Chapter 7-Sea-born Shockers!

Silva, Aaron, and Peachy soon made it out of the underground tunnel that connected the routes between Cerulean, Saffron, and Vermillion while going under Saffron City. Apparently there was a ruckus of some sort in the city between the routes and as such the gates were closed until further notice. It didn't seem to make much of a difference to the boys since they decided to take the Rods that Daisy gave them and fish around for more Pokemon. Silva caught a female Magikarp while Aaron got lucky enough to hook a Poliwag, despite the fact that both of the Rods were Old Rods.

Silva managed to catch a Poliwag himself when they heard a familiar voice. "I FINALLY CAUGHT UP WITH YOU TWO!"

*Greeeeeaat,* both boys and Peachy grumbled as they saw Cassie, out of breath and looking for a challenge.

"I can't believe it took me this long to find you guys! The stupid guard wouldn't let me through-"

"-because of the commotion in Saffron, we know." Silva finished for her. "We were stopped by him as well so we decided to catch more Pokemon before heading to Vermilion Gym for the Thunder Badge."

"But it looks like you're fishing," she deadpanned and Aaron explained as Silva smacked his face with the palm of his hand in frustration.

"Pokemon aren't only found in grass or caves. Some are deep underwater so there are three ways of finding them; fishing, surfing, and diving for them. Didn't Professor Elm teach you anything or did you fall asleep to his lessons again?"

"H-How did you know?!" she asked, clearly embarrassed and he sighed. "Your dad tells my dad everything and often enough I'm also in the same room when he has the speakerphone on. Geez I can't seem to tell if you're reckless or just plain thick-headed some days."

*Ooooh burn,* Silva thought with a smirk as she soon yelled, "FINE THEN I CHALLENGE YOU FOR THOSE WORDS AARON OAK!"

Silva rolled his eyes at this and decided to let Aaron have his fun while he and Peachy decided to see if he could find any other Pokemon and got lucky with a female Meowth that he named Sassy, mentally noting to take her out to train sometime when they reached Vermilion.

"Excuse me," a quiet voice sounded that roused him out of his thoughts to see a young girl with silver-grey hair that was decorated with a blue flower, light silver-grey eyes that wasn't as pure as his own straight silver eyes, wearing a blue mini skirt, with black tights that goes to her knees, a turquoise T-shirt under a red zipper sweater, blue and white shoes with black socks and a shiny Eevee with a similar blue flower decorating her head fur by her side. "Is there a battle going on? I heard all of the yelling."

"Oh yes there is. A certain rival is battling my friend…" he started until Cassie yelled in frustration, "…and badly lost. I think I might need some help because, no doubt, there's going to be trouble."

"YOU STUPID TURTLE!" Cassie soon screamed and that got him, the girl, and their Pokemon to bolt back to the pond and they saw the Squirtle that Professor Oak gave her is now a Wartortle and was cowering in his shell from her wrath. "HOW COULD YOU LOSE?!"

"Hey enough already Cassie!" Aaron snapped while Melody tried to comfort the poor Water-type. "Mel's got a type advantage over him! And I'm not surprised that he didn't listen to you until you yelled since that's not the way to treat him! I think dad shouldn't have give you a Pokemon at all with that attitude!"

Silva gave a glare in agreement as the girl was surprised at the turn of events when she ran over to help Melody. "Poor Wartortle…you never got the right Trainer didn't you?"

"Hey back off! He's not your Pokemon!" Cassie snapped at her until Silva grabbed her wrist. "Let me go, Silva!"

"No," he said with a clip of ice in his voice that reflected the cold look in his eyes, making her flinch and settle down. It was clear that he to hated to see Wartortle suffer since Trainers like Cassie, even worse than her, gave his dad trouble when he was alive.

His eyes and tone softened when he turned to the girl. "I never got your name."

"Oh sorry!" she replied as she stood up after the Turtle Pokemon was calm enough. "My name is Hope and I'm a Pokemon Breeder. I was raising my Pokemon in the grass when I heard all of the noise."

"Well then can I help with a battle?" he asked as he let his rival go and Hope nodded.

They took up positions and soon Hope let out her first Pokemon: a Lv. 24 Petilil named Lily. Silva decided to use Stinga (who's now Lv. 28) and got her to use Twin Needle as an opening move. Despite it being a super effective move, Lily had stronger defenses, but she lacked any move against a Bug/Poison type as she used Leech Seed, then Mega Drain that didn't do much and healed only a little bit of her wounds as a Bug Buzz made her faint. Hope was determined as she gave words of encouragement to Lily and then she let out her Lv. 23 Ponyta named Pixie and defeated Stinga with Flame Charge.

