No one believed that the boy who entered the classroom was Percy Jackson.

For one, he was way too good-looking. He had messy, jet-black hair. The I-just-took-a-shower kind of messy, not the I-never-comb-my-hair messy. His sea-green eyes shone. Even though he was wearing casual clothes, a light blue T-shirt and jeans, they showed off his athletic figure.

He had the attention of almost every single girl in the classroom. Their eyes were fixed on him. And that made every other boy jealous.


The geek had turned into one of the most good-looking boys in the entire school.

Chapter 1

Percy POV

I wasn't too excited about going back to Goode High School. Sure, it was going to be the first time I managed to stay at a school for longer than a year, but the popular kids scared me. They always made my social life tough at Goode.

So it sort of surprised me when I walked into my classroom, and a lot of girls stared at me.

Okay, I was freaked out. I already had a girlfriend, and after what Grover told me with the 'Rachel issue', I did not need any more girl trouble. You see, I'm sort of bad (or 'obtuse' is what Annabeth called it) when it comes to girls. I can't tell the difference if they want to be my friend, or they were flirting with me. I had a lot of commotion with the Aphrodite girls back at camp.

I dumped my backpack on the floor, sat down on a random desk in the middle row, and put my head down.

You see, this is one of the worst things about the Achilles' curse. I know that it's completely awesome, you know, running into battle and you can't get hurt. But there are some serious downsides. Especially if you're a demigod trying to be 'normal' in an ordinary high school. First, if you're not killing something that wants to kill you, all your body wants is sleep. And I had a bad feeling that this would make a lot of teachers mad at me. I just can't concentrate when the teacher was talking about 'World War II'. Besides, they got all of the facts wrong, considering that what Annabeth told me was true.

I was about to fall asleep when I felt someone poke me in my Achilles' heel. My head shot up as tiny thunderbolts shocked my body.

I calmed down when I saw a familiar face. Annabeth. I grinned cheesily.

"Hey. I thought you were attending some boarding school somewhere around here." I said.

"Well," she started to say, "some other people from camp are coming here. So we're probably-" she lowered her voice, "sending off a lot of demigod aura."

"I'm not that weak." I protested.

She rolled her eyes. "Gotta low down your ego, Seaweed Brain. Unless you want to get yourself killed."

She dropped her stuff on the ground and sat down on the desk next to mine.

"Who's coming?" I asked.

"Oh, um, Nico, Thalia-"

"Why are the two only other demigods of the Big Three coming? And doesn't Thalia have to go on the Hunt?"

"She's taking a break. Don't worry, I don't think monsters are gonna attack. I think half of them are scared of you."

I stared at her. "You do realize that you just contradicted what you just said."

"Wow. You actually used 'contradicted' correctly."

"Shut up. I'm not that-"

"PERCY!" Someone yelled.

"WHOA!" I jumped up.

Two other people entered the classroom. Nico and Thalia.

People stared at us, and I started feeling nervous again. I didn't really like to attract attention.

Thalia hugged me furiously. So did Nico, which sort of surprised me. He was definitely feeling a lot happier since we built a Hades cabin.

"Hi guys." I greeted them back.

Then, the teacher entered the classroom. She was a frail, old lady. I wondered how she was going to deal with four ADHD demigods.

"Hello students. I am Mrs. Kew. I will be your homeroom teacher for this year." The lady said.

Then she started talking about stuff my brain didn't really care about. Finally she ended her super long speech with a "Dismissed".

We charged out of the classroom and took out our schedules. I was pretty surprised that we all had the same classes.

"How-" I started to ask but I was interuppted by Annabeth.



So we all headed off to our first class, which was English.

Paul was a teacher, so he wasn't supposed to show favoritism. But you could tell that he really liked Nico, ever since Nico allowed him to meet Shakespeare. It's also hard to not show recognization to a kid who might appear suddenly at midnight in your bedroom wanting pancakes.

He also understood the whole demigod thing, so he never actually oral quizzed us on anything. Especially since we all had dyslexia.

YES. Time for lunch. My stomach was growling.

