin yelled.

"Alright I get it! I'm not blind. So Sasuke, what do we do now?" Suigetsu asked. The Uchiha sighed and looked at the barren field.

"We'll investigate right now. I want to know who the hell did this right now," Sasuke said, but soon Juugo stepped forward with and spoke to everyone.

"Guys the birds are telling us to stay away from this place," Juugo told them. Everyone knew about Juugo's talk to the birds and it did irk them a bit, but they still relied on him.

"And why is that?" Sakura asked paying attention to any details.

"Apparently something evil is here and it's the cause of Konoha's destruction. I think we should go back," Juugo told them. Sasuke narrowed his eyes again and 'hmphed' then ran forward completely ignoring Juugo's comment. Sakura ran after Sasuke and Kimimaro after Sakura.

"I guess that's their reply. Don't worry Juugo, we'll be fine," Suigetsu said running forward. Karin sighed and ran forward also. Juugo still seemed cautious, but went after them as well. No one knew how right Juugo was going to be and the price that would be paid for such negligence.

After a while, everyone walked through the scorched Konoha. It was nothing, but a large pile of ash. The smell of burning flesh was so foul that no one would completely go in. They saw corpses littered by the thousands and it irked them all, but Sasuke and Sakura. To them both, seeing your family die and hear about their deaths made you harden your heart to most things and this was one of them.

"M-Maybe Juugo was right. We should go," Karin said and Juugo nodded in agreement.

"Calm down. Nothing happened and we can take care of ourselves. Now then Kimimaro can you get me a body," Sakura said and before long Kimimaro dropped a body in front of her. Sakura's hands glowed bright yellow and she traced her hands over the body. She narrowed her eyes and soon Sasuke came up behind her then patted her shoulder.

"Sakura, what did you find?" Sasuke asked. Sakura's hands stopped glowing and she turned to her husband.

"Sasuke-kun, this person was brutally killed. In more ways than one. The skin is severely burned, the body is so mutilated that I'm not sure I can identify it completely. The eyes are gouged out, the stomach is split open and the other parts of the body show that death was quick, but still very painful. It's not normal at all," Sakura said to him. Sasuke looked around and saw everything gone. Nothing was alive in Konoha at all.

"Karin try and find anyone who is still here. I'll get the answer out of them," Sasuke ordered. Karin nodded and quickly scanned for anybody with her chakra sensor. Hers was more than exceptional at the job so she was the medic along with Sakura and the team locator of enemies. Karin turned her gaze towards six outside sources just a few minutes from Konoha. They seemed to be laying on the trees and for one instance Karin thought she saw all six of them grin in her direction.

"Sasuke there are six other figures in that direction. They aren't far off," Karin told him. Sasuke grinned and took out his sword that was strapped to his waist. He was going to get the answers he wanted and he was going to get them now!

"Alright let's go. I want to find out what happened and I want to find out now!" Sasuke said and the six dashed off towards the source of Karin's predicted location.

It really didn't take long for them to arrive and Sasuke quickly shouted out.

"Alright, we know you're here so come out now!"

Soon the six figures came out and needless to say, Sasuke and Sakura were surprised. It was Naruto, Kiba, Tayuya, Haku, Shizune, and Yugao. Kimimaro narrowed his eyes when he saw Tayuya and really wondered why she was with Naruto and his group.

Naruto walked forward and saw the emo then grinned. He felt his blood boil to and licked his lips slightly.

"Hey Sasuke, how have you been? I take it you saw Konoha?" Naruto asked and Sasuke widened her eyes. He gritted his teeth at the sight of the blonde, but calmed down soon after.

"What the hell happened to Konoha dobe? Don't tell me your weak ass was able to do something like this," Sasuke said and Naruto just shrugged his shoulders.

"Why should it matter to you what I do with Konoha? It's not like your a part of it. Wait, by any chance were you hoping to invade Konoha? Well tough luck cause it's gone," Naruto said and Sasuke took out his sword.

"Don't piss me off Dobe. Now answer me!" Sasuke said and Naruto turned to the others

"Should I tell him? He's really asking for it," Naruto told them. Everyone grinned and nodded. The blonde turned to Sasuke and smirked.

"Alright I did. No, we did it. The Namikaze family brought Konoha to its knees and now it's your turn Sasuke," Naruto said and Sakura proceeded to laugh at him then stepped forward.

"Please Naruto-baka, I'm surprised your still alive since your a failure as a shinobi. You've always been weak. Sure you made jonin rank, but your nothing special at all. Along with your brunette bitch right there," Sakura shouted out. Shizune gave a demonic grin and her chakra spiked, not too much, but it showed that she was feeling the excitement in her blood. Her fingers ached and itched. They wanted Sakura's blood, they wanted to wrap their arms around her next and wring it dry. She wanted to hear Sakura scream out in pain and how she would beg for death to release her from the brunette medic's torment. Oh this was going to be a good day.

"Don't worry you pink bitch. You'll get your turn when I make you cry," Shizune yelled back and Sakura balled her fists. She turned to Sasuke and smiled.

"Sasuke-kun, mind if I have some fun with Naruto's bitch?" Sakura asked and Sasuke chuckled. He gave the girl a kiss and stepped back.

"Go on Sakura. Tear her apart," Sasuke said and Sakura nodded. She did some handsigns and her body glowed for a second. She pulled down her long, black shinobi boots and took of her training weights. She was gonna slam Shizune across the face and she was gonna make it hurt like hell.

"Well if you not a coward then why don't you fight me? One-on-one just like that time in the academy all those years back," Sakura said stepping forward. Shizune stepped forward also and grinned.

"You mean just like the time I kicked your kicked your fangirl ass and put you in the hospital? Ah good times, good times," Shizune replied and Sakura seethed. She cracked her knuckles and Shizune just smiled. She wanted it all to happen now. She wanted Sakura to try everything she wanted against her. Of course she would fight back, but Shizune wanted that complete look of despair and hopelessness edged into her features.