"Well done," he said to his loyal Beedrill and nodded to Peachy (Who was Lv. 30) who went in and used Thunderbolt, that got lucky in paralyzing Pixie.

Hope tried to use a Paralyze Heal then used Sunny Day, but Peachy was faster and used a critically-charged Surf, despite the sun, and defeated Pixie. Hope was surprised at the fact a Pikachu knew that water move but shook it off as she let out her Lv. 23 male Luxio named Darkstorm. Silva called back Peachy and sent out Charcoal (Lv. 26) who used a Flame Charge that was powered up by the Sunny Day attack. Darkstorm retaliated with a Spark attack that was critical hit but it wasn't enough as Charcoal finished with a Flamethrower attack that made the Electric type faint.

"How are your Pokemon using such unusual attacks?" Hope asked as she let out her Lv. 24 male Shuppet named Halloween, who was eager for battle.

"Like let's say my Pokemon and I have a strong, special bond," Silva replied as he switched out for Shadow (Lv. 29) and he used Intimidate.

Hope tried to get Halloween to use Will-o-Whisp to leave Shadow with a burn, but the Mightyena was faster in dodging it and using Crunch. The Ghost-type soon used Thunderbolt, that paralyzed his foe, but Silva was smart to give him a Cheri Berry so he easily ate it and was free to use another Crunch that defeated the Puppet Pokemon. Hope soon let out a Lv. 24 female Mawile named Steeleina and defeated Shadow with a critical Vice Grip, but the sun was still shining so Silva sent Charcoal back out who used Flamethrower to weaken the Steel-type before the sun finally faded. His opponent had a Sitrus Berry that healed most of the damage and then she used Bite that caused Charcoal to flinch long enough for another Vice Grip to finish him.

Silva soon got more excited as he let out Nina and her Double Kick finished off the Steel type before Hope let out her last Pokemon, the Lv. 26 Shiny Eevee named Candy. Candy used Dig to go underground so Nina held her ground and jumped up in time as the Eevee sprung up from below and used Quick Attack that unfortunately made her poisoned due to Poison Point. Nina soon went in with Venoshock, that was doubled by the poison already there and finished the battle with a Double Kick.

"That was incredible!" Hope said in amazement as she healed her Pokemon. "You even knew about support abilities for certain attacks!"

"I'm surprised you managed to beat three of my Pokemon," Silva replied with a laugh. "Most would get lucky enough to beat only one of them! I wish you luck on your journey Hope!"

"As to you!" she said before she and Candy, now healed from a Super Potion, left for the Underground Path.

Suddenly they heard a light clapping and they all saw a young female trainer with piercing emerald eyes and long magenta hair, in a slightly familiar style with the end that seemed to be dipped in lavender, in a fancy pale green dress that was decorated with a Gradacia Flower pattern and a matching hair ribbon on the back of her hair with a light green parasol shielding her from the sun, a small, pale green purse hanging off of her elbow, and a female Glameow by her side.

"My goodness Silva Ketchum," she said in a slightly familiar tone of amusement, "when I heard you were beginning to show some promise for the League, I never thought it would be like this!"

"Tiffany!" Silva exclaimed in surprise as she walked over. "It's been so long! I haven't seen you since I visited your father's family manor when I was returning home from my training in Fuchsia! I see you're doing well!"

"A lot better than that poor little Wartortle!" she soon said as she looked at Cassie with a scolding tone. "I'll tell you what; to save you the frustration and that poor thing the grief I'll trade Pokemon with you. I have this Golbat that is too rough for my tastes so if you want it I'll trade for your Wartortle."

"Deal!" she quickly said as Wartortle was placed back into his Poke Ball, both Pokemon were swapped and she left for Vermillion, earning sighs of relief from both boys and Peachy.

"Now that is dealt with," Tiffany soon said in satisfaction, "Who's your friend Silva?"

"This is Prof. Oak's son Aaron," he replied as Aaron waved. "He's my best friend. Aaron this is Tiffany, she's Jessie's and James' daughter as well as the sister of Tyrone, the famous Pokemon Ranger. And the Glameow at her side is Meowth's daughter who inherited his ability to speak like a human!"

"Charmed to meet you!" Glameow purred with her springy tail waving in contentment.

"Same here to both of you!" he replied with a laugh.

"So are you both going for the Thunder Badge?" Tiffany continued. "I'm afraid the Gym's closed for renovations."