The morning wasn't that bad. I managed to get a lot of sleep, but one of my sleeping sessions ended with the math teacher jabbing the piece of chalk in my face. Of course, it bounced off, leaving the teacher gaping at me like I was crazy. Annabeth, Thalia, and Nico were stifling giggles.

I never understood why she still used chalk. I mean like, she had a SMARTboard. Those things were awesome. Then I remembered how last year, some teachers' SMARTboards started malfunctioning. That's when I started calling them DUMBboards.

So anyways, we all headed to the cafeteria. School food sucks. It's like garbage compared to camp food. They hardly serve anything blue, unless you count the rotten milk I got once which was blueish, and gave me the feeling that it was spoiled.

Today's lunch was 'Back-To-School Special'. Which just happened to be pizza bagels, which were tiny compared to actual pizza.

I was just about to sit down when I was blocked by a...girl.

I knew that girl. I think her name was Olivia. Anyways, she was your typical cheerleader. I stay away from cheerleaders (long story). She had blond hair, blue eyes..etc. Pretty much every single boy in the school had a crush on her. Note: That did NOT include me. I am not part of the Olivia Fan Club. So last year, I avoided her, she ignored me. End of story.

"Um, hi. I kinda need to sit down, so can you move?" I asked as politely as I could.

My goal: Get her away from me ASAP.

She tilted her head, and a wave of perfume hit me. Ick. She would be the perfect Aphrodite girl. That cabin reeked of perfume.

"Hey," she said.

I was going to start freaking out.

"Do you want to sit with us?" She gestured towards the what I called, Popular Table. Basically, that was where all of the popular kids sat.

"Um, no thanks. I would rather sit with my friends." I answered, sitting down next to Annabeth.

She smiled at me, but I could see her shooting evil glares at Olivia.

Olivia raised an eyebrow. I was probably the only boy that refused her request.

"Oh, puh-lease."

I never understood why some girls said please like that. It completely changed the meaning of it.

"You seriously want to sit with these...people?"

She said people as if she meant to say losers. That got me angry. Those 'people' that she was talking about were my best friends, practically. We have been in more life-and-death situations in one week than she would ever have been in her entire lifetime.

"Yes. Now can you go away?" I answered coldly.

My anger was all fired up now. That was another bad thing about the Achillies' curse. You get angry a lot easier.

She pouted. "Hmph." And she went off to the Popular Table.

I let out a breath, relieved.

Thalia and Nico were looking at me curiously. Only Annabeth didn't seem surprised by my actions.

"What?" I asked, biting into the pizza bagel so hard that tomato sauce spurted out and landed on my shirt.

That broke the tension. We all started laughing as Annabeth took out a napkin and wiped it off.

She gave me a small smile. "I'm glad that you wanted to sit with us."

"You think I want to sit with them? Last year, they either ignored me or teased me."

"It's just that...any normal boy would choose to sit with them."

I rolled my eyes. "Well, I'm not exactly 'normal' am I?"

Yes, by the loosest definition, none of us were normal. So we told stories all through lunchtime. Most of the stories were about me..and my idiocy. Maybe this year wouldn't be so bad with these guys around. At least I won't be the only ADHD dyslexic kid in the class.

After lunch, was Greek. The only class that I could actually get pretty high scores in. That's an advantage of being a demigod. You could actually finish your Greek homework pretty fast. Plus, you never had to study for the tests, 'cause you could just ace all of them.

I swear, our Greek speaking-skills were so pro, we could actually outspeak the teacher.

But that would attract attention, which Chiron did not want us to do. So we tried to limit our showing-off. But that's sorta hard to do, when you want to own the kids who teased you for not being able to read English. So in the end, we sorta ended up showing off anyway.

Take today for an example.

The teacher wanted us to take an 'assessment'. We all finished the test, 100 questions, in five minutes. Well, Annabeth finished in four minutes something, the rest of us finished at about the same time.

The teacher got suspicious. I guess that we were known by the teachers as the 'troublemakers-that-can't-read', being dyslexic and ADHD, so he probably thought that we guessed the whole thing.

His reaction was funny. His eyes bulged out when he realized that we got them all correct. I was stifling my laughter. We demigods are good at something.