While Shizune made her way to the middle of the field, Tayuya turned to Naruto.

"So it's like this huh? Can't we just fight them all at once? This process is too slow," Tayuya told him. Naruto grinned and simply shook his head.

"Don't worry Tayuya-chan. Did you see how the teme kissed his bitch? Either their lovers or something close to it. He won't let her die that easily without interference," Naruto told her. Tayuya smiled with a nod and looked back. Kiba and Akamaru were resting on the ground while they leaned on a tree. They really wanted to fight, but they could wait. So long as they could put Sasuke and his lackeys in their place it would be alright so long as he got to fight. Haku and Yuugao were watching also. They so wanted to fight. Three days of nothing to do really did that to some people.

Shizune and Sakura squared off against each other and looked ready to fight.

"You've had this coming for a long time bitch," Sakura told her. Shizune chuckled for a bit and before long it turned into mad laugh. An insane laugh that shook Sakura's soul slightly. It made Sakura almost question if she wanted to go through with this fight at all.

"Well let's get started. I'll mop the ground with your pink ass again," Shizune stated. Sakura's hands clenched and she charged at Shizune with all the intent of smashing the hanyou woman's face into the ground.

Somewhere else near Tea Country

Fu sighed as she roamed the forested area of trees that were everywhere as far as she could see. She wondered if this plan would even work, which she doubted. A plan like this was based on luck if not anything else.

"Of all plans, why do I have to be bait?" Fu wondered and continued to walk. She was to be bait for the Akatsuki, but come on. These were S-rank criminals, would they really fall for such a tactic? She wondered, but it was all they had which didn't involve random searching for them all so she would simply have to deal with it. Yagura and Yugito were else where so this was all she could do for her family.

Fu exited the woods and appeared on a small dirt road, she decided to walk for a bit in a way like she was kind of lost on where she should be going. Fu took out a map and looked at it.

"Man this map sucks. How the hell do you read this thing?" Fu asked aloud and suddenly to her surprise she got a response.

"Well well Itachi-san, it looks like we found the Nanabi jinchuuriki. To think she would be lost in a place like this is astounding right?" Kisame asked. Itachi kept his impassive face and Fu backed away feigning some scared nature.

"W-Who are you?" Fu asked and Kisame grinned while touching his sword with a smile on his face.

"Well we're different from you. Your coming with us right now and if you resist, well you just really shouldn't," Kisame told her. Fu gulped and back away, but her back hit something and she turned around to see Itachi staring at her. Fu widened her eyes and the Uchiha prodigy, but to Itachi's surprise she gave him a small wink. Itachi raised an eyebrow at why she did it and quickly grabbed her, but Fu vanished in a shunshin before he could and Itachi sighed.

"Come on Kisame we're going after her," Itachi told his partner. Kisame nodded and quickly followed Itachi after the pursuit of the Nanabi jinchuuriki.

Fu grinned at this opportunity. She never had such luck before after finding Tsunade. She was racing through the trees and noticed Itachi and Kisame coming after her. Fu threw a shuriken at them, but Kisame easily dodged it and in a blur of speed Itachi appeared next to Fu and backslapped her across the face into the plains. Fu rubbed her cheek while Itachi and Kisame showed up.

"Give up. You have nowhere to run," Itachi told her. Kisame grinned, but both didn't notice Fu's on grin.

"Don't you mean you have nowhere to run?" Fu asked and immediately Itachi and Kisame dodged a water dragon and a fireball. Both jumped back and Kisame felt a rush from the past when he saw Zabuza while Itachi raised an eyebrow when Anko showed up.

"Took you guys long enough," Fu said to them. Anko sheepishly grinned and nodded.

"Sorry about that Fu. Didn't want us to be caught just yet," Anko told her. Fu sighed and nodded before turning back to Kisame and Itachi. Both Akatsuki members were confused before Kisame said something.

"Well Zabuza, it's been awhile. Still alive and kickin' I see," Kisame said to him. Zabuza chuckled and simply took his sword and pointed it at Kisame.

"Looks like I got lucky in finding you fish boy. Your going against the Namikaze-Uzumaki clan, maybe you should get lost before I kill you," Zabuza told him. Itachi narrowed his eyes while Kisame grinned.

"Please I have more chakra than you or that girl next to you do. What makes you think you could take me right Itachi-san?" Kisame asked.

"Don't be stupid Kisame. We're pulling out of here right now," Itachi told him. Kisame narrowed his eyes and turned to his partner.

"Come on Itachi, it's just two people guarding that jinchuuriki. Let's show them what we've got," Kisame told him. Itachi sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

"Their with Naruto. If he's behind this then he must be hunting down the Akatsuki. I'm not getting involved here. If Kisame wants to die then he can, but he'll be in for a tough time," Itachi thought and Kisame drew his sword.

"Samehada is gonna cut you to ribbons," Kisame said to them. Zabuza turned to Anko with a grin and the purple haired girl backed up.

"By all means Zabuza. Go for it," Anko told him. Zabuza nodded and stepped forward.

"Well Kisame it's time to turn you into a fish stick," Zabuza told Kisame. The tailless bijuu chuckled then dashed forward.

"Just try it little sword brat," Kisame uttered out loud.

Meanwhile things weren't going too well for Zetsu and Pain who found Yagura and we planning to capture him not too long ago. Pain had first been assigned by Madara to find Konan, but that trail ended cold for him too many times so he figured he'd trust Konan to come back and explain herself. It had been two years since then and he hadn't heard one word from her. So when Pain and Zetsu found Yagura they figured it was a good way to get Pain back onto the mission at hand.

"Come with us. Your death will lead to peace Otokage," Pain said to the three-tailed Sanbi jinchuuriki. Yagura narrowed his eyes and smiled. Did he really seem that defenseless to people? Oh what a riot this must be.