Both boys looked disappointed until they saw a glint in her eye. "Don't worry though; I got the solution right here!"

She reached into her purse and pulled out three ship's passes. "These lil' tickets will get you on the S.S. Anne where the new Gym Leader is accepting challenges until the renovations are done."

"Wait…new Gym Leader?" Silva asked in confusion. "Why didn't I hear about this?"

"Because Sgt. Joltson just started this week. He's Lt. Surge's nephew and took over after Surge retired to an unexpected health issue. It turns out he had an old war wound that got infected recently and is often making him quite ill on occasion so he called up his nephew from Sunyshore City asking for him to take over. Or so I heard."

Silva shook his head with a laugh. "As always you're on top of the latest true rumours! Let's go and see this Sgt. Joltson and get the Thunder Badge."


They soon entered Vermilion City, a bustling port town that was even busier since they seemed to be preparing for a festival. All the preparations, though, had caused Silva to stop in his tracks in front of a clothing store, with memories of that day surfacing again as a shadow fell over his face.

"Silva?" Aaron asked. "What's wrong?"

"This spot…is where I lost him…and it was…around this time…when it happened…"

At first Aaron and Tiffany were confused but when they saw the tears in his eyes they knew one thing; this is the spot where Ash was struck by that blade 4 years ago. Silva soon felt some sobs come up and they soon comforted him as they continued to the Pokemon Centre, where the Nurse Joy there caught on right away what was wrong.

Tiffany and Glameow brought him to a table and asked for a drink of water to help him calm down while Aaron took all of their Pokemon to be healed at the desk. "It's been 4 years…I'm not all that surprised if it's effecting him again here."

"Neither am I," Nurse Joy said. "It effected everyone that day and there is still no full answers, only partial ones with this Team ShadowSoul making a name in the media."

"Heh, word about what happened in Mt. Moon is getting around," Aaron remarked half-heartedly as he saw his friend was beginning to calm but still had a heavy heart of his own. "Something tells me we're making a stop to Lavender Town on the way to the next badge on our journey."

"That's where he's buried, isn't it?" Joy asked and Aaron nodded because everyone knows Lavender Town is usually a place where Pokemon are laid to rest in Kanto and Johto so it was natural that Ash was also laid to rest there, for he was the Pokemon Master and a native to Kanto.

"No surprise there," another sympathetic voice added in and they all soon saw a young forest-green eyed adult male in an army uniform with short yellow hair that had a slight ponytail in the back, a couple of small cowlicks in the front and 2 Pokemon on his shoulders; a Minun on his left and a Plusle on his right. He was also wearing a Thunder Badge on his chest like a medal.

"Are you Sgt. Joltson?" Silva asked when he calmed and the newcomer nodded. "Sure am, and you must be Silva. My uncle told me a lot about your dad so I've grown to respect him. Sorry for overhearing you all but I couldn't help it when I saw you look so down as I came here to heal Raichu and I figured you had a nasty flashback of that day."

Silva nodded as a tear suddenly slipped so he wiped it away and Joltson seemed to understand as he suddenly placed his hands on his shoulders as he knelt down to eye-level. "It's O.K for you to cry Silva. I know how it feels since I lost my old man when he went on a Pokemon Ranger mission a long time ago. He was killed in a rockslide saving some Pokemon and the shock of his death still effects me today on occasion."

And cry he did as he gripped onto this new and kind Gym Leader as Lt. Surge entered in and stopped at the scene in silence. Joltson saw his uncle but gave a slight smile as Plusle and Minun also comforted the young Trainer.

After a few minutes, Silva soon calmed down. "T-thanks…I needed that…"

"My pleasure. Let's have our battle on the ship in his honour."

He nodded in agreement and Surge smiled.


A few minutes later found the group on the S.S. Anne where a makeshift arena was on the outer deck, ready for the next Gym challenge. Also, despite being retired, Surge was the ref for the Silva vs. Joltson match.

"Alright listen up! This match puts my nephew and the new Vermillion Gym Leader, Sgt. Joltson, against the son of our late greatest Pokemon Master who is also a Trainer of great promise from Cerulean City, Silva Ketchum! It will be a 1 on 1 match so pick wisely!"

Silva looked throughout all of his Pokemon and decided, in his dad's memory, to use Peachy. "You ready girl?"

*Yep! It'll be like when my dad went against Surge's Raichu!*

He nodded and soon took his place on the arena. Peachy soon went forward as she faced a Raichu that seemed quite slim for his kind.

