Pokemon-Strength of Silver Kanto Saga

Prologue-The End of a Master

September X Day XXXX

I remember that day well…though I wish I didn't and I also wish it never happened…

I was no more than 6 that day. My father, the infamous Pokemon Master Ash Ketchum, wanted to take me to Vermillion City for a festival before he left for the Sinnoh region for a meeting with League officials in order to deal with a growing problem of careless Trainers not understanding their roles and pushing their Pokemon too hard. Mom said it was alright since we were tight and stayed behind to watch the Gym since it was Trainer season after all, meaning she would be constantly battling young Trainers who were after her badge like always.

But that day ended I tragedy as we were about to return home…Some unknown assassin swiftly stabbed my father in front of me and escaped. Some bystanders called for an ambulance but it was already too late. The blade was covered with various poisons that it was impossible for the doctors to remove them properly…and they were killing him!

I ran to his bed and was horrified at the sight of his face! He was growing weaker and paler by the minute…which meant his time was coming but I didn't want him to die!

I heard him weakly say my name and soon he asked me to continue to help with making Trainers understand what it's like to love their Pokemon and to never lose the strength in my heart before he closed his eyes for the last time.

I called out to him but sadly he was already gone. All of that was enough to leave a harsh scar in my heart. Even after learning martial arts with Koga 2 years afterwards that scar has yet to fade for I still don't know about the assassin or who hired them.

Now, on my 10th birthday, it's my time to start my journey. And I swear on my father's grave that I will figure out what darkness is plaguing my home!


Silva Ketchum


A mystical Pokemon was looking down from the heavens at a darkness that was growing, but could not yet be seen by the living below. He was quite large with some deer-like looks with thin legs but he had a wispy tail and head crown that was lined with spikes from the side of his head and a tilted crossed wheel lined with a ring that was broken from the top and bottom was attached to the middle of his body. He was white with grey markings, while his feet, head spot and wheel were gold and the wheel wad decorated with four green spots as well as his eyes.

This was Arceus, the Original One.

He wasn't alone as a lone human figure dressed in white appeared beside him. His eyes and hair were a dark brown and he looked down at the same growing darkness with deep worry and fear.

This was Ash Ketchum, the late Pokemon Master.

"I can see you're worried about him," the Pokemon stated in a gentle tone and Ash nodded.

"He still doesn't know about them," he replied with growing despair in his voice, "or of what you told me when I got up here. I want to help him but I can't in this state!"

Arceus chuckled. "Oh you think so, eh? Well I might help you there. I may not be able revive you proper, but I am able to give you a way for him to see you as you guide him on this important journey."

Ash's eyes lit up as he looked up at the deity. "You will? How? Tell me!"

"I shall give you a Pokemon form, one where you will be able to be seen by him of my choosing, so you can still guide him in both his dreams and the waking world. Are you ready for this task?"

Ash nodded as Arceus' wheel glowed and surrounded him with a bright light. When it faded, he looked like a silver ghostly Absol with his eyes still brown but the blade was a dark blue.

"Now go!" the Original One commanded. "Time is of the essence for the darkness only grows stronger and he is the only one to stop it!"

With that Ash leapt from the heavens and landed in a field outside his hometown for his mission to begin.


Author's Notes:

Hey to all my fans out here on FanFiction(DOT)Net! Yeah I decided to work on another story that I had planned in my head for MONTHS that isn't a crossover for a change, inspired by my siblings' complaints on some of the recent stuff for the Pokemon anime. (I, on the other hand haven't seen any of the recent episodes to judge.)

So thanks to that, as well as my abundance of imagination, I decided on writing a Pokemon fic where there's some references from the anime but it keeps close to the games (sorry to those who like the Orange Island Saga but that was a filler I never followed too well) just to keep many mix-ups from happening!

Oh and you can see, I kinda killed off Ash...YIPE! *Ducks a flying boot* HOLD YOUR FIRE GUYS! I needed to do that for the sake of the story and he still plays a role in it inspired by Twilight Princess and a fanfiction I read a while back.

Anyway the story will be revolving around his son Silva and his journey as well as his own personal battles against whoever was responsible for the death of his father. Don't ask or I'll be spoiling!

So here's the prologue which is one of two chapters I'm posting here! ^_^

Oh and just to let you know, until further notice this will have a K+-rating unless I write something to bump it up to a T-rating just to play safe.

Enjoy and review please!

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