"I'm afraid I'll have to decline your offer right now," Yagura said snapping his fingers, immediately Kin, Mikoto, and Hana appeared behind him.

"Who do you think your snapping at with those fingers?" Hana asked and Yagura chuckled.

"What? If your in my village then you should follow my rules for the time being," Yagura reasoned. Kin raised and eyebrow and sighed.

"Yeah well this is all good for everyone, but we should get rid of these two right now," Kin told them. Yagura, Mikoto and Hana nodded and completely agreed. Pain narrowed his eyes and immediately five more Pains with the same eyes came out.

"Resistance is futile. Do not interfere," Pain told them.

"Whatever. We haven't even gotten serious yet," Hana told him. Zetsu chuckled and the dark half decided to say something as well.

"Pain-sama, I think we should get rid of them as well. It'll be trouble if we let them live," Black Zetsu said to him. Pain sighed, but nodded and the two Akatsuki members got ready for a fight.

Madara was shocked or at least angry. He had found the Nibi jinchuuriki and was ready to capture her, but what he saw made him feel surprise and a flash from the past. It was not only Kushina Uzumaki in the absolute flesh, but also Minato Namikaze. The two parents of Naruto Uzumaki who Madara tried to steal long ago.

"Well this is new. How did you come back Minato?" Madara asked not at all pleased with the situation. Yugito and Kushina when someone asked that. It always reminded them of what their blonde could do, which was anything, and couldn't do, which was nothing.

"It's actually a weird story Madara, not that I'm going to tell you, but I'll be more than happy to show you that I'm still as good as the time I fought you," Minato said twirling one of his specially made kunai in the air Madara narrowed his eyes while Kushina took out on of her swords.

"And unlike last time, we're more than ready to take you down dattebane," Kushina said and Madara knew he was in trouble.

"I'll have to rethink this. I can't take the both of them," Madara thought and was about to vanish, but he was stopped by Kushina's chakra chains and the redheaded habanero grinned.

"Sorry, but your not getting away. I've wanted this for so long. Your the main cause of all of our problems and I'm gonna remedy that right now," Kushina said and instantly appeared behind Madara.

"I couldn't follow her movements. Was she always this fast?" Madara thought and it was then that his sharingan eye met Kushina's red slitted one. He felt a slight fear tremble down his soul, like he wasn't going to survive this at all. He had no idea how right he was.

It was a disaster, Sakura was on the ground huffing. She had blood on the side of her face and her right arm was dislocated. Shizune was a damn monster. It wasn't going well for her at all. Sakura had slammed Shizune's face multiple times, but the brunette only smiled at each hit and returned it with mote than double what Sakura gave her.

"You damn bitch," Sakura said and Shizune simply smiled evilly. She knew Sakura wasn't done yet. She couldn't be. She wanted Sakura to try to win, then she would break her body in two with what she had planned for the girl.

Sakura lunged at Shizune again and poured chakra into her fist. She quickly slammed her punch into Shizune effectively making the ground crumble from the sheer pressure of her punch. Sakura smiled at her accomplishment, but it was soon replaced with shock as she saw another of Shizune's smiles. A lingering trail of blood left her mouth, but that was it.

"Was that all? I barely felt that one," Shizune said as she slammed Sakura in stomach. Sakura gasped and hit the ground with a thud. Sasuke gritted his teeth and his sharingan was flaring while Naruto had his most demonic smile across his face. Shizune was having so much fun she couldn't take it. How else was she supposed to feel when the murderer of her child was right in front of her in so much pain and suffering. It was like a simple drug that Shizune couldn't get enough of. Sakura coughed up some blood from her mouth and her hands glowed yellow. She tried to heal her body, but she gasped when she still felt pain. She heard Shizune chuckle and she looked at the hanyou woman.

"Such an amateur use of medical ninjutsu. I'm surprised you healed Kimimaro over there," Shizune said to her. Sakura widened her eyes and Shizune explained.

"Please, that treatment you used is temporary at best. In about a year, if he didn't meet us, then Kimimaro would have died anyway," Shizune said and Sakura lost it. How dare this bitch tell her what she could and couldn't do.

"Damn you. I'll kill you!" Sakura yelled and cocked her fist back. Shizune grinned and caught the punch. Sakura widened her eyes and Shizune squeezed her hand. Sakura tried not to do it, she didn't want to, but she screamed. Her voice rang throughout the forest and Shizune could laugh at it all.

Karin, Suigetsu and Juugo were actually worried. Sakura was really getting beat while Sasuke was losing it. He was losing Sakura, his wife, his chance to restore the Uchiha clan. Unknown to either of the four, Kimimaro was surprised. He only got another year at best to live. He was slightly angry. He didn't want to be told that, but at least he could save Sakura from what Shizune was doing. Kimimaro dashed forward and Naruto grinned.

"Told you it wouldn't take long," Naruto said and everyone nodded. Meanwhile, Yuugao quickly disappeared and before Kimimaro could get any closer, she slammed her foot into his face in a reverse kick sending the bone user into a nearby tree.

"If you want to fight then fight me," Yuugao said with a simple smile, but before she could turn around, Sasuke passed her and ran towards Sakura.

"Let her go now!" Sasuke yelled out with his right arm in a full chidori bloom, but it was countered by a rasengan that happened to be from Naruto who was grinning like mad.

"Your fight's with me Sasuke-chan. I'm gonna make you scream after today," Naruto said and Sasuke narrowed his eyes at the blonde hanyou. Soon enough, though they were slightly scared, Karin and the others got into the fight also while Haku, Kiba, and Tayuya joined in also. The forests of Konoha were turned into an all out battle ground as everyone fought with everyone else. Tayuya fought Juugo, Haku fought Suigetsu and Haku fought Karin. The brawl was quite huge for everyone. Meanwhile the screams of Sakura were growing louder and louder.