Then he decided that we probably copied off each other. He made us retake the test, each of us sitting on a different corner of the room.

This time, we finished the test even faster, knowing what the question was asking beforehand. So we ended up finishing the test in three minutes. None of our other classmates finished yet.

The teacher narrowed his eyes when he found out that we all got them all correct. So after everyone finished, about half an hour later in which I took a beautiful nap, he told us to get up to the front of the classroom and speak Greek.

I was going to suggest that we all just shut up, but Thalia had a different idea. We started telling random stories about camp in super fast Ancient Greek, at a rate of ten words per second.

I don't think the teacher understood anything that we said.

So when the bell rang, we left the room with him gaping at us.

It was nice to impress a teacher once in a while. Well, maybe that wasn't exactly called "impressing".

Last period, Physical Education, P.E., Gym, etc.

Oh, I loved P.E.. We could easily kick the popular kids' butts with our athletic skills.

What sucked was that Chiron also said that we couldn't use our epic skills in P.E. either because "you would attract attention".

It's not like we always obeyed him though. What could be so life-threatening about winning in P.E.?

We played basketball. Like usual, there was the Popular Kids team and the Unpopular Kids team. I joined the Unpopular Kids team.

Me, Annabeth, Nico, and Thalia's teamwork was perfect. That's what you get for fighting alongside with them for ages. I doubt that the other team ever had the ball in their hands long enough to make a goal.

So we won, 20-0.

Naturally, the P.E. teacher wanted us to join the team. "Listen, if you join, you could earn scholarships to..."

I didn't really hear the end of that.

But we all rejected him. I had no interest in basketball. Neither did the others.

After P.E., we were dismissed from school. But before we could leave, we had to choose electives. Well, me and Annabeth did. Obviously, Annabeth chose the Trivia team. She was pretty disappointed that Goode didn't have an Architecture club. I looked up the try-outs for the swim team. I told Thalia that she should try for the Drama Club, since her dad was into large entrances, but she shocked me for that. Thalia and Nico were perfectly fine with just following us to our clubs..or 'extracurricular activities'.

I was flinging some of my stuff in my locker into my schoolbag, with Annabeth waiting, when Olivia decided to approach me.

"Hey, Percy," she called.

"Hi," I said, not looking at her, continuing to pack up.

"Do you want to meet me at a cafe somewhere?" She asked.


She widened her eyes. Seriously, when was she just going to accept the fact that I wanted nothing to do with her?

"Then what are you doing?"

"Meeting someone."



I was still sort of uncomfortable with the whole dating thing. It embarrassed me when people teased me about it at camp, but I didn't really mind that much. It still amazed me that Annabeth liked me the whole time when I thought that she liked Luke. I was glad to have Annabeth as my girlfriend, and since we weren't too...mushy with it when other people were around (specifically, strangers), I was perfectly fine with it. Well, I never exactly planned to meet up with Annabeth beforehand, but it was the only thing I could think of.

Olivia enlarged her eyes. "WHO?"



Annabeth spoke up. "I can talk, you know."

She seemed to be annoyed that Olivia was ignoring her.

"Yes, her. Now, I need to go."

To show Olivia that she should stop pestering me, I wrapped my arm around Annabeth's waist and led her out of the school.

We met up with Thalia and Nico, and walked home together. We stopped by Starbucks because Nico wanted to buy a coffee. The cashier looked pretty surprised when Nico ordered a large coffee, topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

I should've known that was a bad idea.

Conclusion? Nico got hyper.

He was so happy. He became the kid he used to be, the Mythomagic kid.

I sighed. When we parted ways, Annabeth and Thalia going one way (they were renting an apartment a block away), me and Nico the other, I knew I was up for a long night.

Olivia POV

Percy would be a funny case. He was the one guy that rejected me.

I like him, that's for sure. He was so hot, so good-looking. I dumped my boyfriend for him.

But then he REJECTED ME.

Argh, Annabeth isn't even that pretty. I have no idea what he sees in her.

Well, Michelle told me that Percy was planning to join the swim team.

I wondered what he looks like shirtless. -giggles-


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