"Just to let you know," Joltson soon said before the match began. "I learned from my uncle and waited until Raichu learned certain moves before evolving so it won't be completely like your dad's matches against Uncle Surge."

"That explains the trim look to him!" Silva smirked as his eyes soon shone in determination.

*Good luck to you Raichu,* he heard Peachy said and Raichu nodded. *Same to you, cutie!*

She giggled before getting into a battle stance and soon Lt. Surge gave the signal to start the battle.

"Raichu Quick Attack!" Joltson commanded but Peachy's speed was far faster as she dodged it with ease.

"Iron Tail Peachy!" Silva commanded and she smacked the other Mouse Pokemon with her hardened tail, increasing her attack out of luck!

She did get slightly paralyzed but she had a Cheri Berry on her so she ate it to take care of the problem and dodge before Raichu tried to Slam her. Joltson was indeed impressed as he got Raichu to use another Quick Attack which did hit her, but he got affected by her Static instead and even this Mouse didn't come prepared with a Cheri Berry.

Silva nodded to Peachy and she used Agility to speed up and get her opponent a little dizzy. "Round and round she goes, where she stops, only I know!~"

Joltson couldn't help but smirk at that when he used a Super Potion on his Pokemon, but it soon faded when he noticed she was glowing blue and even he knew what that meant! "Oh snap! Get to the higher decks everyone!"

"Smart move," Silva called when he jumped up as a large Surf-induced wave swept across the deck and weakened Raichu even more, but not quite defeating him as she also went into the water.

"Raichu if you can hear me, try to use Thunder!" Joltson soon shouted and Raichu did try to strike her, only to have her dodge it by jumping back up on deck.

"Peachy, finish him off!" Silva finally said and she used one last Iron Tail to knock him out and not get paralyzed this time.

"Raichu sure ain't able to continue!" Surge shouted as he raised a blue flag. "The winner is Silva Ketchum!"

Everyone cheered as Joltson returned Raichu to his Pokeball and went over to the victors. "I must say Silva, you and Peachy here were quite the tough opponents! I won't go prying into your secrets but I will bestow on you the Thunder Badge for your victory."

He soon took out a case that held the badge and Silva soon accepted it and put it into his own Badge Case. "Thank you Joltson. You were also a good opponent, even though your new at being a Gym Leader, and coming from the son of one, I can tell you can handle the job just fine."

He soon laughed. "That's true! Now I need to get back to the Pokemon Centre to heal up Raichu so your friend can have a go at me! Good luck!"

With that he left and Tiffany soon came over. "Well that sure got the heart pumping! Where are you boys thinking of going to next?"

"Well after Aaron gets his Thunder Badge, I was thinking of going for the Rainbow Badge in Celadon City."

"Well you guys are best taking a detour through the Rock Tunnel and then Lavender Town through the tunnel nearby because I just got word that there's a bunch of rowdy trainers along the coast to Fuchsia and of course there's the trouble in Saffron."

"Good idea…I can take the time to see dad then. It's been a few years since I visited his grave."

"Also don't forget there might be ShadowSoul members in Celadon City from what that Light Trainer woman said," Aaron added in. "You can probably help there too!"

At that Silva's eyes went cold in agreement. He would like to help rid Celadon of ShadowSoul and try to get some answers as Joltson came back for Aaron's match.

And what would happen from there? Only time would tell as a cold wind blew across the city.


Author's Notes:

O.K Here's another chapter for you!

Here I'd like to introduce Hope who is the winner character from my icon contest a while back on DA and she is owned by none other than my good friend VaporeonxGlaceon on DA!

Here Aaron and Silva had to deal with Cassie (again) and Silva shows his skills against hope before being re-united with Tiffany, Jessie's and James' daughter!

Here's a bit of a blurb about her:

Tiffany is a good gossip and a natural social butterfly. She absolutely HATES Jessie-belle with a passion since that witch never gave up on getting her father to marry her. Her older brother, Tyrone, is a Pokemon Ranger currently working in the Fiorre region but she still gets plenty of letters and gifts from him! Not as easily spoiled as she seems, she loves to help others!

Her partner, Glameow, is Meowth's daughter and knows Pay Day from him after the crazy cat finally learned it!

Anywhoo, while they went to Vermilion to battle Sgt. Joltson, Surge's nephew and the replacement gym leader, poor Silva wound up with a rare emotional breakdown since it was in that very city where Ash was attacked. Joltson proved to be a good guy and helped him recover before battling his Raichu against Peachy on the ship since the Gym was being renovated, who won her master a new badge!

Next up: Cerulean problems and meeting up with a certain pair of agents again!


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