"That's it. I want you to scream! Make me relish in the thought if killing you with these hands of mine," Shizune said and Sakura just let Shizune have what she wanted.

"W-What are you?" Sakura wondered and Shizune unhenged her features. Her KI stopped everyone in their tracks and effectively brought Karin to her knees while the others seemed to choke on the toxic chakra in the air.

"I'm a hanyou or half-demon if you will. And I'm gonna make you scream for me right now," Shizune said slamming her fist into Sakura's face. Sakura felt her jaw dislocate and some of her bones snap. She took out a kunai from her pouch, but Shizune kneed her in the stomach making Sakura drop it. It was then that Shizune had a chakra blade in her hand and with it she effectively made Sakura pass out with a simple strike of the nerves. Sakura dropped to the floor and Shizune simply settled for looking at the bitch.

"It's so easy to snap your neck right now and end your pathetic life, but Naruto-kun and I made a promise to some. To make your torture nice and slow and I'm gonna make it happen," Shizune stated.

"Sakura!" Karin yelled taking her eyes of Kiba. The Inuzuka grinned as he watched Karin run to Sakura's aid.

"You shouldn't take your eyes off your opponent. It could spell life and death for you," Kiba said and he quickly appeared behind Karin. The redhead looked back and the last thing she saw was a simple yet insane smile a shinobi who knew when someone would be damned into hell. Kiba smiled as he looked at his claws. They were covered in blood. It was such a warm feeling. Karin's body dropped to the ground and Kiba licked the blood from his fingers

"Hmph, that was short. Now I got no one to fight against. Oh well," Kiba said with a simple shrug of his shoulders. Suigetsu and Juugo widened their eyes at what happened. Sasuke gasped and gritted his teeth while Naruto and his family laughed.

"Karin!" Suigetsu yelled and turned to Haku.

"Your gonna pay! Right now!" Suigetsu said and immediately punched at Haku, but the ice user smiled and caught the punch easily.

"Now now. Don't be in such a rush to die," Haku said and slowly, but surely Suigetsu was being frozen due to Haku's nature. Suigetsu couldn't stand the cold, it was one of the things that made him vulnerable and he would die if exposed to too much, but Haku was going to do just that. Encase her entire opponent in ice and leave him there till the end of time. First it was his arm, then his chest, and then his lower body. Suigetsu realized that he was outmatched, they should have heard Juugo's warning. Suigetsu's body grew cold and stiff. He couldn't move and he kept seeing the piercing gaze of Haku's eyes on his body that just screamed 'there is no hope left for you'.

"Damn you dobe. How did you get so damn strong?" Sasuke asked and Naruto grinned. His features in full bloom to Sasuke. The Uchiha gasped at Naruto's KI and quickly dropped to the ground. It was just too much. Sasuke hadn't felt anything so intimidating, but the Uchiha wasn't deterred just yet. Sasuke's eyes twisted and turned into an odd shape.

"You'll die here dobe. You and your family. I'll make you all kneel before me today," Sasuke said and Naruto grinned. So Sasuke got the Mangekyou sharingan early, well it was best to keep these things interesting.

Meanwhile Yuugao and Kimimaro were having their own fight. Kimimaro found it hard to keep p with Yuugao at all. The former anbu of Konoha was easily fending off Kimimaro's attacks. Without his curse mark, Kimimaro wasn't much of a match for Yuugao at all, not that she minded.

Sasuke had used a new power given to him by his eyes and his entire body was coated on a purplish armor. Naruto grinned as he remembered Sasuke's Susanoo. It was still the same old purple flame that the blonde knew off.

"Drop dead dobe!" Sasuke said and his Susanoo drew a bow and with pure chakra an arrow from it and the blast fiercely shot at Naruto. The blonde chuckled at Sasuke actually trying and then disappeared in the Hiraishin behind Sasuke.

"Try harder teme. I can keep this up all day," Naruto told him. Sasuke chuckled while his Susanoo raged. He turned away from Naruto and pointed at Kiba.

"Maybe you can avoid me, but he can't," Sasuke said and his Susanoo fired another chakra arrow at Kiba. Naruto narrowed his eyes and his smile disappeared. Naruto knew Kiba could avoid it, but that didn't mean it was alright for Sasuke to use Kiba as a decoy.

Just like Naruto knew, Kiba avoided the shot in a blur of speed and turned to Sasuke.

"How low can you get emo? I should kick your ass right now!" Kiba said and Sasuke cursed. It was then that the temperature dropped and Sasuke turned to Naruto. The blonde's hair was covering his eyes and he balled his fists. A second time, it happened a second time. Sasuke tried to take something away from Naruto even if the blonde knew it wouldn't work. That wasn't the point.

"Sasuke, that's it! I'm done with you and I'll make you pay!" Naruto said and his chakra flared. His teeth seethed and his claws ripped the ground. His body leaked the KI of a demonic monster.

"Try it dobe. I'll burn you to the ground," Sasuke said as his eyes closed in on Naruto's form. The blonde quickly vanished in yellow lightning and looked to his right. He saw Tayuya looking a dead Juugo and Yuugao still fighting Kimimaro.

"Alright Sasuke, show me how tough that armor really is. I've been working on a new technique so tell me how you like it if you don't die," Naruto said crossing his fingers.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu," Naruto yelled and quickly hundreds of clones appeared and each paired off into groups of three. In each of their hands was a newly improved rasengan, but each was pure white and in the form of a shuriken. The screeching noises they made were ear-numbing for everyone, but all the Narutos jumped into the air and Sasuke gasped. This technique seemed heavy, more heavy than it should be.

"Everyone get back," Naruto yelled. He knew his family could survive this, but just because they could survive doesn't mean it wouldn't hurt like hell.

"Kitsunton: Chōōdama Rasenshuriken Tarengan( Demon Fox Release: Massive Rasenshuriken Deadly Barrage)," Naruto yelled and slammed each and every rasenshuriken into Sasuke's armor The explosion was massive as it took out a large portion of the land. The dust, ground and everything else picked up and the group of people were surprised.

Naruto's chakra stayed heated and his rage refused to cool down. He wanted Sasuke dead. He wanted the emo to scream, make him shout, tell him that death was to merciful for him and continue make him suffer for as long as he inhumanely could.

Sasuke huffed and looked at his Susanoo armor. It was torn. It wasn't possible. The Susanoo had the greatest defense. It couldn't be penetrated by anything and yet Naruto just managed to destroy a good portion of it. Sasuke had to pour all of his chakra into the armor just to let it stand at all.

"Come on Sasuke! I'm not done with you yet!" Naruto yelled out and disappeared in the Hiraishin. Sasuke gritted his teeth and turned his gaze to Naruto in the nick of time.

"Amaterasu," Sasuke yelled out and soon the black flames of Heaven's judgement shot towards Naruto. The blonde narrowed his eyes and took quickly made a rasengan. He charged it and compressed it as much as he could.

"Assuku Rasengan," Naruto yelled and slammed the ground with it. The blast managed to separate the blonde from the black flames and his explosion managed to stop them from getting to him. Sasuke eyes bled and his fell to the ground. He saw the storm clouds gather and he only had one shot. If this didn't work, then the Uchiha would pass out from chakra exhaustion. Not that he cared, so long as he killed the damn bane of his existence it was alright. Sasuke lifted his left hand to the air and gained a lighting current through it.

"Dobe, you will never survive this no matter how fast you are. Kirin," Sasuke yelled and immediately a lightning dragon emerged and the blonde narrowed his eyes. He remembered that jutsu. It was quite the sight in his timeline. It still was, but Naruto wasn't about to let Sasuke use it. The blonde saw that Sasuke's Susanoo had vanished and grinned.

"It's your last move Sasuke. Make it count then I'll give you hell," Naruto said to himself and Sasuke sent the dragon at Naruto.

"Die by the thunderclap dobe," Sasuke said and Naruto chuckled. The dragon struck the ground and made it explode. Kimimaro looked to see that Sasuke was on his last legs and went to help him, but Yugao blocked him.

"Sorry, but your not going anywhere," Yugao said and Kimimaro balled his fists. He charged at Yugao with his bones piercing his body and tried to end it fast. Big mistake.

Yugao enforced her sword with chakra and in a swift motion she made a clean slash across Kimimaro's chest area. The blood spilled off of his body as Yugao watched Kimimaro hit the floor.

"What are you?" He asked her. Yugao grinned and unhenged her features. Her purple ears, tail and her slitted eyes.

"I'm just your average hanyou," Yugao said and without another word, she pierced Kimimaro's head and simply watched the blood spew out from his body. Yugao looked at her bloodstained sword and swiped it off.

"Maybe I should get Tenten to look this over for me," Yugao said to herself and turned to see that Naruto had an unconscious Sasuke by the throat. The blonde looked at the passed out Uchiha then looked at the field. He saw Shizune holding an unconscious Sakura, a dead Karin, a frozen to death Suigetsu, a mutilated Juugo and a headless Kimimaro.

"Well, that was easy enough," Kiba said with a smile. Everyone nodded and Tayuya groaned.

"That wasn't a fight. That was a practice match if not anything else. I had more fun fighting Shizune over there," Tayuya said and everyone laughed.

"Well what do we do now Naruto-kun?" Haku asked and the blonde grinned. The little Uchiha was in his hands right now. All his problems, all his strife, all his grief, torture, and anger was in his hands and the same was for Shizune.

"Well we're taking these two back to our house. We have a little...surprise for them," Naruto told everyone. Shizune smirked and everyone dashed off. The field was destroyed and devastated. Four out of the six bodies that arrived were gone. It took only two hours, but the most decisive fight in Naruto's life currently was pretty much finished. All that was left was to tie up and torture some loose ends.

"So everyone, is Akatsuki taken care of?" Naruto asked. That was the best thing about telepathy between their family. It even worked over long distances which was great for communication.

"Hey Gaki, I took care of Kisame. Now he really is a series of several little fish sticks," Zabuza thought with a grin.

"We're good here Naruto-kun. Itachi was convinced about our power and when we mentioned you, he said he would leave Akatsuki. We're actually back home. You should see this. Itachi and Mikoto are catching up right now. It's probably the first time I've seen Itachi so surprised," Anko thought and Naruto chuckled at the thought of a shocked Itachi.

"We're alright Naruto-kun. Kin and I managed to take out Zetsu and while Hana and Yagura took out Pain or Nagato as he told us. We told him about you and he said that your way of peace was foolish, but he said even peace has a price to he told us to tell you that," Tsume said and Naruto chuckled again.

"We're still fighting sochi. Madara isn't cooperating very well with us so we're going to tear him to pieces dattebane," Kushina uttered and Naruto distinctly heard Minato laugh in the background.

"Alright Kaa-san, we'll all meet up at the house later. After you take care of Akatsuki, our ambition will be done. I've got the prick and Shizune's got the bitch. I would rather suggest that no one come to the downstairs basement for a bit," Naruto told them.

"Why?" Everyone asked simultaneously.

"Well I'm not so sure that even a privacy seal will help the quiet after what Shizune-chan and I have planned. See ya later," Naruto said to them. Everyone gave Naruto their goodbyes and the blonde looked at Sasuke.

"It's gonna be a long time for you teme. Just you wait. I've waited so long for this and I'm gonna make you pay!" Naruto said turning his voice demonic.

3 Days Later, Namikaze Compound Basement, Nighttime

Torture Scene. Don't like it, then go to the next bold line.

Sasuke opened his eyes and looked around. He didn't remember much, but he was fighting Naruto before he blanked out. Sasuke tried to move, but found his movements restricted. Sasuke looked up and saw his hands and feet tied to a wall. He looked over and saw that Sakura was in the same boat as him.

"Sakura get up!" Sasuke said and Sakura opened her eyes slowly. She saw they were in a room. It was kind of dark, but that was beside the point.

"Sasuke-kun, where are we?" Sakura asked and tried to move, but soon found out that she was chained to the wall also. Her legs were about and her hands were about also.

"I don't know. I can't access my chakra. Can you?" Sasuke asked her. Sakura shook her head and held her head down.

"When I find who did this, I'm gonna murder them," Sakura said with an intense glare. Both didn't realize that they were being watched until they heard someone talk.

"Well I doubt that would happen. You barely stood up against me the last time," Shizune said to her. Sakura and Sasuke turned to see Naruto and Shizune on the corner of the wall with grins on their faces, but these were different. It was the grin of two people who had given up on the hope of trying to be nice to others who didn't deserve it. It was the grin of two people who stopped being taken advantage of and start fighting back.

"Dobe!" Sasuke yelled and Naruto walked up to him.

"Comfortable Sasuke?" Naruto asked with a demonic chuckle. Sasuke gritted his teeth at Naruto while his anger boiled. It amused Naruto, but it wasn't enough to cool the burning rage that was swelling on the inside.

"Dobe, get us down right now! If you don't I'll-,"

Sasuke didn't get to finish as Naruto backhanded him across the face. Sakura widened her eyes a Sasuke's head slammed into the wall from the impact.

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura yelled and Sasuke spit out some blood from the hit Naruto delivered to him. He tried to glare at Naruto, but the look in Naruto's eyes trapped him between fear and resent. Naruto then proceeded to grab Sasuke's face and made the Uchiha stare directly into his eyes.

"Now that you're able to shut your mouth. I'm gonna tell you this simple fact. I fuckin' hate you Sasuke," Naruto told him. Sasuke narrowed his eyes and gave an unnecessary comment.

"The feeling's mutual dobe," Sasuke said and Naruto grinned, then chuckled. Sasuke raised an eyebrow, but then gasped when Naruto slammed him in the stomach with his knee.

"Naruto! Stop it right now or I'll-,"

Sakura didn't finish before Shizune grabbed her throat making the kunoichi wheeze in pain.

"Shut your mouth bitch. You should be looking at me right now," Shizune said bringing Sakura's gaze to hers. Sakura mentally gulped at Shizune's gaze which reflected hurt, anguish, pain, and utter anger. Sakura tried to move her arms, but Shizune grinned.

"Don't bother. Naruto-kun placed a chakra seal on the both of you and I implanted a drug that will render you unable to move for the next 72 hours," Shizune told them. Sakura and Sasuke balled their fists while Naruto and Shizune stepped back.

"We'll be back later. Enjoy the hospitality," Naruto said to them. He and Shizune were about to leave, but it seems one of the two still didn't understand the situation.

"Why are you doing this? What the hell did we do to you anyway?" Sakura shouted and immediately Naruto and Shizune stopped. The air became tense and cold. It was getting hard to breathe for the two captives. Shizune walked up to Sakura and in a fit of anger that she just wanted to let out from hearing Sakura's mouth and seeing her face, Shizune slammed her fist into Sakura's jaw. Sasuke could hear the bones snap out of place in Sakura while Shizune aimed at her stomach.

"What did you do! You took my daughter away from me! Your stupid obsession with power made me lose my child!" Shizune yelled and was about to punch Sakura some more, but Naruto stopped her. Shizune turned to him and looked at the ground she turned back to the slightly battered Sakura.

"Hmph, I wouldn't expect you to understand. All you know is how to be the whore of a damn Uchiha who would kill you if it meant he could have power," Shizune said and Sakura looked up. She did the last thing that anyone expected. She chuckled. Sasuke looked at his wife in confusion while Shizune seemed to be losing it more and more.

"Your mad at us because you think we killed you kid? You never had a kid, in fact I doubt you could. It must be either the heat, but I don't either of you could make a competent child like Sasuke-kun and me," Sakura stated and Shizune's hair covered her eyes. She simply walked out of the room and Naruto watched her leave. The blonde turned to Sakura and took out a kunai.

"I was going to do this later, but the hell with it now," Naruto said slammed the kunai into Sakura's kneecaps. The pink banshee gritted her teeth through the pain, but Naruto grinned and twisted the kunai inside her knee. Sakura couldn't take it and screamed out at the top of her lungs while Naruto slowly took out the kunai that was drenched in Sakura's blood.

"Dobe stop it right now!" Sasuke yelled and Naruto turned to him. He slammed the same kunai into Sasuke's stomach and the Uchiha struggled not to yell out his pain while the blood seeped from his body.

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura yelled and Naruto turned to Sakura. He looked at her from head to toe and grabbed one of her captured hands, specifically the fingers. He carefully looked at them and smiled.

"Well Sakura, how good are you if your fingers are broken?" Naruto asked and immediately like a twig, Naruto snapped all of Sakura's finger on her right hand make the girl cry out while she screamed her pain. The pain was agonizing. With no access to her chakra, Sakura was a too fragile human. Naruto chuckled and snapped another finger.

"Stop it! AHHHHHH!" Sakura screamed out and Naruto laughed manically at her.

"What's that? I can't hear you over the screaming," Naruto said as he snapped another of Sakura's fingers. Sasuke gritted his teeth at the sight of it. He didn't want to see this. Sakura in so much pain and Naruto laughing like he lost his mind. Naruto turned back to Sasuke and grinned.

"Oh where are my manners? I didn't mean to neglect you Sasuke," Naruto said and took out his sword. Chiyoru hummed slightly and Naruto nodded.

"It wants your blood Uchiha and I want to see it spill right now!" Naruto said and effortlessly pierced Sasuke's side with his sword. Naruto chuckled and slowly started to carve into Sasuke's body. The squelching noises where heard by Sakura, but she was almost passing out from the pain, but before she could feel the relief of passing out, Shizune came back and was holding a small vial. She walked up to Sakura and forcefully opened her mouth. Sakura swallowed the liquid inside the vial and Shizune stepped back.

"Oh Shizu-chan, your back," Naruto said to her. Shizune giggled and looked at Sasuke's side.

"What are you doing Naruto-kun?" Shizune asked. Naruto smiled and slowly took his sword out of Sasuke's body.

"I'm getting Chiyoru a taste of Uchiha blood. And she approves greatly," Naruto chuckled and Shizune giggled, but that moment was ruined by a coughing noise as well as multiple spasms of Sakura's body. Sasuke turned his gaze to Sakura and gasped.

"What the hell did you do to her you bitch?" Sasuke asked and Shizune turned to her.

"Oh nothing really. I just released my new medical vial on her body. It's still experimental, but she's more of a willing test subject. Sakura widened her eyes and felt like her body was on fire. She felt her heart tighten and her muscles started to feel sore. Her lungs were feeling strained and her breathing became abnormal.

"Sasuke-kun, it hurts. My body hurts it's too much AHHHHH!" Sakura screamed and Shizune grinned. Yes, that's what she wanted to hear. The screams, the shrieks, the wails of pain that made her blood boil in excitement. She then held out her arm and made her chakra blade. Shizune quickly slashed across Sakura's internal structure and Sakura felt herself nearly pass out again. Shizune just attacked the focal point of her nervous system.

"Come on and try to stay awake. I have all day for this and I'm gonna make it last," Shizune told Sakura. The pink haired kunoichi narrowed her eyes and Shizune glared at her.

"Oh before you die, I might as well tell you this. Out of everyone I killed, your mother was probably the most quiet of them all. She just stood there like a bitch while I slashed her pretty little head to the floor," Shizune said and Sakura widened her eyes. Shizune killed her mother and she was the reason that Sakura was in so much turmoil.

"Damn you. Damn you. Damn you! I'll kill you!" Sakura said and tried with all her might to break the chains that bound her to the wall. She was seething mad. She wanted her revenge. She wanted Shizune dead. Shizune chuckled at her and took out a kunai.

"Why can't you be quiet like her? Your so damn pathetic," Shizune said and slashed Sakura's throat. Sakura gasped and immediately the blood and entrails poured from her throat and spilled to the ground. That was it. She would die and she wouldn't have to suffer anymore, but it wasn't that easy. No fuckin' way. Shizune's hands glowed a dark green and she touched Sakura's throat. Immediately her slashed area was healed and Sakura was back among the living. Shizune chuckled and slashed it again. With all the pain, Sakura's eyes rolled to the back of her head before Shizune slammed her in the stomach forcing the girl to wake up.

"No rest for the bitch," She said and with her chakra blade, she touched a nerve on Sakura's body. Shizune grinned and touched Sakura's head. She looked at her arms and with a quick motion, Shizune dislocated Sakura's arms from her shoulders which caused them to sag slightly. Sakura screeched out or at least tried tom but her voice was getting hoarse from it all. She was losing her voice completely.

"Now then, let's try something else," Shizune said and continued her onslaught.

Naruto wasn't idle either. He was having a good time making Sasuke scream out. He carved the swirl of the Uzumaki clan on Sasuke's backside and burned it with his chakra turning it into a simple mark like that of a slave. Sasuke remained silent and refused to scream, but he did cry out when Naruto used Chiyoru to cut off his most special place. The one place that made Sasuke a man.

"Come on Sasuke-chan. You've got to scream. It's bad to hold it all inside," Naruto told him. Sasuke gritted his teeth and balled his fists.

"Dobe I will get out of this and when I do, I'm going to make you fuckin' die in the most brutal, inhumane way possible. You'll never make me scream," Sasuke said to him. Naruto's eyes gleamed and he looked at Sasuke. The blonde made thirty kage bunshins and each held a sword in it's hand.

"Let's test that out Sasgay," Naruto said and they all lunged for the Uchiha. It didn't even take less than ten seconds for Sasuke to cry out in pain as the multiple swords entered his body, each with course of demonic chakra flowing through it. Sasuke wanted to kill Naruto right now. This torture was fuckin insane. When all the Narutos backed up, Sasuke's body was covered in multiple scratches.

"Don't worry Sasuke-chan. We've got all night for this," Naruto told him.

Four days and three nights passed and neither Naruto nor Shizune left the room. They had all their fun with Sasuke and Sakura. The sound of their child's killers made the parents feel the ecstasy of it all. For every major bruise the two gave Sasuke and Sakura, they healed them and proceeded to do the same thing over and over again. It was like a horrible and never ending nightmare for Sasuke and Sakura their spirits were broken and Sakura ironically begged for Shizune to stop her, but her pleas were silenced as Shizune continued to have her fun. It wasn't going down like that. Shizune begged and pleaded for her child, but Sakura gave Kurami to Sasuke and the damned Uchiha killed her. No pleas, no begging, no apologies would ever make Shizune stop until Sakura was a damn dead bitch. Same with Naruto. He wouldn't let Sasuke pass out. No even give the Uchiha the joy of passing out to skip the pain. Every cut, burn, laceration, bruise, broken bone, and damaged organ, the blonde made sure Sasuke remembered it all.

By this time, Sakura was a mess. One of her arms was on the ground, her legs were broken and her body was mutilated and yet she was still alive. For Sasuke, his body was mutilated also. His eyes were gouged out and his chest was slashed open. The floor was littered with both their bloodstains and some of their body parts.

Shizune and Naruto had enough. They felt nothing anymore. Hurting them anymore wouldn't soothe the rage in their hearts. Except for Itachi and Mikoto, they hated every Uchiha who walked the earth. It would stay this way. The 'last' Uchiha and his wife would burn in this room. That was a fitting way to end things.

"Well we've had enough of both of you. Just stay here and die for all we care," Shizune said and walked out of the room. Naruto watched her leave and the blonde turned to Sasuke.

"Say hello to the Shinigami when you see him. Along with Kakashi and Ino. Rest in hell," Naruto said and with a simple katon jutsu. He burned the place alive. Sasuke and Sakura stayed pinned to the tree, but were passed out. This was the last night for them. The last night to live and the last night to do anything, but they couldn't. It was over for them. They would burn alive and there was nothing they could do about it. While the flames raged inside, Naruto closed the door and walked upstairs.

Torture Scene over

Naruto found Shizune on the couch and she rested on his lap.

"Their burning right now right?" Shizune asked. Naruto kissed her forehead and smiled.

"Damn right Shizune-chan. Our ambition is complete," Naruto told her. Shizune smiled and was about to say something, but it was then that Itachi and Mikoto came from behind the doors.

"Naruto, I guess that's it. I never realized that Sasuke was like that. I'm not sure it means anything, but I'm sorry," Itachi said and Naruto sighed.

"Forget it Itachi. I don't want to hear that pricks name ever again," Naruto said and Itachi nodded. Shizune turned to Naruto and grinned.

"So what now Naruto-kun? Shizune asked. Naruto thought for a minute and then smiled. He just got the perfect idea. He knew his family would live it also.

"I've always wondered what it was like to have an empire," Naruto said to her. Shizune raised an eyebrow and chuckled, then laughed. That was her hanyou mate. Always interesting in so many ways.

"Well then let's get started. There is a large as hell strip of land that needs to be used," Shizune said and immediately everyone around the house gathered.

"The Uzumaki-Namikaze Empire? Sounds great. I like it," Haku said and Naruto chuckled.

"You guys were listening?" the blonde asked.

"Please it's not like you could keep these things from us Shithead. You'd better make us a damn good empire also or I'll kick your ass," Tayuya said and Naruto chuckled.

"Well that's fine. Let's go and get started. We do need to expand our reaches don't we?" Tsume and Anko asked at the same time.

"That's right. We'll be known as the first empire to be ruled in the lands of the Five Great Nations. Maybe they should call it the Five Great Nations and The First Great Empire," Haku said as everyone headed for the door.

"I like the sound of that," Kiba said and Kin nodded. Hana, Kurenai, and Yuugao giggled. Naruto put on his black demon sage cloak and grinned.

"Well let's go you guys. It's time for the world to know of the Uzumaki-Namikaze clan," Naruto said an everyone followed out. It didn't matter where they went. Naruto was going to lead them to the end of the ages and they would all still be around.

Uzumaki-Namikaze Empire, 100 years later

Just like Naruto said, his clan's name resounded around the world. His family was the pinnacle of greatness. Some people revered them as gods and others and the most powerful of mortals. Naruto's home was relocated to the former Konoha site. The palace was huge, but it was good. No one would dare mess with Naruto and his empire. Not to mention his family. They had taken out Iwa who was stupid enough to try and get revenge for Minato and what he did, but they were the first Nation to learn that Naruto's family wasn't to be trifled with. To that end, all the other nations signed agreements with him. Suna, Oto, Kiri, and Kumo had allegiances to the Uzumaki-Namikaze empire and it was still going strong.

"Daddy daddy, can you tell us the story about how you and Kaa-san invaded Konoha?" a group of kids said. Naruto turned around and smiled at all his kids. He had children with Konan, Mikoto, Haku, Kin, Tenten, Hana, Tsume, Kushina, Ayame, Mei, Yugao, Kurenai, Anko, Tayuya, Fu, Tsunade, Yugito and Shizune. All his girls were with him. Ironically Kiba ended up marrying Temari from Suna in a political relationship. Zabuza and Neji were in charge of training up and coming Uzumaki-Namikaze empire forces Shino and Shikamaru were the strategists for battle plans or invasions. Hinata and Tenten taught at the Uzumaki academy for growing shinobi children.

Minato and Jiraiya came up with the idea of being tutors to other children who wanted to excel at fuinjutsu. Yagura had ran Oto for the longest time and due to his eternal life, no one ever challenged him. Zabuza, Yugao, and Kushina became the kenjutsu teachers for people who wanted to learn from them. Tsunade, Fu and Shizune ran the medical hospital since there were people who didn't have their eternal life like the Namikaze family. Haku, Kin, Yugito, Hana and Tayuya were the mission instructors and sensei to passing genin who would become shinobi. Anko, Kurenai, and Tsume took on the S-rank missions that would pop up every now and then. Konan and Mikoto enjoyed the simple life of just being able to enjoy the peace.

"Sure Kurami. Why don't you and the others go and sit down and I'll be right there," Naruto said and all his kids cheered then ran towards the living room of their palace. Naruto chuckled at the sight and looked back, before he knew it Shizune was next to him and smiling.

"Well Naruto-kun. We did it," Shizune told him. Naruto nodded and looked through the distance.

"I know. It's hard to believe that this al happened a hundred years ago," Naruto told his wife. Shizune nodded with a smile and looked out.

"Is Kurami still asking for you to explain that story?" Shizune asked with a face full of glee.

"Yeah, she never did get enough of it. Well I guess I'm gonna go now," Naruto said and Shizune walked with him. It was all perfect and he was happy. They were happy. They could finally protect what was important to them and they would never lose. If nothing else then people always remembered this fact.

"Don't mess with my family. If you do, I'll kill you without even batting an eyelash. That's my nindo, my ninja way," Naruto said as he grabbed Shizune and disappeared in the Hiraishin. The Uzumaki-Namikaze Empire's rule is absolute and it won't be going anywhere.